time to start filming... Wanna follow me? @RicerMiata

Ricer Miata
got that one dislike from dan
I dare you to 2 step the roadster outside Dan's shop.
Mark Rios
Update us on the rubber band garage door opener from like 3 years ago 😂
so glad you got a couch. i mean how the hell else are you supposed to have serious conversations.
Dan has a casting couch too
The official Rodnock’s Mod Shop!
Why didn't you register the 135 as your business vehicle together? You could both use it, you could right off all the fuel and parts against it?
Rud be looking like he 126 years old
R spooling
Race dan with the scooter you’ll probably still win
Hope Tommy and you have cameras installed on the new shop Dan looks like the type of guy that would vandalize your property because he can't afford anything nice
You uploaded 6 seconds after Tommy 😂
Jacob Graham
9:54 rodknock eats corn the long way.
Carlos Rivas
All these inside jokes about Dan got me watching his shit videos. Enabled ad-block just for his page so he doesn't get any ad revenue though lol.
Scribbler dangoff
Dude i knew you would buy the 135 back,nice move its a sick daily to just jump in an drive.
Carlos Savage
Wats going on guys and today I bought tommy's lawnmower I'm stoked
Tone Deaf
But did your shop come with a cat? Lmaooooooo
Charlie A
Bgwars Garage
Your running too rich because you have a stage 2 mhd tune on it with the stock intake, that’s my guess at least
Frank Grimes
gotta rock that robot jacket to go couch shopping. quality automotive content.
Jt Alexander
9:54 will be a meme before the end of the day
Dan has a casting couch where he shoots up heroin and swears at the camera
brendan m
*5 THING I HATE ABOUT MY JACKET* Oops, wrong channel...
Kheven Lagos
Why didn't you make a couch from Home Depot ?
Dylan Murray
Dan can build a way fathter couch than that piethe of thit
Cam should learn how to pullout now his girl is having twin Cams.
Mason Bell
Damn dude your lookin rough good?
Shrapner's place
Rodnock : Thats my turbo Dad: No its not ! Rodnock: Why not ?! :D:DD
Sounds like u need to change the serpentine belt?
TwoTimes 209
4:30 I don't pull out. but my couch does
Cj Heaney
your gonna end up living at the shop with that couch
Morten Eriksen
135 is back with roddy <3
George Bowyer
did he just say pull out queen
Charlie A
You should do a meetup with Gingium.
zupa Tru
Shake n Bake!
A kid and his car
Left the subframe content for the vape content
Euro Mafia
Glad he bought the 135 back
Wtf happens to will? He ditched his car and left it with rudnik and now he’s gone lol
Austin DRoach
Ruben Santana
Where is junk life Ty at???
Jay Tee
Blistex and Vitamin E build
Chris Baldeo
Damn can’t believe I just heard grillo. OGs will remeber
What’s up with mambo his videos where lit as
Linus Andersson
Now you single turbo that beemer bro!!! Please do some more zombie game movies with grillo like the old days :)
Whats the company phone #
Ben w
Bro start buying your bmw parts from FCP euro, they have free replacement on any parts for life, even oil.
Timmy Minton
Fire dom and hire dirty dan tats he’ll have all your junk making 1000hp and he’d have that skyline done with all his parts on it
J.P. From Da Bronx
Doode hang a hammock by the lift and swing and vape
Austin Cel
Yo dude put a led strip along the roof of your office. Make sure it changes Coleridge too
Peter Mason
a 135 for under 10k is insane, here in sac you cant find one for under 15k
SWE mudders
Probably a leaky injector on the 135 I absolutely don't think it's the mhd
Nyle The Viking
*starts talking about Vaping* *Wild Subaru appears* Subarus smell vape in the air like sharks smell blood in the water
Jay Barberrr
Looking good rudnick , congrats on your new shop. Keep doing You , thanks for the content!
lowkey wish the 135 was still tinted dark af lol
cheeky grillo namedrop. bring him back!!!
Alexsay Karpowitsch
"the pull-out queen"
Jade Z32
Chris boutta just move into the shop, no more tickets 🤷🏼‍♂️
Adam Smith
moms Christmas present putting in the work keeping you warm I hope🖒
Rodknock, Only sleep 7 hours. If u sleep more than 7 hours it zaps your energy for the day.
Cameron Keefe
"One's coming at Friday"
Preston P
Keep it up man. Good stuff
I think the 135 is the best buy u had. Would love to see it with some rims and that's all. Solid daily
Rs Adz
love the bmw 135i keep it this time maybe try a review a new 140i as comparison keep up the fire content
Brett Krehling
please modify the 135
Steve Fernandez
135i single turbo conversion e85 make 700hp do it!
Snail ZX3
I think I saw the ricer miata out in the snow :'( could be here in the warmth ;)
Timmy Minton
I told tommy same thing hope they see it
in before the tune goes back on the 135
Final-Flight Garage
I just came for a heart from my favourite youtuber :)
Iso Burn
Rudnik can finally lay wood/fo-wood in the office
Soul_Trader 96
Damn your one collar folded in agitated me 😅
lil_ jeep_
Every couch I've owned has been a pull out couch, yanahmsayn.
Marquice Rowan
Dewalt jacket has same problem with battery in back but they have a front pocket too
left tommy for this
Tom Hornsey
You should actually get those wheels for the 135 you said you were going to get
Mac Diddles
🤨 casting couch?
Braiden Reid
Can someone tell me how dan somehow is now back in conversation?
@ricer miata sounds like the 135 is going to need drive belt and pulleys
Hachi Roku John
Glad the 135 is back
Dolly DeHart
Put some coconut oil on that acne bruh it'll clear up fam
Jake Lowe
Yo how bout a like for that notification squad
Jack Smeal
Make the 135 a pro cat
Can't tell if dumb, or memory foam joke was joke 🤔
Jon Mar
so whats up with the RSX now? lol
Mark Jury
I love you rodnock ❤️
So ruddy is gona live in the office now lol
jean tsai
Sell the 135 back to thomas.
Savage GTI
put an 02 sensor spacer on the rear 02 to clear engine light
Mugen Sohc2.2
Congrats bro ! Now it’s time to add some tv in front lobby play some of you n tommy highlights n displace case with items for sale also a noo guns allow sign on front door window 🤣... also it’s time for fade haircut bro for 2018 n some badass tattoo 👊😎
Santiago Horta
135 is back!!!!!!
Dan memes are great
Kili Kmr
Nice that u buy the 135 back
I'm pretty sure it's back room* casting couch
Brent Spang
Have you had the valves cleaned on the 135?
Arron Findlay
Dan uploaded
*Dylan G*
1000 bucks for a fake leather sofa/couch
Marisol Olivas
Nice jacket dood🔥
justin sands
my mom bought the 1st couch u showed that was $700! lol