Lord of War- Counter Intelligence, how to make a boat disappear

A scene from Lord of War where Ethan Hawke, Jack Valentine, is deceived by Nicolas Cage, Yuri Orlov, and Jared Leto, Vitaly Orlov, by making a boar disappear while still on it.

i think what funny is DEAD SLOW is an actual button
Nicholas Lee
As if transporting mothers and children will sound better than rocket launcher and rockets -.-
Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
Everybody look innocent now!lol
Probably my favorite nick cage film honestly
Shorty Shorty
Idiots! They know the authorities can tell a French flag from a Dutch flag... If subject to high temperatures and a high volume of noise, the French flag will quickly turn white, while the Dutch flag won't!
Yep just a white guy in a suit on an old boat with cargo containers half full of rotten potatoes, nothing suspicious about that...
Matthew Sayer
What sort of government official authorises a search of a vessel based of; "It doesn't look clean" ?!?
Zach Quarry
The thing you should take from this scene is only government is allowed to trade arms. lol Take a look at those MP 5s those aren't US made.
Thiswillbeyourname acrossallGoogleproduts
0:45 God, the "I repeat everything you say"-telephone conversation is terrible.
Martin Mitsutada
Can't pull this one on this age. They can always check the AIS and there you'll find the ships name flagstate course and other info
stonebrooks 12
all those potatoes, they should of claimed Ireland
Jack Valentine still remains a rookie since training day..
did anyone notice the upside down K at 3:11?
Abdülhamid Han
His german voice is even better!
Larry Lopez
Agent Jack Valentine, the rarest breed of Law Enforcement Officer.-Yuri
Kyle Campbell
"I got a French flag" "So?" "Turning sideways, is Dutch. hahahaha" "That's why you're the Joker"
Thrust vectoring
A boat? That's a ship!
Interpol sees freshly painted name and half size weird Dutch flag. Ok it's clean.
I love the way he talks on the phone, repeating every single thing the person on the other side is saying.
as ak
ak-47s incoming but container filled m-16 boxes.
Mr. White
But who would ship a container full of loose potatoes that are rancid? Wouldn't that raise suspicion?
WeRnotDone WithU
Rather sloppy agent I'd say. First of all the name Kono seems like it was painted on in a hurry and it doesn't say what it's port of registry is. Second of all a ship's name is by law required to be visible from both sides too not just from behind. Hiding illegal goods like heavy drugs, arms etc by covering it with stinking, rotten food is the oldest smuggling trick in the world and it wouldn't feel anybody except the biggest amateur. Couldn't they find out what cargo the real Kono was carrying? I'm fairly certain this is a completely fictionalized scene which never happened the real guy.
Bender Bending Rodriguez
Why did he paint over "K"? KONO also starts with k..
Steven Fox
turns out he didn't need to erase the K
Reminds me of the Orkim Harmony case last year. Pirates hijacked and repainted the name to "Kim Harmon," but they fooled nobody.
I love how this film acts like INTERPOL agents are traditional cops with world-wide jurisdiction and arrest powers.  That's not how INTERPOL works.
Alan Nugent
a) what about the names on either bowsprit? or b) every single log book or c) every document of registration?
Owown Wowlson
I got a French flag, turn it the other way it’s Dutch! Lmao😂😂😂
Jarod Farrant
Actually a lot of arms dealing is legitimately done.
Seriously? One guy can paint the entire back of a cargo ship that quickly, then paint over the wet paint with white letters
Rainman Slim
Theres something great about watching a bad guy do their job well.
As if there was a "Dead Slow" speed haha
If the approaching ship is that close... they can see you re-painting the letters. Kind of silly that this error was missed.
Kyle Campbell
Andrew Niccol is so accurate with this kind of genre
Nicolas Koester
Did anyone notice that they sad the Codewort for AK74s but on the box is written M16...
matthew terakita
AK47s.... the weapons crate said M16... that will be an unhappy customer
Burak Duman
one of the best tactics ever :D
FASTER, or i'll send YOUR ASS, IN!
Just so you know, you originally wrote "by making a boar disappear while still on it." This scene is great, but now I can't help but wonder what the movie would've been like if that were the case
under påttätterna låg de nåra goa M16
dark jedi
One of best scripts by Andrew Niccol (after Truman Show ofc) 😜
James Passmore
Extraordinarily lucky that they didn't notice the ships name written on both sides of the bow as they arrived.
anyone notice that at the beginning of the secene he said the AK's (angelkings) will arrive? at the end you see an M16 box... lol
the K is upside down
LMAO I just found that Dead Slow is an actual speed on the telegraph!
Lord Farquaad
Parker Stahura
@ 4:17-4:30 MIN The highly unsettling truth. The Independent Individual -V- The Chain Of Command Continuously contest culture; Continuously contest government. Godspeed.
j lin
lol you got to its ok no on this one for gun runing it was the one reported lintel Romanian fishing trawler light blue 93 duch harbor in face look agen
Kees de Vries
I'm fairly sure that labeling your illicit cargo as "radioactive waste" would draw *all* the attention of the inspecting agents. Also, how did Cage conjure up a cargo list for the Kono? Wouldn't that be the first thing these agents would take a look at?
that is so funny normally ship name will be in ship head also, and at the stern of ship should have the register port name, and the flag are not needed to hold if u are not entering a port, and it is sure somethings wrong have a suit guy on board like that lol
Frank Dobbs
You cant become powerful without spies... as shown in this video. Spies are essential for powerful men.
13%Commit50%OfAll MURDERSinUSA
I work for one of the largest chemical coatings companies in the world, 100% impossible to paint over wet paint, no matter if it's oil based or whatever!
and my favorite color: *GRAAAAAY*
Brian Crawford
So the naval ship didn't have binoculars to look back and see the guy repainting the name?
Michael O'Leary
Erase the records there its gone lol
Candy Chan
Jared Leto <3
Dead Slow is just keeping the engines running and the screw turning at full minimum so as to appear dead in the water while still keeping the option of full throttle available in short notice
michael williams
love this moive lol shows a lot of the hard to believe truths about arms dealing
Blackrice 69
2:08 faster or your ass will sink in lol XD
Blinded Toaster
0:51 go back to your country
Two Brothers, Two Snakes and One Donkey
They show me how to make a boat disappear and i will show them how to make a pencil disapper... good ol' Joker style
So they're following the "KONO" yet dont have telescopes or binoculars to witness the repainting? mhmkay what ship doesnt have binoculars
Could have kept the K.
4:10 "now, we're in the middle of the ocean--where are those flies coming from?!"
Pickle Neck
man that surely is some fast drying paint, also aren't flags shaped rectangular? wouldn't it look kinda ridiculous to put a french flag sideways? lol
Lawrence Ireneo Cahig
hehe they havent change the name of the ship on the forward part,,and the film make it look like it is that easy to do what the seaman did
j lin
and seen on ncis we on ranger f v cost Gard run them in to port for fish in u s waters we in ponded for no money comp was after week no food with the cutter right there looking at us we quit went home a gun deal sound more fun good tv this how a cover is done by the govt cant sell gun in the open look like the law is locking u up no see the 100mil in stingers tows going to a war zone
matt patterson
the captain of that ship is the pilot later on.
One thing a lot of people are complaining about with shipping the potatoes and the fact that nobody would buy it at the port destination for anything else but fertiliser and animal feed is forgetting one thing. Insurance Fraud. Goods spoiled during transport or written off as if it did can be claimed against insurance (and ones specific to shipping of goods internationally) and potentially additionally claimed by the suppliers as a food aid donation for tax writeoffs. So essentially Yuri would have contacts with his potato suppliers where they provide him with their rejected products written up as A+ quality goods. He uses them to hide his shipments during transport, writes it up as spoiled during transport for the supplier (common enough occurrence) where the supplier can claim shipping insurance for the rejected goods as top quality product and the leftover goods can be sold again at the destination port for animal feed. Naturally Yuri wouldn't really need to deal with a supplier for all this and have all the steps done by his own shell corporations where he can profit off the guns, the insurance, selling the potatoes and claiming tax writeoffs for said potatoes making a nice tidy additional profit to his real moneymakers.
Kirk Pinkney
what if they checked paperwork on board the ship
CJ official
turn the french become dutch 😂😂😂
Dutch filmworks did well
0:45 a meme is born...
John Aquino
is that Jared leto.?
The name would be welded on the hull. The IMO number would be welded in the engine room. They would have to fake about 2 dozen certificates, all of which could be verified with a single sat phone call or data pull.
If you look closer... France saved Netherlands
Ali Buffow
Panama 💯💯💯💯
Kelly KitKat
You spend your life "re-arranging atoms" do you not? Maybe according to recipes? "I call this, scrambled eggs." Metals become alloys which become ships, oil becomes plastics, and so forth. Archimedes invented pulleys, and James Watts invented the steam engine - useful ideas travel far. It is import to separate what is man-made from what God created. Yet, sometimes, the two are one, as in, "this recipe is considered kosher". This video clip is loaded, full of, "cesarism". But, in the background you see the sky and the ocean, things which God created, besides man. It is written of the Lord Jesus that his disciples asked of each other, Who is this man that even the winds and waves obey him?
2:46 3:11 K flips upside down
Truckin Convoy
"I love making movies"
Ceko Juna
Do some of the people even pay attention to this clip? The agent has no time to check the manifest or the potato. The whole point is to stall the agent until they were given a false report of a ship with the same name at another location. So, do you want to waste time sifting through potatoes and the ship, where you have a chance of being wrong and get your ass handed by the agency? or... Follow the intel given to you by your agency that has reported the ship you are looking for, as that's the only reliable lead you have? To *summarize* what Sully said, You will do things differently if you had the knowledge beforehand. If you were there on that day, you wouldn't have a clue on what to do, so you have to take whatever options you have left.
Gerald Monroe
So, uh, what's this guy in an expensive suit doing on a ship carrying week old potatoes? This is ridiculously suspicious.
Sanjay Kumar
tokkalu tunni
SnackZ atPC
Am i the only one who thought og central intellegence when reading the title? Miss read it so hard 😂😂😂
Vigil J Vijayan
Name of the movie ?
Don't get it, why the hell slower and not faster? If I go slower I lose time.
Christos Antonopoulos
done over their was over before it began
Christos Antonopoulos
hmmm how do you counter something I came up with
Aristidis Dragona Stavros
WTF man in from Panama!!!
Sue Interpol for damaging potatoes
It's always so weird watching movies where you sort of end up siding with the bad guys.
白黒 Shirokuro
I would be suspicious seeing potatos laing loose there.
0:49 Slow the f down.. -_-
Joks iZantos
So Smart!
Hayden Lau
They could do the same with German/Belgium flags
Not only he keeps guns in containers filled with potatoes, he also sells his AKs in M16 boxes...
Karma Hadid
Its genius
Noob wiVek
what is the Name of the Movie. Anyone please tell me.
Lenny Jay
1:55 Donald Trump speaking
Lam Wing Fung
Angle King AK