Rone - Bye Bye Macadam (Official Video)

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Between this, Lone Digger, Jenny, Shelter, and The Gorillaz's stuff, I think that all music videos should be animated. Sure, it takes a lot of work, but... Look at this. Animation + music is freaking gorgeous & I don't think there's enough of it.
Daniel C.
lyrics:whatwhatwhatwhatwhatwhatwhatwhat hey whatwhatwhatwhatwhatwhatwhatwhat hey whatwhatwhatwhatwhatwhatwhatwhat hey whatwhatwhatwhatwhatwhatwhatwhat hey
Vicky D
Thanks for the recommendation 6 Years later, YouTube :D
Manuel Gomez
Congratulations. You have found the most beautiful high video on the internet
Let's start a religion out of this
Well later then never... thanks YouTube for recommend me this awesome song after 6 years
The Kaptation
I found this in 2014 now it's 2018 help I can't get away
Something about this is so nostalgic, but I can't figure out what.
it's about the cosmos, black and white are to symbolize the cycle or presence and absence as part of the creation and death, amazing.
JeReMy EsTrAdA
One of the best bass lines...ever..
Wasn’t Prepared
2018 still listening And loving it also still getting ear raped in the end every time
Sebas Gómez
Coolest coven ever!
"Can you hear me?"
Roger Goreman
Pretty much every part of animation in this video would look great on a shirt.
i can see this in a phone trailer
Saw this video on ‘Off The Air - Death’ on adult swim a few years back.. I was immediately obsessed
this is the mix of Daft Punk and Lorn that i didnt know i needed
18 Años Sin Trabajo Ni amigos
This is so advanced for the time it had been released
Amazing track!!! Really love it! Thank you
Theres so many things that sound GODLY on 0.75x
Bernardo Martins
lyrics : boraboraboraboraboraboraboraboraboraboraboraboraborabora yey boraboraboraboraboraboraborabora yey
Enable Chaos
Can you *maybe* chill?
this is one of the most beautiful audiovisual things i've ever seen.
Noé Mrct
Merci à Guzz Production pour m'avoir fait découvrir cette musique ! Thanks to Guzz Production for making me discover this music !
Fares Al Khatib
Damn YouTube, finally something good in my recommendations
Irvin Guillen
Cuando Kindred toma drogas.
this video is so important, it means a lot to me
Pocahontas Xx
5 years I didn't know about this .. How could I ??
I’ve been looking for this video for months, I’m so happy
Todor Mitov
1:28 Is no one gonna address that BATMAN created the universe?!
Prior Desmets-Demaille
C'est juste génial !!! UN GRAND BROVO
According to Dimitri Stankowicz and Rone, this video is meant to depict a shaman cult worshipping the birth and eventual death of a star (hence the title Bye Bye Macadam) by performing ceremonies involving the forces of nature (such as lightning) displaying the stages of the star's life. More broadly it's the worshipping of the cosmos.
_Bry xy
Joder. Mil años buscando esta canción. :p
William Alharoobi
I need this song tattooed in my ears...♡
Grant Gressen
Gai worship, Sun moon and cosmos in general. Supreme occultist symbology. Interesting how the section with protruding horns around 1:51 is not made apparent for everyone. Sick beat
Gioele Costa
A mix of AHS: Coven, The OA and M83
I'm on the acid side of youtube again., aren't i?
Toxy Flakes
Прощай, щебень! Ох уж этот перевод.
Frosty CryptoShark
This reminds of the demo scene ... its amazing shoutout to all you 90 nerds
Foreign Mo
Thanks for the recommendation YouTube !
lucas justribo
This video shows how the universe works
Maddy Macdonald
This video makes black and white seem colourful
Is this what goes on in furry conventions?
iz current93
Brilliance is the word of the day..... Seriously beautiful and beyond brilliant Thank you for posting
Jason Harty
Off the air, worship episode such a beautiful video
Cam Damour
Discovered this way too late . Pure Joy
Ale Gimenez
this is a illuminati ritual
si t français mais un pousse bleu! LOL il en a pas... ah si 1
Ciren Rose
My teachers Surname is Macadam so I just typed Mr Macadam and clicked dis lol
Wow, I get to have this in life.
One of the most amazing things I've seen. I love this kind of music, I love space, I love animation, and I love physics. What a deft blend of all those elements. <3
Toxy Flakes
Прощай, щебень! Ох уж этот перевод.
I literally hate that buzz at the end. It startles me every single time. I've been listening to this song SO MUCH in the past two days. I realize now that the buzz at the end is there for a reason, to bring you back to Earth.
Lautaro Mazza
Cosmogenesis, fire devas, and creation.... Cosmic Fire... OMG!
cowez vincent
best music of mi intaer live
Dude, I'm telling you, I'm not high!! Now shut up and look at these colors!!!
Victor Bastos
This song and the video are pure art
Drac Kimani
Something about this......
Hazy Glazed
Anyone else here from the YouTube psychedelic songs mix? It’s actually a pretty dope playlist
i have a strange urge to join a cult after this
Donald King
You start with the pieces, ebb and flow with life, and end up back at, and becoming the start.
Talhah Zobair
This would fit perfectly in The OA series song and also visiuals
Jr jr
Who els got here thru off air👍
well, okay. Well, Okay... WEll, OKay... WEADSSADE OKAY!
Starlight Angel
I think this is the coolest video on YouTube
Tegan Wilkinson
I feel like these are the witches at the beginning of time creating the universe. So cool
Zaur Huseynov
One of my fav songs...
Corrie Kayomp
this is amazing
I think I wanna join a cult now
Tony Webb
Awesome!!! It put me in a trance, in a good way
Adult Swim brought me here. Late night tunes. #OffTheAir
Trish Pere
I accidentally clicked on this video, I've now had it on repeat for the past hour.
Michael Zoller
Damn. Witches know how to have fun.
Kayde Mwoof
Siri where is the nearest cult hear me I think I wanna join one now lol
Storm Bear
this is so cool to watch when you're high
Nishan chowdhury
Fine. But where is the song?
Señor Gato Zamudio
I dont understand why the people like this
I feel like something woke up in side me
gray ninja
E y e g a s m
Lets me speak from my hurt, thank you from my trip)
mlx plx
I think I'm kinda sad
All hail the act of sub particle splitting
Mánuh Japa
Indescritível sensação ao ouvir
Jan Hansen
cosmos is the world of sound ,,,, forget your rockets
Diszad Polsied
Definitely universal ...
Jay Bewan
The video is weird and Kool at the same time but that steady flow is great fer Mountain Biking up hill!! Lol
Berke Güven
i think this clip have a subliminal message
Gustavo RSE
Gosto muito desse estilo de música. Parabéns pelo seu trabalho Rone!
Sergey Andrievskyi
Отлично! Почему я родился когда не было интернета.Молодежь уже просто не догнать .
Mai Thuy Trang Le
Chris Laezur
This makes me think of quantum physics and the Universe
the beat tho...that's what I call orgasmic
I remember finding this when I was high lol
Skip Skylark
Why do I feel like this is Tina Belcher's regular state of dreaming?
Demmo 18
Thanks Bessy, for you im here!
How effing amazing is this , seen this before , but didnt pay attention to the story the animation is telling . Wow just effing wow !!
Adriana Zmuda
Do you feel that deep ,cosmic spirituality in this video too ?
Akira. That which I have said of the operation of the Sun is accomplished & ended.