Joe Rogan Experience #1021 - Russell Brand

Russell Brand is an English comedian, actor, radio host, author, and activist. His new book "Recovery: Freedom From Our Addictions" is available now, and his podcast called "Under The Skin" is available on iTunes.

The fact that this type of content is free to everyone who has an internet connection is pretty remarkable. Good job, society.
dirty fool
It's crazy that somebody can speak so quickly through an idea and yet be so easy to understand even with such a hard accent. Russell Brand is very well spoken
I sincerely dislike the comments section on YouTube. It’s like briefly visiting the deep dark realm of random human beings minds and the thoughts that whiz by but are never spoken out loud to another person. I try so hard not to scroll down, but I can't help it. Something draws me in to the unknown land of mindless thoughts, or is it thoughtless minds? This comment is a contribution to that.
It's been fascinating watching R.B develop to the degree he has.
Eric Wright
Russell Brand is way smarter than I gave him credit for
Good stuff.... except when Joe tells a recovering heroin adict, 'stop all that 12-step stuff, you're not going to fall back into addiction.' That's the sound of someone who knows nothing about addiction.
Ray Ho
Joe "can't keep up with russel brand" rogan
Joe Blows
Joe gets very defensive when talking about wealth...hmmm.
Meech Darko
Get Jim Carey on the podcast. He just did the norm McDonald show
Not to get too sentimental, but I believe I've found this podcast at a very important time in my life, and I have to give it up to Joe Rogan. This shit is so enlightening.
Ramon S.-
I really respect Brand's restraint, especially when rogan starts challenging everything he says towards the end. you can hear him control his breathing and therefore trying to not react.. amazing
I think the reason joe and Russell were arguing toward the end about money was that joe was approaching the topic from a practical viewpoint where Russell was coming from a very idealistic place. I think Russell was trying to say that as a society we consider the highest form a human can achieve is one that has lots of money and possessions and random women. In this way we value that which is quite animalistic in it’s display of dominance. I believe that he was trying to say that wouldn’t it be better to value someone not for being successful in societies standards but for their actual ability as a fighter or musician, or for their intellectual and/or emotional depth. I have to say that I agree that it would be better for humanity to strive toward evolution by valuing what is intrinsically human rather than what is attached to animalistic displays of dominance.
Toby Check
When Joe started talking about Nas not not falling into the "bling" culture of hip hop it showed how he didn't understand Russell's point. It's not that all the substantive rappers of the 90s suddenly changed subject matter, it's that the media started glorifying the rappers who rapped about materialism without much lyrical thought.
Thamus Jones
Russel Brand is an advertisement for why we need to treat drug addicts with compassion i.e. not jail them or leave them to die. Imagine if we had lost this guy to drugs 20 years ago.
David Jones
Russell Brand you are inspiring. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
Emily S
I agree with Russell. If the motivation to become 'great' is cars and bling, we live in a sick, misguided society. Greatness should be an award onto itself. Comodifying art cheapens it.
Wendy N
Russell has such a great vocabulary and is incredibly well spoken.
Bobert Dickrich
Joe "The Enabler" Rogan
Paul Miller
Joe "pull that mic closer" Rogan
Around 1:47:00 Joe starts getting defensive and contradictory....
Moe Effects
The Matrix is a system, Neo. That system is our enemy. But when you're inside, you look around, what do you see? Businessmen, teachers, lawyers, carpenters. The very minds of the people we are trying to save. But until we do, these people are still a part of that system and that makes them our enemy. You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system, that they will fight to protect it.
Russel isn’t mentally ill he is awake 🙏🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼
Sergey Mazine
Joe and Russell are on different wavelengths there towards the end. The feeling of greatness is indeed intoxicating but Russell is trying really hard to show how far that spectrum can go, especially if we don't let fear and negative emotions rule our lives as is the case with most people in todays society
Russell brand is a very conscious mind..... Even more conscious then joe at alot of times . His comment about the 12 step program and doing dmt was a bit whack, but russells response was so CORRECT ! Those people that act as shamons preying on 'gringos' are the act and the drive of money- Money Is The Route of all Evil = MITRE just think about that for a second......... Thank you 'God' for Russell Brand !
I would love to see russell and steve-o have a conversation...
Jimmy Jux
This dude is really intelligent
WOW! Russell Brand completely eclipses Rogan with his vision and awareness. Joe’s (btw i generally love his ideas) ego sure feels fragile and threatened in the last few minutes of this podcast. If anyone needs more dmt it is not Brand. Just hear/feel his words. You need more bud.
Steve Vargas
RB is a Fourth Dimension type of soul - he is evolved and is able to see things in a clear sort of way. imho
And now we can tune into Russell's pod cast , because he too has one as well!
Villa Pinstriping
Tiny sleeves edition
Lol Joe just couldn't understand what Russell meant about fighting and the money behind it. Russell shouldn't have tried to make that point with a subject Joe is too confident about.
Joe "Just do a few drugs while on the 12 step program" Rogan
Is Russel Brand a genius or am I just mesmerized by his British accent
Hungry Hearts
Joe sounds really ignorant when he was telling Russell that he wasnt going to fall back into addiction if he did DMT. You can tell he is not an addict and by saying that he is just talking about something he has no knowledge about
Joe Crocker
1:48:00 Joe completely takes Russell out of his element and has him reeling for a legitimate answer and continues to try and keep him wriggling and squirming to find a way out. & the podcast suffers for Joe's constant need to challenge Russell on every point throughout the rest of the podcast But Joe was wrong with his original point! Having that elitist level, the top 1-10% of the population who earn or control that amount of money ultimately will be corrupted by the fear of losing it, not just having it. The world's 1% wealthiest have controlled this planets population for A good while. Whether it was to control wealth, land or even the actual population.
Bromega 3.0
Love it when Russell says “joe”
Joe "i read an article" Rogan
Gala Darling
This episode gets better every time I watch it. I could truly listen to Russell all day.
Willow McGregor
Rogan really bends over for mcgregor, no lube.
Russel is a better intellectual, better comedian and has done even more drugs.
Joe “ I wish I had hair like you , Russell “ Rogan
Infini-D Coaching
41:00 (ish): introducing the 13 step program. Step 13: use hallucinogen to melt into oneness, drop the traits from the past. Start creating from the now with your ultimate guidance system i.e. your emotional system as a guide and bliss as a course. With love and grace, another fractal 🌈
Stone Skull
russell brand is an amazing person
I don’t think DMT is good for everyone .
Rachel Caroline
This was exceptional! Brilliant stuff you guys! Thank you
MisterZhivago WheelieMaster
Joe ''A little bit of spiritual, a little bit of warrior'' Rogan
Just- Jenny
This is one of my favorites. ❤ I've watched it 4 times now. I love the way Joe and Russell think. I always learn/hear something new every time I watch it.
This is like my two selves talking to each other
Julian Joyce
Joe embarrasses himself a few times this round, getting caught up playing devils advocate. Chill buddy.
This is what it looks like when a person with ADHD manages to vocally channel all that excessive energy.
I love this show. Even if you don't agree with everything said there's value and excellent information within.
Lake 42
Realize Russell won’t read this but though we differ on certain things he has inspired me. Great person who has been true to himself. Keep up the good work and great interview as always Joe! Thanks guys
heather mac
my favourite moment of this interview was when Russell Brand said thank you for the coffee. Such a sweet genuine moment.
Anthony Garcia
Progress is slow because its not profitable. That's why we still rely so much on fossil fuel
Conor McMullen
Joe 'Joe Rogan' Rogan
Justin Brafford
Thought Rogan was gonna offer him a Jeffrey 🤣
Steve Vargas
31 Years of clean and sober - Russle don't do it DMT there are no loop know how to get there on a different path!
Rich help the rich and the rest die helping them to get Ritcher
Heather Cameron
Hey! I'm a 70 year old woman and I love watching and listening to all the mind expansion stuff. Everyone needs to stretch themselves out somewhat and get into spaces they've never been before. Thanks for the mind stretch!
Who else paused the video to watched Gary Tonon fight WOW
M Brontë
Joe you can't ask an addict if they can just a try a drug ?! yes they will spiral back into it, because Russel enjoys the experience so much he knows it will be his end. In that moment when you said it's not like other drugs, that was the dark hand working through you to get Russel.
Justin Brafford
Smoking a Jeffery while watching this lol
Xavier Nogueira
This is the best of all his podcasts in my opinion, or maybe parts of the Dennis McKenna ones. It’s a shame everyone is attracted to the podcasts with glorified edge lords like Shapiro and Peterson when someone as surficially goofy like Russel Brand is much more in touch with reality and what actually is occurring.
drake stroud
get jim carey on the podcast!
Artur Curyllo
Joe "Jujitstu is like [plug any word here]" Rogan
Zanana Panana
BEST JOE & RUSSELL PODCAST EVER. Love the way you both think and speak of love.  Love it.
Logan Johnson
This was a damn fascinating podcast! Enlightening as all hell
DJ Woof
I find myself not listening and just reading the comments.
Eli w
emotional intelligence in my humble opinion is lacking in our culture and if it is instilled in our education system from the start we would be a lot better off.
ivan nicolle
Your podcasts are definitely evolving and you're getting a few individuals on here who are really cool and talk about things that matter.
Luke Kelly
i think someone was lying the last time, and now they've definitely stopped drugs
Steel Nerves
The RBE show. Rogan couldn’t keep up.
Daniel Chadwick
What I have doesn't Improve how I am . Improving how I am improves how I am .
"If the Ewoks had another thousand years perhaps they'd have invented little Ewok trains."
Rikske Patat
Russell Brand and the Chocolate Factory.
Alex Phillips
Joe im really enjoying these podcasts you won me over when you started reeling off the 5 rings! this is great!
Curt Cobain and Connor Mgregor, a paradox if ever there was one.
from tha' world
Absolutely fascinating and fantastic conversation, loving this! 💕
Joseph Stalin
Communism - the most effective form of weight loss ever conceived.
Julie Oakman
Love the mention of people who live smack dab in the middle yet still yet so alone. absolutely truth
Jordan Szott
Brilliant example of how two individuals can differ on viewpoints and yet come to listen and understand one another. Excellent display of how people can debate points and remain critical and calm without giving ground on their beliefs. Truly thought provoking podcast Joe!
Andrea Davis
I think Russell is talking about the distribution of power between the local, state and federal government. Ultimately at a federal level there is complete control.
Just when I thought I was gonna watch a whole interview without any DMT talk, 2hrs in and I wasn't let down!
How was this guy married to Katy Perry? Did they just not talk
Richard Parker
This podcast is similar to the recent one I feel
Iuy Yui
Fun fact, in the 12 steps, the 13th step was to take acid and reflect on what you've learned, think I'm kidding right? I'm not, the founder was into lsd as a tool to help addicts
joe v
Wow. Truth. Authenticity
william sharpe
What a collaboration. Two awesome interesting to listen to
get serj tankian from system of a down on!...
Terry The Chunin
I would join the russell brand cult.
Vegan Yaz
I am at the 11 mint of this video, russel this guy is talking gems man. I wanted to emphasize one point, while it’s true that we are more happy not living alone or in big masses, but i wouldn’t understatement the ability of humans to adapt to new configuration, it happened before, it can happened again.
All or Nothing
I'm so happy I smoked before I played this video, brilliant gentlemen.
Dee Dubya
Even cracked out of his head - Russ is more intelligent than most of us will ever be
Think Liberty
Hi Russell, just wanted to say thanks for putting out a positive and consciousness lifting message.
Andrew Beck
It’s always interesting conversation when Russell is on the show. Just lay off the damn Caveman coffee. Haha
Danelle Compton
That person with new ideas is you! Do it. Save us all Rogan. Please.
Jack Obrien
Huge fan. Start and end my day with these podcasts, especially enjoyed this one
Phillip Belon
Russell got me to start questioning things when I turned 16. Trews was great. I learned so much. Joe got me interested in starting a podcast. Thanks guys. Your the best. ❤
Jonathan Freund
Start with the root chakra.
Capt'n Tread
30:00 dreamed about joe rogan lol