DragonBall Z Abridged: Episode 21 - TeamFourStar (TFS)

Dragonball Z Abridged Parody follows the adventures of Goku, Gohan, Krillin, Piccolo, Vegeta and the rest of the Z Warriors as they gather Dragonballs and fight the evil forces of Freeza Cell and Majin Buu. With the comedic writings of Lanipator, Takahata101, and Kaiserneko this may not be the DBZ you remember but TFS hopes you enjoy it all the same. How high can the Krillin Owned Count get? Who will be the next to go Super Saiyan? Can Vegeta's ego get any bigger? Find out NOW on DBZ Abridged! TeamFourStar is a group of voice actors, sound designers, musicians and entertainers based out of Texas. Most noted for the series Dragonball Z Abridged, TFS loves to make comedy and specifically parody. You can find more of our work on our website: />Follow us on Twitter: />Or Facebook: /> And if you want to support us you can find us on Patreon at: />or you can buy some of our Merch at: /> Episode 21: Stop! Celebrate and Witness, Goku's Back From 100X Fitness! Cast: Takahata101 - Super Kami Guru, Dende Lanipator - Vegeta, Kuririn MasakoX - Gohan, Goku KaiserNeko - Burter, Little Kuriboh - Freeza Ganxingba - Jeice, Recoome Antfish - Ginyu Hbi2k - Nail and SaiyaJedi as Japanese Announcer Songs: You Yamazaki - Sanjou!! Ginyu Tokusentai!! Madonna - Vogue Evil Horde - Hangarmageddon (Best version of E1M1) Darude - Sandstorm Shunsuke Kikuchi - Kono Yo De Ichi-Ban Tsuyoi Yatsu Visit our website at: /> Dedicated to Shaun Plunkett DragonBall is Owned by TOEI ANIMATION, Ltd. and Licensed by FUNimation Productions, Ltd.. All Rights Reserved. DragonBall, DragonBall Z, DragonBall GT and all logos, character names and distinctive likenesses thereof are trademarks of TOEI ANIMATION, Ltd. This is nothing more than a Parody made for entertainment purposes only.

Stoopid Monkey
Gokus brain damage is really kicking in
David von Doom
Goku: "SIR!!!! I will fight you in a minute!" Recoome: *dead, from single elbow to the stomach*
Jeice and Burter's sincere, legitimate friendship just makes me want a freaking Ginyu Force spinoff even more.
robert jackson
once every thousand years few years later we have five super saiyans
I just realized: Guldo is telekinetic. He ABSOLUTELY could have moved that piano into Jeice’s flat.
7:45 - 8:31 This officially made Burter's death the saddest in both the abridged and real series.
enjoy life69
"Soooo are you gunna dodge any of these??" Lmfao😂😂😂
Clarion XL
*Broly is canon now and powerful enough to compete with Gods* Vegeta: 9:10
Warrior's Vids
Renegades for life
Aydo Mac
2:50 this sums up Krillin throughout every saga of abridged 😭😂
Addie M.
Five years later & this is still gold 👌🏼💜
Brian McCarty
Kate Swikart
6 years later and this still makes me laugh my ass off
LazySloth_Animations -_-
I just realized Krillin doesn't have a nose
Random Cringey Youtuber
Mate, Mate you do got something special... You're me mate. Yeah I think you made that obvious jeice
Alexander Inoa
Burter and Jeice. The most beautiful of bromances. And still a better love story than Twilight.
5:16 "Seizure Procedure?" Why's it called-? 5:17 Oh, that's why.
Brayan Claudio
"Stop goku time "
Taylor Plaskett
The best scene in the entire series! 5:34 - 6:28
shower Rayquaza
stop... goku time
Sire Azmodan
7 years later and 4:47-4:58 still cracks me up every time!
Warded Thorn
They literally played the Tetris song with Burter's corpse
douglas easton
Not gonna lie , the blue snake guy was the saddest death in the series
When Goku says "hey Krillin" it activated the Google assistant
Warrior's Vids
7:51 you know there's gonna be a gay moment when the music comes on
Rence ,The
Dance of solitude!😂, best part
Liberty Justice
4:52 Is there a single person that blames Nail for silently watching Guru die on Earth?
The beginning of the “Super Saiyan” gag with Vegeta. Lol so funny!
Brian McCarty
"Not to mention I lost both Dodoria and Zarbon, the latter who spent 400 credits making long distance calls to his girlfriend WHO I AM CONVINCED IS NAMED CHUCK!"
Warrior's Vids
Jean Sebastien Chasle
Whats the song: Darude - Sandstorm (hey for once its true)
Bigshox 23
Am I the only one who feels bad for jeice and burter xD
Rasheed Khan
"I can't believe we came all the way out here and spent a week in the space boonies for nothing! Seriously, I'm surprised we didn't here banjos on the way in because everybody's inbred AND LOOKS THE F**KING SAME! Not to mention I lost Dodoria *and* Zarbon, the latter of whom spent 400 credits on long-distance calls to his girlfriend, WHO I AM CONVINCED IS NAMED CHUCK!!" - seriously, can we just sit back for a moment and appreciate this masterful piece of dialogue?
Mighty Vanquish
Larger power levels don't always mean you are faster. Eg when trunks bulked up, cell says his power was higher but due to his speed he lost.
A.J.J hello
Na na na na na na na na Dende. Na na na na na na na Dende. Dende Guru Dende Nail's here Naaaail
Jbl Paul
6:26 Goku Time Best Moment in DBZ Form TeamThreeStar
Burter has best time so far? Can't wait for Whis...
Lightning Cayo
Now I feel bad for Burter...
Dominique Southward
Stop, Goku time!
Na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na Dende! RIP Adam West.
Sabe533 No.2
Goku: I did train 100x normal gravity. Vegeta: *WHAT!?!?!?*
Phish Takko
Lmao The Seizure Procedure
My favourite is goku .....🌹🌹🌹
Phoenix Lucario
Goku Time
Omar J.
Goku: Well I did train at 100 times normal gravity. Vegeta: FU**************************UCK! Nice censoring job lol
Jeffrey Williams
9:10 My reaction to being forced to continue school! 😂
Arkan NOA
With how stupid Goku is, if he had a thread of intelligence along with his strength, he'd be very deadly
Krillin: Quack Goku; Imma coming!!
The Tactical Dorito
So? Is there any reason in particular the Saiyans didn't just repeatedly beat themselves nearly to death to become exponentially more powerful?
Bless Eddins
2018 anyone? Lord guru Tv
Zion-micah Russell
Goku: Goku Time
That Awesome Valflame
5:38 - 6:24 Man, even Gohan is better at dodging than THAT.
John Bob
Xieospcpfkendisiwnsndiewxucu parody dodowowfoee ball z and dragonball gt dheuwueufruwuwsuxudhdheysusushdyc Fuji TV and Kira toriyama xjduwuwusuxucheeuu YES BEST TIME!!!
zach lor
Jeice needs himself some Piccolo training
SilverWolfTears the one and only
"Stop-" "GOKU TIME !" 😂😂
VG Saiyan
Stop........ GOKU TIME I'm dead 😂😂
Stefan Notchev
The seizure procedure!
Andrew Cuthbertson
I'm pretty sure the Muffin Button is the only force powerful enough to challenge Popo.
Great Bro
Krillin : "QUAAAACK!" Goku : "That sounds like Krillin!" once again Goku's brain has been damaged so far that he thinks the normal english language spoken by Krillin is a duck but when he quacks he recognizes Krillin like its a normal thing
Hard Roxas
Stop, Goku Time!!
the latin subs are hilarious, "we get it you're from space CHILE" jajajaja i love it
Lonely Rain
Poor burter he reminds of piccolo in Dragon ball super both are just so lovable
Dang they kept the Krillin=Duck thing for a while
Rosa Gladden
Silly gohan animals dont eat people people eat animals silly gohan🤣🤣😂💀
LeoInfinity Games
Seizure prosecutor!!!! Proceeds to play disco music Me:HOLY SHIT!!!!!
zeaframHD playz
The references are real
6:28 *STOP* Goku Time _oh oh oh oh hay oh oh_
James Carmody
Goku and Vegeta do not know what tetanus is, evidently.
The Everywhere
Guru and the Space Aussie funny ash🤣🤣
“Stop.....Goku time” Kills me every time 😂😂😂
Br Cu
Seizure procedure Literally dieing
ali a
Did he just deck Jeice in the schnoz?
Omnicidal Clown
JayFlamer Gamer And Animator
It sounds like burter is voiced by master korin. Also anybody 2019?
bella williams
i love the mass effect reference, renegade for life!
AKA Express
9:00 He can stand up at x100 normal gravity!! NANI?!
9:25 And Vageta's game channel was born.
The last 30 seconds were the funniest 30 seconds of my life lmao 😂😂
Armadito 2
Stop..... !GOKU TIME!
doctor das
Stop goku time
I'm having a DBZ marathon, Frizza Saga. May 2019
Joe Devaney
"Seriously, I'm surprised we didn't hear banjos on the way in because everybody's in-bred and LOOKS THE F*CKING SAME!" Wow, they managed to make Frieza even more racist than he was in the original series. Didn't even think that was possible.
AKA Express
5:20 I think Hyper Sonic considering he is also can do that.
Kibbo Derain
Rip recoome, In his memory we shall commence the dance of sad.😂😢
4:20, voice of an angel. Ghost Nappa.
Twellington121 -
"Jesus that was fast!" 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣 Anyone lose it with that bit?
That Dude Name Son Goku
"You just killed my best mate"
is the story in this series atleast a lil accurate to the actual show? Iv been watching this instead of the actual series lol
09:21 Finally that ret*rd Reacum is dead, let's celebrate!
Alex Jurgena
I've watched this enough that every time i watch Dragon Ball Anything, i hear this Goku's voice and feel it's more accurate xD I can't go back to Schemmel.
Simone King
I'm planning my next vacation in Space Australia 😋😂🤣👏👏✌
Seiko Kanjo
he did not just say "seizure procedure" I'm dead
SSJ5G Reincarnated
8:29 And now Dad has Ruined Another beautiful thing, the first Beautiful thing Dad ruined was Videl. 😉 You know what I mean
Kion Hopson
Had me dying 5:23!!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣
Robert Thompson
It's been eight years, how have I never noticed the 'Right Trigger' prompt at the bottom of the screen when Goku says 'I'm not going to kill them' prior to Vegeta killing them?
Nicholas Ali
Krillin: Goku did you just read my mind? Goku: yeah Krillin: how?!? Goku: muffin button.
Austin Robertson