“LaMelo Ball... OVERRATED.” Undefeated Team Is READY To Take Down Spire. Melo Pulls From HALF COURT!

BEATING MELO ►► />LaMelo Talks ZION ►► />LaMelo CHALLENGE ►► /> Spire faced its TOUGHEST TEST when it played undefeated Brush HS from Ohio. Brush features several D1 players and was ready to match up with LaMelo's school. We linked with Brush to hear about their game plan and vibe with them before the big event. Brush was dope and the players were definitely prepared. Coach Chet Mason is a pro and really had his guys ready. The game was dope and both teams showed off their talent before Spire eventually pulled away. This game featured LaMelo's crazy half court shot and some big plays from Rocket Watts. Spire hasn't lost in any of our BEATING MELO episodes yet... will they ever!? Follow Us On Social! --------------------------------- Instagram: />Twitter: />Facebook: />---------------------------------

😂😂melo overrated and pulled a half court in his face😂he not overrated he just good😂
JaCya Cooper
They got good sportsmanship unlike some other videos I seen
Cali boys soft?.... yeah ok bud, just hold that "L” Lamelo gave y’all
J Money
“Them Cali boys soft” yeah ight 🤣
Nicholas Colonnello
Lamelo the goat🐐
Crack Demon
Lamelo is more underrated than overrated. They have him listed as the 14th best player in the nation that’s blasphemous the dude is the best high school player in the nation.
Nathan Colvin
Bruh they said melo overrated...he showed that game why he ranked top 13 and why he should be ranked higher I bet when they get to school they gone be talking about how good melo was😂😂
100 summerz
All that just to get a 20 point blow out lmfaoo its the same on every ep they still getting smacked
J Money
The energy always different after the game when you get dubbed lol
Flashback of Chino Hill Melo intensifies
Someone that's overrated hit a half court three in the middle of the game in someone's face smh
Spire isn’t undefeated🧐 but damn this team seem hungry as hell for that win😋 Edit: didn’t know this game already happened
Jennifer Ruan
is this the team with the kids hairline on the back of his head?
They really tryna make Melo a Villain !! 😂
Mr. Jones
"wE nOT sCaREd oF No meLo" 🤣
Jar jar Binks
Never felt so sorry for a team in my life
DaShawn Smith
I lost it when Melo hit that 3
King Con
Melo is selling out high school gyms/college stadiums across the nation. Pay that man, period.
Basketball Players
Holy shit spire is insane that was a good team and they blew them out
King Fredo
Every single person that called lamelo ball overrated he would dodo on every single on of them
He's back... Chino Hills Melo, Top Draft Prospect Melo is BACK.
Cameron Carson
If u like this u will get 200 dollars at your door in 3 days
imagine talking crazy just to get 20 bombed & pulled up on from half court...
Alex Rivero
They Don’t Want to Beat Spire, They Want to Beat Melo...
lil havi
Use me as the "yeah aight" button.
EH 11
You guys deserve way more subs
That guy at the end was so damn positive and full of hope about his team I gotta send my support to Brush. You guys really are some upstanding hardworking young men who will all be great in whatever you choose in life with that attitude. I'm a fan of yaw.
King Lebron
6:23 you're welcome
*flame emoji*
i really thought they were gonna win after all that talking LMAO
Get Rekt
This game is more hyped than nba games
Ebube Oliobi
4:26 "smells like broke in here"
Cali hoops > N. Carolina hoops > Everywhere else
Jaelin Scott
They only call melo overrated when their school is going against him but any other times they prolly root for melo
"Melo overrated" Lose by 20 Melo pulls from half court Drops a triple double/30 points I love bottom feeders trash talk 😂
IslandFilms Prod
I already New they won b4 I watched the vid I’m talking ab spire btw
Nate Burnett
This is so late. This happened a while ago
Why overtime out here hypin up young hoopers just to have them embarrassed in front of a 2 mil + audience 😂
NoLimitShawn 14
All that for nothing 🤣🤣🤣
Caidon Chisum
Look 0:46 his hairline tho😂
Imagine bad talking a basketball player throughout a whole series and then naming that series after beating that player
Randomly Specific
They were talking so much smack before this game 😂😂 lamelo put a exclamation mark 🔥
System Administrator
Lamelo ball is very talented and should eventually make the league
Akash Sathyamoorthy
melo is definitely not overrated, he should be ranked higher than he is right now, goes to show high school rankings dont mean shit lol
Younesse Lemma
LMAOO LaMelo gets so many dubs they gone have to change his name to WaMelo
Tyren Sutton
Before the game: Melo overrated. After the game: It was a good learning experience for us. 🤷🏿‍♂️
My dude DOUBLE CHEEKED UP during warmups
Edilson Mendez
So what he’s saying is that his team has both talent and toughness 🤨
Mees Stoetzer
My man said we came up short after losing with 20 points
Jay Tillman
post my basketball mixtape 🔥🔥
stupid face
6:21 Sum 2k19 shtt 🏀🔥
ferny forbes
the game sold out in 3 min. to see Melo not your team
Slattermer Slab
Damn Ball pullin from halfcourt ain't it!!!
nick mata
“ LaMELo bALl iS OvErAted” Final score 82-61¿
"These Cali boys soft" Gets blown out by 20 points...
Stuart Jennings
"You know.. we just came up short..." by 21 points
Michah VanAlstine
"beating Melo".... this series gonna last this and next season lol good luck beating him, he aint even the best guy on that team
FlexMaster Kobe
lamelo walk on the court flexin’ . airpods and all 🤣
Nathan Colvin
Good job overtime this was a good quality vid
Overtimee fireee 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Chauncy Gardner
Can you do a video on what lamelos team does before the game They probably play fortnite
Jonathan Thompson
Niggaz did all that talkin to take a 20pt blowout L
Great Osobor Osobor
4-29 did man just say "win,lose or draw",I forgot you can draw in a Basketball game
The other teams coach looks like james "flight" white
Michael Suessmith
How they gonna make a whole video talking about ready to take down Spire, but then lose by 20😂😂😂
Noah Galindo
4:50 send me this beat so i can spit some flames on it
They humbled themselves real quick after the loss haha
Jesus bruh a 20 piece 😂😂 I’m tight I watched the whole thing
Rovin Enusban
trap lord
2:58 look to the left bobby shmurda wyd out here 💀
L e V
Niggas done made a whole documentary about one game😭
Talon Slaton
Brush: we undefeated Lamelo : hold my beer
Darrick Walker
Damn good sportsmanship🙌🏽
Everybody’s overrated until they splashing threes in your face from half court lol
Ronel Gazzingan
Marc Meex
Good edit! You gotta give them credit for working hard! Sure there a great team!!
Juan Sanchez
They still took the L 😂😂
that lady @ 6:49 just carried that kid like that lmao
Hiw overtime not have 1 mil subs yet :(
They already lost it wgen melo pulled put airpods 💀
Luis Alberto
Are the Ball brothers a quater Black? There dad appears to be half Black, but I'm not sure.
Jacob Padilla
Brush deserves it tbh
Jonathan Fernandez
Solid program. In another life I would have gotten into sports.
Sean Mckitrick
Undefeated but lost to prolific by 40?
Ganky G
change the outro my guy 😂😂 for us 😭😭
Ricky Castillo
I thought they was going to win 😭😭
Thomas Rasmusson
You should get bronny on the overtime challenge
This is wat u call a family having fun n playing together
yet melo still tanked 13 they should say he underrated
Riding With Ralph
Love to see sout euclid lyndhurst doing big things
Billy Brown
Melo going to the nba ?
Dubba Tee
Mark my words DJ Dial finna be in the NBA
Trance Tallentine
This is a good Vid - I watched this game while back.
For those saying good to me thank you.😐
Mark Markem
Larry got all these teens feeling like superstars talkin like they really in a pro ball game not a hs game lmfao
DJ lost because he still got wires lmfao
JBL Nate
That's why you don't trash talk
2jz Gabe
The fact that y’all are getting ready for melo and not spire academy is already taking an L.
Youtube User
Thats tuff. you just got yo ass whooped by 20 by "soft" cali bois
Jaden Mariano
Why don't all y'all videos have this type of quality? You using a different camera or something?