Allie Haze Live In-Studio

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She looks so much cuter in real life. 
Danny Reyna
She look so hot as princess Leia...
She's so beautiful.
Dickie Donnelly
Was lucky enough to be Allies bartender in flannerys manhattan and she is so nice and humble and so is her family and friends. Miss that about nyc. Nice to see her on here
pop awrt
she's so cute
She is cute :-)
She loves hockey?! OH. MY. DAYUM.
She's beautiful.
how come such a beautiful girl does porn??????
Peter Morales
This puts a smile on my face.
She's so lovely <3
Have you seen her lately?? She gained at least 50 lbs. Huuuuuge!
king lion
I can't believe that this "innocent face" toke the D of mandingo ^^' I'm serious !
Rex Richardson
allie Haze is wife material
Dustin Martin
I wanna have sex with that woman.
she looks really good..just normal hot
ronald imai
love allie haze. its good 2 know this young lady is the same fun pervy chick outside of porn. not 2 many porn gals are this much fun in public.
Fuck u BRO
Ok, suit yourself bro, it's your opinion. But I wanna know WHY exactly are you commenting on this? Or...better yet, why are you even watching these?...just curious.
Charlie Magri
Allie Haze is a woman which dictates the tempo throughout, because she has her own unique way of revealing a personality which you can't but fall in love with, but then you set eyes upon her incredible body and you are simply powerless under her control!
she's adorable omg
She's pretty busty. Looks a bit like Tori tho. Her laugh is amazing!
I like that
classically beautiful - especially now she's had a few cheeseburgers. I hate skinny women
Elvis Saraiva
Secret Guy
She's so down to earth, much more than some of those obnoxious bitchy pornstars.
buntyraj chauhan
hot girl
Charlie Magri
Allie's eyes always make you notice her kind and sensual character, but you can never leave after seeing her body. Just the way she looks at you encapsulates something so soft, gentle and genuinely beautiful. It really touches your heart and makes a tough person feel emotions which they can never forget, so a tough exterior is always a front, but definitely no match for real feelings; the ones which really matter! Allie's body is just the same as her personal qualities, because it is all much more reserved and wasn't meant to create such ideas which have nothing about real feelings, so you have to look much closer; take time to appreciate something so beautiful and then try to understand their meaning. Allie is a real woman, who possesses all of the qualities which push lust to then back of your mind, although she is extremely beautiful and sexy too; although, you have to have quite discernible tastes to appreciate her fully. When you can do that, you have a woman who you can worship, because she won't let you down and she will become your entire World! Allie's performances reveal a real woman who expresses her genuine thoughts, but she just doesn't have to put anything on and that's what make her appear so different to lots of others. She has those special qualities too and is undoubtedly so beautiful and sexy too, but when you know about all she has to offer, you'll find her even more irresistible, although it was all there to see anyway. Allie Haze shows you how to appreciate a real woman, because her qualities are all so beautiful and will bring a sparkle into your life!
Will Lin
STD's are part of her