20 Toys From The 90s No Kid Would Want To Receive Today

20 Old school toys no parent should buy for their kids. Subscribe to our channel: />----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Description: If you were born in the 90s, you probably remember toys and gadgets like Game Boy, Beanie Babies, Easy Bake Ovens, the Mouse Trap Board Game, Poo-Chi, Baby Born, Polly Pocket, and more. These toys provided us with hours of entertainment, but we have a feeling kids today would never want to receive them! Wait until you see some of your most beloved 90s toys you probably forgot about! Let’s start with Beanie Babies. Once worth a fortune, Beanie Babies were one of the best collectibles ever that turned its creator into a millionaire. But the soft toys definitely weren’t as popular after the 90s and you could easily purchase them in any dollar store. The novelty wore off and these collectibles soon became forgotten. Do you remember Baby Born? This human-like baby came with some of the most impressive functions ever that allowed a child to turn into a parent and have some responsibility. You were able to feed your Baby Born and take care of him like it’s an actual person. Of course, that also meant the doll would wet its diaper. With newer technology, Baby Born was also left behind. And who can forget about Game Boy, one of the best portable gaming devices every 90s kid fondly remembers? We also remember blowing on the tape to make it work and using a special light so we can play in the dark. Game Boys got replaced by technologically advanced toys, but it’s definitely a gadget every ‘90s kid would love to play with again. From Game Boys, Baby Borns and Beanie Babies, to Polly Pocket, Poo-Chi, Easy Bake Oven and more, these are some of the best 90s toys no kid would want to receive today! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: /> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:

Amelia Lee
I would love to have these toys even though I am a 2000 kid
Meebles Sporella
Crazy they still sell a new version of Easy Bake Oven, Skip It, Polly Pocket, Tamagotchi, Hungry Hippos, and Pokemon
Nova_music _videos
When I was little(I was born in 2006)I loved the draw on bears!and I still have most of these!😄😍😂
Sub Gaming29
Who's So Jealous Because you want to play some of These?
M& Ems
i actually love the bears that you draw on and the polly-pocket and glitter-wand (i was born 2007)
Krysten Williams
I was born in 2006 and i play with most of these Is that weird?
Yvonne Ashby
I would use pretty much all of these. No offence but technically to maybe this is all lies
Meebles Sporella
MouseTrap was EPIC...but the SETUP NOT SO MUCH!!! HEHE
Jose Zara16
aahh i remember getting slapped in public by my mom for running away to go play with the magic wand while my mom shopped btw i still have the skip it, gameboy, troll, and beanie boos and also i was born in 2005
katarzyna giren
those gliter wands,yeah i have a pen wand ...(I LOVE IT!!!)
i love hungry hippos! i have the game!!!!
Kittycastle 123
There are new polly pockets and I love them!
I didn't have Polly Pockets as a kid... because I'm a boy. My sister had them. I had Mighty Max. ...but you know what was really fun to do? Playing games where the Polly Pocket AND Mighty Max universes are combined. Why yes, the Mummy from the Egyptian Snake would love to slide on one of Polly's slides!
Banana Cat
I’m a 2010 kids but I want these toys. ;-; WHY IS MY MOM SO LUCKY!?
ƭɦε ɱเlҡ lρร!! lρร
Me: *THROWS AWAY PHONE* i can draw on an bear Technology is nothing to that
bubblegum choclate
My mom has like 30 trolls and won't give me any cause there faluble
Sarahi Meza-Robles
I'm a child and I have 90,236 beanie babies all in ONE room
hillary stone
I had an easy bake oven in the 80s.
Zayn Malik's Girl
I was born in 1993. Proud 90's girl. I remember almost all of these. I had Hungry Hungry Hippo,Skip It,Easy Bake Oven.
Kaya’s Kreations
Polly pocket? Are you kidding me I want them to bring them back
Arvie Jael Manceras
i love glitter magic wand, sally secrets and Fashion Plates the most!
Larissa Harrod
Well I had all those stuff growing up I miss my Doodle Bear I need to get a new Doodle Bear
carrie phillips
I had a glitter magic wand. I'm a 2000s kid. And a baby born. A baby born that can swim just came out. And I have hungry hippos
Katiee Galaxy
I owned almost all of these and I was born in 2004
Simulating Gacha
I'm a kid now a days (im only 12) and I love the old polly pockets! I have a giant box full of there houses/places and At least 2 polly pockets for every place set! Like if you are like me! Another toys I have: fashion plates- A old set featured at 4:19 Beanie babies- like, 100 Trolls- Around, 10 Easy bake oven- I've had 3 through out my life. Hungry hippos- one of my fav games as a 6 year old.
Little Candy floss Life
Is ten and watching this In mind: I want these
Hannah Barnes
I had 10/20 of these toys and i was born in '05. (Im 13)
sam jaramillo
I am nine years old but my moms keeps talking about Tamagotchi's😱
Zachary Brady
Destiny Nun ya buissness
I would actually play with all of those.
Saintiler Saintil
I was born 2009 and I played mouse trap board game my mom got it for me 🤔
Maysarah Dilmohamed
I know them all and i am from 2008 and i love them!!!
amy Stoop
I have a original polly pocket and I'm from 2007
daddy juice
I wish i had these toys....they all seem so cool and aesthetic.
Jen Butler
Born in 1994. Played with most of these. I have memories of my baby born peeing my bed one night I miss this stuff. And being a kid. Adult life sucks. Lol
There is still many of these that people still play with
Eduard-Antonio Popa
I played in 90s with the mouse trap now i have a kid
Roxy09 Hall
In my class there’s a mouse trap board game
Kylie K
When I saw the title I thought about trolls tomigachi (I spelled it wrong I bet) and Polly pockets
Oriyomi Oladimeji
I'v heard of most of these toys and I am and I'm a 2007 boy😌😥
elaine beauchesne
I know how to use a tape recorder it's my sister's.
Koko Martinez!
OMG I REMEMBER DEAR DIARY MY GRANDMA HAD IT DANG I SHOULD HAVE TAKEN IT 🥺 lol I was little when that happened tho I bet she threw that thang out years ago
The Rabid Ranter
? I was born in 2005 Polly pockets Easy bake Tomogachi Baby alive Something simmilar to dear diary
Alex Tillitt
They are bringing back Polly Pockets today so shut your butt up okay okay
Olivia Ullmann
I was born in 2008 I didn’t see these it in the 90s I wasn’t alive.😕
Sienna Mahon
I am not a 90s kid and I still have those magic wands
michael peters
alejandra rodriguez
Who wouldn't want A doodle bear? I was born in The 90's
Roxy09 Hall
I have Polly pockets and I’m a modern kid
ToriLovesRolePlay AndGaming
I actually used to have an easy bake oven and I wasn't a 90s kid- Idk I just liked using it. It was fun-
John Martínez
The things your smart were unicorns 🦄🦄rael
Whitney Flores
Evel knievel but some people mite want hem because he goes for miles in the 1980 or 1970
Austin Drury
Anyone 2019?
Barbara Cruz
I agree. I once had a tomagocthi and I took VERY good care of it. I'm very forgetful so one day I lost the tomagocthi. I forgot about it for a few months.But 5 months later, I find it and I try to turn it on, but then I noticed it was dead.
Jude Loya
Me playing mousetrap Someone mouse used trap* ME: oh no Francisco mouse has respawn* Francisco mouse used a minigun* Someone mouse: oh no
Addyson Bedell
HUNGRY HIPPOS!!! Wait, gold marble? I don't remember that... GAMEBOY!!!
I played with half of these toys because my parents are hoarders
Subha Fatema
Polly pocket is still around kids love playing with them
Reggie Nebrida
Omg i have a Tomagouchi and a Hungry hippo
Twelveleven TM
Im a 2000's kid. I loved polly pocket & tamagotchi Also troll dolls, skip it, baby born, hungry hippos and fisher price roller skates.
Letsplay Maxwell
So many kids in my school love and played mouse trap! So its not really dead.
Nicole Garnar
I still 💙 bing babies
Bibi and gg !
When I heard poochie I was like THAT IS A CUTEEE NAME POOOOOOOCHIEE❤️😍😊🐶
DiamondJayla MSP
exept sallly secret bruh creepy
Modert Lexann
I love this but I'm not a 90 kid
Diana Snow
Some kids always want retro stuff. I had a few of these, and many of them are just as cool as todays toys. I love Hungry Hungry Hippos!
Rose Reed
Btw im 6 that is the pic of my mommy look
Amanda Beekman
Maybe I was an 80's kid. I remember all of these but only had or played with 11
Nikki Karasiki
9:32 κανένας Έλληνας 😂😂
The Ruby's Share
I think Doodle Bears are fun! And I have some fashion plates.
Angie Pettiquoi
I use to love Polly pockets when I was little and I wasn't born in the 90's I was born in 2007
I played with the fashion set😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
mharskie gale
polly pocket? my sister got one of those when She was a kid...
Patty Dixon
The troll dolls first started in the 60's...I remember my sister in 1964 having one hanging in her car!
Wlcm t m chnl 123
The nostalgia is REAL Now I feel old and want to be 5 again :( (‘94 kid )
Calista Rowe
I had most of these toys and I’m only 12 lol
PotatoGuy 03
So why is Hungry Hungry Hippo's on the list? There is literally no reason. If you actually have common sense you would know kids still like Hungry Hungry Hippos, instead of assuming ItS a 90'S gAmE, So MoDeRn KiDs WoNt LiKe It. And looking at the comments, the kids like the entire list. What am I saying? This channel is TheThings, everything is dumb.
pika_pika_ bolt
I LOVE the GAME BOY an im 10
Chalk it up with Dee
Emma the Fox XD
I had half of these. And still have them And I was born in 2006.. Weird huh?....
Isla Jones
im in 2018 and i think these toys are still cool
Go lucky Bro
But a have a game boy it must just be l love old things
Lovely Gacha
Doodle bears 2009:me: *I gOt tHe DoOdLe bUnNY*
Sienna Mahon
wait a second there are still commercials for polly pocket.
Alayna York
A lot of classemates of mine had a game boy when we were in elementary school
Anika Feliciano
i love fashion plates ❤️❤️❤️ i used to be so envy with my friend having it. aawwww
Rachel Goldberg
And beanie babies are like the most popular in 2017!
Rachel Goldberg
OMG! I have fashion plates! I use them all the time!
Hannah Qualls
I have Polly pockets my friend has like 2'000 Polly pocket stuff I would love that cuddly bear I would like to have all of these toys
Creamy’s Whip
The tittle must be an accident :/
I Caught Charizard
I have the Fisher-Price roller skates and I'm not even a 90s kid
Jennifer Tochi
I still have my troll doll and I gave my magic wand collection to my son and loves it
Chanibear 777
I had doodle bear, tomagatchi, pocket mighty max, game boy trolls, plus tons more not mentioned.
lol hi
Uuhhhm the video is completely incorrect not every child would prefer a phone over something nice and playfull
Shiro The Cat
Bet you won't heart my comment, TheThings. Edit: I posted this two months ago and it has 90 likes I'm crying 😂
I LOVE BEANIE BABY'S and I have beanie boo's
Joseph Solace
One of my earliest memories at my Grammy’s beach house is me, on the other side of the king bed (small sliver of space between the wall and bed) playing with Polly Pockets
giselle lai
you know the pigeon beanie baby? I have that one. I it from school when I was Christmas
Addison Taft
I love and still have two of the pallets so you can draw girls on they were really fun and still are 😍