10 Years Of Dance Music: The Documentary

🚨Watch Toolroomfamily film here: />. 10 Years of Dance Music: The Documentary Hardwell -- Armin Van Buuren - Steve Angello -- Mark Knight - Seth Troxler -- Loco Dice -- Fatboy Slim -- Josh Wink -- DJ Sneak -- D'Julz -- Nicole Moudaber -- Sub Focus -- Will Saul - Todd Terry -- Hot Since 82 - Carl Loben (DJ Mag) Subscribe here - /> In 2003, the British broadsheet newspaper The Guardian famously declared that 'dance music was in terminal decline'. Citing the greed of superstar DJs and unimaginative, uninspired music as the reason fans were leaving the genre, it seemed at the time to be the lowest point for dance. Yet out of these ashes rose some of the most seminal dance record labels of today -- 2003 was the year in which Toolroom, Size, Cadenza, Ed Banger, Refune, Armada and Buzzin Fly were born. Despite emerging in the toughest year for the music industry, these labels survived and were eventually flourishing in 2013, ten years later This documentary tells the story of this explosive decade. A decade which saw the art of DJing and performance be transformed by new technology; the musical landscape change, diverge and constantly evolve; the genre being embraced and adopted by the USA through EDM, and finally react against this by going back to its roots. Some of the biggest acts in dance music give their frank and honest opinions. Toolroom TV gets the unique, behind the scenes access to the likes of Steve Angello (Swedish House Mafia), Hardwell, Sub Focus and Loco Dice at their most candid. 10 Years Of Dance Music: The Playlist /> 1. Mark Reeve - Pack Of Rhodes (Original Mix) 2. Lovebirds feat Novika - This Time (Gorge Remix) 3. Mark Knight & Funkagenda - Man With The Red Face (Original Club Mix) 4. Weiss (UK) - My Sister (Original Mix) 5. DJ Die & Interface feat William Cartwright - Bright Lights (Netsky Remix) 6. Digitalism - Zdarlight (Chopstick & Johnjon Remix) 7. Weiss (UK) - If I Ever Dance (Original Mix) 8. Cloud 9 - Do You Want Me Baby (Dusky Remix) 9. Hardwell - Three Triangles (Original Club Mix) 10. Steve Silk Hurley - Jack Your Body (Doorly Club Rub) 11. Prince Club & Harvard Bass - Canixo (Original Mix) /> />

Great documentary guys!
Mark Knight is my hero! He made this video all so much more amazing! And obviously credits to all ToolRoom Records Team who worked on this, great video thanks, soo much for this!
Raman Gevargiss
Been listening to Dance/Electronic music since 1991 and will never stop. Unless i am dead.
Damian McCorriston
this is about the best video I watched in well forever!!!! and it warms my heart!...Dance music I love you and all the good people in it.
I hate these frat kids pretending to be into House music. Bunch of sheeps that jumps brom bandwagon to bandwagon.
Terry Waites
Great docco guys, really interesting, shared it on my wall to.. respect
Alvaro Fernandez
So educative and interesting material, In my opinion Toolroom Records it's one of the few labels which conserves the quality of sound, the roots and the effort to make music. Nowadays the world is so fast, too much music, too many producers... Lot of them are bad some of them are good, but I have to say this label and Mark Knight are solid references for this industry. Congratulations for sharing this documentary...this year we want more episodes of Toolroom TV.
Man the way Mark Knight talks and with this body language he could be the host of any TV documentary!
The uk underground scene is the best and most exciting music scene in the world! Fuck america and it's EDM
Todd Terry
Ten more years
New Loops
Some good comments. Lucky for us some people still release music with music init! :)
I'd also love to have the tracklist! Great documentary all through.
Subtech TV
Lol couldnt agree more with DJ sneak....all the new DJs nowadays dont even know what it means to be a DJ
Margarita Ortiz
Loved it but I wish it was a little longer ;-)
Leave The World Behind
There are by far as many "djs" in the traditional maner, today Sneak. Most of these guys you are bithcing about are producers. They all started out that way, and suddenly some people have wanted them to play live. They just play their own music, cause that is obviously what the people wants. They have never claimed to be amazing djs, they just showcase their music, and the people are willing to pay for that, so its fine!
I've a feeling Britain and Europe wants underground house including deep house! I sure love it and am focusing on producing it!
D.J. Arksigo
this is a great documentary.
Hearing these guys talk about how it used to be almost makes me want to cry hahaha, the passion these guys have for their thing is just amazing. Like, it literally makes me want to cry fuckin' tears of joy. Big ups, this video was a great, great watch.
Tomos fazackerley
Best deep house and techno was in the. Late 80s!
And not one good track was played...
Victor Tordesillas
I have to say I LOVE Mark's accent.
Carl Davis
Loved it!!!
Excited to see where we all go in the next 10 years as well. Awesome work Toolroom!
Fantastic work guys - on both this brilliant documentary and with keeping it real for the last 10 years. Its almost feels a shame that underground isn't underground any more!
Ryan Hill
DJ sneak is a bit bitter!
Toolroom Records
Great to see so much positive feedback on the documentary from you guys, it's been an exciting process putting the show together. Who do you agree with most? Is there anyone that you particularly disagree with here?? Let us know you thoughts!
Tracklist? :D
Top House Music
Awesome documentary!
javier moreno
Please Spanish subtitles. Thanks!!
Jacqueline Potter
AMAZING-  Totally agree 100% Thank you for this…it's great to educate people! Much respect and gratitude to the artist that made this music possible….
Helder Pinto
Man the fact that the US only picked up with dance music in 2011+ really shows how tasteless people can be in here sometimes. I'm glad people like Armin and others have stood behind trance and EDM in general, proving it can be a success.
Marko Stefanovic
Eric Torres
As long as technology continues to evolve, I see electronica doing the same.
Eric Torres
As long as technology continues to evolve, I see electronica doing the same.
Angelo...great speech !!
Droopy Q
Very inspirational. Might see me in Toolroom.. Thanks :D <(^_^)>
The magic of vinyl is really gone...arg... Amazing what's happened....haven't actively dj'd since 2004....what a change in the past 10 years
Robert Hardman
Vinyl exchange Manchester my home town spent my hours in there digging for new tunes...
Marko Mladenović
tracklist please
Bass house and Dubstep is my favorite sub genres
Heard donald glaude play into track on his old seattle tribute album. Thx for sharing. Have so much toolroom recs on orig pressing vynle. Boss label.
Jota León
Very inspirational Toolroom!!!! My humble opinion as a fan of electornic vibes since the late 90's is that what's hapenning world wide, no matter the public, the scenario or (very sad to say to say...) the MUSIC ITSELF, EDM is turning the "electronic music scene" into more than a passion for arts (music taste for quality and composition), I'd dare to say it's becoming a passion for spectacle... As if we were in rome back in the day, and they're bringing gladiators (icons of glory) to the sands... and no matter the weapons, the armor, the darn lion (hehehe), IT'S ALL ABOUT MASSIVE ENTERTAINMENT NOW! (keep them satisfied LIVE and they'll be massive consumers of happiness) You know what they say now: EAT, SLEEP, RAVE, REPEAT It's no longer a talent for making quality music, it's a talent for crowd management! I truly loved 2013 and all the madness, all the festivals, all the tracks n versions out there... but let's be honest here: ...DJ's have to be very careful not to turn it into macdonalds! (Greatest comment Steve Angello!),  whatch out with massive consumerism, as sooner or later it becomes a virus! So I'm expecting some breathtaking, smiile-stealing clean and outstanding stuff for the years ahead! Again, thanks a lot for this great perspective documentary ToolRoom! Makes you really feel anxious and worried about the coming days of Electronic Sounds!
Петр Остапенко
Nice! What is the track in the intro?
Brett Toole
and along came molly
Piqui Mandarine
subtitles in spanish please!
Gonçalo Fernandes
very interesting points off view from everyone great documentary! cong!
Amazing & Inspiring Documentary! very well put together, and also made alot of good points on the things that have changed! One of my favorite videos you guys have ever put up! Now its time for some more episodes of ToolRoom TV! Much love from the states!
Julian Hitchen
"I think we need to be careful of how we exploit it so that it doesn't become McDonald's"
arno piaa
beatport top 100 thats the tracklist 
Roland Lauridsen
Nice TR :O)
William Robinson
hey DJ Sneak, how can the phenomena of young, emerging, "uneducated" kids blowing up and falling into obscurity in "three years" as you say, be true, if it's only been happening for a couple years? pull the stick out of your ass. I'm kind of disappointed Toolroom still involves themselves with him. 
Some feedback: It would be useful to have the name of each person speaking every time they speak. As it is I think we only get it when they first come on. I missed a few and then was forever wondering who they were
Beat Villainz
A well balanced presentation ...
Love Sneak!
James Sleigh
Really good documentary, i think the Toolroom team have illustrated the dance music scene very well in the twenty minutes, Great interviews, all round a good job! P.s Mark Knight is the man! 
Kevin Young
I cant believe you did not interview Carl Cox, his take on dance music is always essential! however the 10 year summary was still brilliant ~ Toolroom always keeps it rocking x
Interesting. Nice to get a perspective on only the last 10 years, rather than a standard history with all the usual suspects!
la Bouche, fun factory, 2 brothers on the fourth floor, Maxx, Ice Mc, Ace of Base, intonation, Lil Suzy, cathy Phillips, Alexia, Pharao, 2 unlimited, BKS, Technotronic, Dr Alban, E-Type, corona, Loft, Sash, bass bumpers, Aqua, Jefferson project, No Mercy, Matrix, solid base, ceres, joee, ...that's where my love for electronic sounds started for me... 21 years ago and counting..before it was "cool"
Jasper Emmanuel
Gear Head
no mention of deadmau5 wtf.
Adrian Corlan
Does anybody know the track at 20 second ?
true brit
toolroom rocks!!
ibrahim Trance
Armin van Buuren.
We Are Electronic
We love you toolroom...thanks for existing in our life....!
Victoria Vandal Makeup
IMO rave and the dance scene is DEAD. Now it's only "festival-goers" looking for "molly". 11 years ago was a blast and nothing but good vibes. Now it seems like "edm" is the "mc donalds" he was referring to. Sad, but true. :/
Great Doc. Love seeing major players from all parts of the spectrum that make up Electronic music speaking their minds and shedding light on the positive aspects of the culture! With the rise and popularity of the scene there has been allot of bashing the obvious so its good to see these guys pushing forward! Thank you! :)
8:30 nipple
will they have the documentary with subtitles in Spanish?
Leave The World Behind
Ahahahaha DJ Sneak says he is waiting for someone new to come and take what the old guys did and make it popular again. Sorry to say Sneak but I don't think you will be making any more money from it.... Why can't you take it in new directions? Its boring to listen to the same old 909 drums for 30 years.
Khangai Demberel
Doonce musik :)))
Respect for a a well done, well edited and not One-sided view documentary of electonic Dance music. The best thing about your documentary are all the different views from the different protagonists. Everybody has no fear of the future and deals with it in a positive way. Thank you for sharing.
Strange how Dance Music has exploded into the United States since 2009 when House, Garage and Funky was originally made there many years ago. A totally different community has joined with those who has been raving to Dance Music since the 90's. I am not against new people being apart of the Dance Music community but I would prefer people that is into Rap/Drill music to leave their arrogant views and opinions with those foolish Trapstars.
Pauwlussz v N
- Oh my God   JEALOUSY Shining all over this , 'Docu'   !!You obviously didn''t want to mention and/or talk about it .....??....!!...??About that obviousv Left out feeling..?!But far more,,... no,..I actually mean  wayy,way,..way  more ,....that hearing with-out, you saying  IT and even unneccesary to make effort of calling the all describing and full-lenght shining of and all over it ":  =>>  - J e a l o u s y"-For many years, mainly before the Internet-period began British DJ, we're almost each year tthe main-core elected/voted on, Top 3 That was a typical Briitish dominated  era that period UK DJ;s were leading  the scene(s .  Your. DJ Magazine's  anual Global no.1 DJ -Award election  -Ranking all DJ's who were worth to vote on but also any other when requested by popular demand will be put up for this election The British first Ruled IBIZA till the Dutch Mainly took over and now E.D.M. is in their face!??!?!!.So better not to point-out-too, highlight or even mention Dutch influences. Or for that matter .....totally left out some of the beginning huge house=orginal frontbases in Europe?!! Such as=>> Spain Germany , Belgum (main form-giviing initiators an inovators). and even in some way tha Aussies deserve some attention. So Pittyfull those Brit Baby;s Specially those classic typical old-fashion DJ's with their Obsessions of all kind . For most of all the international .DJ's =>>,.... the  Brits are the most Vinyl Obsessed,.Obssesed over his unrearangable /  unrestorable career mesmorising and Depraved - by the /or/,..over the/his olddays DJ BRITS you bunch of out-raved -"those days" worshipimg, still hanging stug, Substitutional Jobless DJ'sGet real and embrase all styles!!!EXCEPT  CARL COX   HE WILL BE AND CAN BE an ABSOLUTE  TOP   D J  EVEN  WHEN WE LOOK INTO THE FUTURE AT THR AGE OF 90 or so, he will stil outrank many !excuse my grammar, was in a hurry!
Casual Salmon
What is that pumping intro song from the first ten seconds??
Great work!
I think the late nineties trance was mainstream for a bit. I remember kids downloading cynic project - matrix off napster and listening to Alice deejay
Fantastic documentary. I live in Manchester and go to vinyl exchange :-) love sneak for lolly pops DJs. He's right. Also agree that pioneer is killing real DJ soul.
Matt Lydon
Yeah I got into electronica and then all of a sudden edm was s thing
Does anybody know the track at 21:20??? :/
Marx Roding Principe Nalvarte
GREAT!!!!! LO ++++++++!!!!!
Igor Foster
Drugs in America Factor!!!
Jerry Velez
wait so how would you make music with a laptop exactly? I'm really bad with computers
Explore Dance Music
Great documentary with some very valid points of view. 
As much as some people pooh pooh EDM it's has given us a means to slip in a few 'proper' house tunes into our commercial sets whereas with (what I call) the "urban period" from 2003-2006ish you couldn't really get away with that sort of stuff without clearing the dancefloor.
johnsonthecelt Johnson
Cool documentary but like you can't just call yourself an influential label then not explain how you're influential... You don't have to be a big game changer to make a cool documentary, so don't make false claims. Not saying you haven't done influential things, but you did nothing to back up your claim and I've never heard of toolbox records before, so I can't help but think that you're lying to build yourself up which doesn't make me want to watch the documentary.
Emilio Fi
I agree with Steve, dance music is great right now, but let's hope it stays like this and doesn't transforms into a McDonald's commercial thing
I really like the criticism of EDM and all that shit going around it. Dj Sneak just smashed all that "djs" and told the truth. But if EDM will bring new people to the dance music and then put them even deeper is totally good. Let's hope it will happen...
Kwstas Papadakis
Well pioneer brought the "evolution" but an evolution that serves her interests.Made djing so so so easy and in combination with the fact that few years ago,music was made at studios and nowadays anyone with a laptop,a programm and a midi keyboard can produce music, dance - house music lost a lot on quality.Think about it,i personally have to search through a lot of rubbish songs and artists to actually find something really good,with really good quality. It's a fact guys,when quantity rises,quality drops.
Victor Deng
DJ Sneak sucks
Samantha Emmenes
Super documentary guys! Loved it!! You should definitely follow up with a full length feature. The masses need trusted filters and sources to drive awareness and knowledge of what came before. Really engaging and well executed. Thank you! 
Pius Xulu
Super stuff
Documentary is spot on. Stuart Knight knows exactly what he's talking about. The man knows house music well. Brilliant piece of work.
It is called EVOLUTION... you dont use 78s do you? LOL
Naw people started listening to deadmau5. No one listens to techno tech house deep house, they're still pretty much dead.
Anthony DeLorenzi
Song at 9:19? Its dubstep and not from the tracklist
I grew up listening to techno or edm. I used to get hated. So I started listening to rap n hip hop. Musically, hip hop ain't got shit on edm. Not sorry
Steve Thomas
Mark, you're an absolute legend mate as are the people in this video - here's to not just another 10 years but to all the doubters and nay-sayers who will still be convinced dance music is going to be extinct :-)
Simon Harris
The entrance of the US to the commercial scene was something disastrous to the scene worldwide
francismar b.
Eletronic music is my life,,and  I'm very happy for that...