Urban Symphony - Rändajad (Estonia) Live 2009 Eurovision Song Contest

Urban Symphony represented Estonia at the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow with the song Rändajad

Sean Kiefer
she could sing my algebra homework and id still pay for it
Esc Mike
This song is out of this contest and out of this world! Epic!
She looks like a mermaid or something... like a moolight mermaid. And Estonian sounds like beautiful mermaid language.
Nacho Nacho
This is so magical :) I still listen to it
I'm so sad, that Estonia doesn't send Estonian songs anymore, everything is in English. Estonian is absolutely beautiful!
Vadim Buza
Seems like estonian language isn't from this planet... Simply Amazing!
Franky Novotny
2009 was a crazy year. Russia really upped the stage. Look how freaking huge it is.
summer flower
90% of 2009 entries were gorgeous, and they're still gorgeous. I miss those good times.
Harut Hovhannisyan
I love Estonian language..So poetic
Perfection. Best Estonian entry.
George Austin Tay
I love how 2009 gave us both catchy trashy songs, and fantastic artistic songs like this one or France's. Truly a great year.
An Ar
omg it’s 2018 and im still listening and loving it
One of the best estonian entries!
Dj Shmuel
I had forget that 2009 was so good
estonian language is so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!
Sora Cookie
Perfect song, should've won.
ESC Planet
ESC 2009 was so good
Patooo 10/10
Honestly the lead singer is frickin gorgeous
This song definitely proves that singing in your own language isn't a burden, but certainly an advantage if you know how to use it. The ESC should really get back to the "must use your own language" rule. It would make it so much more exciting and diverse. I'd rather have a song sung in the native language than in some bad english, as it is so often done these days.
The most epic Estonian entry of all time. Still one of my favourites!
My personal winner of 2009! This is ART!
another great entry from 2009.
Daniel Namiotko
3:05 is it the sweetest "thank you" i ever hear?
sandra ch
even when i dont understand its so good
Mario Conka
The best Estonian song and even from whole Eurovision Ever! Thank You Urban Symphony for this amazing song. with love from Slovakia.
Μαρία Βιλλιώτη
The estonian language is so beautifull...❤With love, from Greece❤
the first time i actually liked our entry lmao
My numer 1 in this ESC.
OMG!! the most orginal and amazing song in the Eurovision history!!!
Dr. Drastic
Best song of 2009 by far. '...Kurrrrrwa' 😂
Matthew Andrews
Can't believe she's gonna be in eesti laul 2019!!!!!! So beyond shoooooook ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Winner 😍
Xavi Caldentey
Best Estonia's entry EVER, and the really winner of 2009😍😍😍😍😍
I rember when i was 8 years old back then and i was addicted to this song and i was saying things that sounded like the lyrics...2009 Eurovision was the best without a doubt...!!!
I tried to learn eesti after that but it was difficult even for a greek!!! <3 UNFAIR not have won!!
The master of the islands
I love the baltic countries. Best regards from russia.☺
Beautiful song :) Greetings from Denmark
In Polish language: words in 0:10 will always sound like "kurwa" :) #ukrytypolski
AJ Heraghty
If only they had sent her again in 2014 they could have won the contest. The best Estonian entry ever and in my top 5 best ever entries of the Eurovision.
One of my all-time favorite eurovision songs.
Eeli Hakala
As a finnish guy, I can somehow understand just a couple words that she is saying. Finnish and Estonian are kinda similiar
Roelof Meesters
My winner this year <3
Jumin Han
should've won tbh
Axl Sammut Elmer
Hell way better than Norway's entry. Alexander missed a few notes and the song wasn't that good either. Perfection 👌 and deserved so much higher than 6th. So good that I still listen to it at the end of 2017💖💖
AJ Miller
knasburger productive entertainment
Imagine this: It's night and the moon is up, Urban symphony walks in these dresses carrying thier instruments to this song in a grassy field with hills. It sounds like an anime episode ending.
Red Soul
Randajad(6th) Siren(5th) Kuula (3rd) Goodbye to yesterday (1st) Always Great Songs from Estonia...
Witching Hour
I love this song!! It does something to my soul... I remeber the first time I listened to it I couldn't breathe.. 🎼❤
Callum Nowacki
I love that Estonian language!
Rui Chorão
One of the most exquisite songs in ESC and maybe the best entry ever from Estonia.
She's back for 2019!! I hope with a dark song like this too <3
Panos Simos
A song from heaven...
One of the best eurovision entries ever. And even though I don´t understand a single word, the language adds to the wonderful and strange music. Greetings from Berlin :-)
В тот год я голосовала за них. Сильно зацепили, хотя тогда я еще не понимала, о чем поется в песне в силу своего возраста. И вот сейчас я специально нашла эту песню, чтобы послушать ее снова и поставить от души лайк ^^
Edik San
Estonia MUST send these girls again... They would win!!!
Dramatic Scar
Portugal performed 6th and placed 15th Estonia performed 15th and placed 6th... Anyone finds this cool or is it just me ???
Karl Compton
such a beautiful song. Iceland, uk and Estonia were my 3 favs of 2009 and after 2015 this is the best Estonian entry. it's so magican and mystical. fantastic show. love from the UK x
LoL Mall
THIS IS A M-A-S-T-E-R-P-I-E-C-E ! kisses from greece <3
Euro Pony
The song is magical, in one word, mesmerizing me with the melody and the voice of Sandra Nurmsalu. I love this song to this day! Give me back in 2009!:)
Dramatic Scar
all the times that Estonia sang in Estonian they placed in 6th.... thats a basic formula... why dont they follow this more often???
10 years after and still listening! Thank you for this epic music!
Masterpiece! Definitely the best Estonian entry ever.
Bogdan Bucur
first word = kurwa... WELL DONE ESTONIA !
oona k
Samuele Bertolini
This song is AMAZING and she is so cute ❤️❤️❤️
Andres Caparros
Tänu selle laulu reisi Eestisse. Juhindudes maagilise keele ja imeline riik. Aitäh.
A well deserved top 10.
Blueberry October
Eurovision 2009 in Russia was soooo Great! Thanks to Dima Bilan🙏🏻
Autumn Is Cool
I wish we had more songs in Estonian, I would feel so proud for my country
Bon Bon Buneary
string instruments were so overused in 2009 haha
Marcos González García
One of the my ESC's favourites songs
My favourite Estonian entry.... aww, I really miss this kind of masterpieces at Eurovision :,(
Nicolás Martín
PLEASE ESTONIA, send back songs in your absolutely beautiful language. 💕
This is still one of the most beautiful performances and songs of Eurovision! So so magical ♥
Viktorija 32
I love this song very much! This song is number 1. after 10 years. Greetings from Croatia!:)
Buddhi Dev
The brilliant song composed in the ESC and should end at the top 2, or been a winner
Beautiful. Such an artistic song, and the Estonian language sounds amazing. 12 points from Israel
Dadadada dadada
One of the best entry ever...I rape my reple button for 2009 till now :D Greetings from Poland
מיכאל שמייצר
its just getting better and better. magical voices!
What is the song about? Its one of the most unique yet beautiful melodies ive heard love from Greece 🇬🇷
Дарья Леонова
Антон Токарев
Моя любимая песня на московском Евровидении♥️👍
This song is so amazing that made 14 people cry and they missed the like button
Μουσική Ιδιοφυΐα
Quédo des las podas linas.
Владимир Антонович Канов
Beautiful song)
May Be
Too bad this beautiful song had to compete with Norway and Iceland.... I can't forget the magic - and i'm Norwegian.
somebody explain how this didn't win
Ansa Iseli
1. Estonia 2. Iceland 3. Armenia 4. Azerbaijan 3. Turkey
My top 5 of ESC 2009 1.Iceland 2.Estonia 3.Norway 4.UK 5.Romania
Graham Sykes
Brilliant song and performance. Never get tired of this. One of the best Eurovision entries ever
Estonian lanugage sounds like a conlang, and Sandra looks like a mermaid!!! (more specifically, a moonlight type mermaid) I like this song, 2017 was my most fave entry in a language other than Estonian!!! And it could've been better without any lame instruments, and kept the strings!
Άγγελος Μεζίνης
The best Estonian entry
Anna Sthnen
I heard Sandra is compiting this year in Eesti Laul and her song is really beutiful as well! And what's the most important is in estonian! I was impatiently waited for her. I know she tried once, but she didn't made it. But now... It could be great come back after 10 yrs! So please Estonia send her! She deserve it!
Alena Vasserman
I love this one, so haunting and beautiful
Most epic entry since ever... So amazing
I think people voted for the wrong violin that year tbh...
Mikayel Միքայել
Estonian and Finnish languages are so beautiful