10 Products From The 90's That Are *NEVER* Coming Back!

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Can someone teach Tanner how to groom his beard, please? He looks homeless.
At 8:25 you can hardly see after he edits "sorry boss" he puts in " Can I have a raise" for a split second XD
leslie harrison
They still make the the scented markers that commercial was from within the last like 6 years
Alexander Baker
Wow, I legitimately thought Tanner was in his late 20's, early 30's..I was super wrong, he's three years younger than me 😩😭
Gage Norris
There is a restaurant here in Gainesville Florida called satchels pizza and they show their dessert menu on a viewmaster
Chrissy A.
The soda chapstick you can get at Dollar Tree.
Daria Davies
I remember all of these things and I was born in 2002 The skip rope thing gave me violent flashbacks to elementary when I fell
veda bragg
The lip smack pack is still around and you can buy them in stores and i bought some and my little 4 year old sister took a bite out of it and her reaction was priceless
Clown Click
11:53 I actually tried to smell it 😂 🤦‍♂️
No Name
I remember seeing the Mr. Sketch Scented Marker commercial on TV and I was born in 2007 and teachers still use them in classes we had, my dumb teacher gave 5th graders these things... but we were dumb and liked them...
Redix E
I thought tanner was a item from the title
Joy S
Mat: you smell that root beer? Me: OH MY GOD!!! I SMELL ROOT BEER!!!!!
Vinny Andersen
i just noticed if you go back to 2:49 and pause and read the green gum-ball it says "I don't feel so good." i am now freaking out.
Sierra Rossman
Tanner if you want a good looking beard ask Matthias for help he rocks the beard style
Amber Price
I remember getting the hit clips from like Burger King lmao!! This video brings back so many memories!! I remember the real skip its and the ball on the end was so heavy and hurt so bad when you hit yourself with it hahaha
Pixel the Gamer
Did anyone else see “can I have a raise?” XD
Did mat say " actually cringy. " well than... Mat: actually cringy. Me: like your channel😎 No offence
Fireblaze 10099
They still sell the Mr skech in TX
Ciara Bibbs
For the soda lip balms, I was all for the grape fantastic til he said Ciara... Cus my name is CIARA!!!
Alpha Wolf
I Actually have the lip smackers soda flavored lipbalm
Matt, Luna should hand you the products for a change
makana moore
the ankle like spinners are already back in my old elementry school
misty Handley
Born in 79...I had the view master.
AKA KHavens
I was in college in the 90s, got married in the 90s. I had the original viewfinder in the 80s
I remember everyone on the school yard wanted to play with the skip ball
supergamer 37
OMG!!! Michel! My favorite color is purple! And my name is Sarah! lol but..Im not the girl you were talking about. But still. wow!😂
galaxy 44
Hit clips!! Lol my husband and I both loved these as kids
Kota Bear
9:04 u can still buy it
A is for Annihilation
Wasn't view master from way b4 the 90's?
Bhabie Girl
Mike Mccandless
I was born in 93 so I remember all of these
Luis Ramirez
What about the hellies yes OMG best things ever forget yezzys this are worth the money
lili parsons
When tanner said "I'm 22" I was sooo confused lol I for sure thought he was older I thought at least 27, but hey lookin good 😂💖
Awe! I used to have one of thos hit clips when i was young. Had backstreet boys
Shawna Slade
Someone plz explain to me how I'm 13 right now but I have had almost all these when i was little
Andrew Dobosz
Those orbits drinks were amazing!!! I loved em ☺
Adrian Owens
The first virtual reality was the Gameboy remember you should know
A is for Annihilation
That robot dog makes me glad we had rub-a-dub doggy in my day. It was silent. We did burn it's ears with a hair dryer tho thinking it could b done. The song in commercial still sticks in my head so many yrs later & has been remixed with all sorts of strange options by yours truly. Good stuff.
carol green
I had all of these toys as a child even though I was born in 2003 #notificationsquad #90'stoys
Kylie Healy
*"I got married, had three kids and sent them off to college before they got this thing open."*
Kristie Byrd
Favorite quote from video "it's so gross but I can't stop starring at it" lol
Yasmin Yaseen
Once for my birthday 4 years ago i got sweet flavoured lipbarm and i ate it now i realise lipbarm is for lips not to eat Pssss i dont regret it it was nice Well sweets you cant say no to sweets right
Kyra Marie
He's got a REKT shirt on lol
Creative Carrah
The Coc-Cola Lip Smackers are still available at Kroger Marketplace...probably other stores too.
Ms. G
You make me laugh every time I watch one of your videos, you all make me smile. It turns my day around for the better, thank you. 🙂
“Give me my shoe back, you thief!” -Matthias 2018 😂😂😂
Yasmin Yaseen
Hahahaha its so funny when luna comes out from nowhere with a blue box 1:49
Egg Thanos
B____h I was born in the 2000’s and I still had one of those viewmasters in 2011-2013
ItsMeAnnika !
My teacher still uses mr. Sketch markers who else can relate??
Kaylee Trowbridge
A lot of these items even I had in elementary school and I’m 14
Gavin Feuerhammer
I still have half the stuff that Matthias showed and i'm ten years old.
Kiahna Raine Fletcher
I remember all these things and im 13🤣🤣🤣
Nyrhtak Ingar
They still have those exact packs of chapsticks in supermarkets and drugstores 😂
Kathleen McInerney
What?! Luna is so big since I last I watched you guys!
Ashley Tefs
Omg Tanner and I were born the same year! <3 true love!!
Alexis HI
I still have my "Poo-chi" on my bookshelf right beside me🤣🤣 Next to my idog
Those lip balm- Lip smackers, whatever- Still exist in Australia......... They're great
mick is awsome
16:57 "chisel tip" I laughed so hard
Kids still use mr. Sketch all the time for some reason .
Mr sketch is from the 90s? Bruh they still sell it at Walmart
Krys S.
Oml! I had a Hit Clip (I was born in 2000) and I loved it! Then I got a Hanna Montanna Mp3 player when I was... 8? That came with chips that you could put in it with whole albums. Unlike the later models that had a screen... I still have at least the Mp3 player and it works!😂
carol green
I remember the lip smackers and the old picture glasses even tho I was born in 2003, my mom always bought my siblings and I 90's toys
Please tell me I wasn't the only one trying to smell the chapstick at 11:53 xD
carol green
Why is he repping rekt??? Lmao
Dish Soap
When Matt said smell the chapstick I was going to 😂😂
James S
Poochi gave me major nostalgia flashbacks to the Christmas I got one, wow.
Ryan Rayman
I've seen versions of those shoes called kangoo shoe's and they work really well
Mathias: You smell that? Me: Smells screen.
Luis Ramirez
Born in 03 and remember these
supergamer 37
a lot of these products ive actually seen and.. im 13 (almost 14 my bday is in 45 days)
Jenn Michelle
The View Master was actually around in the 70s! I had one! 😎
Travis Sheffield
I tottaly didn't sniff at 11:50 Cough Cough 😂😂🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️😂
Adyn Holden
The chap stick never left
Matt Ereth
i remebered the scented markers
Matthias is a bad singer
Gerard Way Trash
how dare you assume i have 2 eyes! jk lol
Half of this video is I REMEMBER THIS I relate to some of this
The Jokers
Matthias have you ever wondered if your beard had feelings
xX Nicole Xx
I was not born in the 90's,but my grandmother basically kept a lot of stuff from when my mom was growing up.
Alwyn Jones
The skip hop is actually still used in elementary schools and highschool's for some odd reason 🤷‍♂️
Mr. Licker
15:39 Matts face when he said stop! LOL
Unstable Hornet
Sadly all of these products are still here
Ben Dover
Who else is here for the orbitz in the thumbnail
Izzy Eats poopy
Moon shoes where the best and I’m only 13 so they arnt that old superizingly
Sankalp Ogale
I was drinking water when Tanner says: "I have to try because it looks so cool, that the flavour has got to be trash" And I threw up!!!😂😂
Anime Lord
The skip ball thing is easy to use
Tyler Phelps
Mr scetch scented markers are still made
Solids Msp
I Believe I Can Fly! I Got Shot By The FBI All I Wanted Was A Chicken Wing From McDonald’s Or Burger King. I Still Believe I Can Fly I Got Caught By The Pepsi Guy All I Wanted Was A Mountain-Dew He Shot Me With His Fourty-Two I’ll Always Believe I Can Fly! Until The Day I Die Until Then I Will Just Cry Until A Clown Hits Me With His Pie I Believe I Can Soar I Got Killed by An Open Door All I Needed Was 20 cents For A Pack Of Junior Mints. Please Like I Spent An Hour Making This. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Nitro ninja 27
Mathias you look like my grandpa no offence btw 🤠
GG SQUAD Lugardo
6:54 was the best
Maria Rangel
I’ve seen the vr thing at my grandmas house lol😂
Dea Vindicta
1:58 That little girl has my whole heart. #Luna 💘
Juliana Cromey
The Mr. SKETCH markers never went away.
Kay Smith
I'm 9 and I have a old virtual reality red thing
natalie dixon
They still make the shoes they are now called kangoojumps
Minecraft gamer /reaction lab
Thank you that’s my favorite game
supergamer 37
omg...ive had a skip ball ..thingy before too.. how much stuff am i going to comment?