Far East Movement - Vevo GO Shows: Jello

Subscribe to our personal Youtube channel to watch us behind the scenes: /> We're Far East Movement, we actually use the internet, so follow us here - FACEBOOK: />INSTAGRAM: />TWITTER: />OFFICIAL WEBSITE: />Far East Movement hit their favorite taco shop in downtown L.A. for a surprise performance of "Jello" on this episode of VEVO GO Shows! © 2011 Interscope

Much better than the final version!!
Gabriel Braga
muito tri
Paty bm
son lo maximo
Kanye Nigga
They're so contrived
Baby Fate
4:11 kev nish so cute .. he forgot his wallet .. awww love him so much <3
круто !!!
when i say O you say Bama. Ohh. Bamaa. Ohh. Bamaa
Shyam Sharma
F**K! you guys are sick!!!!
martina radocaj
booty shakin <3
far east movement if hand down one of the best live performers
Dwi Febriantini
Awesome live stage.
I like this, love the diversity, i hate racist people...if u look back to ur ancestry you probably a mixrure..no one is pure breed... So quit racisim
adarsh ganesh
There is something VERY WRONG about Asians wearing BLING! And acting like rappers! Go back to sniffing pain Asians!
top comment! i really don't get it, what is "trump up" ?
Lol, this looks so fun it almost looks staged.
Rye Rye !
octo puss
i wanna pop pop...phrog adidas top :)
Ashly Marie
this beat is sick! I can't wait to see their show later this month :-D
I'm pretty sure i watched this more than 10 times now...
Anna Bianchi
They did th exaxt same thing at the concert it was awsome :DDD
So he forget wallet. =.=
@Darklight854 That's from "Don't F*cking Tell Me What To Drink"
dan nguyen
Madison will be our next kpop She'll be the first hot Caucasian girl into Korean industry. she just created her page on fb. Press "like" to support madison gunst on facebook. <====
Gagan Bansal
ki kanjarr je nacchi jaa re ne
fck tight!!!
Akira Lue ly
Tgey rock
Rosa V
that awkward moment when the two top comments are the same
Linh Gerly
@idris7866 Fuck your mouth up!!You racist SHITZZZZZZZZZ!!!
Linh Gerly
That's why Dr.Dre created beats!!!
@USTCDemoTeam4Lyfe at the end the guy in red
reminds me of BEASTIE BOYS..not sure why
Gábor Vastag
Fuck U all U'r 200 and 400 bucks and have a nice day! The music is perfect :)
Theyre music is fucking great. Lyrics arent genius you know, but this is like dance/club music. and its fucking good. Beats are simple but are fucking awesome.
@jalipenorunner there are four guys in FM. Kev nish being the lead rapper/singer.j splif and proghress being the other rappers and singer, and dj virman. there dj.
Joseph N
Yo is the main guy singing the fourth member?
Kelli Sees
@USTCDemoTeam4Lyfe go to the official music video
@nastypussbomb this is not the official video, there another one thats got jay
Sabrina Borelli
i didn't see Jay Park :(
carlos arotinco
hairstyles for black eyed peas?
this is one of those groups who's waayyyy better live than on album. which isn't a bad thing
i dont see jay park anywhere here.
Dik Boo
XD i cant see anyone beside FEM. Apparently i.am.me,steve from quest, and jay are in here.
Ok, I must go to Tacos shop more now.
What the hell i just watched this 5 hours ago and it had 303 views O.o
Tiffany Tong
@patriciapasterkute LOL I was looking for him in this video as well! Watch the official music video and you'll find him ;)
Gabriellia Clara Lestuny
JAY PARK , daebak !
Faridz Jamil
@sukiyukie3 that means he is out of the mather fuckin' k-pop . cool . respect that bro .
Firah Yunus
Art Of Movement + Far East Movement = Party Movement!!!!! i love this!!! <3
JAY PARK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <33333333333
Hunni .Tee
@RauDeLouis Jay he use to be in a Korean band call 2PM, he was the leader, but he left the group now hes a solo singer. And Jay is also a BBOY. If you watch the offical Music video you see him in the red jacket doing the Dougie at the end kinda
Hunni .Tee
JAY <3333333
Faridz Jamil
who is jay park and where is him ? is he the one with the k-pop bands ? well sadly this is far east movement :'(
Oh my gosh....It's Jay Park! Haha :)
Virtual Humanoid
Lol this video is 4 minutes and 20 seconds XD
Kpop Krazy
@spicythaaai i JUST told my roommate this. like literally these exact words. I know they have tried to debut Se7en who is like the Usher of Asia and he didn't do well here, as well as Wonder Girls and I think they're about to attempt to debut 2ne1 in America as well. Kpop stars can not only sing but they're also AMAZING dancers with incredible discipline and focus. I wish America would give them a chance!
Jamie-Lee C.
Love this song :)
@spicythaaai AZN PRIDE
Love it when they dont have the same identical bald hair U guys r awesome like this Love ya
@spicythaaai i hope Big bang will be next especially when they won the Ema award ;D
@chaozbladex I love Jin :) I'm glad that he was on 106 but even he didn't last all that long, compared to the other rappers in the mainstream world. He was mainsteam for a little though.
@scKeriat Yes, which is good but do you think he would make it on his own, without the others?
John Ryli Reyes
I bet the new album's gonna be called, "Dirty Bass". :)
i freakin' love these guys! especially kev nish :)
Keriat I
@spicythaaai I love Far East Movment and I agree that Asians don't get enough credit in the music industry, but don't forget that there are stars like Taboo (in the Black Eyed Peas) that were out there before Far East Movement
Tony Liu
@spicythaaai MC Jin?
"this ones called.. jello shot to the head like an execution" i dunno wats next but the intro was just siiiiiiiiiiiick
oh man, the intro was so sick
Josh Kushner
what keyboard is that?
isaac lee
aww yea rye rye shakin that jello
@antonanton I just fanned you and even downloaded some tracks :) good stuff! Do you rap in any of these?
Anthony Truong
@spicythaaai I appreciate that to the fullest...and were gonna need all of your help to help represent US correctly...check us out at Soundclick . com /AntTraxMusic and spread the word! Thank you!
Amy Rowland
my mom thought this was about jello shots....
ipek eroğlu
çok hoş
Cindy Chen
@kuwinsitall man we got the swag. and you aint got none
@SuperBullaMan Oh yeah :) but he's a single artist, not a group though.
@CartickPradeepan and who are you again...? yeay thats what i thought
abelito gr
esas mamadas! u.u
@spicythaaai What About Jay Sean... Former South-Asian Med-Student Turned RnB Singer??
i cant decide who's cuter, kev nish or prohgress, can someone help me ?!?! :(
hpV Official
Best Song!!!
Nim mi
Damn these boys are representing us SoCal kids well. I'm sick of seeing those lame ass b-boys looking all cocky and shit. THESE guys dress and rap the way LA is; classy but most definitely edgy :)
where you get those sun glasses
John Dasnotcool
Alexander Matveev
Sometime ..... when I'm alone ...... i go the the corner of my room and pretend I'm a vagina
Ximena Chavez
Asians are just better at everything.
Vinh Nguyen
Forget all the haters, I admit I envy their success and talents, but I like the stuff they conjured up! No shame in that!
Znakomstva Amerika
cool stuff!
asians are more like lame, nerdy :(
Check out my latest video of my grandma putting the "S" in SWAG with her dance moves.
@abearmuthamutha Yeah :( it sucks to be a minority in the industry. At least for music, you have Pitbull and others to represent hispanics! We only have FEM. Actually, you have quite a lot of famous hispanic actors/actresses/comedians too. Like George Lopez, Sofia Vegara, Selena Gomez, Jennifer Lopez...there's so many! Some might be mixed but they still count. Oh, and Jessica Alba is supposedly part mexican too :) but we asians have barely any famous ones, so it really sucks.
@abearmuthamutha A WEBO!!!!
Andro'5 World
@spicythaaai im mexican and i feel you man word!!!
@JALUSTRE me too!!!