Abigail Williams - Smoke and Mirrors

Not on youtube, so uploaded! www.myspace.com/abigailwilliams www.myspace.com/stefanhorror lyrics; In a dark corner of the room she sits in silence behind the mask of beauty lies the truth taken away The land has suffered under your heedless reign there is no end The land has suffered under your heedless reign where is the end? Your love is like a sea without a shore You wear the crown of shadows well my friend but the truth of the matter is, your stranger then a stranger in a strange land Your love is like a sea without a shore your love is like a curse holding me under its terrible spell I should not be there You wear the crown of shadows well my friend but the truth of the matter is, your stranger then a stranger in a strange land I tried to reason I tried to comprehend this is treason

W Blood
Why the fuck is this trash in a Black Metal playlist. You should have your balls sliced off.
neil hamilton
Winds of Plague is absolutely feeble garbage compared to this
Hah, most people would label this blackcore
hey, man! i like them just as well as abigail williams - is there problem with it?
Well said .
Fuck Winds of Plague.
Is it just me or did these guys go backwards here... After Legend & Gallow Hill EPs I find it really hard to listen to Abigail Williams. They really were so much better back then.. Watch tower, melquiadas, forced ingestion... untouchable. This newer shit is so soft these days compared to the old...
Charlie Chinchilla
I am pretty sure I was under the influence when i wrote that comment meaning I was being a complete ass... So I agree with your disagreeing.
Taylor Hirsch
I disagree. Everyone has, innately, the ability to listen to and deconstruct music. Not agreeing with the band's lyrics or even finding the content insulting should not jeopardize the expressiveness in the music itself. The music is the same music no matter what your political, philosophical, or religious stance is. At most you could call it hypocrisy (since Christians "shouldn't" subject themselves to it) but if you ask me, all religious types are hypocritical anyway lol.
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Bask in it
Dallas Powell
I am Christian and I adore the fuck out of this song.
Charlie Chinchilla
@TheScrappehCocoa Being Christain and listening to this would be kind of pointless since the band is named after a girl from the salem witch trials and the lyrics are far from exceptable in the christain community. lol
this is one of my new favorite bands, thanks for the upload
@pancake73528 lulz
Brett Gifford
@WickedSteak No problem...gotta love metal 101
@guitar7901 How educational. Thanks.
Brett Gifford
@WickedSteak Theres actually 2 genres in metal, gay and not gay, an example of gay would be attack attack, and example of not gay would be opeth.
Abigail Williams is brutal as fuck. And music is music. Lol. If any metal heads wanna check out a Pittsburgh death band, check my band Indecent Demise out. We have some songs/vids on YouTube and Facebook and our EP is free to download. Check us out! We'd love to hear what you have to say.
Anyone who debates genres is clearly a poser.
Jason Fillbach
@clownscare12 Who gives a fuck about what "genre" of music you consider this.
The Red Comet
Why are u guys being a bunch of picky fags?? ITS ALL METAL!!! ENJOY IT!!!. I'm so sick of hearing "oh this isnt black metal, its death/ doom/ techno porno gorgrind deathcore chipmunk metal and i wont open myself to listen to it because im a close minded douchebag." This is a fucking awesome band, regardless of what style of metal they play and I'm honored to be opening for these guys in October!
Daniel Segura
@jk47hm4 Yeah their guitarists have plenty of talent that's for sure. They're capable of being an amazing fucking band with the sound they're trying to go for.
@HeavyMusicGuy16 I agree. They could do more with what they have.. I would suggest more 'regular' riffs and not as much alien static xD Maybe a few clean parts would do some justice too.
Daniel Segura
@jk47hm4 Yeah, Idk rings of saturn could be so much better though.
@HeavyMusicGuy16 I dig it, but Braindrill is just sloppy. I hate them.
Daniel Segura
@jk47hm4 Rings of saturn annoy me. They're tech, but so tech to the point where it just sounds retarded, like braindrill.
Giulio Riccardi
I'm jizzing off.
Reminds me of a more melodic Dark Tranquillity. Which is a good thing.
@BringerOfTruth123 I personally think there are way better bands out there but I still dig em.
@jk47hm4 We could argue genres all day. Abigail Williams is completely trend-free and they make amazing music.
@BringerOfTruth123 Breakdown or not, this song did a good job convincing me that this band is not black metal.
@jk47hm4 That isn't even a "core" breakdown. The chugging intro is similar to many scandinavian bands. Dimmu Borgir had a lot of it on Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia. I highly doubt that Dimmu was influenced by deathcore. Arch Enemy, Kalmah, old Children of Bodom all have moments of open chugging in their songs. That doesn't make them "core" in any way. I own this Abigail album. This song and one other part of the album are the only two remote similarities to having "breakdowns."
@xBlackWaterxx I no longer have faith in the next generation's music.
@jk47hm4 dude srsly
@420ibanezz Suicide Silence are eh, but they created a great sound, or what most people call 'vibe'. Listen to a band called 'Rings of Saturn' Their vocals and guitars sound like Suicide Silence, but they are completely different from them!
@xxxskat34lifexxx The core influence is the intro breakdown and the other ones throughout the song, plus the general Suicide Silence vibe that the guitar's tone gives. But yea, these guys arn't black metal anyway. They just don't produce the material that makes a Black Metal song, that being anti-christ/gory/evil lyrics, really fast blast-beating drums throughout the song, and fast tremelo-picked riffs. 4:00 is what I'm talking about. Don't get me wrong though, these guys (and girl) are chill.
Anthony Campbell
@jk47hm4 ok? but just cause these guys dont soudn just like them doesnt make them not black metal. i mean really where is this "core" influence i hear none
@xxxskat34lifexxx This isn't what I and many other Black Metal fans would consider 'just' Black Metal, at all. Mayhem, Ragnarok, Dark Funeral, Gorgoroth, bands like those are just Black Metal, and they all kick way more ass than these guys!
Anthony Campbell
@jk47hm4 or just black metal?
Blackened Deathcore?
smooth jazz at its finest
Hipster Black Metal
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Hipster Black Metal
@ViolatedPenguin lulz, man your a wack attack.
Hipster Black Metal
@ViolatedPenguin yo I ain't even mad. lulz XD
Lmfao... this shit is classic. The comments that is.
Hipster Black Metal
@Pinchfuzz that's your problem if your done. Anyways trolling is hella funny to do. And there's nothing wrong with nazi's. Shit they almost took over Europe and they became historical icons.
Hipster Black Metal
@Pinchfuzz you finally noticed I was copying and pasting your comments?
Hipster Black Metal
@ViolatedPenguin LULZ you still talkin? MEGA LULZ! Move on to the next forum, no one here is butthurt, pissed, or annoyed at your piss poor comments. Hahahahahahahah LULZ to the infinite power!
Hipster Black Metal
@NebirosAndWinter dude that's disgusting man. If your gay, please keep your buisness behind closed doors.
DJ Goreslam
@Pinchfuzz first of dude. I was looking for this vid. 2nd I found your comment funny and gay ass fuck. 3rd helloasswipes has just been trolling your dumbass. I read both of your comments and he was just mimicking you. Dipshit
Hipster Black Metal
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Hipster Black Metal
@ViolatedPenguin LULZ you're really gay lmao.
Hipster Black Metal
@zarucarsha oh yeah Inquisition, Immortal, Carpathian Forest all have used a pitch harmonic here and there but Deathcore kids rape it and abuse it. pinch harmonics are like salt. A small amount of salt makes food taste good and gives it a kick, but once you open the container and add the entire vial of salt. the food will taste like shit. That's deathcore kids, they pour too many breakdowns and annoying sweeps when theres more to metal than that.
@helloasswipes I like you, you're funny. And about the whole "pitch shift" or "pitch harmonic" thing, I'm pretty sure Immortal and other black metal bands have used that technique, so you're wrong to proclaim that it's only used in show-off deathcore.
Hipster Black Metal
@ViolatedPenguin LULZ u gay
@ViolatedPenguin Helloasswipes has some serious amount of sand in his vag It's really making him cranky
Hipster Black Metal
@ViolatedPenguin why so gay?
josh bell-surette
@Pandiemonium a pinch harmonic is actually and artificial harmonic so when you know your shit you can argue with this guy.
Hipster Black Metal
@Pandiemonium funny thing your a scene kid hipster with a Justin beiber helmet haircut. No real black metal fan likes this shit. Thanks for proving that theory. Faggot
Hipster Black Metal
OH NO BLACKCORE?!! what the FUCK have you damn scene kids done to black metal?! shit even Dimmu Borgir has a darker Norwegian Symphonic Black Metal Sound than this pile of heaping shit! The guitar has that whole Pitch Shift all deathcore songs have! EX at 1:13! Shit all the members in this band are posers! they all wear Suicide Silence shirts! This proves that just by having Christophe Szpajdel do your logo, doesn't mean your Black Metal.
Mag 101
@xxDarkxAngelxx65 Stfu-_- Everyone knows you have "special time" with pictures of demi lavato and Selena Gomez-_-
Not my fault
@MetalHeadFilipeG96 Yeah she said it in a Rolling Stone interview, maybe she said it somewhere else, I am not sure.
Filipe Gomes
@xxDarkxAngelxx65 i did some research and i catually found an interview where Demi lovato admitted she likes metal
Itzel A
@xxDarkxAngelxx65 I heard a lot of people say it. I dont know if its true or not I think it is though. ^_^
@Itzie4798 Where did you hear that? I wanna see where you got that, an interview or what? haha. if its true then demi lovato gains alot of respect from me ^^
Itzel A
Is this suppose to be one of Demi Lovato's favorite band? o_______O
This song F'ing rocks !!!!!
Doomie Sonofprince
a little metalcorish for my taste
Britton Shrum
the world needs more bands that are THIS bad ass
Al Vas
@Maddlord4 The reason that I have the utmost respect for her.
Ludvig Skoll
stupid yanks copying dimmu borgir, who now suck. wheres the originality, the only bm thing about this is the vocals
@abraham8701 that is true, but if it's not at least vaguely explained what genre they are, anybody will listen to them. and we don't want haterz like IchtChord trolling all our favourite metal videos, do we?
@ArchNemesis767 Hahaha black metal is not supposed to be technical or polished sounding. I take it that you have never heard any REAL black metal in your life (i.e. Darkthrone, Mayhem, early Gorgoroth). If you don't like any of those you simply are not a black metal fan.
really nice band, but the vox are shitty.
Matt Doyle
@VinceVonVicious Excuse me sir, can you go have down syndrome somewhere else? We're trying to enjoy the music.
@incubusnickkersy229 Hahaha
why dont you all shut the fuck up n stop comparing this awesome band with Dimmu Borgir -.- , stop labeling em , its stupid just enoy the music :)
@fpsliams If you can't tell that it's not black metal by just listening to it you should jump off a ledge.
@fpsliams Obviously you have never heard black metal in your life, because this band sure as hell isn't black metal.
Lol, blackcore.
@SOADBFOV yea but that's a bad thing
@SOADBFOV Dimmu Borgir is a fucking joke of a band..... wearing facepaint.... look like Ronald McDonald.... Dimmu Shall Burn with Elvis
exactly what I think of this song. god i hope this doesn't become some popular new fad
thanks for telling me about that band, I really enjoy them. and you are right, they do remind me of Abigail Williams. Although I stand by my opinion that AA has deathcore influences to anyone that doesn't agree, the guitar and vocal varieties are a key to my theory
I think that your the kind of person he's talking about, he is a metal fan, old SS was more core oriented, where their new music has more metal elements, he'd probably appreciate their new stuff better
I can appreciate you being true to the black metal universe, but different bands do different things, abigail williams are diverse in their musical tastes, thats why they combine different elements, they don't think they are black metal gods or anything
true, with a hint of whitechapel, they are like winds of plague, only opposite in a way. cuz winds of plague is the same genre, but are more hardcore than black metal, abigail williams is the opposite way around. both ways come out amazing
areyou kiddingme
this is pretty good
Brutal stuff!
Charly Jouglet
Very Dimmu Borgir like ^^
Preston Geier
not the point. i was using them as an example
dont be too asertive, they were good on the cleansing, but I will agree that now, they just suck.
np, we just got different taste. it's more black/ambient but yea. it's kool. i like'em ten times better than abgail williams though.lol.
Nah, I didn't like those bands. Not saying they sucked but it's too raw/grim sounding, and maybe people don't feel like listening to bm with shitty ass recording when compared to this band... check out this band though; Sun of the Sleepless - Nebelmond
oh sorry, dude, I think there was a little translational mistake. I thought "blows" is some kind of synonymous for "is good", but, of course it's not. Anyway, keep in mind: Only death is true \m/
yeah, if you're a retarded emo-kiddie who doesn't have any clue about music, it does
Matt Finn
Meh. Speaking as a metal purist (no anything -core [besides grindcore] and no nu-metal(rap)) this isn't that bad. A tad too sterile and safe, but its better than being some screamo band. I don't know, it feels lke this is just a watered down emperor or limbonic art, or a more over the top dimmu. I don't know it seems to be just kinda there.
it seems that people on this side of music are allway's complaining about the other's perception off what kind of metal it is......and which band is bether.......i think it is time to grow up....throw all the 'names' on one big heap....aren't we all metal-lovers? and by the way....indeed it is not generally acknowledged, metal to be "cool".........and i dont care.