Bleach VN 70k Top Up New Account Buying Bankai Kenpachi and Ryujin Jakka No Commentary

New account I started 3 days ago. Doing a 70k Top Up with new events. Just doing Stones, Bankai Kenpachi, and Ruyjin Jakka. I didn't show it but I did 200k and won Ultimate Charge so I got another 200k back today.

Ian Darmetko
Not sure if any of you noticed but VIP levels are 4 times as expensive to get. VIP10 takes 800k gold and VIP8 takes 200k. Insane.
Why no commentary?Its less exciting that way,but oh well good vid either way :)
So damm lucky bro congrats rich boiii XD
Dung Le
Oh.AsunaChidori s55 sv VN.hello.
Jorge Urzúa
Will you upload more videos with this account?
Nice Hope to see a video soon :)
Tran Hoam
which does sever do u play , i'am vietnamese
Elven King
What skill do you use for pve and pvp? still kinda new and trying to figure this out. Thanks for the videos
dylan hambrook
can you make a topup guide or link me to one. i cant figure it out
Jorge Urzúa
Phạm Tiến Hùngg
what is your server ??
bro how does one top up when it comes to VN because I'm looking at it puzzled af trying to figure out what I need to do if you could make a video on it with commentary that would be much appreciated and by the way nice vid B-Kenny is awesome
bla anbla
u should buy lvl 100 sets cuz u can open them at lvl 35 for the shurata gear
Eddie Leal
whens the next dbz online vid?
Ian Darmetko
Sorry for the no commentary guys, my mic is busted. Will figure it out by the next video. Bankai Power is GG on this version of the game. For every 4k topped up you get a level 7-10 Stone Box lmao. Ended up with over 20 level 10s and a few dozen of 7-9s.
Just a quick note, don't buy the gold package from bargain sale. It's a waste, only buy it after you've topped up daily 10k gold and buy the package once per day. Otherwise you are missing out on many items you could have gotten.
Do you know about spirit stone one click synthesis? I think vip 8 is when it's activated. Might be useful to you if you aren't aware of it. But obviously need to be careful when using it, can be easy to make mistakes (e.g. fury stones).