Linkin Park - Bleed It Out [Lyrics on screen] HD

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Blessy Salayog
Rest in peace our beloved Chester. Thank you for bringing out your amazing talent to the world.
Raven Lua
Great song and perfect timing for the lyrics well done i looked through 30 types of these and this one was perfecto 😊👍🏻
Mackenzie Hamel
I've been listening to Linkin park for 13 years, and this is STILL my favorite song.
saiful fitri
i used to sing this song live
The last sound instantly triggers the thought of When They Come For Me! (Who else?)
Yet another song from LP that I had no idea it was them
Blitz Gaming
that's why the replay button exists
if only this song was longer
Lilpannies New Arsa
Rest in peace our memories Chester Thank you for every song great talented to the world.
Jonah Blake
what's the name of the font used for the lyrics.
rindikabetty rindi93
its good song
Great mixes !!
Gunnar Eilers
Something really hits me about the lines: "Death is rolling in every verse Candy paint on his brand new Hearse Can't contain him, he knows he works" I really feel like these particular lines are about Chester himself. He was going through so much constant pain but no matter how clearly he expressed himself, no one really took him seriously and because of that he just used it for his stage presence. He used his pain to write his songs for years and years until one day he just couldn't take it anymore.
Pure Essence Games
good song
JasCool10 Gaming
Linkin Park Still Better Than Kpop.
adit yaa
Matthew Wearing
I love to dance to this song :3 
is RUB not run but good try though
Septic_ VoLt
yo is there a chance u can tell me what app you used to make this lyrics because i'd like to make lyric videos in the future with my other youtube account
The New Era Of Gaming
0:10 is when the first verse rapping starts