URBAN SYMPHONY kolmas singel "Skorpion". Kaasa teeb Eesti tuntuim harfimängija Saale Kivimakker-Rull. Lisainfo Moonwalk FB lehel:

Oleg Metima
Завораживающий голос и музыка! Захотелось выучить эстонский )
Miltiadis Apostolou
Wonderful song, amazing angel voice, beautiful sweet girls, nice strange language! I'm one of the biggest fans of this group! My love and greetings from Greece!
Lasse Aartolahti
Ma armastan teie muusikat
Tadas Blindavicius
Love it. Greets from Lithuania.
Kate S
Nice! I love this band!)) Love Estonia) Greetings from Petersburg
Salvatore Shiggerino
What the hell does that have to do with anything? And what's the point of the asterisk?
Salvatore Shiggerino
What the hell does that have to do with anything? And why the asterisk in p*ssy?
Oona Keränen
Nope, but a few euros would. Not that I have any first-hand experience of it, but there's quite a bit of sex tourism in Estonia.
Raul Petersell
Sven Kautlenbach
Believe me homie, this comment does not help you getting Estonian p*ssy.
I think this deserve much more views/listens! It is Awesome!
Of all Estonian songs I heard since then this woman lets it sound best! So mystical and beautiful I never heard the language before. Wonderful!
Kaspar Saakpakk
kes on autor
Tihomir Popović
Great girl... Remember her from Eurovision....keep going on
antu esko sober
ilus lugu :)
Herr Lebensbaum
I have it already on my iPod..I would buy ever song..pls release more songs :)
karid oriusm
Well they simply took a pause for Sandra had a baby recently, and they`ll return in way or another.
Really? That's a shame to hear...
Janek Valgepea
They quit unfortunately.
Release an album already!!
no name
great song and beautiful voice!!!! Greece loves it!!!!
Salo Silva
Looks like The sims Language xD
Wonderful music, wonderful singing
This is one of the most beautiful pieces of music ever written
😭 soo beautiful!!!
karid oriusm
@MxlleDasha What does she song about? Hm, tough one. It`s about the many centuries passed by that only a caged scorpion can remember. She calls to free the scorpion from the cage to let it go its own way and set it free from all hard memories of the wars and battles of the history.... basically, it`s about freeing yourself from all chains to live your life in harmony:)
I'm such a huge fan, I simply love them!
Ellie Ourworld Pictures
I understand,because im estonian :)
You ladies are just too amazing! Someone wake me up!
Linda voz, linda musica! Parabens de Portugal!
Love this song.
Juan Manuel Meza
I don't need to understand a single word to feel this powerful music. I love it!
päris hea
Such an elegant and gentle melody for a powerful story.Very touching. ELvish and alienish a bit. And yet how interesting is this mixture of ancient egyptian story and estonian language. It sounds very unique!hm... best regards from Serbia ...with all the power of the Lunar Eclipse on 15th of June 2011.! Love and Light
Amazing. Heavenly. Unearthly! Elf-like! amazing lyrics and their meaning is so... heart tearing. I almost cried when i read the translation of the lyrics.Such a strong song.And inspiring one too! greatest support from Serbia Love and Light
Vaso Zizi
j'adore!!!!!!!!!! estonian songs are the best!
Olen uhke, et elasin Eestis ja oskan veidi seda imeilusat keelt iga kord, kui kuulan selle laulu. That's REALLY stunning!
I just bought this song from iTunes. Love it!!!
indescribable.. the words, the melody.. indescribable
it has Mortal Kombat written all over it ;)
Age Moist
kõige parem laul temalt
This song and language is incredibly beautiful! Greetings from Poland ;}
väga hea
Dalina del Sol
Olen küll suur fänn aga... see laul on pettumus. Väga amatöörlikult, kohmakalt kirjutatud, isegi nõmedavõitu sõnad. See laulja ning bänd väärivad paremat.
Paramveer singh Bhomrah
i live in tallinn ... but since listen these few songs so more intersting to learn language to understand songs ... keep singing .... much sweet
Eric Wong
Greeting from Taiwan! This is a marvelous piece of art. Melody is touching, the voice is a god gift, and most of all, the language is BEAUTIFUL. Of course, I am also very happy the god give her an amazing voice to sing but also an adorable and beautiful face. Wish her the best luck in the coming musical industry!
Kui esimest korda juhuslikult kusagilt taamalt kuulsin mõtlesin kohe, et ehk on Urban järjekordse super looga hakkama saanud - ja näe ongi!
Paramveer singh Bhomrah
surprise that i listen in tallinn and never watch thier concert ....extreme waiting to see it ... keep singing it ...
väga ilus ! kas keegi teab millal tuleb nende uue album ??
@bhomrah what u have seen in last few years ? No offence
- excelent -
@Eerik7 Oh right. I should check my writings before posting. I didn't concentrate enough because I was chatting at the moment (excuses, excuses, excuses)... Like I said, it's only my opinion that Finnish sounds awkward. Not very many people think in the same way as I do, I'd not even expect that, I've heard many times how weird I am. Maybe language just loses it's glamorousness if you hear it from day to another.
@ThePainTroller having difficulties understanding what you've written, tbh, i think you should study english some more. obviously your written english and what you posted earlier kind of undermines everything you say about languages anyway.
Paramveer singh Bhomrah
when this band have some live show ... funny i never seen in last few years
@Eerik7 New account of mine. It's just my opinion you know. I'm fed up with tha everyone are so proud how hard language it is. It's as easy to learn as an other language, you can earn it if you just try. Lets say it's like music, something sounds good for you and something does not. Finnish is not my thing, even it's natural to speak.
T2iega sobis Eesti esindamiseks Eurovisioonil =P, kedagi ei huvita mingi crap kreisiraadio v6i Malcolm O_o...* Urban Symphony's the best! =P
i don't know why molopookus is attacking the finnish language - there is no reason to do so? Personally I find the finnish language quite interesting - perhaps not the best language to sing in but very complex and sometimes quite strange (in a good way). Also - stadin slängi is a phenomenon on it's own.
Agnes Lill
täiega hea laul :P Love it :D
Tara Wills
Sandra´s baby is coming soon, maybe next month, then in autum the album, i can´t wait!!!
@molopookus What do you mean Finnish is bland? I say Finnish is a beautiful language. Every language is beautiful.
see laul on maailma parim
Tara Wills
If Urban Symphony is coming to any place in the American continennt, please let me know :) i would go to a concert and listen to this wonderfull music LIVE!
Браво браво, давно ждал, чем Сандра нас порадует! бриллиантовой чистоты голосок. maagiline muinasjutt!
Eva Rosová
Андрей Еремин
Скорее бы альбом!:)
pede oled
another bad song.
SuperMarbles Sings
I really like it (--: Waiting for album. I'm from Finland
Tara Wills
siin Ameerikas armastame Urban Symphony!!! <3 waiting for the album! :)
Tara Wills
@spbpaul Da!!
very nice... i can't wait for the album :)
Wow..Great.! Cant wait for the album!!!
Julian Apostate
Tara Wills
i cannot get out of this song.... i am so happy that i could make a cover of thiis, is one of my favorite songs ever!!!!
@tumesinine mulle kah hakkas t2iega meeldima!!! =P
I love Urban Symphony :D Greetz from The Netherlands
The wind carries dunes And hides human footsteps Time remembers and knows - the pharaohs pet lives here Old scorpion in a golden cage His immortal soul Has been forgotten Fallen to oblivion For months the caravans have passed by here Thus the centuries pass under the stars But he still remembers the fall of Rome. Old scorpion - brave warrior Let this exhausted soul out of the cage! Show him the way towards the winds: Live free, brave warrior!
see lugu j2i mind kummitama! tavaliselt ma arvan kogu aeg et Eestlased oskavad laulda aga laule teha ei oska, aga noh m6ni on ikka t2iega hea! =P
väga ilus laul !!!
@Steph9737 The whole country will be looking forward to it. =) Just be careful with the dotted and striped letters, many foreigners are unable to pronounce them.
It's actually possible that the lyrics mentioned in the previous post were uploaded and translated by me, since I still can't find any other Skorpion-lyrics except for my lyricstranslation submition. I tried to comment about it yesterday but I guess my post didn't get through since I attempted to send a link and the site might have thought I was posting spam... But yes, the song is beautiful and deep...Urban Symphony may expect some fanart from me in the near future. They are a pearl of music.
Tara Wills
you are right the lyrics are awesume!!! it is a very deep song thanks to Urban Symphony for their great music, greetings from Panama :)
Tara Wills
i found the lyrics!!!!!! :):):):) cover of this song coming soon, i hope i can do it right i don´t speak estonian :)
Janno Rillo
A bit early for the lyrics- today the song was 1st time presented to public. But indeed- cannot get it out of my head. For those who don't understand the language- too bad, because the lyrics is the best part of this song. The story is about an old scorpion (or his soul), an old warrior who once centuries ago belonged to the pharao and is still thapped into a golden cage...
Tara Wills
who has the lyrics? i just learned a guitar version of this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tara Wills
i got obsessed with this song too aaaaaaaaaaaaa, waiting for the album :)
Hea :)
Johnnathan Cruz
Wow thankz Urban Symphony is agreat song, Congratulations!!!
Taivo Tamm
Täitsa hea .)
Vladimir Shamakov
Sandra...simply supeeer!)
Marko Pillai
laurita ever best