DREAM BUILD MTB - Evil Offering

Here's a little insight into what went on while building this custom Evil Offering for one of our customers. He picked out all the parts that were hung off the frame and our master mechanic Erik was diligent as always making sure everything fit and worked perfectly. If you want your next dream build featured in one of our videos let us know and we will try to make it happen. What is your dream build? Comment below!

Vim Garcia
Hey, nice build out there.😊
Subscribed because of that! Must have cost an arm and a leg (maybe a kidney 😅)that beautiful bike. Awesome build, thanks 😎👍!
regis delaunay
What's the brand/model of the green cross tool? Thanks ;)
akpli blr genç
This video should more views such us other videos
Bacons Plays
How does this channel have such little subscribers :/ Your content is almost as good as Gee Milners videos.
AkoSI VincexD
How much did it cost?