Harrods | Reporting London Special | Thames Television

Filmed in 1982. Thames Television was given unique access to one of the worlds most famous department stores - Harrods. If you would like to license a clip from this video please e mail: [email protected]emedia.com Quote: VT26878

LOWE sonia
That was when it still belonged to the Scottish Owners. I was a regular shopper in the 50's absolutely loved it .My England . Sadly disappeared.
Before Everything was geared for Arabs Russians and Chinese!
It set the gold standard for a way of retailing that sadly, is long gone. Good memories.
I loved this! A topic I would have NEVER seeked out off my own back but my god they knew how to make seemingly the most mundane subjects back them become interesting. And for some reason I LOVE the slightly melancholic music at the end!
ivana havitoff
ah, the 'arrods of the 70s and 80s, the upper circle restaurant, the Olympic way, the supermarket in the basement, way in, being slapped on the backside by a cheerful doorman....happy days
Dominic Gerrit
Better times. Before the greed for Chinese money ruined the place.
John Crilly
great video good work but harrods to me isnt as good as it used to be....since it got took over by the current owner and refitted in parts, its just not the same and lost the special atmosphere it once had in the late 80s/ early 90s, very sad...wonder if theres any other "old harrodians" who will echo my thoughts here?
julie miller
Amazing store-- its like a world in it self
Very interesting!
Alison Lee
It's nothing like that now....:(
"Last year at the royal wedding" AWW! I was at her son's wedding in 2011 a few years ago.
Barbara Powell
It's now OWNED BY A MUSLIM !!!
Hiring minorities in places like this is always a mistake Im not white my self and it has nothing to do with racism 😎 simply they know nothing about traditions they turned Harrods into McDonalds! 🤣
seems to be an upper-class place! ..Not for the miners or poor peasants ;( U.K. is a very aristocratic society that likes to deliberately promote class struggle.
Quite disgusting how humans have treated other animals since the beginning of time and the greed of our species. The excess of this store is the definition of gluttony and messed up minds. Sheer wastage and nothing else. Should these people even be alive?