🔴 LIVE: Let's Build The Evil Calling!!

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Lmao at "what's up with everyone saying Dab?" 😂😂😂 Phil, you're the man! That's kid stuff
Vyllain Da Rogue
Damn, you remind me of Ben Stiller in "Dodgeball".
Pedro Marques Moreira
this is the only video that shows someone building a bike from scratch and its very cool
John Broderick
you'd need a greyhound to be your trail dog
Steve Rice
hey Phil everytime you would come close to the Camara my one year old son will laugh so hard at you, think he likes your stash, otherwise nice bike can't wait to see the reviews
Mig Senisse
Why did you pick out the calling instead of the insurgent?
Thanks for letting me mod Phil! This was an awesome livestream. Hope to see many more!
Richard H
Reeeeally nice bike, Phil. Not sure about the blue on not-quite blue though. You need a contrasting colour...
Sale Milenkovic
how much travel does your fork have , and how much frame has?
What kind of tires do you like the best for riding trails in North Carolina and places like Windrock? I live about 1.5hrs from a lot of the places you have posted videos from and ride similar conditions. I have 3.0 Nobby Nics on my 27.5+ bike but I am selling it and going with a 2017 Remedy 8 and will be buying tires for it
Aww yeah! This is a sweet whip :)
old skool
nice bike, you look like Ben Stiller in Dodgeball !
This live feed cracks me up. This is why I follow phil. Hilarious. Real deal honest videos. No fluffing anything. 😄
Yes A bike build.... I LOVE BIKE BUILDS!!!!
Bullseye Fowl
Can't wait to see you ripping the new bike. Have a bunch of people submit branding and then we vote on it on your channel.
this was a good live stream I'm kinda sad I couldn't watch the last hour when it was live
Why do RA's need to check your room. I'm in the uk and this concept seems wired for me.
George Simon
just wondering what made you want to set it up for 150mm over 140?
Only The Bold Project
Very cool bringing us along with you during your new build!!! Pretty fun!!!
way to go Phil - great vid
Rotor arrived today Phil.. Boost axle and I went with your advice and got a 32t oval ! Nobl 38 ..Aaron so helpful..got me a freebie hat for mentioning Skills with Phil ;-)
Blank Ever
don't file. return it and get a smaller one.
Juan Morales
Phill, use a 10-42 cassette with a 32t chainring and you will get the top end of a 34t chainring with the low end of the 32t.
Aiden Cauger
Josh Payne
Is that a full carbon Phil
Yo! I've been shredding a trail today and needed some background noise for the remainder of my ride. Great timing on this video! Lol! Thanks!
you seem like an awesome dude. keep being sweet
please get a torque wrench Phil ;)
Edward Willers
Screw it back in and then pull it apart!
Cane creek helm Factory Edition! Good choice :D
What's up with all you saying dab?
old skool
Globo gym !
Phil what is the sizing like on these ? I'm 5'-10'' with 32'' inside leg. would you say M ?
you really need to use a Torque Wrench especilly on a nice carbon frame
BEAUTIFUL fricken bike bro!!!!!!!!
Beth Hatswell
well done Phill great video three hours passed so quickly, was fun watching you on the spot no second take, good job and thanks
Hey next time you ride highland, you should definitely take the not to long ride and check out the Sunday river bike park.
D 5
Yes, just caught it at the beginning!! Super excited. Much love from Tennessee!!
TJ Crash
Phil you should check out Jeff Kindle Weed. Awesome Videos as well. 👊🤘🍻
Brandon W.
It'd be awesome to hit dirt jumps with Phil and Seth sometime; I'm in Charleston, SC!
Damn, wish I hadn't missed this when it was live!
Toby Mason
could you do a cut version of this, I need to know how to build a bike but don't have 3hours to spend
Ronald Tartaglia
That poor bike had no idea what it was is store for it....... Beast.
Emmerson Easlea
Doing good just added a seatdropper to my build
oh my god the blues are clashing darling, have you no shame!!
Nate Sullivan
I just realized this isn't live anymore hahahahaha
sup really cool dude
Did you drop a tooth size on the front or go round eventually Phil ?
What kind of lube do you use on your bike?
lucas brusseau
You should try a torque wrench
Can't wait till riding videos are out on this
Cory Buchanan
Are you running cane creek suspension ?
Joseph Spignesi
we can hear you just fine
Tobi Woodgate
It's day time in Australia
Looks fantastic man, congrats! ;)
Awesome videos dude...and that bike...i once spent 30 minutes staring at one in the window of a closed bike shop...love it!
Vman 77
You've slammed that stem dude😬
I love how hes buliding the bike in his room
lucas brusseau
Is that a matte finish on the evil.
lucas brusseau
why did you choose xt
just me
I just got my bike today and i never got that tool you show at 4:03 in to the video what's up with that?
Dob Dog
what was the name of the bike he Said before the marin bike
Hugh Daniel Mayer
What are you studying at college
Adam Collins
I know what it is like to do things after exams. I graduated from college last year. This year I have been biking so much. I love the freedom.bikercollins
Leon Grimaldi
dab..do they mean dad lol
that is one sweet frame!
Blank Ever
don't sell a bike. :o
What is that bike stand you are using?
lucas brusseau
fiber grip
them eyes can't be yours
matthew simpson
u should do a bike give away?
lucas brusseau
Is that really how to install that bottom bracket
Benjamin Miyazawa
college?? what?? i thought u were at least 30 years old lol (no offense)
Nick Jardine
I have a new specialized rip rock
Jonty Kench
phil do you know aaron gwins snapchat
matt steacy
Soooooo freeeeaking sweet!!!!
lucas brusseau
That silent rear hub is going to be nice
Christian Nieves
Nice lights bro
Jack McPhaden
Hi Phil are you ever going to come to Canada
ehhh saa dude
Vitor MTB
woooaaew 😍
She came out beautiful Phil. can't wait for the bike check video. I hope you make that crankset work for you and get that chain guard back on. Thanks again.
Love your vids I have dirt jumper
Tobi Woodgate
Hey man
NWA Punisher N
It's not locked up I'm watching you
William Elliott
playing bikes with my 4yo
William Elliott
playing bikes with my 4yo
The Enduro Bro
Andre Grove
love those cranks.
lucas brusseau
is that a carbon steer tube
TechGamer 2000
dont worry i wont tell your teachers
MJL Films
We're is the tube
360 Fishing
i dont think the chain will work
Brom Costa
whaaaaat uppppp man!!!!!!!!!
Love the idea Phil
Gary Ward
focusing is a little slow, but may be my computer.
CJ Schmitt
Look at lens not the "on" light!!!!!
Boss Frog
That 70s porno moustache is wicked lol
A little bit sketchy, but that's really cool. :) I maintance my own bike aswell, but I sure would not have the guts to film myself doing mistakes. Planning on building my own bike aswell. Frame is a Cube as base. I cannot wait.
Luke Rice
Its funny how similar this is to building a PC, I've never done a bike build but now I kind of want to. I can totally relate to a part not fitting and being willing to make sketchy modifications simply because you really want to play with it and not wait for the correct part.