Top 10 Best Builds for Diablo 3 2.6.4 Season 16 (All Classes, Tier List)

These are the best builds for Diablo 3 patch 2.6.4 season 16 for solo GR pushing. Necromancer builds, Monk builds, barbarian builds, crusader builds, witch doctor builds, demon hunter builds, wizard builds... Everything currently end-game viable, ranked in order of power. Gameplay shown in video. Tier list image: /> Season 15 tier list: /> Tal Rasha Star Pact: />Condemn: />Firebird Star Pact Wave of Force: />Firebird Star Pact Meteor: />Pestilence: />HOTA Raekor: />DMO Frozen Orb: />Sunwuko Wave of Light: />Trag'Oul: />Charge Barb: />UE Multishot: />Vyr Frozen Orb: />Arachyr firebats: />Firebird channel: />Rathma: />N6M4: />Vyr Lightning: />Whirlwind: />Leapquake: />Marauder: />Jade Doc: />Uliana: />HOTA IK: />Sunwuko LTK: />Tal Rasha Channel: />Helltooth Firebats: />Natalya's: />Cpt. America: />Roland Sweep: />Shadow Impale: />Inarius: />UE Grenades: />Helltooth Garg: />Hammerdin: />Tal Vyr Archon: />Vyr Archon: />Firebird Archon: />LoN Spirit Barrage: />Heaven's Fury: />Invoker: />Zunimassa: />Raiment Generator: />Tal Frozen Orb: />Inna Uliana: />Inna Generator: />Inna WoL: /> More Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls guides, builds for all classes - Demon Hunter, Witch Doctor, Crusader, Barbarian, Monk, Necromancer, and Wizard: /> ▬ Subscribe for more videos ► /> ▬ Follow me on Twitch to join me when I play: ► /> ▬ Patreon rewards: /> ▬ Follow me on Twitter for updates: ► /> Executive producers: Kiskaloo, MohEternal Special thanks: Brandon Gilbert, matthew Feiteira, russiandood, maianashira, Marvin Atkins, Brian Grygla, recramorcen, Remiehneppo, Edwin Zhu, Neme5i5, TepidTurtle, TheFuuZ, Lamer of Sweden, SmokinWookie, Telionis, MONGAS INC., Terry Lee, Joel Williams, Zeldraga, Valentine Judnich, Tony Duran

Christian Johansson
I have never been so confused of what im gonna play this season!
Mack Lee
Hey Barbs, this is Raekorrr
Hey Rhykker, this is folks
Billy Allen
I'm going full phone build this season
Rhykker just wanted to say happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to you.
Revealing the whole tier list at the beginning.... WHERE'S THE FOREPLAY!? TEASE ME
Alex Opilo
@Rhykker all links are broken
I keep hearing "Hey Folks this is Rhykker" everytime Riker comes tru intervention portal and tries to kill me.
Hey Rhykker... didn't expect you'd release ur tier list so early, but i prefer ur old presentation format where you go thru the builds tier by tier. This is just all over the place, as i need to focus both on what you're saying and locating the build in ur list. Also, the gameplay footage doesn't help. Hope you can consider my suggest. Thanks and merry xmas :)
Jordan Crosby
All your d3planner links are broken
Seeing Jade Doc warms my heart. Favorite set out of all the sets in D3.
Motley Flux
I am not going to ask how, but you must invest some good amount of time to come up with these tiers. I have seen them before and took some advice from them but I never actually gave it any deeper thought. Till tonight. I am thinking WTF how does this guy do this? Thinking just a bit deeper, thinking about how much time you invest in this game, it completely explains the look on your face and the first video post Immortal announcement. I hope to see you one day reveling in a real Diablo expansion, (I will refrain from using the "P" word) with new content to get your blood flowing as it once did. Cheers and thanks for the content. BTW whatever happened to your lore videos. Did it stop at part 9? I enjoyed those.
Kristian Severens
Monk has been buffed so much. As a main monk player I could not be happier :P
Excellente, glad to see how the sets were buffed, this makes more sense then season 15 by the looks. Been running n6m4, O happy day.
Kevin Hong
*Provides a full list of builds and tiers, AND a link to every build that HE made* We need more of this in the world
thanks rhykker imma going jade doc this season! never played doc b4 but ill get to top 100 this season!
Jimmy Boy Albrecht
hello Rhykker would you recommend Inarius's for solo Gr pushing in s16?
I'm so happy I watched this! thank you for the video.... because now I can just skip the season rofl
Apple Aya
Looking forward to trying the N6M4 DH build...oooh yeah
Don b
the problem for me with the jade set was the lack of survivability. has that changed?
B. Delacroix
I'm confused, thought season 16 wasn't happening until January. EDIT: Ok, so this information comes from PTR.
got back to Diablo in season 15 trying to get the Rathma set and Pestilence set builds mainly doing solo GR. Having a blast. Might try the demon hunter in season 16 for the multishot build.
I believe EVERY CHARACTER should have a build for MAX solo GR. That way, theirs variety in what toon you choose to run.
So basically, everything OP, play whatever. Sounds great looking forward to it!
You forgot to place the druid builds on the list!
Dave Prince
Love your vids Rhyker! Great tier release and great videos all around. <3 you
Thiago Faro
Monk Raiment Duo-Gen here. Glad it raised a little bit, but still squishy as hell. Very hard to play.
Here's a like for you Rhykker! You're awesome as always, but Blizz and D3 can piss off.
Ben Lovati
Wish I had time to play a bunch of classes to experiment. Man it's awesome to be jazzed about all the stuff headed our way.
LoN blessed shield build for sader will be interesting. With the new version dmg adjustment will be over 6x more than what it was with Akkhan set, and all you're losing from the set will be the 50% dmg reduction. I'm sure you'll be able to make that up somewhere. I'm excited for the new patch!
Hey Rhykker, will you consider a build guide video on Demon Hunter's N6M4?
Xheno Phancorit
inna set has drop from 1500% op set 6 to 750%
Dmitri Sheiko
Jade doc and N6M4 in S-tier? Blizzard, what are you doing... I wanted NOTto play this season...
João Vitor
Top 1 GR Crusader is a sweep atack roland build, is pretty strong.
Angelo Bianco
Good vid, but I prefere old-style format: presenting builds one by one.
i'm happy demon hunter is looking good this time around. it's my favorite class.
Pete W
Why classify Star Pact when I heard that it's only good if using "macros" or why no real gameplay footage demonstrated? Just curious.
Shah Rizal
Yay to the Jade Doc! WD is my fav class and Jade is my go to build. I try building other builds but end up playing Jade the most every season! So happy for the big buff!
Nerulon Skyven
I switched to PoE but I'm still gonna watch your videos :D
BST Padawan
awesome video Rhykker Happy holidays/Christmas and a good new year
Olivier Roberge
what is the best LTK build for season 16?
Mike Rawling
The inna WOL nerf is way too much. Sunkwuko will still be much more powerful
Triều Dương
Hey Rhykker pls make a full N6M4 build guide. Best build for ss16 and the most interesting in the game
dead pool
Lets just hope Blizzard will make up to their last fiasco and improve D3 or make D4. Just cancel the mobile shit. Nice vid as always sir Rhykker. Keep it up 👌
Definitely going WD this season. I've always have wanted Jade to be viable.
eN KeY
LON CPT America should be getting a buff then?
Jonas Westman
will you make a video about what meta will be best for GR group pushing aswell?
jack adam
Notification Squad, move out!
MysteriousMadness Official
Why isn't the LoN Frenzy build in the description?
Mikko Muhonen
What will be the best 2-player class-assembly?
Hey P.S. your WOL Inna Build Link is Empty.
rykker, please make a N6M4 build for season 16. the gameplay in the background looks awesome!
Black Swann
Thank you for the info dewd! Have a merry x-mas and a happy new year :P Cheers.
Hi thx for the video. Do this list include the Grandeur Saison Buff?
Hey Rhykker, Request, could you perhaps make a speed and push DMO frozen orb 2.6.4 build specific to season 16s RoRG buff?
Thank you very much for this video. This helps me a lot and I really appreciate it.
Angel Rafael Ocasio
Thanks your work is always appreciated.
Mauricio Montenegro
Dude! You should totally do this a podcast...
Сергей Щербаков
Could anyone tell me where can I find information about the best builds to complete the season run (@the fastest builds for quests/rifts)?
Can i play this on my Phone?
Fernando Soares
Hey Rhykker, how are you? I would like to know what class and build are you going to use? ;)..
Best Build: Dont Play!
Paulo Santos
Hi Rhykker, does your build ranks take into account rorg buff and the extra item the build may use? Or just the numbers changes from sets?
wow was looking forward to this!
Love love love love love ya thanks so much for all your hard work , merry Christmas
Joe Deng
Hey can you do an update on the witch doctor lon firewalker build since lon got a buff
Sean Allen
Thanks for the tier list. Which Inarius build are you referring to in the D tier?
Nam Cao
You underestimated S6!
Rhyyker do you think dagger of darts wd can this season finally shine again ? It was most fun for me
You da man, Rhykker!
Chris Olsen
If my friend plays support WD what build will be best for me to play with him as a damage dealer? For season 16?!
Vincent Rakka
May not play the game much anymore, but that doesn't stop me from enjoying a well made video.
Stomping Peak
Helltooth and jade doctor will be dominant so I'm happy 😍
Max Bernhardt
My biggest criticism is that Pestilence Lancer isn't just called "Pestilancer". Come on man.
What's the minimum level you think I need to reach to finish Diablo III on Hardcore Mode with the Crusader?
So Monks aren't top tier for solo then? Well crap, i was thinking of playing again and choosing Monk this time.
Finaly, some top tier builds diversity. I think I'll have to come back to d3 for season 16 :O
Why did they have to nerf Innas so hard after PTR? I mean I get that it was too strong on PTR, but I feel like they nerfed it way too hard. Monk doesn't even make it into S-Tier (or top 10) at all anymore... And then you have Wizard which is in the top 3 builds every season, now having the top two builds even after post PTR "nerf"... Thats just stupid.
Satans Dank
I think im gonna WW barb, maybe it will do t13 finally? no BK sword buff??
Chris Liu
Thanks for the CHRISTMAS gift, Rhykker
I think for seasonal, the 6/4 double set builds will be even better shown here because they get the RORG for free. The build I'll be running is an old favourite: The Manald Heal lightning Hydra Archon wizard, which can now run Halo of Karini, the Endless Walks set, and Manald Heal all at once.
Decypher C
Everyone is sleeping on LON Necro lol
Báb Déli
And what about 4 player meta? What do you think what will be the level of common augmentation in S 16?
Mr B
No wastes/might hybrid?
Yes! I've been so pumped for this video!!
Johan Bester
Thank you for releasing this video on my Birthday.... Diablo season 16 was supposed to start on my birthday as well :( now we have to wait till middle of January, damn blizzard
Twister wizards will rain supreme on console for ever apparently thanks to these DMO buffs..
bernardo zoppas
Hello, great vid! Im seen no one talking about necro LoN. it look´s so strong when thinking about the damage bonus. Do you have something to add?
Gaming with Baromir
You all don't have a clue what build is about to dominate leaderboards... :) Just gonna tease you...
Attila Kos
haven't played diablo since season 9 but i still watch every video
Love these videos - thanks for the season review ;)
Aaron B
Might want to consider switching platforms from Patreon to something else. Lots of shady shit going on with them randomly banning anyone they don't like.
Kyriakos Nevermind
Multishot?? Its shadow and n6m4 sets by a mile.appreciate the time for this but your estimates are wrong.
Any changes regarding 4-man EXP Speedruns? or are we stuck with Rathma speeds another season?
KDreezy Gaming
Love how Necro has only one build in the Top 2 tiers....seriously.
Daniel Hutchison
10 bucks says this ends up being nowhere close to accurate
This season for me isn't even going to be pushing Grfits, it's literally going to be me coming up with fun builds that can clear T13 with these new buffs. I'm actually excited for once for Diablo 3 again, now if only they'd have skill points to increase spell damage lol. Thanks for the video Rhykker, I'm hoping my theory on the reverse Vyr's twister build works :D
Andrew Johnson
Rhykker does this take into account the royal ring bonus for the season?
Multishot is not even close to S tier at all... but w/e