Urban Symphony - Rändajad (Estonia)

Powered by Urban Symphony will sing "Rändajad" at the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest. They will represent Estonia.

In my opinion this is the best Eurovision song ever ♥
Caroline Araujo
Almost 10 years ago, but I still come back to listen to the best Eurovision song ever. 😍😍
Deniz Özdemir
I'll always remember this song. It was too cool for Eurovision.
This song was robbed in 2009. The true winner...
Adem Hasi
that language...so Beautiful, sound kind of like elvish :D
Osman Hodžić
I still love this song :D and this language is so exotic and cool :D
Sky Isblue
estonian language is beautiful 
Blackx Blackx
One of the best song of eurovision ever, also this contest is too small for it.
Erik Rindalsholt Fredriksen
In my opinion estonian is the most beautiful language
Hinata Hajime
See, one of the reasons I'm learning Estonian is because of how lovely it sounds (at least, to me. Mom says it's all gibberish. . .). Anyway, I think this song is just gorgeous and maybe a bit hypnotic. Or I'm just very tired XD
Red Helmet
One of the BEST Eurovision songs ever! I L O V E Estonia!=) From: Finland
Vova Sollo
Thats the best song on eurovision ive ever seen. This is the reAl music ! Respect from moscow !
Miltiadis Apostolou
Beautiful & sweet estonian girls, Amazing angel voice of Sandra, Nice language and Awesome song! One of the best in ESC history! I'm one of the biggest fans of this group! My love, Greetings and many Kisses from Greece! ☆ ❤ ☆ 💖 ☆ 💗 ☆
Robert Nikolaev
This. Is. So. Magical.
Ed Œuvre
Лучшая песня и исполнение за последние несколько лет!!! Очень красивый язык - яркий пример тому, что не нужно стесняться родной речи и быть как все. Пожелаем многообразия этому конкурсу, так как смотреть его становится всё скучнее и невыносимее ...
Robertas Profcard
One of the best ESC song with interesting lyrics and strong atmosphere. Love it!
One of the most beautiful eurovision songs of all time :)
One of best eurovision song ever. Greetings From Azerbaijan. Esq olsun
Александр Плотников
Волшебная песня! Завораживающий голос!
Yuri Halay
Five years later and I still listen to this song and and it is engaging as it was the first time I heard it. Bravo!
Anton Lobanov
супер! не зная слов, песня супер по исполнению, по духу!
Daniel Korolev
hands down my favorite eurovision song ever. so damn authentic.
still watching 2016!
Desi Esc
I remember when I was younger, I watched that year's Eurovision and I loved this so much that I decided that even though I'm from Bulgaria and not Estonia, I will always cheer for Estonia in future Eurovisions. Just came back to listen to this and it brings back great memories.
Daniel Korolev
Still the best Eurovision song.
Andres Caparros
One of the best song in the history of ESC Thanks from Spain.
I like how she pronounce "R". This should have won. Love from Slovakia.
Mads D
I love it! Her voice is mysterious, haunting and angelic. The overall effect is very artistic without trying too hard.
Valerian Secu
After so many eurovisions, this girEvery year I compare the winner of the eurovision with this girl.After so many years, I still consider her the winner. I always come back and listen to this beautiful song.l
Still watching in 2018 before the ESC of 2018 :P
green brother
I have been adoring this song for 6 years. Thanks, Randajad, from Russia.
Grace Serena Christie
Me too still watching in 2016. I believe it is one of those majic songs. It was played on the way north from Turkey to Estonia. Then someone who is clearly clair audiant found the song again. Just listening to the wind while walking one day. Went home and made the song again for the children. Some music can never die or be forgotten.
Absolutely brilliant song, 10/10!
Excellent! from Greece.
This gives me goosebumps
Diana Kristensen
Soooo beautiful ... wanted this to win.
Elmo The Fried Waffle King
This should have won! I know this song by heart and finally not a english song. Love from the netherlands! :D
Best song in the eurovision exept goodbye to yesterday.I dont get it why didnt they won.
Arctic Winter
Time and time again I come back to this song to see how magnificent ESC can be at its best. And the language... Estonian is simply beautifully sounding.
Koit Rannas
See laul lummab mind ka kaheksa aastat hiljem, maitseb nagu vanaema tehtud vaarikamoos.
Эта песня мне больше всего запомнилась из всего что слышал с Евровидения. Очень нравится, хоть и не фанат конкурса.
Emilio Martínez
Thankyou so much Estonia for bring us the best song each year of Eurovision. You're great you deserve to win everyear even though you don't qualify. I've watched Eurovision since 2011 but sometimes I investigate and I've discovered this song recently and it's ..... Wow. Rockefeller Street, Kulaa, Eet uus aaks alguse, Amazing and Goodbye to Yesterday great too.
Татьяна Шиленкова
фантастика, браво
ESC Niits
My winner of 2009 ESC. The Real Violonist class! :P
One of the most  beautiful song in The Eurovision Song Contest ever and Estonian language is so beautiful, nearly as beautiful as Finnish.
Isaac Veron
I love this song! 😍😍😍
Rolands Vīgriezis
memories, awesome singer and song, greets from Latvian neighbours :)
Margaret Rose
Sandra Nurmsalu must win the Eesti Laul 2014!
Masterpiece masterpiece masterpiece masterpiece masterpiece masterpiece masterpiece masterpiece. Oh did I mentioned this is a masterpiece?
Kristina B
This song is too good for Eurovision stage. It's too unique. Can't forget it in 2018...xxxxx
Maksim Frishberg
Я слушаю эту песню и у меня сразу слезы наворачиваются от восхищения и восторга. Бесподобная песня и исполнение!!
For me one of the best songs in Eurovision's history, thats why I still remember it. I can feel the country from it. It's original, not like most of the circus shows where you dont even know where it is from. Everything looks like from MTV. Not this. Greetings from Czech Republic ♥️
Mert Ç.
öö means night, what an odd language.
Never ever has there been a better song in the European Song Contest in the 21st century and I doubt that there will be, at least not in my lifetime... I love the sound of the language too, it sounds so cool. Love it, it sounds so much softer than my own mother tongue which is related to the Estonian language.
This song was and still is mesmerizing to me and sounds absolutely magical! Still my favorite to this day! ❤️
JoVi 17
Kurrrwa xD
2:14 - 2:29 Best part. Remembers me of "Dragon Age Origins - Main Theme" The rest sounds like the song "I want to spend my lifetime loving you" Am I the only one who noticed that?
Henrikas Chalkauskas
In my opinion this is the best Eurovision song ever ♥- --- estetic & perfect
У меня в машине это видео часто играет,жаль эстонского не задаю.И девушка красивая ;)
Alan Kilroy
Still watching 2017 ❤
Стрим канал
I loving thing song! Pretty girls From Russia with love
omg stop the haha kurwa comment!Languages are different goddamnit!(im from estonia btw)
Graham Sykes
Brilliant! One of the best Eurovision entries ever.
Rui Chorão
Wonderful! remeber and listen to it in 2017.
esta genial esta canción... saludos desde México..
Age Groot
Have to admit this is a very good song,well sung by that beautiful frontgirl. Musically far above main stream Eurosongs. Well done.
Iveta Rutkovsaka
After so many years I still listen to this song and think that it was the best! Elagu Esti!
Макс М
the best song in the all history of Eurovision !
와우~정말 완벽한 무대다....진정한 뮤지션이다.!!
Игорь Воскобойников
Loving this song from 2009
John Smith
See on vāga hea laul!
Olaf Schaufeli
Yeey Sandra is in Eesti Laul again for Denmark 2014 <3
hahaha Kurrrrwa! xD
Лана Виролайнен
Очень понравилась и песня и исполнение. !!!! Жаль, что не выиграла...
10 years later is still the best Eurovision song ever
Sami Havia
From Finland: Still the best ever song in this contest!!!Boost on Estonian friends!!!
Antra Mūrniece
Ah, Estonia... :) Can`t stop listening to this. My "forever love". Greetings from Latvia.
Отличная песня. 2017 набирает обороты, с большим удовольствием слушаю "Rändajad"
Paolo El
Among my absolute favs of all time.
Rupert Schwarz
Another underrated song. Maybe to most underrated song. I like the song and also the performance so much. It was flawless.
Mantas Mickus
nuo 0:10 (kurva krumuose slyva) :D
Damon Lord
One of the best songs in Eurovision ever.
Bruce Wilson
One of the few pop songs I like. Some thought went into its composition. It helps if you understand a bit of Estonian. It is about a path or a journey, whether physical or spiritual is not clear "see on tee". A strong sense of movement is given by the music, over which floats Sandra Nurmsalu's voice (out of this world). Credit to Sven Lõhmus. Bravo Estonia.
alla shka
I didn't know that Estonian language is that beautiful
This is one of the few songs I remember from ESC 2009, always stuck with me. Should have won!
one of best estonians eurosongs, special thanks using estonian!
Margaret Rose
Poor Sandra :(... she had the chance in Eesti Laul, unfortunately jury sent a Loreen copy to Copenhagen :/
Rupert Schwarz
Ok, it was almost impossible to best fairytale this year, but why wasn‘t this masterpiece placed 2nd?
Alan Kilroy
Still watching 2019 ♡
Ирина Лысова
Сегодня проходит Евровидение 2019!!! И ЭТА ПЕСНЯ ДО СИХ ПОР ДЛЯ МЕНЯ ЛУЧШАЯ!!!
Buddhi Dev
Always come back to listen this magical song that should win back then
Mehmet Fatih IRMAK
Oh, it should not have been the 6th!
Barat Kuerbanjiang
still listening in 2017, my favourite Eurovision
Miwy ESC
La mejor canción de Estonia en la historia de Eurovisión.
Oh Estonia, why oh why didn't you with this song on that year? Such a magical and superb piece of music, listening this always gives me goosebumps.
jap an
The most beautiful song for Estonia after La Forza and Goodbye to Yesterday
2018 - still loving it!
Хозяин Акул
One of the very few songs I remember from Eurovision
Зимняя вишня
Прекрасная песня, язык красиво звучит. Мне эта песня очень понравилась в первый раз и время от времени слушаю её. Помню она звучала в каком- то фильме потом.
Jon Stevenson
I discovered this because of a translation into Esperanto :) Awesome song in both languages!