LaVar Ball And Stephen A. Have Intense Shouting Match | First Take | March 23, 2017

LaVar Ball joins First Take and goes back and forth with Stephen A. Smith in a heated debate regarding his views on beating Michael Jordan in a game of 1-on-1, comparing Lonzo Ball to Steph Curry, and saying Lonzo would have a bigger impact on the Los Angeles Lakers than Magic Johnson. Watch ESPN on YouTube TV: /> Subscribe NOW to ESPN on YouTube: Get more ESPN on YouTube: First Take: />SC6 with Michael & Jemele: />SportsCenter with SVP: />This Is SportsCenter: />ESPN Must-See: ESPN Stories: /> ESPN on Social Media: Follow on Twitter: />Like on Facebook: />Follow on Instagram: /> Visit ESPN on YouTube to get up-to-the-minute sports news coverage, scores, highlights and commentary for NFL, MLB, NBA, College Football, NCAA Basketball, soccer and more. More on

Debaser Deducer
Imagine Lavar at a parent-teacher conference 🤦‍♂️
killer of fun
Who’s here after Lonzo got traded?
"Ain't nobody thinking about no damn LaVar". Gets me everytime. 😂🤣😅
Darth Plagues the Wise
_"Steph Curry what, 6,2"?_ _"...Steph Curry about 6,3"_ *_"Okay I'll let him be 6,4' he still shorter than my boy"_*
Old Man
LaVar Ball is a master at trolling
Roman Popov
1:07 “Ain’t nobody think about no damn lavarrrrr” “YES THEY ARRRRE” 😂💀
5:43 is the best Stephen A clip of all time
Molly getting splashed with all that spit and testosterone.
“ain’t nobody thinking bout no damn lavar”
Lachlan Casey
2:02 Something is wrong with you 4:39 Don’t change the narrative 5:40 Pancakes and Strawberries 0:12 Why would you say something so.... 1:55 I’ll let him be 6’4 and he’s still shorter then my boy 1:06 Ain’t no body thinking about no dam Lavar, well we all are 5:02 Ask me 2 questions 3:57 I am the one who made Lonzo 1:42 Out the game 4:58 Better then Magic 6:35 Gonna be worrying about what the big baller gonna do next. Ar no were not! 0:41 You get tired from dancing
2:04 Stephen A needs to go to the Basketball Hall of Fame just for this statement alone 😂😂😂
KB 24
5:01 "ASK ME TWO QUESTIONS!!" He always one-ups everything😂😂
Jim83 J
The eyes never lie Both these guys hugging and chuckling after the show
Jaime Pardos
Air Jordan vs Air Ball.
2:06 something is wrong with you!! YES!!! 😂😂😂😂
Sijan Grg
I mean it takes some pancakes and strawberries to make Stephen A from blasphemous to I’ll take that lmfaoo😂🤣🤣🤣
Sid Cännøn
2:06 SAS: “something is wrong with you” Lavar Ball: “Yes”
Jacob Swierz
LaVar: "I'm the one who made Lonzo, because I picked a beautiful wife to make him. Had it all planned out from day one" Even Stephen can't argue with that
Why is this better than every presidential debate in 2016
I Love Chicago
Watching this at .05x speed is HILARIOUS! Sounding like a bunch of drunk uncles at the cookout 😂😂😂
LaVar Ball looks like Lionel Richie without hair😂😂😂💀 #longlostbrothers
Mak Dee
LaVar: “I’m too big, too strong!” with angry face then suddenly smiling 🤣 smh laVar 🤣🤣🤣
Lavar ball is doing what trump did to become president
Shiv Patel
Smith: Something is wrong with u Lavar: yes 2:06 😂😂😂
lil gang
two years later this is just as legendary as it was when it happened and how it will be 20 years down the road 😂😂
El Don Chef
Lonzo will lead the pelicans to two titles in one season- lavar ball
Kevin Christopher Aquino
"I don't know how LaVar did this, but he's the greatest" Stephen A: Oh lord.. 😂😂😂
OMG iTs Edd
I would pay to see these guys argue every morning on espn.
Dominic Barranco
4:17 Stephen A “Oh God”💀💀💀💀😂
Easy God
4:16 Lavar: the Same impact magic had. Stephen a: oh god
Jwen Loide
"There is something wrong with you" 😂😂
Rick James
Man I wanna see Charles Barkley Steven A and Levar all go at it at once!! I would piss my pants laughing😂😂😂
Aaron Hayenga
"My boys could come back from a 4-0 deficit." -LaVar Ball
Jacob Swierz
I've rewatched this at least 5 times. Cracks me up every time. LaVar straight up just wanted to piss of Stephen.
nigga boy
Anybody know the boxing troll Charlie Z? Lavar is the Charlie Z of basketball
Angel Rodriguez
Put it at 2x speed. You will see the best debate ever.
Mihajlo Vucinic
Lavar is a bastard but somehow i like him a bit because you can see he is on a mission and its working :D
Cezarrio McQueen
"Ain't nobody thinking bout no damn Lavar "😂😂😂
Wet Water
"One-on-one, I'm undefeated, neva loss" 😂
Marcello Mori
Starting 5 of All Time Trolls Tekashi 6ix9ine Lavar Ball Soulja Boy Max Kellerman Kevin Hart
Alfayeed Salik
I always watch this before I sleep every night. Cured my insomnia though 😂
1:07 "Ain't nobody thinkin bout no damn Lavar, YESS THEY ARRHHH! 😂😂😂 rollin
I used to think Jordan was the GOAT, but now I'm convinced it's Lavar Ball.
Ain’t nobody thinking about no damn lavar!!! 😭😭😂😂
Chris J.
"oh my God. how do you- you- you- SOMETHINGS IS WRONG WITH YOU SIR!
I love how LaVar drives Stephen A to the point of madness and senility.
Joey Durning
Who’s here after the AD trade?
Most Hated
2 trolls going back and fourth
North Land
2yrs ago this aired... and 2yrs later it's still freaking insanely awesome!
Bryan Mock
"I'm the one who made Lonzo... you You know why? Because picked a beautiful woman to make him.... I had it all planned out from day one..." lol I use this line alot!!
Alejandro Toraya
I really want to see LaVar in this show taking and reaction to Lonzo going to New Orleans hahahhaa
Andrew Heckman
They showed this to us at school in an anti-drug video
Lavar- Steph Currys about 6'2 Stephen A- Steph Currys about 6'3 Lavar- I'll let him be 6'4 and he still shorter than my boy
Daddy Buffa
Why would you say something so blasphemous 🤣 0:14
Ahmed H
Who’s here after Lavar got banned from ESPN?
Woogie Harrelson
5:43 looked like a squirrel heard something while it was eating
I feel bad for Molly with all that spit flying between those two
Swaroop '30'
This video’s view rate is higher than the channel’s subscribing rate😂😂😂
Summon Dable
5:01 Stephen A: Let Me Ask You A Question Lavar: Ask Me Two Questions hahaha Somebody protect this guy
Billy Powell
Reason #1 why Lonzo got traded.
Greenmount Avenue
LaVar and Stephen A should have their own show.
"Ain't nobody thinkin about no damn LAVARRR" gets me everytime!!😂😂😂
Tannya Deleon
LAVAR BALL: *averages 2 points per game in college 💀
Ibrahim Harris
Stephen a perked up real quick when strawberry pancakes came into the discussion, lol. 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Marco Lam
You can switch gears with me anytime
Craig Harrison
The Lakers really traded Lavar not lonzo....they couldn't have this toxic freak around the team a minute longer.
5:52, am I the only one who heard the fart
ha boi
I believe that lavar never lost in a 1vs1 Because he never played
Reginald Thomas
"Ain't nobody thinking about no damn LaVar" 😂😂
Marcus Wright
lets get rid of max and put lavar in his place. lmao Bruh this str8 comedy!!!
Rainima Ilaitia
"Aint nobody talking bout no damn lavar"😂
Ace Wilson
5:53 Proof Molly has been Trying to “switch gears” with Lavar
Anfernee Manansala
Stephen A: lemme ask u a question Lavar: ASK ME TWO QUESTIONS HAHAHA
Still make me laugh 😆 😂 I’ll show up for the pancakes 😂
This man is a master troll
Gabby Park
Lavar really said Lonzo is at the same level of STEPH CURRY 🤦🏾‍♀️
Stephen Fields
Lmaoooo STEPHEN A SMITH and LAVAR need a show. Ill watch it with a passion
"That's not the point Max. Don't change the narrative"😂😂😂 "Michael Jordan...How he gonna beat me?"
Stephen A: “Something is wrong with you!!!” Lavar: “YES!”
Tanner Allred
Legend says Stephen A still waiting on the strawberry pancakes 🍓🥞
Flying V
My God I broke down laughing at this. edit: the fact that someone married this man. smh
we all know that lavar ball cant win mj but there is a guy that ca beat mj at 1 on 1 Kevin Hart +1 if you agree
This is classic 🤣🤣😂 here after lonzo trade btw
Gerard Dundon
Stephan A "Can I ask you a question" Lavar "Ask me two" 😂😂😂
Explosive Muhammad
I think Stephen A and Lavar are real friends, you gotta love Hollywood because of this good acting.
Mikey Munoz
Listen to Stephen a Smith from 2:03 - 2:08 😂😂😂😂
Ryan Hey
I didn't really like Stephane. A before this but big fan now screw levar what a complete fool!
Bump Floxks
2 Years Already Felt Like Yesterday 😩
Mia Dowd
I've lost count of how many times I've watched this. Lol
Noe Dig
"Something Is WrOnG With YOU" 😂😂😂 GETS ME Every Time 😭
Alejandro Toraya
What impact would Lonzo have on The lakers? LaVar: Maaan, Lonzo gon have the same impact Magic had Stephen A: Oh God... Pure gold hahahaha
Brandon Roy Sadiarin
The real debate: Lavar or Scalabrine 🤔
Rasta Nerd32
Lonzo now has a chance to show it. Looking forward to Pelicans 19-20 season.
This will forever be the greatest segment in this show’s history😂😂😂
Rob Thai
This is saying Lonzo Ball would beat Lebron James
Kevin Casalduck
1 vs 1 im undefeated... never lost! 😂
Lebron James3
Im blessed to watch this episode😂😂
John Kennedy
Man I've come back to watch this and it's amazing how lavar ball defends his boy. Much love for him and his family