CLOUD ATLAS Press Conference | Festival 2012

WHISHAW is obviously lovely man.
hewwo? anywun dere?? owo
I would LITERALLY die if I was in the same room with that much talent.
I can not stop watching this movie over and over. Every actor was amazing and the directors are brilliant! On my way to the library to read the book.
Jo Moody
wah Tom Tykwer was Perfume's director Ben Whishaw, now I get it
Christian charles
I DONT CARE what the critics or common movie goers have to say to bash this film. This movie is a work of art and certainly one of the greatest and memorable films I will ever watch. I do admit, when I read the book, in comparison the stories were a bit rushed but I still love the movie regardless; the connection between these stories are phenominal, the music is spotless and seeing the cast playing multiple roles each with different identities is incredible. It made me start believing that no matter how long we may live, nothing ever ends and if our stories we make don't have a great ending or so we will always have the time to make a better one!
Heitor Menotti
I am always surprised how jounalists makes the most terrible and stupid questions. Poor actors and directors that have to deal with these people every day. A panel with almost 20 people and the journalist only adress to Tom Hanks and Halle Berry. And I will not even mention the chinese reporters...
Joe Threenine
The more i read the coments, the less i feel alone.
Best movie ever made in the history of cinema.
This is such a good movie. It's a shame that it did so poorly in box office.
It is simply a MASTERPIECE, the proverbial best work of art for the art form.
It's so great to read that others here in this forum had and the same reactions that I indeed had to this film. I not only thought it was a masterpiece of film art but also a film replete with several strong messages about love, courage, aspects of immortality, fate, justice, and the never ending cycle of life which keeps on trying to unfold and answer those questions about what passes for progress and often regret. The film is a classic and after I saw it alone I drove back home thinking that this film will be talked about for a long time in the future as truly visionary and vastly important. Like others here I thought the fact that the Academy Awards ignored this film was egregious and simply wrong. I believe this film, like Citizen Kane, will prevail in the end to be important even without the accolades and awards it failed to garner in 2012.
Andrew Skinner
For me, the best part of this conference was when Andy and Lana were asked to discuss their relationship as a filmmaking duo and brother and sister.  Andy will clearly stick by his sister through and through, and Lana obviously couldn't be more grateful that her brother never gave up on her, especially after she made the transition.  It makes me grateful that after all the craziness of our childhood, my brother and I were able to reconcile and develop a stronger relationship.
I can't thank you enough for posting this BRILLIANT press conference!!!
Hugh Grant is a boss
Jo Moody
ok I've had this really long Cloud Atlas crisis lately. I watched it in the theater when it was released in 2012 and once in a while I watch it again, but two weeks ago I watched it at night after a party, totally drunk and I cried like a baby, and I repeated on loop the scene where Sixsmith goes to find Robert in that... churh-tower-like just after Sixsmith's niece talks about how Sixsmith believed love was a natural force and I cried and I cried, and these two past weeks I've been thinking about cloud atlas all day long, I even read the book (2 days, I read it in two days, fuck me). I'm even been writing this weird story about reincarnation inspired by the ideas from the movie, in a different way, but still... and I would say by logic "SAVE ME FROM THIS!" but I don't wanna be saved, because this is my fave movie of all time!!!
Tom Hanks = National (International) Treasure!
Rion Breffeny
The one bit (~~ 12 mins into the Panel) when Lana says (~~) "... but when you put the book down, your brain sort of re-connects all of the parts..." They are the ultimate directors: To program our brains (in a very good way) to create "seams" in the tapestry which are apparent and yet at the same invisible. -r,
lol Tom Hanks at 44:06
Damn, I so want to watch this film again! :D
My god! Tom Hanks final comment really was good! No wonder he's Hollywood's Goldern boy.
I simply loved this movie so much.
Amazing conference, I really enjoyed the video! All the actors are really nice, especially Tom Hanks is so hilarious! :D
yes! hugh grant ANd jim sturgess
Anderson Wang
I do not know why I am making this comparison but this movie could be the Blade Runner of 21st Century.
This is one of the most spellbinding, prolific and memorizing films...ever!!!
Jonathan Sefcik
43:50 you're welcome
Hooni K.
there is no doubt that it is great movie ive ever watched before....But...poorly....i dont know why critics hate this movie...i think the value of this movie should not be underestimated by them anymore...please watch carefully and deeply, considering what mean the movie give us and figuring out what point is the great artistic value of the movie we said.
Guerkan Hantal
I liked the movie but they should have gone deeper into the story resp. theory, like they did in Matrix (not Matrix reloaded or revolutions).
Jordan Patriarca
this movie is beautiful. yes a bit rushed, yes too much CGI, but overall, glorious !
Saw Doona Bae in a Chelsea NYC coffee shop, tried tapping her shoulder to get her attention to ask her the usual stupid question, are you Doona Bai? She did her embarrassed bye bye shove off laugh. Tom Hanks saved the movie financially several times. Hanks did Hologram For The King directed by Twyker. Excellent! Lana is the movie (great mess) and is the gestalt collective in herself.
Noah Spencer
Song at 3:20?
Doona Bae seems so sweet. I loved her in the movie, really connected emotionally with her characters, especially the one in the future in Japan
K Kumorkiewicz
Thanks for being honest 
33:23 lmao what's her issue? kind of rude
What the song at 6:13?
Rex Kung
I would just like to point out that the questions asked by the Chinese journalists are absolutely shallow and stupid. To be quite frank I wish the Chinese journalists didn't speak a word, wasting the time of the others. Self-centered and ignorant, rude and awkward questions. The level of their English is absolutely unprofessional. As a Chinese American I want to point out that it is EXTREMELY rude to speak in Chinese like that at an open audience as such. I have always disliked Chinese jurnalism for their lack of sensitivity, open-mindedness, creativity and knowledge. The film is a brilliant master pice, it is absolutely stunning aesthetically, and the writing is so beautiful and flawless. Forever my favorite film.
i love this film 
What sucks is that we didn't get to hear any input from some of the other, lesser known actors who probably had far more sophisticated opinions and perspectives.
jumoke milton
Gabriela Ardila