Techno City: What is Detroit Techno?

First broadcast on TV, Third Ear is proud to present for the first time online, its unique documentary filmed on location in Detroit and featuring personal interviews and commentary from some of the seminal figures in the story of Techno. Including coverage of the inaugural Detroit Electronic Music Festival. "Detroit Techno. The definitive Techno music. Revered abroad. Ignored at home. Until now. In the year 2000, nearly fifteen years after the first pioneering recordings, the city of Detroit held its first electronic music festival. This film is a celebration of the Detroit sound. Welcome to Techno City." Includes: Carl Craig - Planet E Communications "A Wonderful Life" by Carl Craig Barrett Watten - Wayne State University, Detroit "Stardancer" by The Martian Derrick May - Transmat "Nude Photo" by Rhythim Is Rhythim "Live For Friction" by Shake "Reach" by Paperclip People (Carl Craig) Kenny Larkin - Art Of Dance "Java" by Kenny Larkin "Velocity" Funk by E Dancer "Blackout" by Lil Louis Carol Marvin - DEMF Organiser Stacey Pullen - Black Flag "On The DL" by Eddie Flashing Fowlkes Eddie Flashing Fowlkes - City Boy "Night Illusions" by Octave One Lawrence, Lorne & Lenny Burden - Octave One Kevin Saunderson - KMS "Groovin Without A Doubt" by Kevin Saunderson & Derrick May "Without" by Kenny Larkin Original Concept & music selection : Guy McCreery Directed by Ben Cohen. For more information please visit

amazing documentary! how does this not have more views! great idea to put the names of tracks too
I've DJed with Carl Craig and Juan Atkins a few times back in the 90's, two top dudes!
My Name
Welcome to Techno City. Nice cybotron refrence
It's very interesting. Techno has never gained much popularity in the US while remaining undergoun music. But Europe was crazy about it. The peak period of popularity of techno in Europe is the second half of the 90s. More or less since 2003, techno has started losing popularity. Now it is slowly recovering.
Damn that little kid doing breakdance was awesome!
Jonas Luca
Thanks a lot for this inspiring documentary. Tell me, how is the Techno scene in Detroit now? Greets from germany
Jamie Grieve
Hey you guys may have techno but we made the jungle! Uk business!
Revive Fr
I was an electro kid in the 80’s & slipped straight into techno- natural progression. These guys are icons & The sounds match Detroit. The term EDM was born out of techno in my opinion, it is the original electronic sound. Great documentary.
Thanks for sharing. Superb Documentary. I love how these guys explain it as a vibe. I've been long gone but, my heart is still in Detroit. I was a toddler when I moved from the East Side ( Gratiot/Houston Whittier) area. So sad when I went to the old hood in 03'. Nothing but, empty lots. I used to go to Hart Plaza all the time even worked some of the Music Festivals back in the 80's. Great Music guys. Best Wishes in your Musical Journey.
Didn't know Stacey Pullen put out those "BlackFlag Recordings". You learn something new every day!
Joshua Barrétt
Magick Torch
Even here in Scotland, the Detroit sound of the late 80s and early 90s was a huge inspiration. Between Detroit and Belgian techno, I was sorted for electronic dance music. And Derrick May has played in Scotland more times than I've had hot dinners. Much love until I die to all the techno pioneers who educated me: Mills, May, Atkins, Hawtin, Saunderson.. and on and on.
Amore Beat
Techno ♥️😍
You should visit the netherlands. im tellin you all; in a few years, we will become famous for our techno scene. Give it some time.
29:27 track id?
Random Scottish Bloke
I'm always amazed how much bigger techno is in Europe and the UK, than its home. I'm only a casual fan of the genre and I've seen half the guys in this video live and recognise most of the tunes. It was almost mainstream here.
I enjoyed every second of this brilliant documentary - All my heroes came on the scene and gave the statements i in long term already felt in their music. Most dramatic & impressive to me was Carl Craig standing in front of that deserted building explaining how every part of it inspired his music and this track automatically came to my mind :
Míchele Cobré
My birthplace and hometown
Well done. I've been techno lover since the lat 80's. So great to see this backstory.
Awesome documentary!
"nobody has to tell u.... ok do u feel something in this music?" lolll
Darius Hunter
Love how the first track is deep house apparently. :D Bullshit. It's an ambient techno sound.
Jonathan B
Detroit, as a city, looks pretty cool. The impression that I always picked up on is that it's a bit of a dump - not true.
Poor documentary. Not enough credit to those throwing illegal raves, nor the Detroit and Chicago scenes and what about the drugs?? On these topics.. any recommendations?
starwalker blue
saw josh wink in hamtramick Openingggg to the Higherrrrr Stateeeee of Conchessnesssssss
Dan Kitchen
I like the way May articulates his thoughts, me and him are on a similar wavelength.
Notoric Overdrive
Great Video man Love this!
Awesome documentary! Which version of Derrick's may - Without is it at the end please? min 32:01
*Welcome to Techno City* ❤️
This music was the backbone of my years 30 years take away the early birth years naturally. But that beating of the drum, the atmospherics and the vibe most importantly. I loose sleep over music because it means something to me. I do this under d.eye and trying to push Techno in a way its meant to be done. Its hard work. But hopefully I can share that vibe with Third Ear and the world
Jon Casey
this is a brilliant documentary, cheers!
Steven DeRosa
Bart LbnRider
London wish to have buildings like that!!!! all empty !!! abandoned places
Gute doku über eine interessante Stadt. Berliner Techno ist mir aber lieber!
Josef Lawler
DRIP Hustler
@crackface5 The 808 was made in a little electronics lab in Tokyo. Techno was created when a Japanese person pressed start. No 808 = No detroit nuthin
Jade Emerson
When was this documentary released?
Dylan Guedes
track at 19:25?
Colin Levy
I was fortunate enough to be at the first DEMF and i can tell you it was amazing , before that it was small venues like the chop shop or millennium AD , movement blew it all up.
Joshua Blake
You just had to pass a Masonic temple lmao
Esoteric R
i love Detroit!!!~
...this blonde boy is a great dancer - 00:15:15 - like his style so much :)
Steve Waitulionis
The Windows are snare drums and the doorknobs are harmonicas.
basement borough
detroit home of techno
1103 Musik Berlin
This sound is very great
random Randomer
what edit of Without is that ? Can't seem to locate it :S
DeepDownDirty Record Label
Great documentary <3 nice soundtrack too guys <3
Unfortunately as much as i love Detroit. It will take years and a whole lot of reconstruction on the political side to get Detroit back to a decent state. It seems that one the money isent there and two that the people that are able to do something about it have already abandoned the city itself. At the same time when you have that much lack of a thriving economy creativity flows much more blissfully without any constraint. I loved living there. The music was great. The people were nice but the order and safety were terrible.
Putting soul in machines.
How does this not have more views?
John Bissonnette
It doesn't have more views because most people are like sheep. If they are told Taylor Swift or One Direction and EDM are the best by the all mighty music industry, then it is so.
Sterling Turner
Black people invented Hip Hop, Techno, R&B, Rap, Jazz, Rock&Roll, Blues, Gospel, Funk and House music.
Track around 14:10?
great !
Jon Posadny
Julian Cumpian
312, 313, Electronic Unity - I love electronic music. I love Detroit Techno and Electro.
Lemke Dickinson
kkkkkkkkkkkkkk very nice!
1103 Musik Berlin
very awesome video
One of my favorite music styles. For the record Techno was invented in Europe, not Detroit. House music was invented in New York City, not Chicago. I hate certain nations and regions within nations claiming credit for something they did not invent. It was invented by Caucasoid, Caucasian, or white people, we are innovators.
nathan bellamy
Wow the crowd were really getting into it lol. Derrick May is such a twat. White fan boys venerate him. But honestly he is such a dork. It's a small group of outcast black guys from Detroit who made some weird music that took off in drug fuelled England. It grew from there. And this is coming from a guy who has loved dance music for 25 years. But I've come to a point where I can see a man for a man. A lot of these Detroit dudes have their heads so far up there asses, because some virgin white trainspotters worship them. Get a fucking grip. Take LSD, ecstasy and make mind mashing music. Buff said.
Dang Mang
Blacks accomplished nothing and looks to white architecture and technologies as their own creations that were taken but they destroyed what they were given.