New York City in 1993 in HD - DTheater DVHS Demo Tape

Captured from a D-Theater HD DVHS Demo Tape by />Posted here (on my supplementary channel) as it has a copyright claim on the soundtrack. If you want to subscribe - the main Techmoan channel is />The full Retro-Tech D-VHS video is here: /> In 2002 D-Theater launched in the US - the dealers needed a demo tape of HD footage. JVC reused some HD video that had been shot as a demo for the Japanese HD market back in 1993. This footage would have most likely been originally used for a HiVision MUSE demo (an HD Broadcast, Tape & Laserdisc format). You can determine that the year is 1993 by the adverts in Times Square - The Radio 501 CD that's advertised on a billboard came out in 1993 and Paper Moon is playing at the Marquis Theater. For those wondering what HD video camera tech existed in 1993 - there are a few options, but it's likely that this footage was shot with a HDVS camera- perhaps a Sony SONY HDC-500 attached to a HDV-10 portable recorder which recorded on UniHi 3/4" tape. Music - Living for the City - Muzak Version (Originally Stevie Wonder) / Autumn in New York - Kimiko Itoh

Robert Knupfer
Holy crap! That’s me! Ponytail guy! Lol!
I was born in 1972 and I remember this time as the best time in my life. The cold war was over. Russia and the US were friends. Everyone had money in their pockets. There was great music in all genres. There were great movies starring celebrities that people respected. There was no identity politics. You could disagree with people without hating them. It was a dream that lasted until September 11, 2001.
Minism Music
So life in 1993 wasn't actually like a VHS tape...?
Mr. Twister
In 2020 it will be 30yrs from 1990. In 1990 it was 30yrs from 1960..duude.
A beautiful girl at 3:58 smiles: wow teeth from medieval times
Nilas Grahn
Wow, they had electricity in 1993?
2:55 Robert DeNiro taking a nap on a park bench.
1:00 yes, I would have done the exact same thing
0:57 Ponytail notices Shoulder Pads.
Jules D
00:59 Travolta 02:53 De Niro 03:58 Austin Powers
Alessandro Calabrese
It's kinda surreal. It looks like it's being shot yesterday. When you see the world without the distorted VHS artifacts, it looks like the world today, with the same people having the same problems.
Hideo Freaking Kojima
It's so weird seeing this in HD, as if it was only recorded yesterday.
1:00 Homie Travolta just checked up twice on that surpersonic airplaine
0:58 Keep dreaming, buddy!
Kevin Hernandez
Back in 1993... Do you remember? 1. Jurassic Park 2. Bombing of World Trade Center 3. Clinton in the White House 4. Got Milk? Ads first appeared. 5. Sleepless in Seattle 6. Monica Seles Stabbed 7. Micheal Jordan Retires 8. Branch Davidian compound FBI raid in Waco,Texas 9. Death of Brandon Lee and River Phoenix 10. 1993 Storm of the Century snowstorm from Canada to Mexico 11. Doom and Myst Released
I wish this camera was available in the 50s or 60s. Those are the times I really want to see in HD.
Tom Walker
wait, so the 90's weren't actually all fuzzy and desaturated?
I was born in 1993, I am currently 2600 years old
Alienvolt 77
and today in 2019 were using mobile apps to make our videos looks vintage ... wow
Wow. Almost 26 years ago. A whole generation has pretty much disappeared from the earth during that time. And yet, other than the cars and technology, not much seemed to have changed.
Thom smith
That squirrel is definitely dead
The most, most, most expensive camera in 90 years. And the best.
Ignaz S.
Things looked beautiful in the 90s. Im an 90s kid.
Kel El
I was 2 in 93. But I do remember people still had a sense of humor in the late 90's
Jamie Jack
That's a time when new york looked like new york
bandbgamesroom - Electronics, Urbex & More
when a camera from 1993 is better than yours :/
The NY skyline isnt the same without the twin towers. Gutted they never rebuilt it, what a beautiful thing it was.
"This is the world that you know: the world as it was at the end of the 20th century. It exists now only as part of a neural interactive simulation that we call the Matrix."
Draw just draw And do some hip hop
Omg is no one gonna talk about how good this camera quality is????
Damn before everything got gentrified
Am I the only one who thinks it is extremely fascinating to see 1993 in HD?
Matt Frazier
1993: the beginning of the end of the death of New York's character... This city is as bland as watching paint dry nowadays and overpriced. I guess I stay hoping that the culture will come back.
Kai Bannon
And there's the world trade center.
Bob Marly
This vid makes me sad :(
gladicek parody
if you didn't tell me this was ACTUAL '93 I'd think these were scenes of a 2017 movie based on the year 1993
God this is surreal. It's like someone went back in time and filmed in HD
0:30 - Man... that shot of the old Twin Towers... Friggin' perfect.
Gnorts Mr Alien
0:59 Check out Mr. Ponytail 😂
At 1:04 with the Cameraman carrying a large shoulder mount camera, I suspect that person was ONE of the film crew of this video who was told by a unit director to "Look Cool" in the shot! It DOES give a clue as to WHAT POSSIBLE HARDWARE it was filmed on because it's shape tells me it was NOT a Sony Betacam SP or DigiBeta News-style camera but was more likely (possibly?) an NHK Japan's Tube-based HDTV camera which was actually a Saticon TUBE camera which would explain the yellow-tinged imagery and blasted-out highlights displayed THROUGHOUT this video. That TYPICAL Plumbicon-style and/or Saticon-type ONE-INCH tube imagery that cause blurry edges and blow-outs on the white areas of an image seems to be present on almost all brighter objects. These cameras had 1125 scanning lines and shot at 60 fields per second! The camera was also about $75,000 U.S. or more to buy at the time! This footage does NOT have the typical COMET TAIL on night shots that would normally be present if it WAS actual HD Tube based camera, so it STILL could be a Sony HD500 or also JVC CCD chip camera and since JVC mostly used Sony CCD image sensor chips in those days the quality would be similar to Sony! I do admit though the QUALITY is very high with very little noise BUT a modern 4k GoPro Hero Black 7 is STILL better and $74,000 CHEAPER! Nowadays I shoot Red at full 8K which is 16 times the pixel count of HDTV 1080p! The Sony HDVS demo tapes from 1987 and 1990 at: and seem a bit more "Digital Looking" even WITH ME taking into account the Youtube compression and original HDVS to Betacam dubbing artifacts, while this particular HD footage seems more fluid and organic which is why I am leaning more towards an NHK Saticon HD tube-style camera being the actual camera used for this video rather than a JVC or SONY system! YES! I also noticed at 4:18 the camera taking in the JVC-branded Times square sign for quite some time, so MAYBE JVC really did do all the work on this but I still am kinda leaning towards NHK HD Tube camera! If anyone has MORE information or counter-info that refutes my assertions, then please do post a reply! .
Cameron Butler
to think that someone seen here in their twenties would now be in their fifties
No one is holding a smart phone...
Alex J
Waiting for Macaulay Culkin to pop out of the crowd
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Finally a recommended video, without Justin Y. having already commented.
Михаил Глухенький
unbelievable! all these people went somewhere and hurried, they had their own affairs and problems, but it was so long ago, if not strange, I miss those days, although I was not born then and did not even live in the states
This was before I had to worry about keeping a job or where my place in the world was, so yeah, happier times. Also The Lion King was just released.
I hope the woman @ 0:59 finds this video and sees herself getting checked out 24 years later
White Sarcazm
О*уительно! В 93 году, это просто рай!
mike true
The quality is very good for 1993, obviously it was recorded in VHS it, thanks bro, God bless USA...
anonymus unknown
Thank you so much! Im so impressed with the video quality that could be made in 93. Soo good to see a little history in HD :)
Jason Lowrey
This is as close as it gets to visiting 1993. Pretty cool!!
Now I am going to watch Prince of Bellair
Marios Koutras
0:57 The feeling that you're not good enough for her. I know that feeling pal.
I thought the HD remaster of Oasis’ “D’You know what I Mean?” music video was good but blimey this is totally rad! 👍
Harris Allen
you know the guy at 3:27 asked him about the camera. some things don't change
0:57 the girl is smokin', no wonder john travolta had to look back
I want more of these videos!! Why is this such a good quality? Beautiful jazz music to beautiful NewYork
Wow, no ads for Wicked!
DJ Mutt
1993 = Teen Titans 2001 = Teen Titans Go
Muscle Man
Ahh the days when we still had our twins
3:53 This girl is pretty cute 3:59 Oh god I take that back
Jay Roy
ahhh those years im feeling old but its nice that you did capture all that in HD its was probably a very high quality professional camera and extremely expensive back in 1993
1:00 The man who look back on pretty nice girl. Instead on smartphone. That was normal time
Just Another Youtube Channel
Man this honestly looks really good, especially for 1993. It’s really surreal seeing footage from this era looking so good.
Woofer Cooker
This is so trippy. Seeing something recorded that's over 20 years ago starts messing up your perception of time. We're so used to seeing HD videos/movies, we just assume that it was recorded "recently", but watching this, really messes with you.
1:43 wtf why does he have ss shirt
The 90’s were where humanity peaked
Ahhhhhhhhhhh what a time, before the bike lanes. Rofl 🤣🤣😂🤣😂
Nice try, but the world didnt look like this in 1993... everything was covered in vintage filter...
Chris Barrett
I really wish I was around in the 70s 80s and 90s in NEW YORK if I had the opportunity to go back in time I would
ive been looking for some cali HD 90-96 stuff, you know of any?
uh what's with the dude with the SS shirt at 1:44 who covers up the camera? I don't remember that being 90s cannon
Sebastian Elytron
Said it before and I'll say it again - this is the best goddamn thing on YouTube. Timeless.
That's crazy, that level of quality from 25 years ago. And it looks like it was shot at 60 frames per second, unless this footage was interpolated? Could practically be from a modern DSLR
Holy shit this video is pretty cool. Thanks YouTube algorithm!
Martin Kubiš
I dont know why but watching these old videos makes me feel good.
Garantia COBIA
Girl at 0:59 is the spitting image of one of my sisters in law, I had to rewind it, she looked like that back in the early 90s!
It looks like this could have been filmed by an guy in NYC who has a sweet drone, a GoPro, and a bit of editing experience, this year, instead of a (probably) Japanese company in 1993.
Making a video on old New York starter pack: >Thumbnail including twin towers >Comments on people not holding smartphones
vLinh dh
it shown microsoft chicago not windows 7/8.1/10
4:00 Such a beauty! Do you really like this kind of lifestyle - big city, traffic, concrete, people and concrete again everywhere . I know that New York has his own spirit but isn't it sometimes too much? I am from small european country, where we don't have even one skyscraper, so don't pay attention, but it was a question. :)
Mezzanine Crepuscular
This is more developed than lots of cities in 2019
i wish i could time travel
Alessandro N
it looks like a movie set in 1993 rather than 1993 itself!
Nolan McKinney
I think I had forgotten that things were that clear in 1993 as if my own memory had been replaced with grainy VHS images.
Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness
Red Rain
It's like someone time traveled with a smartphone.
Laspi Group
Именно тот Нью-Йорк я люблю
Weirdest thing about this video is everybody looking up and paying attention to where they're going.
Maddox021 - Comedy and More
3:58 - Milhouse's GF
layne staley
So many great music, movies and fashion in 90's Music these days sucks so bad.
Matt D
I wonder what people will say 25 years from now when they look back at what life was like in 2019
Black Limited
It was all a dream, I used to read Word Up magazine, Salt-N-Peppa and Heavy D up in the limousine
Objects in Motion
2:59 that squirrel is dead now.
0:32 R.I.P Tilted towers
The quality of that video makes me think it's been shot maximally 10 years ago not 26!
Stuart Price
Before widespread internet; before widespread mobile phones; before social media; before YouTube; before narcissism.
Andrew Wong
I hope shoulder pad girl and ponytail guy saw this video and finally got to know each other
David Hurst
Not a single person walking along staring at a smartphone. Beautiful.
0:59 Yeah man, i'm with you! xD
Edith MacLean
3:59 horror teeth