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Samantha Ravndahl
Please don’t take this video as an opportunity to bash other influencers, as you don’t know what people do behind the scenes to help the environment :) instead, lets all take a moment to ask ourselves what WE can do to lessen our environmental impact and pass it on to friends and family 👯‍♀️💕
Stephanie Hodgson
Honestly, I am so sick of reviews and seeing new products every day. I would love to see tutorials again
Brandy The Beader
What I don't get is why don't these companies just send gift cards if they want you to try their products and maybe allow a special access online for pre-release for influencers to order the items in the colors that they would use it would save a ton on shipping and waste.
Jordan Shrinks
We love an environmentally sustainable QUEEN. So much respect for this decision, girl.
Bonny Day
If you need a place to donate makeup you might try cancer center. My sister had leukemia and all of her hair fell out and she was so sick. She felt awful. They had a makeup class and gave all the ladies a makeup goody bag! She got brands like Chanel, too faced, makeup forever etc it was amazing! It really brightened her day and she still uses the products to this day (2 years later).
Donna Roberts
Your "rambling uninteresting" video may be the best video of the year. We don't think enough about waste. We don't think enough about how our consumption affects the planet (not to mention our wallets). To see you take this step is inspiring. Thank you.
Ashlee Duran
Look dude. If you don’t provide affiliate links in your description box, how am I supposed to provide you funds to replace the plant that is nearing death?
Recently Tati showed us the PR for a lipstick... It was HUGE... *_For ONE lipstick._* Sigh.
I really REALLY appreciate this Samantha. Thank you for being one of the only one's to take these very serious issues into consideration.
thank you SO much for this. Unfortunately the beauty community thrives on buying more, more, more and it's not a healthy trend! It is important for powerful and influential creators like yourself to speak out against waste.
Michelle Cahill
Are u kidding? This was very educational! I new the PR was getting out of control, but I didn’t know to this extent. I also wish brands would slow down the releases, focus on quality, etc. I hope more influencers follow your lead.
this is bomb. you are such an awesome damn leader in this bizarre industry
Aaron Matty
I’m really happy you made this video.. I hope this idea catches on.. I am a cashier at Sephora and the amount of returns we get is disgusting.. people run out and buy things because they are hyped up and then return them so they can buy the next new thing, without thinking about the waste.. Consumers get FOMO after watching influencers rave about products, so they go out and buy beyond their means and then have buyers remorse after spending $200 at Sephora on 4 products. It’s a cycle that needs to be slowed down.. we need to be more mindful of our purchases and learn to enjoy our products as investments instead of tossing them aside when the next big thing hits. I hope this becomes a thing in 2019. Thank you for shedding light on the subject! ❤️
Theresa is Dead
"This came inside a box... inside a box... inside a box..." #meta
My biggest pet peeve for PR packaging is those mini screens they put in them. It is so so unnecessary and wasteful, and not even recyclable! Kudos to you for not only making this video, but for giving up free PR products, I really admire that.
Thank you for donating t womans shelters. I was in one two different times in a 2 year period. One thing that always helped was getting up and putting my makeup on before going out in my day, it would always make me feel better. When being in a shelter it makes you feel like you're at your lowest in your life! The other girls would always watch me and ask questions. I have been wanting to post ads collecting makeup from ppl in the community to take to the woman shelters. There are always non-profit shelters! Thank you again, i know it makes their day!
Neda Slavova
It is ridiculous how SMOOTH your train of thought is! You express your position vocally in the most reasonable, eloquent way, I am amazed every time I watch your videos. I am a rather recent subscriber and you quickly became the most favourite person in youtube to watch, because of the content you create that is actually valuable for the people watching. Thank you for making youtube and Canada and world a better place!
Just Me
I think the YouTube beauty community is on the verge of change. Viewers are increasingly sceptical about the sincerity of so-called “influencers” (that nomenclature is, itself, a red flag). Cosmetic companies want the attention of youtubers and youtubers compete for the attention of subscribers. It’s madness. I don’t understand why viewers get excited about “de-cluttering” videos. Nothing screams indulgence and waste more than those. You seem like a smart gal. Ive no doubt you needn’t rely on YouTube to make a living and wish you the very best.
Pam Ela
I think it’s weird what people get all “BE GRATEFUL” about. Rampant consumerism isn’t where I place my gratitude. Yeah it’s cool to not have to pay for things but at what cost?? After you have so much makeup you really see how similar and unremarkable a lot of new products are. The waste and environmental impact, the time spent, and like you said, the disconnect from the shopping experience...seems like you made a very smart decision. I know I’ll be even more comfortable with your recommendations now knowing you chose what you purchased.
Emma Häggkvist
"sleeping pills", "light-up space ship backpack" wtf it's gotten insane
Every point you made sounds valuable to me. Just recently I saw Tati unboxing a single liquid lipstick in a ginormous box that was about 200 times bigger than the item itself. The wastefulness is mind boggling. Especially nowadays, when we are aware that we are suffocating this planet with rubbish.
Jaz Helton
This is cool, I support your decision. Honestly I’m just here for your humor and that poor houseplant.
Just think..if all Beauty gurus did this the beauty community would go back to the way it was before. The way we all love and miss. Watching gurus for their personalities and not having a new palette released every week
Yeah. I don't watch pr unboxing on IG. Who wants to that lmao not me
Victoria Gómez
I wanna see videos more focused towards techniques than about specific products. I know plenty of people want to keep up with the trends regarding new products and you're a makeup lover so those videos are more up your alley but including tutorials based on how to achieve a certain look based on application/tools alone would be awesome! You're an actual makeup artist so I feel like your tips and tricks could help casual users a lot. Keep it going, you rock
Minh Tu Nguyen
This is exactly the reason why i stopped watching reviews. One day, i looked at the amount of makeup i bought over the years because of influencers, and actually realized how much money i've wasted. I always end up declutter my makeup because I dont use them at all. What a waste of all that shipping costs and tax and money spent on those makeup. I regret it so much.
Lisa A
You drew me in with your witty sarcasm. You keep me with your integrity. And your makeup skills aren’t so bad either. Respect, Sam.
Hey Nadine
It's interesting because even the PR from the beauty community is filtering over to the Travel community. Which is silly, since half the time I use the same few products.... because you know, the traveling and all. :P
Amy Rodriguez
So idk about a lot of these girls in the comments, but I literally only have 3 palettes. Soft glam Modern renaissance Morphe 350 Why not have a segment where you use the same palette for a bunch of different looks instead of just using it once? Between your normal vids of applying new stuff, post shorter vids of using the same palette. Just a thought. I’m not very creative yet, cause I just started getting Into makeup at the beginning of this year. Sooo, I don’t go out and buy all the new stuff cause I hardly have looks for the ones I do have. Anyways, great video and I am now subscribed to your channel. I’m excited to binge on your vids!
Brandi Lee
The brands should think about sending minis of the items or sample sizes in just regular packaging. Some influencers feel pressure probably because of the amazing packaging and thought that was put into it.
I subscribed. I respect your view of things.
Krystal Ryan
We are seeing a Beauty Guru changing the Beauty community for the are revolutionary. You go girl 💪
Lauren Garza
Imagine if big brands didn’t push so much unnecessary PR... their prices would probably be so much lower. I mean.... $20-50 a product is crazy.
Kelly B
I wish you were in the US. I work for a non-profit K-12 program, once a year we make "pretty girl" and "swag" bags for our young ladies and men between the ages of 14-24 that are experiencing homelessness, are in foster care and are at-risk. So much of this PR that is unwanted could go towards making a difference in getting our students off to a great school year.
Lu Hughes
Very bold, and very good decision. I've been watching big youtubers for awhile now, and so many of their videos have gone down in quality of their content. It seems they get the PR package and run to their camera room/beauty room to film a 'first impressions', then maybe they'll include a quick eye look/tutorial, which is always pretty basic, sticking with the neutral shades, instead of branching out to bolder shades, and/or multiple looks. I don't really feel like I'm getting a good opinion of what they think about the actual product. How does it wear throughout the day, where you able to get multiple eye looks from it, how did it feel on your skin after a few hours, were there any issues? It seems so many these days are ONLY interested in getting free makeup, growing their channels, and making $$$$$, rather than putting out a good, thorough, honest review that is helpful to their subscribers. Congratulations on your decision!
Becca S.
The most ridiculous PR packaging I saw recently in a video was Il Makiage's packaging. It was a box like 2ft x 4ft for ONE lipstick. It was BS. I unfollowed them and refuse to buy it because of how wasteful it was.
Kiki Darling
This video NEEDS to go viral. I wish more [influencers] were as level-headed as you 🙇🏻‍♀️🖤
Taylor Knox
I work in PR and the amount of garbage it creates is insane. I always make sure to recycle (and separate my recycling) but I know that a lot of my coworkers aren't doing the same. Plus, you see all of the waste in the packages you receive - but think about the packing that all of those boxes come in - with bubble wrap, tissue paper, etc. - that we throw away, then put the products in a new box to send to influencers and magazine editors. Its honestly horrible - plus shipping, and people always want things shipped overnight express AM, its so bad!!!
Valentine Kwach
Best video I have watched this year👍, you just gained a new subscriber.
Bernie Cat
Have never seen one of your videos, but this was recommended. Good for you! You are so aware. Wish more were like you. I saw that huge box on Tati's channel, for a small product. Ridiculous. Hope you inspire some change by these companies. Subscribed.
The Princess Lifestyle
If you still have that light up spaceship backpack........just send it over this way lol I NEED 😂
Dol _
Honestly? I would follow any influencer who cancels all pr
Sara Boughaba
Makrup companies need to chill and stop making a new product (that usually is same ) every second.
Integrity is the most beautiful thing you're wearing in this video. Much love.
Michelle Rodgers
I would love for u to consult with these companies and explain to them how they can get their brands noticed without being so wasteful (new job!!!)....what’s even crazier is so many of these brands a cruelty free....and they SEND SO MUCH TRASH! They might as well test on bunnies and send u a small usps package (I’m kidding, but i hope u understand my message within my joke). I found u a few years ago bc i loved ur mindful but robust have such a reasonable amount of makeup and for u to be such a huge influencer....i loved that. Can’t wait to see u keep using ur stash i would love to see a compilation of ur weekly makeup...showing how u use things u love. Yes it’s the same thing over and over...but most of us use the same stuff everyday, we would love that!
Zenna Elizabeth
Yes yes yes!!!!!!!!! Finally someone is talking about the cons of PR! I have followed you for a long time and I have always loved how raw and real you are about the industry. I look at a lot of the influencers that do receive PR that don’t know the price say amazing things about and I go to purchase it and realize it’s 60.00 plus 25 for shipping and it’s a lip liner....
zavion garza
sam: *very eco-friendly* plants: i want to die
Amie Weisg
Megan Evans
I think that at this point in the industry, influencers have become really pretty powerful. Influencers determine how every brand operates on so many levels. Just like social media, this newer system of branding and marketing is a double edged sword. So to see influencers like yourself who are staying true to their personal beliefs amidst such hyperbolic capitalism is more than just honesty, it's bravery. As a consumer I enjoy seeing influencers on brand trips, and the truly unique PR marketing some of these brands come up with. However within I'd say a year, these PR's and trips and so on have just gotten...lavish. It's no longer about communicating a product with a certain goal, it's about being as over the top and flashy as possible and frankly I'm just over it. So for you to be so conscientious and realistic just shows your integrity. Been watching since you taught me how to use a damn flash palette, and this video is just one more reason I'll continue to follow for as long as you put up content!!!
Taylor Parker
Great video Sam! Do you think by no longer receiving PR that it will put your channel at a disadvantage in anyway? You didn’t really touch on that part about how it could potentially effect the performance of your channel moving forward. Would love to hear your thoughts!
Jessica Poling
I would love to see a video where you use every product “incorrectly” like blush as eye shadow, eyebrow products in a different area, mascara as eye liner, things like that. I think it would be really cool and it would help people learn how to use the products they have for multiple uses!
Mariah Leonard
I love and agree with all of your reasonings behind this choice! Both a liberating and conscious move. I’m inspired 🌎
Erica Melone
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this so much!!! I see some of the PR Packages and I'm no environmentalist, but I'm horrified by the waste!!! Not getting PR is going to make your life and your reviews so much more refreshing! You will be your most authentic self!!! Congratulations Samantha... I bet you'll end up loving your YouTube life so much more now!!!! AWESOME!
sleeping pills as PR?!
And the consumer is paying for all this PR... yes companies have always had marketing budgets, but the amount of releases that now have to go the amount of influencers there are, and pay a lot of them to then talk about the products... it’s out of control and the marketing budgets must have had to blow up... which means the prices of the products have to go up to cover that... hence the average consumer has to cover that.
Adrienne Baer
Never seen a video of yours before...but so impressed and into it. Subscribed. ❤️
Tiffany Opachich
DEAR GOD SAM. I respect the hell out of you, seriously. I am getting a degree in environmental management and it is just crazy how people don't realize how much waste we create. These beauty brands especially seem to only care about exposure and money and it's so sad that they don't give a crap about the environment.
Rachel Rose
Before I saw this vid that giant plastic cherry urban decay sent out. Made me feel uncomfortable just looking at it.
I subscribed to you because of this video
This is so true and so important. It makes me so angry whenever I see some beauty gurus go crazy over the packaging. It feels like the bigger and more extravagant it is, the more they like it. It should not be like that, it's insane. The only important thing should be the product only, which generates enough waste already. And also the other point you mentioned about the immense amounts of products companies send. It's an utter waste of products. Why send somebody all the shades of a foundation instead of the 2-3 that will probably work?
Jewel Blessings
I agree that the packaging is overly exaggerated.I just know that we are in a society where everyone craves their items to be Esthetically Pleasing, and that is where the manufacturers are creating excessive packaging.I also believe , that because the shipping process,Usps,fedex,ups,etc, they do not care if anyone's package is broken, and smaller package items are easily damaged, which in turn leaves the customer upset, so they contact the Product Company to have replacements sent.This cost's the company more money, and they are not in business to lose money.I guess I would just want the items to be condensed if possible along with biodegradable packaging.
Kellie Marie
why have u just easily convinced me to buy an olive hoodie???
From one from one human being to another (and as a fellow Canadian lol) - I have the UTMOST respect for your decision and the thoughts/thought process that went in behind your words.
Emily Larrabee
One word: thoughtful. Thanks for being you!!! So refreshing
Tarick Dereje
Capitalism and Beauty community by Samantha ravandahl thank you for being a real 1
Lauren Curtis
Preach!!! I need to do the same!
would love to see an updated skincare routine from you, if it has changed at all in the past little while. I love that you are being more mindful about the environment and the impact that you have on it. Looking forward to watching more videos on project throwback as well! <3
Kendra Lee
Hey, great video! For products like funky eyeshadows or lipsticks or the other bold stuff a shelter wouldn't really want, are there any drama programs at a university or high school near you that you could donate to? I know when I was in high school, we were always scrambling for products. At least in the US, a lot of drama programs don't have huge budgets (and end up using the same makeup year after year).
Thanks for this honesty! What’s crazy is that those of us who work specifically for these big brands, who’s job is to know the products, wear and sell them and know the pros and cons, we are constantly cut from their budget both for tools needed to freelance, event support, new in products that way you can educate your customers and beauty stores, etc. We end up feeling not important enough because we aren’t huge beauty gurus but the amount of numbers we bring in everyday in sales, doesn’t match that kind of cut back towards us. I’ve spent time and 1000s of dollars on my beauty and business education and it is refreshing to see someone with such a platform make a video like this and be real about it. You are grateful for what you get, but you are also allowed to be transparent. 30% of landfill waste is makeup packaging btw! I love my brand and I still buy whatever is not sent to me, and even doubles of what has been. Companies need to be more mindful and aware.
Valerie Michaels
As someone who has built a career on sustainability, I truly appreciate this and will be watching more of your videos in the future! Thank you so much for spreading this message. I just hit subscribe ☺️
Sam C
Meanwhile laura Lee's fake crying about her PR temporarily stopped lol
Amber Kry
Just throwing this out there, but Lisa Eldridge just released her first makeup. It's velvet lipsticks. They look incredible. I'd love for you to review them
Steph Chiarappa
LOVE LOVE LOVE this. The absolutely insanity with which they package some of the items is out of control.
Laura Kamp
just found you through this video. you´re so intelligent and well-spoken!
Lauren Baker
YAS! Love your raw honesty and commitment to the environment and community. Stay strong lady and keep trail blazing for the Youtube universe! <3
Jessica Louise
When is your TED talk coming out?
Shannon Titko
I love how put together and clear minded you are. Everything you said was so true, explained and said so understandably well!!
Sleeping pills!?! 🤔🤔🤔
Marielena Alcaraz
This is a great case for minimizing waste and how it can benefit companies financially. I study and am looking to work in sustainability (reducing waste, energy consumption, etc boring stuff for most people) and I never knew HOW. MUCH. WASTE companies produce. I love how you are low key marketing sustainable consumer behavior and advocating for waste reduction. Would love to continue conversations like this with you (if you ever get to read this) and look forward to videos like this. To be honest, this video sparked a new angle to look at in waste in the beuty industry (or other industry that send fancy PR packaging)
I have so much respect for your decision and your reasons for doing so! I really want to see at review of the upcoming concealer and powder and the next palette from jeffree Star 🙌🏼
Tea Spill
wow I respect this so much, thanks for being so open and honest about your decision!
Healing Touch with Julia
Thank you so much for shedding a light on this, Sam. As a viewer, I had no idea what this was like behind the scenes. That sounds so overwhelming and your decision makes good sense to me! I also appreciate that you put yourself in the shoes of small influencers and viewers.
You have a new subscriber!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼 this is very refreshing, well done
Anja D.
I subbed at minute 9. Love your message.
Emily Kinney
I LOVE that you’re encouraging love for the plant. Makes my heart happy girl
More influencers need to demand less wasteful packaging for their PR packages.
Jenny Myers
This is why I love you. I appreciate how genuine and honest you are. Keep doing you, girl! ♥️
Jura Rose
Wow! This video has made me fall in love with you and everything you stand for. If influencers use their voice to highlight the insane packaging then hopefully brands will listen more than the average consumer who doesn’t receive P.R. WELL DONE YOU FOR BEING A TRAILBLAZER IN YOUR FIELD!!!!! I’m very proud and all of your reasonings are sound and if just one brand listens and stops using crazy packaging and multiple boxes for a non-fragile item, then you’ve had a win for Mother Nature. I’m not a holier than thou type of person but I see all the beauty influencers and their unboxing hauls and it gladdens my heart that you are taking this risk to say no to being on P.R lists when it could potentially harm your business and/or YouTube career. I’ve never seen a video of your before but you’ve made a subscriber out of me and I will continue to follow you to see where your story goes and hope that you continue to be as successful,(if not more) than you already are. Lots of love.💄💅🏽🤩✨🥰 Sending all the love and good wishes from
Rachel I
We are here for you PR or not. It’s the artistry and techniques I want to see and learn about not every new release that influences us to buy and consume and waste more and more. Thank you for being such an awesome, mature, wise, and caring person. You are Inspiring in more ways than you know. I wish Makeup companies would let youtubers basically shop through them for free. So you can pick and choose which new releases to review and what you can physically manage without all of us being so overwhelmed and wasteful!
Yael Guetta
Love love love Gd bless your searching and truth seeking soul Amazing
Shannon Hey
My boyfriend listening in the background says "She seems kinda cool." Yes. Yes she is.
Kalyna Beena
Realist chick out here in this industry!!
That 1 RedHead Girl
You are so beautiful it's sickening 😫😍
Thank you for making this video. I appreciate how honest you are on this topic.
Jaclyn Pickering
I’m not one to comment on videos - I’m more ‘behind the scenes but I just had to say... this is absolutely one of the reasons why I love you so much! So down to earth, caring about the most important things in life, honest and genuine. I respect you so much and will forever look up to you in so many ways ☺️💓 Ps. My suggestion for a tutorial would be all non comedogenic affordable makeup routine as I suffer from acne. Thank you xo
Kimberlea Blair
The contrast between Sam and other flashy, Morphe code pushing, huge YouTubers is crazy!! She is truly one of the good ones.
Elisse Cook
I seriously loved this video!!! I think it’s awesome that you’re making this decision. It would be so easy to just stay on the PR lists, but I appreciate that you always stay true to you!
Shauna Smith
Fair play to you! I wish I could have all that makeup lol 😍
So much respect for this. Thank you. THANK YOU❤️
Sugirtha Baskar
Subscribed!!! Such a sensible content!!! Great job Samantha❤️