Friends - Joey speaks French

Friends Season 10 Episode 13 "The One Where Joey Speaks French" If You Want To Support This Channel: /> Bitcoin: 1AoXKg3d7QdUD7V6zxPfSBfn4YhNpCcnZq Thanks for watching.

Egi Marcell
Joey sounds exactly like The Sims when they speak/had interactions with other Sims. 😂
Her french is actually really good, the pronunciation is on point.
The fact that he looks very comfortable saying the wrong things makes it more funny😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Audrey Adam
The worst thing is that Matt Leblanc actually does speak French really well ...
Guadita Soria
phoebe screaming YOU’RE NOT SPEAKING FRENCH gives me a million ages of life
as a french person, im really impressed with lisa kudrow's french, she's really good
The Charlie Burke
Prodigy Of Rock
Tape - " we will now count from 1 to 5 un deux trios quatre cinq" Joey - "ugh Blu blah flu flank" Tape - "good job" Joey - "thank you" 😂😂😂😂
Ludwig Blomqvist
-Joey, do you speak french? -Toute de la smoore😂
His "French" is exactly how the characters in Sims speak.
George Henderson
Joey: "I think I'm definitely going to get the part." Phoebe: "How could you possibly think that?" Joey: " For one thing the guy on the tape said I'm doing a good job!"
Maham Tahir
Phoebe was looking extremely beautiful in this scene.❤
Pris Alvarado
"Toute la fruit" lol Love Joey :)
Gaming Celebrity
This might be how French babies sound when they’re learning how to talk.
Sunny shah
Don't go, I need you my audition is tomorrow. Je blu blaah! mi la pEEE! oh pLAAAA. pooh
Seeing Phoebe calling Joey "Retarded" is just awesome
Kafes Tsigaro
he was speaking the minion language before the minions :")
Amreen Khan
Phoebe is so it just me who feels that she really didn't get the appreciation which she actually deserves
The accent of Phoebe when she speaks french is so adorable :)
Lola Wie
I lost it completely at "tout de la smore" 😂.
Sylwia Skolarczyk
Umm Joey is actually a genius. He's mastered simlish before it even existed
Jeanne Brk
- Je m'appelle ! 😃 - Mi Poo Poo !! 😂
Jae Pencil
Joey is literally how I understand French
Sir Isaac Paradox087
2:16 Ble de la ble de blu bla ble. The confidence!!!!😂😂
Fleur Smits
I had a test today for French, and I think I sounded exactly like Joey🤣🤣
Slug Bug
Phoebe: repeat after me “” Joey: jella poo foodo
[speaks French] [Speaks gibberish] Thank you Captions
Joey is me in french class for the past four years.
Hanane don't know
"Dude come on french it up "😂😂😂
Cara Bruyninckx
When Joey spoke french, it sounded like the language from the Sims for me
Plotwist Matt speaks French in real life
Phoebe is such a good friend, she has probably been working on this with Joey for like a full day.
Sarah Jeanne
In the french version Joey's learning spanish 🤣🤣
All For One
Damn why couldn't they make them a couple they be more cute than ross and rachel
Ahmed Taki
Phoebe: repeat after me Je.. je M'a.. m'a Ppelle.. ppelle Je m'appelle Mi pou pooo 🤣🤣
Faïsel El Katbani
Cmon french it up 😂😂😂
Afrikaa Santiago
it's cool how they made phoebe one of the most intelligent members even when she didn't have the chance to go to school
Man Of Beard
Cordon blur 😂 only fools an horses fans might get it.
brewer brewer
Cd: "good job" Joey: "thank you" Xd
paige bromley
Matt *LeBlanc* can't speak french?😂❤❤
Nina Šantić
Phoebe: Oh mon dieu Joey: Oh de foof
Witcher Crafts
Right, but you're not... you're're....Again, you-you're not SPEAKING FRENCH!!
Lulu Onofre
No one: No one ever: Joseph Francis Tribbiani: CoMe On DuDe, FrEnCh It Up
lady hokage08
Dude come on french it up 😂😂😂😂😂
..... and it will still be funny 50 years from now. Classic, like the late, great Lucy, these Friends nailed it.
Yana E. Yanakieva
Matt Leblanc's father is french speaking😂😂😂😂😂😂
Emina Korajlic
This is Sims language :D
Matt Leblanc. Leblanc should hint that he's French.
ll_Extremely stressed_ll
This scene: **Exists** Tik Tok: "It's free real estate-"
Phoebe :Je m’appelle Claude Joey : Je ta ple Blue 😂😂😂
Prismatic Pearls
This always makes me laugh so much! One of my favorite eps!
kpop098 890
Transylvania Dracula: blah blah blah Joey: ugh blu blah bleh Drac: nice convo Joey: poopoo😎
C-FU gaming
English: bye French: au revoir Joey: Tutela frut
*"French it up."* 😂🤣
Titi Dupont
Phoebe parle un excellent français. Bravo à elle.
I'm french and this is so funny ! In the french version Joey learn his script in spanish.
This is so funny considering his name is “Leblanc” lol
Melissa’s Gacha
0:46 Phoebe: oh, mon dieu!! Joey: Oh, de foof... 😂😂😂
2:20 "Blé des la blé des blou blah blaie" is an actual sentence in French
I read somewhere that in real life Matt Leblanc is fluent in French. He's French-Canadian on his dad's side
Worldadventure Lehderp
too bad i have to deal with this sort of thing irl
Taeyeon 999999999
Phoebe looks so pretty in here 😍
paul morrison
oh Joey lol what he said at (what google translate says) tot la a fruit means in Catalan Everything to Fruit lol don't blame if it is wrong blame Google lol
Simmie GP
Good job, thankyou😂😂😂 The guy on the tape said I am doing a good 😆
Jennifer Brown
Lisa Kudrow is amazing and drop-dead stunning
Maritina Xánthe
This episode made me so angry like I just wanted to smack Joey’s head each time he got it wrong. 😂
Fiyah Faith
Is this where EA’s Simlish came from 🤣
All Evangelical
Been over 20 years , still No any show even closer to its level.
josh emman
"bu blu eh blu pla oh.. fuf"
eriel L
Bloublabloub joey nailed that french
Ridaa Manglorkarr
1.19 her reaction😂😂😂
Heshma Eranga
0:38 magnificent view!! 😎🤪
Believe in Yourself
Joey did not even have a Phalange.
Biel Bri
- Oh mon Dieu - Oh de foof 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Gat Sharon
Why is Phoebe so obsessed with Falangie? WHY?
Lim Nguyen
At least he should be able to pronounce his name, no? Vraiment nul :'))
Gunjan Bisht
2:33 😂😂oh phoebe One of my favorite scene
Nia Hart
J-Jet me col blu! Everyone laughing-Ha ha ha ha! P-no! 😝!
AJ Martinez
It's funniest because she was actually telling the truth besides the "brother" Part.
T Alshammari
At least joey catches the french accent... nxt time he will catch the words 👍
Lisa Kudrow actually is fluent in french
Екатерина Герасимова
Anyone can tell me what the number of season and serie? TIA
Frank Patti
"The guy on the tape said I was doing a good job!"
J Park
i am 100% sure it took forever for taking these scenes haha
Mystical Kumquat
My French isn't great, but I don't think the translation they used during the audition scene was correct lol.
Shari Gill
Phoebe is the real MVP!!!😭🙌🏾
lahiru pothmulla
Good Job Little Buddy! :D
Jeanne Brk
- Un, deux, trois, quatre, cinq. - Un, Blou, Bla, Flou, Flaïk !
*Speaks gibberish Gotta love the subtitles lol
Henry Milles
Fun Fact: Kudrow is fluent in French, a skill that was written into her character in the Friends episode "The One Where Joey Speaks French" According to Wikipedia
Yohji Yamahomo
This is still one of my favourite episodes HAHAHA
Uuytfjhdeyufdjibfrihfssdubc ITS FRENCH
sonal narvekar
ll_Extremely stressed_ll
Anyone else here after Tik Tok tried to ruin this?
it literally makes no sense that joey would be that dumb, but for some reason its just hilarious
va L
This episode with Joey learning French is one of the most hilarious Friends episodes, I love it! Thanks, Writers, for making me laugh!
strong hearted
Voice on the record, “Good job.” Joey, “THANK YOU”
Edward X
I heard that in real life Matt LeBlanc can actually speak French pretty well. I'm mean c'mon his last name is French - LeBlanc
’’The guy on the tape said i was doing a Good jobb’’ hahaha funny shit. Classic Joey 😂😂😂
I love joey so much he never fails to cheer me up :")