Final Approach Episode 13

Last episdode of final apprach 13

Heavenly Dragon
In the wedding dress i thought it was Ryo and Shizuka
Aman Sharma
i like this anime very much i don't think so this end of this anime So please upload season 2 asp please see yaa take care
does it really mean something when at the end they say "See you again" ? Like are they going to continue it.....or was it just for kicks
johnson jaducana
I hate the writers in every novel!Do you know why?Because every time the make one but they always put the endings in episode 12 and bonus for 13 and get bored and make another novel!you get it!they make a novel and if they make a little wrong or it gets boring they are scared to do more episodes!sorry guys I think I got a lttle carried away.don't you think?
johnson jaducana
Um at part 5:57 Catherine?!That's my mom!
Yes, episode 13 is really earlier on in the anime. I hate how people are saying "THIS SUCKS" but really... It doesn't fit in the end... It fits before the end...
Theta Undertone
Episode 12 was the last episode. There would've been more (hell the even hinted it out) but due to anime companies having poor funding. Hooray! Now we only fucking get 13 episode anime series all the fucking time!
john doe
Awesome wedding music
john doe
Are those penguins
Cry Wolf
why can't they make more episodes? D: Lazy ass animeist
lisey sanjose
is there episode 14???
damn.... i watched this whole season in 1 night while downloading something... :/
Aaron Davis
@zeratul7975 lol good point but it might b possible had u played the game on PS2?
hmm.... Don't you think Haru is Akane's real brother? And Ryo's parents just didn't tell them...? I mean, the color of their hair! So that means, Akane and Ryo can do 'it'...!!! @[email protected]
juany carrizo
@AaronJW2 entonce todo piola!!!
Aaron Davis
@juany8220 oh ok che haha
juany carrizo
@AaronJW2 no escribi mal era ( el vago se alava solo) q "yo" me alovo solo!!!! :)
Aaron Davis
@juany8220 haha si...el vago? te refieres a mi?
juany carrizo
Aaron Davis
@juany8220 haha ya veo me gustaria hacer el accento k tain ustedes se escucha bien chido
juany carrizo
@AaronJW2 si es lo unico bueno q me kedo de la escuela!!!!
Aaron Davis
@juany8220 oh ok perdon haha asi es k sabes espanol y ingles?
juany carrizo
@AaronJW2 i understand!!!! pero porq me lo escribis en ingles???
Aaron Davis
@juany8220 it was subbed in eng subs and i wanted to put them in my ps3
juany carrizo
@AaronJW2 aaah ta!!! che porq lo suviste en ingles???
Aaron Davis
@juany8220 no, soy mexicano quisiera ser argentino o uruguayo haha me gustan el accento k train mi novia es uruguaya
juany carrizo
@AaronJW2 che? sos argentino papa??
Aaron Davis
@juany8220 simon che vos gusta mucho, tengo todos
juany carrizo
i love it!!!!
Nathan Alcantara
5:47 He still mad about what they did.
Deepak Rko
They should make part2
Noel Benedict Pastias
WE NEED MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bernadeth Ragrag
Next episode...😑
DarkCharge 21
Heavenly Dragon
The best anime i ever watched
fire dragon breather
Wandy catlerine!!!! 5:54
Rahul Vishwakarma
i really like this anime
昨今の俺TUEEEEwwwしてるハーレムアニメより断然楽しんで観させてもらったわ 2期は……まぁ流石に無いか
Ahisha Akash
1 Novel=1Anime=12ep
Hujaifa Ali
i dis like that kind of story . i like love story
Deepak Rko
It's best