Diablo 3 Season 16 Wings Haedrigs Conquests Portrait Patch 2.6.4

Check out the Diablo 3 Season 16 Patch 2.6.4 New Wings, Haedrig Gifts, Conquests, Portrait and other PTR stuff, enjoy! Monthly Giveaway: />New Player Guides: />► Support on Twitch Below! ◄ /> ►All Dfans Builds on Patreon Page!◄ › /> ►Join the Community on Twitter!◄ › /> ►"BLUDD" for 10% off @GamerSupps◄ /> Gear Shop: />------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My Gaming Secret Weapon />Mouse Bungie />Facebook: />Instagram: />Amazing Source: />------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Music By NCS: -- Watch live at

Happy Thanksgiving or Thursday for everyone else! No stream today going for food with the fam! Have a great Day <3
They didn't make the wings two giant ringing mobile phones? Im surprised.
Thanks for the vid Bludd.
NEW WINGS :) Looking forward to seeing how the new buffs change the meta.
Crystal J.
I am so excited for the butterfly wings!! :D
Finally Uliana viable again!!
Robert Stan
Great to see another QoL change (the potion/hotbar thing) as well as further (undocumented) changes, Season 16 looks pretty good so far, but the buffs need some tweaking (Monks are broken) and FFS, we need some improvements to DR, most classes are literal glass cannons. Also totally like Shadow DHs as RG/single target killers. Finally, a shake-up.
Simon Morris
1 week PTR, i'm calling that this is going live before xmas
Looking at the patch notes, season 16 is gonna be my favourite by far
Robert Fontanosa
Thanks for all the updates! This is my first PTR and I must say it is a blast. I didn't even know you could buy everything with blood shards from the giant goat...nice!
Tommy Callahan
I just want those fiacla gear wings to come back.
Is that... a FREAKING CAT MOJO?!?!?!? I WANT IT!!!!!!
Francisco Feliz
How to unlock wings?
Patrik Svelander
Question, does the gear from ptr switch to none season when ptr end?
Imma play red light, green light with my friends
I hope we still get torments 14-16 now, after the damage buffs
ref Inarius got buffed im afraid to say ur wrong it still shows 3750 on my necro as off 2 mins ago
mike pearson
can't wait to see buff barbs running around with cute little butterfly wings
Cemetery Breeze
Dang, I am definitely stoked for a new pair of wings. At least until I get my cosmics!
Pvt. Lupo
Hi Dude. Why do you have such a weird camera angel?
Joe Cronin Show
Hey blood. So I'm excited about the beam of red...thrilling us at the moment then excitement of opening. BUT.... this now means I qont be excited much at all for legends because right away I'll know they aren't primal... so it's a trade off .
This probably will say goodbye to having to sometimes grind T11 instead of T13, no extra tiers were added?
When season 16 goes live I will be playing the Barbarian the ik hota Barb.
Per Erik Holvik Tennebø
can we get a new transmog other than that we have got every season!
Lucas Barros
Looking forward to play this new season
B S.
Where did you get this Inarius Buff info?
The Hakaishin
So can you get more than 1 set from haedrigs gifts? Like get the full set for wizard then play again and get the crusader or just 1?
Dean Peterson
any thoughts on what will be top tier?
I'm happy the potions don't have to be in my inventory anymore! I wish they'd go back and fix a few oooooold things that were broken. It's killing me that I have never gotten the Rare Phenomenon achievement because the Enraged Phantom bit has been broken for years. I know it is in the "fix" list but it's so old I'm sure they don't care anymore. Still would be nice...
Bruno Mendes
Svr Tested on ptr the "undocumented inarius buff", its actually not in place, just in the folders, there's no buff at all
Stankin' Thankin'
How do you know for sure that Inarius got buffed ?
Nightmonkey Jim
Them wings!😍😍😍
Morten 85
Sry but no way that it goes live early jan. They dont make the ptr that short to wait then another month to do the new season lol. Also they know that diablo pc gamers want something before christmas!
Jacob Tran
Another useless season
Paul Plate
I propably missid something, never seen that HUGE CREATURE in Act 2 just close to the littel vendor? --> Timestamp 3:04 Thanks for the vid :)
Rainbow Sam
But how do we EQUIP the wings ?
MatheuS Parazzi
make DH -> get ue6 -> get guardian -> leave
Thanonxay Vongphachanh
Whaaaat!?! I thought season 15 is up until december???
Oh, cant wait to get a traffic light set drop lol... red orange and green hahaha
Wish they would added more torment levels too
Frankie Reyes
What's that red goat monster in the town hubs ?
Carlos Laggz
So when does season 15 end
Luis Calero
Happy thanksgiving!!!! i cant play adventure mode until i play story is that because i never played the story on pc? On the ptr that is in the actual game it let me goes str8 to adventure mode?
Who is the goatman in town?
Caio Felippe
Is that giant demon a pet?
i wanna know if primals glow red unidentified so i know what to even bother with picking up. because to date primals in the inventory dont hint at their primalness unless identified
Rigel Mc
What is that huge fauno doing there? Sorry Im a bit new to the game and havent seen it there in my game
Thorsten Rumpf
when will S16 begin?
I was hoping for something to replace the Conqueror's set but it looks like we're gonna get 6 cycles of those transmogs.
tits mcgee
When's d4 ptr start
When is this releasing?
6 sets is kind of annoying imo
Can someone help me out with this question pls: Are there new sets in season 16 which we dont have yet? Are the rewards just cosmetics and portraits? Bluddshed mentioned the Tragul set but i remember getting Tragul pieces before the season started...
Awesome video, Bludd! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. Have you picked a class to play yet for next Season? I'm leaning towards UE multi shot, but if Inarius has been buffed I might go HC necro for a main. That would be my 1st time maining as HC if I do.
wings are so ugly
Randy Bookwalter
Id say jade is broken lol! I 1 shot a blue pack at GR117 with jade earlier today (lots of trash around obviously) .. P5000, 6.5M sheet dps, 166% area damage for reference .......... my highest clear with jade prior to PTR was 106, pretty sure I can clear around 120 now with a bit of fishing and my jade gear is not good at all haven’t used it in over a year