Carnivorous Plant Bog Garden

Add a touch of class and elegance to your garden with a bathtub filled with carnivorous plants! Grow pitcher plants, flytraps, and sundews outdoors. Your family and neighbors will marvel at your sophisticated taste for landscaping. These tips are brought to you by the expert growers of Sarracenia Northwest. Check them out at /> Music is licensed through DAWN Music.

very good video, great speaking voice and very informational
that cat is too cute... it is distracting me ....
Chin-Au Tsang
What kind of water are you using? I thought it's only allowed to use rainwater or demi-water.
Robin Lanter
Great video. Never thought about growing carnivorous plants before but I do have an old bathtub I was thinking of using as a planter. Do you think if I put a carnivorous plant garden near my goat pens it will help cut down on the fly problem? Lol
Philip Bozeman
My favorite carnivorous plant is the sundew + thanks for the tip.
Gerardo Ontiveros
that's what we call south and north carolina :D
Davey Hoogland
No, offcourse not. :) He said they outgrew them. And the new plants are baby plants. :)
I do NOT like perlite because they FLOAT when you water . Rather use PUMICE. Salamat.
MissWooHoo11 - BSL for American Pit Bull Terriers!
yeah and the 'good ol' usa' has made venus fly traps nearly extinct in the wild.
Eduardo Delgado
Niccceee I like
Also; excellent music choice for the time lapse :)
You have a great voice. Teach me everything.
Mr. MaN
He's using tap water that's a no no
jose carlos
Clark Vitti Hall
I really want to grow some predator plants n my moms regular garden now
Nice, real nice. Great tip on thegravel...
Juan Vega
Dude nice video..I just couldn't take my eyes off your grill...
Ashton Tamras
when u guys water them it looks like u use tap water (from the hose) do u?
Where can I get the soil mix in bulk to fill a bathtub?
nice video and nice plants :))
Great vid - informative and enthusiastic, thanks so much.
So shallow...
Alex Delapaz
R you using tap water?
Carnivorous plants generally need a lot of sun.
I live in Arizona... I don't think it would be a good idea to put in a sunny area especially when ground temperatures exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit
C Ed
look at the cat behind :D so cute
C Ed
oh look at his teeth.......
thats a fat cat....
Nata Pu
In vietnamese, we plant in house, near the windows or in the highest floor
alberto madariaga
I live In a very dry climate and its extremely hot in summer it can easily reach 100 or more degrees Fahrenheit I am planing in buying fly traps and sarracenias flavas but I was concerned that the climate is too dry for them or too hot will it be fine to grow then outside?
They generally do. However, where SarraceniaNorthwest is located has extremely soft water and they also have massive R/O units iirc. I live in NW Oregon and our water is so soft I can use it for all but the most sensitive carnivores. I just let the hose run for a few minutes before watering my temperate plants. I use distilled on my tropical plants, but I only have a few dozen tropical carnivores. Test the gh and kh of your tap water.
Erika Hartmann
wonderful Idea!
Cool video. This looks completely doable with minimal effort. So the soil mix will be good for 5 years?
mania tomita
Mr.SarraceniaNorthwest, is there carnivorous plant care for March 2013? I want to watch!!!
What happend to the old plants in the bog garden? PS, nice video
Awesome job. I'm always so impress with your knowledge on CPS. Keep up the good work. Kyddoemiko
Another great video Jacob! Thanks for making it!
Would it be a good idea to make one of these in a desert region? I ask due to your last added comment about the tub needing more water than other containers
Oh man! I just set mine up a few weeks back... mind you I did pretty much everything you guys did so its cool.
Your Nevergunnaknow
I'm moving to Nc in a few days. I'll be trying this in spring, hopefully my area isn't too cold in winter.
Thank you for posting this video. I have recently purchased a few carnivorous plants and I am planning on putting them around my garden to help with pest. The idea of a tub garden is a great idea.
I need to make something like this. I live in the Carolina's so I think it'd do great. Also, that's a fat cat man. I got one colored about the same.
Thanks for the info!
Great video and tip's, I have one in it's third year and for saying I'm in England that's not bad. I love the cat who wants to be a Youtube star :D
Dennis Younger
Nice presentation.
Mellow Man
what state are you growing these in?
i would like to see more of this
Sheds Direct Manchester
I am very much inspired to acquire such very elegant and magnificent garden. It is another gardening techniques I have learned through watching this video. Thank you for letting me know some of your interesting ideas. 
Cheryl Hepler
I thought you can't use regular water but distilled or rain water?
Su Sei Lee
Hi SarraceniaNorthWest how do I take care of this plant cause it is my first time taking care of these if I don't have a green house how do I take care of it and wh at things do I need as well because it is dried out
Cheryl Hepler
I would like to do this but you said snow does not kill the plants. Or below zero temps either? Very pretty what you have done. Hope you are on line yet. Last question was asked long ago.
Fernando Ícaro
do you sell your plants for brazil? or no?
Lehi Gomez
Thanks for the great video! Good info and you explained it very well! I’m going to surprise my son he has a little stand in the backyard with all type of carnivorous plants.
vinod kumar
Can serracenias live in tropical condotions
J R's Place
So great. Thank you
Krystal Everett
Can I keep a pitcher plant in the edge of a small pond with fish? In the marginal section where only the bottom of the pot is in the water?
Susan Tennant
apdroid geek
i almost bought on this site too bad you dont have what i wanted which is pinguicula esseriana