Mai Otome vs Mai Hime english sub

I couldnet find the english sub and japanese voice together, so i took the two vids i did find and put them together. enjoy it! it's hilarious!!!!!

Oh god! what would happen if Shizuru became the main character? What if she became the script writer for the next mai hime show?
hahahahaha xDDDDDDDDDDD
aaah! yes! Miyu and Alyssa xD this is awesome, i'll love you for uploading this forever :D
Canna choo
pipirupirupi! DID YOU SEE THAT?! *FANGIRL SCREAM* its from an anime natsuki's voice actor did
i would love this if it came out
but the sad truth is that there is no mai-hime/otome movie....
Athena Dixon
Ahh the days xD And I was hoping the movie would be true too 😢
Andres Marrero
I wish that season three is Mai Hime vs Mai Otome. The two worlds clash.