Cloud Atlas Official Trailer #1 (2012) - Tom Hanks, Halle Berry, Wachowski Movie HD

Subscribe to TRAILERS: />Subscribe to COMING SOON: />Cloud Atlas Official Trailer #1 (2012) - Tom Hanks, Halle Berry, Wachowski Movie HD An exploration of how the actions of individual lives impact one another in the past, present and future, as one soul is shaped from a killer into a hero, and an act of kindness ripples across centuries to inspire a revolution.

Chris Whited
Reincarnation is simply,,,,,,,,what goes around comes around...........what you produce typically SANCTION what you do ..........then it comes back around.
Ezzie E.
I love this movie. :D
Mirsada Hadžić
Imagining us. Meeting again, and again in different lives and different ages.
Andreea S
I'm reading the book right now. I can't waint to see the movie after I finish it !
Henrik Bakke
Just saw the movie. Best of 2013, no doubt. 
In case you didn't know; if you see a scene in a movie, that doesn't mean you're doing it or somehow becoming gay. Why so unsure of your sexuality that you're threatened by a short movie scene?
Oh well I rather see it like this. If there is a next life like Cloud Atlas suggests, Yamaha Moron will probably return as a dog turd. Oh wait, he is that already.
Erika N.
One of my all-time favorite films.
Eleanore Pavelle
I love this movie! Soap..ugh *shudders*
masterpiece of western cultural schizophrenia, disgusting transformation of inferiority, but that superiority will never arrive, I know the species inferior will be eliminated without doubt.
YOU'RE THE HOMOPHOBE I apologized to you but now I just hate you. Being gay may be against nature but It's HUMAN and two males can still show love for each other. I can't believe you.
You're right I'm being too picky. But it's not reason to hate the whole movie.
Yamaha Man
I have no reason to kill myself. You do however, your a homo.
I never seen a film like this :)
Mordekai Quill
Well done commenting on a comment over a year old :P I would get into an argument that you're a homophobic bigot but it doesn't matter since I'm pretty much right and you're completely wrong and taking the scene out of context. Nothing you say will convince me or others to stop loving this beautiful movie
Yamaha Man
That would be enough for me to walk out too.
Yamaha Man
He is automatically called a homophobe because two naked men kissing isn't appealing? How small is your brain bum raider?
Yamaha Man
What in gods name are you talking about Urbanik ILikdik?
So he's homophobic because he doesn't like watching two naked men in bed making out?
Listen everyone. This movie is art. I can't believe that this didn't do well in the box office. Sure it's a bit complex but you don't have to understand it to enjoy it. Nothing this orignial has been made before, give it credit. Todays generation would rather see call of duty the film. Shut up and enjoy this masterpiece.....
amazing movie
David Bernal Romero
Get out of the closet bro. It will do you good.
John Dragon
Thanks for posting the warning, it's a shame how everything done by mainstream media is merely an attempt to twist and pervert nature, and to confuse the masses. As long as I'm not forced to be a witness, It's not my business what some men do in the privacy of their own lives, but just because it's legal in the U.S. doesn't mean it will ever make it natural.
Fox 4
legitimately one of the best films I've ever seen. I actually feel bad that I didn't watch this in cinemas. Wachowskis are 30 years ahead of their time. BTW, the Matrix Sequels are amazing. I just gave them another chance after watching them 10 years ago. People don't know when something amazing has been presented to them.
Robert Daudish
probably one of the best movies i ever saw. It inspired me a lot. I watched it in the cinemas and after it i just couldnt stop thinking about this masterpiece. Cloud Atlas Sextet is also very good
matyáš Valeš
epic film !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
two hours of my life i never will get back!
wow halle barry in saree...super
I bet if it was two hot lesbians he would have stayed :).
John Smith
Propaganda filled movie. High budget, agenda driven, not worth a cent.
HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAA thats hilarious.
Hilário de Sousa
This film is complicated, and the story line is great if you get it. It is more complicated than the average movie-goer could handle (in terms of intelligence and open-mindedness). The violence and sex are at a low-medium level. (Why is there straight sex but no gay sex?) I will watch it a second time if I have time.
Just finished the book and then found out about the movie... Looks promising. I hope the dialogue in the movie reflects the fantastic futuristic-tongue of the characters in the book. I'll have to see about it.
Mr cs93
this movie was sooooo good
Maca Battilana
this is by far the worst movie i have ever seen
This movie was magnificent!
only a few actors.. cheaper ;}
You missed out the whole point of the movie, you did not understand it a little bit and your mind is too small to comprehend this masterpiece of a movie.
Zylar Adama
Not sure if joking very untastefully, or just plain retarded.
I got pretty grossed out as well but overall, its only there for like wat 1 min? The rest of the movie is fantastic. I just felt that the gay scenes were unnecessary and would make ppl homophobic. The movie would still be awesome if they just editted out the gay scenes and would make no difference at all.
What a fantastic movie! :D So beautifull! For sure one of the best movies I have seen in a long while.
We cross and re-cross our old paths like figure-skaters Stll can`t get the greatness of this movie out of my head! Love it!
If you read the book you would know this... And what is wrong with two naked guys making love? Is it not the same as a man and woman making love or even two women?
Vincent Kerkhoven
Begrijp er nog niets van!
just watched it! And boy does it suck, big time... Hollywood brainwashed pseudo philosophical mumbo jumbo
zakari ali
i saw this movie in my past life
Well, like it or not, stuff like that happens in real life. The movie wasn't really made for the general audience so much as to make a point. As you have just demonstrated with a short-lived youtube comment... Sure, I thought that part was gross. Luckily, that's not what the movie was about.
21st century racebending American movie.
Max Marriott
0:24 Lol, Halle Berry's nose is a little wierd.
Ben Whishaw aka Robert Frobisher! <3
From the creators of the Matrix... and ofcourse Agent Smith is at 1:55...
Mihai Lupan
This is the kind of movie i nee to see :D
I watch the trailer - again and again and again I CAN`T STOP WATCHING IT !!!
I watched the movie and i dont have word to discribe what I feel but I know that this is the best movie ever made it is so amazing , so real. When I watched it so many feeling I feel , anger , love , sadness I have cryed so mouch. I know that every body can find a little part of him self in this movie beacuse is REAL !!! People watch it !!! This is a REVOLUTION IN MOVIE INDUSTRY !!!
Loucas Cafe
A very deep movie.
Literally the best movie I have seen in a long, long time.
This movie is cleverly promoted in the trailer as a 'must see epic' yet it is full of things that will disgust most mainstream movie fans. I walked out of this mess of a 'movie' after the last straw - 2 naked guys in bed making out in close-up. Beware movie fans. This trailer is a sneaky tactic to get you into the theater so that you can be insulted and mocked.
sasHa cro
the point wasn't to commit suicide the point was to give it your best in this life, to give it your heart and mind for standing up for yourself, your beliefs, being bold, being different, and once you are not here anymore your actions in current and past life will shape you in the person you are going to be everything is connected ;)
jojo koko
you're an idiot. Suicide doesn't give you escape
dalinda adams
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Eric Escamilla
just go watch the movie !!!!
Robert Tauzer
omg..... badass, fabulous, this cannot fail
jojo koko
lol right back at yah
Jedi Reach
That is not the message. You are an idiot.
Aeromodelistas Anónimos A.A.
Nunca veré una película donde actúe Hugh Grant o Halle Berry, menos donde estén los dos juntos.
Daniela Marques
John M
I'm on replay #3 right now.... -__-
πρέπει να είναι ταινιάρα
This movie will be one of the greatest in a while. I can just tell.
Look up Cloud Atlas on youtube and see the extended trailer. Its so much better.
What movie was this trailer on?
looks good
To each their own taste in movies. I LOVE movies. But i will no longer support the "art" of those in Hollywood that have a IN OUR FACE pushing & shoving of their liberal politics. For example it's bye-bye to movies with Tom Hanks , Sean Penn , Susan Sarandon ,Tim Robins , Julia Roberts . And those behind the camera Steven Spielberg ,Martin Scorsese , Ron Howard , Oliver Stone , Michael Moore
X Verleih AG
its the cloud atlas sextett, composed by co-director tom tykwer
why is this rated r?
Nate Rothman
As amazing as this movie looks, both visually and plotwise I think I may take a pass. Only because, yes I like deep movies, but this one appears a little TOO deep for me. Plus I've never been fond of movies I have to see twice to get everything.
Matthew Gillentine
what song is at the beginning?
Jesper Heu
stfu with your spamming and shit.
hahahaha LOL damn, i was just about 2 get into the BS of critics, then realized i cant even criticize the s.o.b's w/o there being some irony in it all
Stoick The DragunEater
Glad the movie's rated-R. This type of movie really would of feel weird toned down XP
If you want to be mind fucked read the book n then see the movie. Fuck critics
who have it negative reviews already?
cannot tell u how many times i've watched this still so kjaabskndiuvh0129387wieuhfdjvn amazing D: ahhhh
Is this movie for people with adhd? I think I just got it from watching the trailer.
1:33 Damn it Halle! You and your driving I swear.
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Miki Sinclair
Can't wait to see this nicely thought out
Colin Brown-Greaves
Hello, Mr. Anderson.
Is that ewan mcgregor doing the voice over for the trailer?
Yes that was an agent Smith
Kyle Stone
I'm reading the novel right now. It's awesome. It will be a mindfucker
Matthew Gillentine
whats tthe song called at 0:20
Andrew916 Fan Edits
1:55 Was that Hugo Weaving?
ahah..Yes, definitely. I hope they do well on the movie. As long as Kojima is on the set at all times, I think it'll do well. Cant wait for Ground Zeros too.
Sam Davies
Every time I read the Words 'Cloud Atlas' I just think 'Bioshock Infinite' :3
Mohamed Farouk
For some time I thought Halle Berry was Whitney Houston.