The Casting Couch in India | Short Film

What women go through in the film industry. We hear about it, and some of what you see may strike you as offensive, but the sad truth is that this happens in REAL LIFE. Women are judged based on the colour of their skin. Sexism holds talented females back while men continue to abuse their power in a male-dominated industry. We LOVE films and film making. That is why this short was made. It's about time we have equality in the film industry in all parts of the globe. If you liked this message, leave a comment and thumbs up! We'd love to hear your thoughts about the film. Story: Tharshan Raj Direction, Cinematography, Editing: Krusan Starring: Tharshan Raj, Myuri Jeya, Kinthu, Krusan Make up: @dreambeautybypriya />Special Thanks: Keerththana R. SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE: /> FOLLOW BASEMENT REELS: />Twitter: @basementreels Instagram: @basementreels SNAPCHAT: basementreels Music: Kadhal Vazharthen - Manmadhan - Yuvan Shankar Raja Electro Zombies by: />Battle Plan by: />Big Mojo - Vadodara by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Source: Artist:

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This is a great way to showcase how single minded the film industry is in Tamil Nadu, all hit movies star the same fair skinned women. It's not just the industry but the audience as well, they're part of the problem. It's time for all women to shine regardless of how they look and what they will or will not do to get a part. Great video as usual guys keep it up!
Vi Ji
Hopefully the ending will be a reality one day
Aruniya Muraleedaran
The amount shit I get in drama auditions for being dark skinned is unbelievable. It’s a good time this is being shown.
Ahalya Vijayaratnam
This is a great awareness video. Not only is the Indian film industry notorious for these misconducts of choosing fair skinned women as actresses and sexual harassments against women in the film industry, but also nepotism is a very big problem in the Indian film industry as well. Nepotism in the indian film industry results in the rejection of many potential bright and talented aspiring actors and actresses out there and giving it to their mediocre family members roles in the film industry.
kk 416
kru's tamil has improved so much, i thought palani wouldve went suicidal and tried to hang himself in the end
Hidaya Diaspora
I love how this content is relatable even if you're not Tamil. Colorism plagues so many cultures... sexism too.
joash raul
Dark and beautiful 😬
Great video all! I wish more people will talk about these two issues. Casting super light skinned girls for Tamil movies always frustrated me off. Tamil people are brown, they have never been white. They even go far as to cast a white woman as someone who's Tamil lol. I guess it goes back to Indians and Sri Lankan's trying to look like their white colonizers, believing lighter skin was better than darker skin. It's actually pretty sad. Regarding the sexual harassment. I was actually surprised no major star in India has joined the #Metoo movement (please let me know if i'm mistaken). I'm sure there's hundreds of these incidences, even involving actors and directors, and of course producers. Someone has to stand up and say something, but then again even if those victims come forward, i'm not sure if the Indian people will support them. Probably end up blaming the victim. *sigh*
arjunan anand
Now days trend is changing. People accept dark actress like ishwarya rajesh, dhanshika, i hope it will change more...
Who ever disliked this video is not a real Breels
Thanega Karuna
I’m so shook. This video is super relevant and brings so many issues in the Tamil cinema industries to light. Time to make the change!
This script kinda reminds me of ஐ Movie idk why
Jasmin S
Hi Thanks guys. contents its really good. but in reality? so sad. at least you guys supported your voice this way little satisfied Thanks keep it up
Tharshan, you acted so well. You literally get into it that it makes me feel like punching that character. Kudos to you and everyone worked on this script!
Barankathan Parameswaran
@5:00 tht shot tho
Michelle Ravi
Love this!! Basement Reels, i've been watching your films for as long as I can remember and you never fail to put a smile on my face or get a meaningful message across. Thank you for your short films - in particular this one. Especially from a male director, Krusan, thank you for portraying the reality. It honestly is really sad. People who are my age, i.e. in their 20s, and who are Sri-Lankan still don't see colour discrimination and sexual abuse as a series issue. So from the depths of my heart, thank you so much for making this video!! Really hope you can see this comment all the way from Australia :)
Kinthusha Thanabalasingam
GREAT WORK! so glad to have been part of this <3
Sarjana Gowry
Damn, it so good. Sadly, it happens a lot wherever you want to do something but can't when you are a women.
Palani you are a bad man!!
Tharshan your beard looking niiicee
Thivz S
This channel provides good entertainment and serves as a great guide to everyone! Well Done
Balaji Satchi
You need more subs. Keep up the good work, Peace from France
So true.Tharshan Raj well written! 👏❤
Vinorth Siva
Ayyyyy Tharshan leave my girl Myuri alone =P Unique concept!
Aa Mun
Loved this so much fantastic work guys you guys honestly never fail at making amazing videos and Kru your Tamil is getting better keep it up man ❤
Kuruparan Kumararlingam
Well done, loved it!
Bboy Reactions
Made my first short film called Breathe on my channel,it was done in few days,. Will like some feedback from you guys :)
Rosie Skyler
This was a great message, thanks for sharing :) And wonderful acting!
Vigneswaran MahiramVEVO
Tamils aren't dravidans we are tamils they can't control ad arya that's why they create some fake dravidan lies causes they wants hide tamils prides by name of dravidan like dravidan architecture (no it's a tamil architecture )
Skywalker Paradise
Awesome video bro. Keep it up.😀
Lol casting couch.
Thanega Karuna
Jheez kinthu.
anna george
Suhasini, Amala Paul, iniya, Sai Dhansika, Saranya Ponvannan -all are dusky skinned female actors. Still there is a fixation with fair skin when in comes to actresses
Barnabas N
Nice I liked it..
This is a really true story and is still happening to women in the film industry. Good job for illustrating it well.
Peshaja Rhubini
great message out there bro.
Ryan K Velu Yadav
Amazed by your performance especially the Director role. . Superb !!
P Gajaananan
Educating video - In tamil they say "siru thuli peru vellam", this story should gather momentum and reach everyone and issues must be addressed. They have to be addressed with open and fair way. Hats off - Love your videos for showing social injustices and also for entertainment. Best of luck and keep doing what you are doing. ---- Also the issues are not related to one person, as a society we need to change as well.
Guru Kirupa
Release more stuff like this....for the sake of all women
Michaelraj gaming
Good vid
Vettrivelu Shanmugavelu
Sad but true fact... Well done team... Waiting to see even more videos from u ppl... #canadianindiansareawesome
Bboy Reactions
Lol Fair and lovely😂😂
Nidhi Nallasivam
Such an amazing video, delivered with excellent screenplay acting filmography, and out of the world subtlety👏👏yet another breel masterpiece, P.S it's great, the way u guys grow with every video, keep up the momentum! வெற்றி நமதே!!! 😁
Roshani R.
Well done Guys! 💪👍👏😊
Hariharan Krishnan
Tharshan, you'll be the perfect serial killer dude because she rejected you due to your looks!
LowcosT Karaoke
Yeah tamil cinema you got serupadi why they never give a chance to our brown girls
Sajani Sabesh
5:00 the shot was fireeee
Vignesh Krishna
Thanks for spreading light on such issues friends Please do take up more burning issues in Tamil Nadu too Appreciate your work
Keeshan R
Black sofa and auditions, seems familiar. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Vi Ji
When Myuri’s character came in, I could easily see what misfortune was about to happen. Then At 3:26, I could feel the cringe and discomfort starting already. Great work here once again, you folks really captured the scenario well here!
CurrryPowderGaming 10
Amazing 😂😂😂
Ajith Nair
In Tamil... Great...... Superb..... Don't respect women just treat them equally...
Manasa Shiv
This is literally amazing. It's sucha sensitive topic and u guys portrayed in the best way possible. Wow! 🔥
Amie Mohan
One of the best of yr team..kudos..bravo
Sheran Selvanathan
Sri Lankan Tamils I can tell by the accent
Rishi Kumaran
😍Dark Is Beautiful too❤
Ram Prabhu
Semmaaaaa. See the Difference ahhhh🤣🤣🤣
Lava Lynx
The guy who played the director💗 Takes guts to portray the truth and play the villain 😂👌🙌
Ambikabimohan Abi
Great job had been done by 2nd interview candidate.. Applause for you..
Super liked!!!! Amazing!!!!! This needs more views!!!
Kishore Yuvan
Tharunraj your's acting was very good.. keep it up
Nice one guys !
Taranie Taran
Sri Reddy effects. This should be stopped if it is true. Harrasment is not tolerable
Brenavi Kanagarajah
Great video guys!
Navyantara Reddy
LOL good job guys 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Jansen surya
Super.. This happens in India... Idha vida mosama nadakum😞
Mathushan _416
Hi guys I live in toronto and I love you guys so much please reply
Aranniya Vimal
Awesome video!
CurrryPowderGaming 10
Best short film 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Omsakthi Velan
Dei motta😂😂😂
Mathushan _416
You guys are so funny 😂
jc.alfrez _india
Tamil cinema its in india epdi neengai india cinema patti tappa pesuringai first do a movie in you sri lanka and then you can speak 😁 JAI HIND 🇮🇳
sindhu ra
Nice initiative guys
Diana's Vlog
Sri Reddy case..
harmony 12
Wow this is so great thanks guys! An eye opener in the Tamil Industry. You all did a fantastic job acting.#BasementReels never disappoints. Nandri!
Daydreamer Nitethinker
Wowwww.... so direct! Damn... hats off!
Ahash Mohan
Amazing vid
One of best of Breels ❤🔥!!
Danusan Shritharan
Super video!!!
Great message! And brilliant acting tharsan
harry go
awesome clip 🖤
Bharathwaj Sujatha
Haaaaaaa wow good film ,But these things will only happen in films because here truths are ultimately hidden by 💰💰💰💰
Srireddy leaks?
D GtownGuy
Wonderful guys... keep it up 💪💪💪💪🍻🍻🍻🍻
power of nature
Simply sweet
Enosh Jr
Hahhahaha 😂 Keep it up 👌💯
Saketh Kumar
This not only happens in cinema but on all fields
Make n Tamil
Palani you're acting good
manisha devaraj
But in reality when a woman exposes someone, it is she who is going through all those discrimination done by the film industry associations. Fact : Chinmayi was banned from the dubbing association without any reason.
Kannan RIO RJ
I never expect these kind of movies from you guys . Thats really 👏👏👏👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👏....
Yashas Pradeep
Your short films are so accurate and are the best, I watch your video with my parents from the funny ones to the serious ones and you never fail to satisfy.
Bakiya Lakshmi
Well done guys...👏👏👏👏
L tv
#sri reddy
sam godwin
Sri Reddy...
Shantosh Uthiakumar
yes new video and Please reply me
CurrryPowderGaming 10
Hats off
Varshika Nadarajah
Awesome 👏🏾 💯💯
Hakuna Matata
Thank you for doing this. Thank you for addressing this issue which have plagued the Tamil cinema industry for a very long time. Awareness is important to fuel the important fight. 😊
Janujan Gathieswaran
Great work!