Carnivorous Plant Rock Garden

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nicole Snelling
Please can you do a step by step video to show how to make a rock garden
Dee Dust
Why can I only give one thumb up to videos I love? These are beautiful, I love how some of the plants spread on their own. I'm looking forward to that podcast. I'm just starting to grow my own plants so I think I'm a few years away from a rock garden like you have. It's a good thought to keep in mind though. Forgive me if this was mentioned somewhere else, but I've always wondered if you have any kind of circulation going in the water for all the pools? Or is it just the pond?
Kathy Smith
I LOVE the rock gardens...can't wait to see the video on how to do them!
This is just amazing. What kind of rock do you use? I always understand "Pommes", what means "french fries" in Germany ;-)
Amazing rock gardens. What size holes do you recommend drilling? And what spacing?
What time of year is the best time to attempt these bog rocks? :D
Jimmie Scott
looking forward to see the demo on rock garden.
Der Geistliche
What Kind of Stone are they using? I could'nt understand itGreetings from Germany
mohammed nabi
Amazingly beautiful!
happy wheels
how do you keep them in wintertime hope they don't freez over would be a waste very nice design too👍👍👍👍
James Lindsey
Where do you find porous rock that big? I haven't found anything like that around in Central Texas.
Shockwave Bot
No dislikes yet, congrats.
Loris Colangeli
This man will not have to deal with bugs
I wonder if Tezontle rock would be suitable for a rock garden?
Thanks you for sharing this, opens up so many options! Jeff you ROCK! pun intended....
Beautiful carnivorous plant rock garden!
Kimberley Rauchelle
I wished I could get a big pumice rock like that I live in Western Australia we don't have any pumice here as a matter of fact it's extremely hard to get in Australia is there anything else I can use besides that and how do you get sphagnum Moss to regrow please I love your video it is so pretty
Inspiring! I wonder if this could be done with hypertufa -- or if the cement would raise the PH too much.
Kenneth Reyes
You guys need more venus fly traps.
deathstroke hernandez
Aww that something I want to do that beautiful
Gwydion Stone
Just gorgeous. I'm surprised you didn't mention the Cladonia lichens popping up everywhere.
Carter Schartz
I'm going to buy a King Henry venus fly trap from you soon I just have to save up enough money
Absolutely beautiful rock gardens!! I wish I lived near Oregon so I could visit the nursery and see them for myself.
Russell Thornton
Will these rock gardens survive in central Florida?
Britney Bain
Random question: do frogs ever try to lay eggs in the ponds?🤔🐸
Kimberley Rauchelle
Hi I have a bit of a complex here there's some people who say they use tap water but others who say they only use distilled rain or ro what do you think can you please let me know as this is urgent
Kiera Lowrey
planted in 1999? dang, that things the same age as me
Brandon Spannbauer
Can we have a follow up video on how to make these? Thanks
that's really amazing
Beautiful work!
MissHellfire 1606
amazing + soo pretty !
joe gaynor
thank  you from  joe i reland
Renek Jorgenson-Massad
where do you get a stone for that? I can only find small ones
Where do you get the rocks? I've Googled and I don't see any good sized rocks for sale.
o c t o p u s - e n i g m a
This is awesome!
Absolutely beautiful.
ken hamson
fantastic display of 18 years of work!
Christina Penner
Wow!!! So incredible!!! I really want to start growing carnivorous plants, I love them!!! I live in Los Angeles and as yards go no so big. What would you start and how? I love sundews and pitcher plants the most.
Ryhan Ahmed
do you have any fish in your ponds""."
Mateusz Piaścik
What type of rock is perfect for rock gardens?
Ron Giusti
Have you made your "how to " rock garden video yet? Looking forward to trying one in Ohio.
Nathalie prevost
Do you filter your water ? If not how do you keep it clean and clear?
Shockwave Bot
You guys rock.
Jojo Robles
Nice these are amazing
Denise's Orchid Paradise
lintar yurianto
lek siji lek kirimen kene a
Hello. What is the water parameter and tds of that pond? i was told that it needs to be at 0 TDS so we cant keep fish in it... if its still possible I would like to make one of these
The leucophylla!!!!!
Random stuff
Guillermo Guerrero
Where do you get such big rocks?
zeth fox
How do they survive the cold winters?
whois frank
Dang this look nice
William Worth
what kind of bit do you use ?
Caleb Mercier
Fantastic video!!!
hi, where do you find the water source? thank you in advance
Hy , do you put normal water or not mineral water in the pond? Drosera want less water than sarracena?
w z j
Wow no dislikes
Teresa McCoy
Oh! this gives me ideas :). But how do you get your moss to thrive? I'm in Louisiana, and my bog gardens get full sun. My sarracenia are thriving, but my moss just dies. Do I need to wait for the sarracenia to get taller/fuller to shade the bog before my moss will grow? Love your videos!