Ghajini Full Movie 720p with English Subtitle

Ghajini Full Movie 720p with English Subtitle watch

Farhen Faris
Hit like if ur watching this in 2018😘
Only thing i always miss in this movie if he would have told kalpana his reality😔
Jp Malic
2019 anyone? From Philippines anyone??
Sabrina K
Still in 2019❤
Mim Mortuza Bristi
9th may 2019...3rd tym watching😭💔
It’s so sad that every single morning he’s reminded that Kalpana was murdered all over again.
chowdhury bd
Very sad that Sanjay singhania couldn't tell to kalpana that he is the Sanjay singhania
Casshiophea Tweety
April 25, 2019 anyone?
Ch ahmad
Plz make part 2 of this with happy ending 😞😥😥 Hit like if u also waant part 2
Caroline Davis
This was my very first Indian film. It opened up a whole new world for me that I don't think I'll ever come back from. Thank you, Aamir Khan.
Thoughts On
Only if, ONLY IF Kalpana would have kept her phone silent, the whole story could have changed with a happy ending.
Alka Singh
No vulgarity, No abusing, no sexuality, no kissing... Still have millions views, this is something what we call movie, nowdays bollywood is just making crap..
Kat ali
Watching on the 1st day of 2019! Beautiful film made me cry. Respect Aamir Khan 🙌👌✌
Dr. Barjees Jeelani
Watched again today on 3rd may of the best movie...
fiyan shaikh
Hit like if u r watch in 2019
Aamir Jamal
It's 2k19. And it never gets old.
RupSwe Sisters
I remember watching this movie when I was a kid & back again watching this movie in 2019🥂
srijana sapkota
March 1 2019 😍 anyone??
Muneeb Sajid
Lot's love from Pakistan Aamir Khan sir my favorite actor and love you Aamir sir from Pakistan 😎😎 😎😎 😎😎 😎😎 😎😎 😎 awesome movie
Virj Sumalinog
This is the 13th time I've watched this. This is still the best fcking sad movie I've watched in my entire life.
Krong Turn
Still up from philippines
Sajid Iqbal
Ended with wet eyes again in 2019
Fifiana Alisa
Such a rare love story 😭 it takes me a long time to watch this movie cause I thought this movie just like an ordinary one but tonight I realize it lits 🔥 Love this movie so muchhhhh and I love this song 2:59:30 😭😭😭 Aamiir Khan fan from Malaysia 💖
Elena Meyer
Best movie I`ve ever watched"!!! And the acting is flawless!! Gonna watch it tomorrow again with my friends. greetings from germany
Suraj Magar
respect aamir sir 🙏🙏 I 'm 11 years old When I watch this movie Now I 'm 22 I always cry watch that last scene you sir frm 🇳🇵🇳🇵
messuxx a.
Rewatched it again after 10 years.. and it's still so beautiful 😭💔💕
Mohammed Kibria
I saw a lot of Hindi movies in the 2000's with my family when I was like 8 years old. Rewatching these with a lot more emotional muturity. It feels like a roller coaster ride, that's what I love about these movies you get to smile laugh and cry!
Struggle Drax
So many indians and foreigners missing out on this movie because of this fake information of "remake of Memento" even though it clearly have nothing to do with each other apart from short term memory lose. If this was a hollywood film, people would have called it a masterpiece but since it is an indian movie people will hate it just because they have nothing else to do. Shame that this movie is so underrated.
Hatice Nihat Erdogan
I have watched this film 2 3 times seriously very good. I have watched many movies by Aamir Khan and loved it all. Respect 🇹🇷
Team Chill Vlogs
DEMN FIRST THE 3 IDIOTS, NOW THIS MOVIEEE AAMIR Khan is trully a great actor that touched my heartttt 💕😭😭💕
Saurabh Jat
Agr esi movie 2019 me bney to pkka 1000 crore cross krey😍😍😍😍
sports sun
2019 -04-03.. A best movie forever... Love you asin and amir boss
Aniel Maharjan
anyone watching this movie in 2018 ???..hit like
Jagdish Desai
Ghajini,,,2008 Best Movie,,,,Best Concept, Best Screenplay ,Best Story, Best Acting Aamir Khan,,,n, Best Direction ,A R Murugadose,,👌💞🙏
Techno Bit
one my best i have watch again 2019 /5/5
Najaf Alii AbbaSi
Who is in April? In papers? 😂
Christian Rodriguez
Turns out a sad ending😣but Amir is totally amazing!!!
Danica Sweet
april 9 2019 tuesday from Philippines
The Guy
Who else chopped onions 😢😢😢
Iam just 4 years old that time ...this is first movie that I seen in theatres😭😭
Shizuka Minamoto
Very heart touching😥😢 now I am crying💦😥😢
Sab Ring
This is Asin's first movie but her acting was better than hundreds of actresses
Ahana Sharma
Who really know's that asin married with micromax 😎🤳 owner isn't same as the film
Dhiraj Gupta
19/3/2019 ke bad ye movi kon kon dekh rahe hai like plise
Kedar Gyawali
This is 19 times I am watched this movie .2019 april 15 😍😍😍😍
Saurabh Jat
Agr esi movie 2019 me bney to pkka 1000 crore cross krey😍😍😍😍
We cry because the main character dies but what's more sad is that the girl who played a medical student in this movie actually died in real life smh
Hafiz Islam
luv forever sweet ♥❤21april 2019
Jacob Ibanez
2018??? Actually ive never known this movie and my teacher said this is a good movie!!! I love it so much!!!
Techtv deepak
17 may 2019..raat ka samay 3:49 still watching..... 😢..made me cry..
the end of this movie always make me cry. happy and sad ending feeling. huhu (2019 still watching)
SpazeALIENo r
still sad that jiah kahn(the medical student) died in real life..😭😭
Sinthiya Afrin
Old is Always Gold! 💝 My Favourite Movie 😍
Shoeb Mohammad
23/03/19 From Bangladesh ♥
Lienda Ang
21/3/2019 Malaysia 🇲🇾 With love ♥️🌸
malinda damith
2019 March 10 1.59am ,if anyone,3rd time
Csam Sapkota
So this is calendar section not comment section right 😂
चन्द्र सूर्य
After 9 year... 12:20 am | Sun, March 24/19
Iamalfred benitez
Make the gray like button into blue if you still watching it, APRIL 2019
Indians make most imotional and intresting and also romantic film. Love from U.K
Saurabh Jat
Agr esi movie 2019 me bney to pkka 1000 crore cross krey😍😍😍😍
eyz violet
in love with him
મારિયા ydnas
So sad at the end..kalpana die she dont know the truth about her bf Sanjay sanghania 😕😢😭
Rclyna Laim
Finally! I've been looking for this movie and at last I found it. Thank you for uploading. 😻🌹
Who's still watching October 2018? In this movie you will witness what a man can do for her lover. A love story but not cliche. A movie worth to watch hundred times. 💕
Juma Nne
From Tanzania,,, hit like here
Isolated atom
Good old days of Bollywood Some of the finest hits Miss them so much Now the vibes are not similar
Tetey Ladia
2018 anyone?
Lembu Kambinh
This filem is very good..who waching in 2019 plese like..😁
Whos still watching in 2018 ?
Linet Nyawira
Anyone again in 2019 indians are always on top when it comes to me some love plz all the way from kenya.we recognise you.
Jinky Del rio
The most perfect movie and to be honest amazing awesome 😊 from philippines
alibo ayeh
Great love story😔😔😔 HERO & Heroin acting skills🔥🔥🔥 LOVE 4RM INDIA NORTHEAST❤
Brox Brox
Sad truth is that Kalpana died without even knowing the truth about him .. 😢
Rifat Shahin
So sad that zia khan is no more.
Arthur Morgan
Wish i had girlfriend like kalpana
Suhon Laskar
I always miss 1thing in this move if he told his reality to kalpana and who are is
Saurabh Jat
Agr esi movie 2019 me bney to pkka 1000 crore cross krey😍😍😍😍
Mann Mehta
The sad thing is that amir was not able to tell kalpana that he was only sanjay singhaniya.
Rana Rajput
2019 5th January Anyone?
prakash Rijal
9th April 2019......
Arjun Giri
24 mar 2k19 (12:40am to 3:44am) Big hand for amir khan
Arijit Singh
1:44:03 Tu meri adhuri pyaas song😍
Dharampreet Singh Bajwa
Hit like if u are fan of Amir khan
Mahad Jecelow
8th April 2019 watching the 3rd time From SOMALIA 🇸🇴🇸🇴🔥💪🏽 Anyone else from Somalia 🇸🇴 hit LIKE PLZ only Somalis 😂
Arian Rahman
So sad always every time I watch 😭
Abdullah Al Numan
I watch this movi for a hundred time😐
Deviya Loitongbam
19th may 2019 make me cry again 🤧😭😭
Faiz Ahmad
hit like if you are watching this emotional movie 2018
princess girl
Kon kon 2019 me b dekh raha h
Shaima Said
Love watching Amir khan's movies no overreacting or overdramatic 👌👌 Hit like if u love Amir khan's movie 💖💖✌
Sandesh Shrestha
This sort of beautiful are rarely found nothing can describe the beauty in thing thing
Sabrina K
Love this movie since 2009 from Paris😘
khushal thakur
First time watching this movie in 2019.. Such a amazing movie... Amirr best... ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Saurabh Jat
Agr esi movie 2019 me bney to pkka 1000 crore cross krey😍😍😍😍
ibrahim khan
Amazing movie nd sooo good songs especially ksy mjhy tm mil gae 😍😍😍
alkhuzahier ammang
he got justice at last for her fianće💖
The song- kaise mujhe tum mil gayee... Cant get enough if it, what a damn good song. One of its kind.
Judilyn Daclag
watching 2019 teary eyes
Mckenzie Levullice
My Favorite Movie😍💕 No one can replace this. I love it so much.