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RA tells the remarkable story of the South African city's thriving house scene. South Africans are the biggest consumers of house music in the world, and Johannesburg is the beating heart of their scene. If you're looking for proof, there is no need to visit a nightclub. In turning on a television, listening to the radio or walking down the street, it's clear that a 4/4 pulse is the metronome of everyday life. The city's preferred sound—vocal-led, percussive, melodic—is largely at odds with what's popular in other international markets; this coupled with cripplingly slow internet speeds goes someway to explaining SA's absence from the global house music conversation. Visit the feature page on RA: /> Subscribe to the RA channel on YouTube: /> Music in order of appearance: Culoe De Song- Webaba [Soulistic Music] 2010 Black Motion- The Documentary [Kalawa Jazmee] 2013 TKZee- Palafala (Midnight Lover Mix) [BMG Records Africa] 1998 Vinny da Vinci- We Love House Music [House Afrika Records] 2004 Culoe de Song- Ambush (Culoe De Song's Voyage Dub) [Soulistic Music] 2010 TKZee- Dlala Mapantsula [BMG Records Africa] 2012 Black Motion- Manghoro [Kalawa Jazzmee] 2013 Infinite Boys ft Coco- Teka Teka [Kalawa Jazmee] 2012 Black Coffee- Trip To Lyon [Soulistic Music] 2010 Black Motion- Thrills [Kalawa Jazzmee] 2013 Jullian Gomes ft Bobby- Love Song 28 [Soul Candi Records]2011 DJ Shimza- Never Loved Anyone [Soul Candi Records] 2012 Credits: Producer and Director: Patrick Nation Associate Producer: Ryan Keeling Executive Producer: Paul Clement, Nick Sabine, Ed Williams Editor: Dan Higginson Camera: Sim Higginson, Dan Higginson, Patrick Nation Researcher: Richard Marshall Production Manager: Lisa Telfer Brunton Additional Footage: Sony Music Film Production: Clockwise Media

t paulissen-dougan
i think the south african house scene is better than anywhere else in the world. they have used their organically grown musical history and blended it well creating their own signature. well done! the creativity is abundant and vibrant with a healthy respect for their roots.
Uklm Ngubane
Ras Sjamaan
Beautiful documentary about SA house music, the best!
Rob Cope
Man, what a cool doccie. Great to be able to experience the SA house scene. Proud to be South African.
track id 17 20? ....amazing video , thanks
Deep, thought provoking, music is the healing of the nation and we need to protect it, but unify together. Positive vibration. Give thanks!
Sparklzy125 Winner
guys south africa is a nice place you should go there
Black coffee, Bucie and Demor favourites !!
Tucker's DJ Mixtape Podcast
Man, I'd love to come through with my harddrive full of '80s and '90s House classics along with newer Chicago footwork tracks.
I would love to go kick it in Johannesburg someday! How awesome!
Samrat B
good scene.. Joberg... what matters is the underground produces music and plays it. the future in the making...
Sylvester Art
Can't believe i'm only watching it now..dope
Ntando Mkhwanazi
Have no words, besides...Beautiful
Benoni Babe
South African roots come join our page Celtic Rumours on Facebook
Jorge Rocha Netto
Great job, RA! I had no idea how vibrant this scene was in Johannesburg. I think it's only natural to pay attention to the ups and downs of electronic music where it's been established for a long time, but there is so much going on elsewhere with many different and creative approaches being tried. This video was very inspiring!
Mntu Thambokie
Oskido is a Legend full-stop, Ndiyakuhlonipha Bra.
Thabo Maubane
The old classics from the likes of Robert Owens, Frankie Knuckles and others were the sound tracks to our struggle during apartheid. They became part of our social fabric, hence when you play those classics at parties even today you will be amazed by the response form the young crowd. They know the lyrics word for word. We have had a relationship with House Music for a long time
YO! Great job Resident Advisor. Inspirational piece... I might have to spend a few months down in Joburg next year and really check out the scene.
tshepo mathope
i need new house music
Charles Matthews
I remember house music when it used to be played in the house.. i remember.. i remember.. i... i .i remeber house when you use to be in the house!!! Thank u for the remebrance of how far we have became#HouseMusicIsAFeeling
18:59: "Yes We came up, it was a struggle, it was not easy. Now we're at a stage where we wanna keep "it" growing. So, You guys are coming up… Here: Take "it", Now do something with "it" That is the most beautiful thing I've heard anyone say about the scene!I wish there was more mentors willing to do that here in NYC. Unfortunately, the older generation here seems like they wanna take it with them to their graves instead. It's kind of sad to see how many doors they close on newcomers faces.
I can't stop re-watching. I must say this Johannesburg Doccie is the best out of all the "Real Scenes" in my humble opinion.
It does mean a very great deal. It makes me smile seeing these guys have fun. I hope Joburg and So Africa makes a mark in the near future on an international scale.
namtila namtiz
. house is an expression of true African rhythm thus no other continent can even dare to do what we can do. i say they have invented the mixer but we mix it even with one hand wakit coffee style music! music for the soul i always say, thanx for the video question why is it called House music? watch the space for Namibian dj's
Farhad S
The piece where he shows his blanket was crucial to the plot 4:42
very interesting documentary series... ♫ ♥ ♪  would love to see more world cities like Barcelona, Sydney, Hong Kong, Istanbul, Tel Aviv, Stockholm, Toronto, London, etc. pp... thx a lot 4 producing & sharing this videos... ♫ ♥ ♪ (shared on FB & tweeted promptly)
Amazing video. House Music bringing light in to the world...Again!!!
history in the making and the best part we are all part of it! Flying that Mzansi flag
This is awesome
samuel monyake
This is the real South Africa...we love house music!!!!!!!
Tino Shabazz
House Music started in Chicago in the early 80's by Black people and now the Black South African's are taking it back to the Motherland! I'm proud of and happy for these guys! Don't hate on them! It's better for them to take it back than other people who aren't of this culture! 
Thabo Maubane
Very true as much as they are talking about JHB. But the epicenter of Deep House music in South Africa is Pretoria (Where Black Motion comes from by the way) In a place called Ga-Rankuwa every street has a Dj and majority fall in love first with Deep House Music.
Thabo Maubane
Come visit and don't go to the conventional clubs, ask the like of Dj Vinny da Vinci and Dj Christos to take you into the townships where classic house, deep house is really appreciated. People warm up to a Dj who wont bombard them with commercial house. They allow you to tell your story through those tracks that have a deep meaning. As they said "House Music is Life"
Thabo Maubane
The sad part is that they regard themselves as House Music purists, forgetting that music evolves. The reason Our House music scene is huge was a result of infusing our own elements. People were able to identify with the music as it struck a cord with them. In order for the NYC scene to grow there needs to be an open discussion as to how you going to take house music forward
Thanks for this awesome documentary. Fascinating insight into a world I knew nothing about.
Mzanzi 4 sure! home of house music.
Daphney Hengstberger
This makes me miss home more, Mzanzi 4 sure!!!! Proudly South African
Landile Nxesi
South African house music makes partying in SA epically beautiful ,Id choose house music over any genre any day !!! Proudly South Africa!!! Mzansi stand up.
Marseille, Madrid, Barcelona, Tokyo, London and Stockolm please!
That really lifted my spirits, I'd love to visit one day.
lins rusifis
I've been there last year, the people just spread the greatest vibes, true love to the people and to the music
Joseph Matebane
that story is beautiful :)
Now Im mad and inspired. In my country there is no scene at all, and when you compare it to africa, we have so many more chances but we never grab :/ Great to see africa doing like this :)
love it!
Paul J DeCoteau
What is the name of the Black Motion track @ 5:15 ???? that track is WICKED!!!!!!!!
DJ Spivey
Great Piece!!
Ivan sellar
please, could you do a you tube video where you are show casing your music as if it was a music cd?
Love this
wow a summary of what South Africa is now and whats to come told beautiful manner....Thank you!!
Aidan Fleming
stanislav madonda
8 to 9 million
south africans have musical talent all round.
sekgobela lesiba jacky
proud to say im from SOSHA BLOCK UU DANKIE
I really liked ,very interesting(the black young chic on the roof made an impression on me she's smoking hot):-)
layman lay
xoxo,pls check my channel for more
layman lay
were are u situated currently?
Lebogang Walter
IV Been Away from Home for 4 YEARS but this Video just makes me wana relocate back home .
Lebogang Walter
Sakhi Dlala
Oskido brought me here!
The guy at 9:05 looks like jamie fox with dreads XD
Patrick Bo
great view in the SA scene. big up!! we re loving your sounds!
Lewis E.
It's not where you're from it's where you're at!
Margo Bekkering
This was really awesome to watch - thank you, and good luck, guys!
Thami Seitshiro
just watching this video made me feel so proud of my Country, very nice knowing that House Music is loved so uch
its called the documentary, hopefully im correct but pretty sure thats the name
14:21 PLease what song is that? i beg of u @residentadvisor What song is played there?
yall name the songs in this video plssss I beg off u thanks
Jonathan Gough
track at 12:40 is decent!!
15:52 - "eight to nine million", he said.
Calvin Hadebe
Shweet video, I LOVE U JO'BURG!!!
sorry but david guetta is not the reference in France he is the most known and doing more commercial stuff. depemding on the style , in France there is C2C, Jazz liberatorz , Soul square , Hocus Pocus , Electro deluxe , Wax Taylor , chinese man , and I did not put all the artist, saying guetta = french is not true , when you like some good inovative work you definetely not listening to guetta
sebastian krieger
I really wish Cape towns people had this much appreciation and everyone can get a long.I like this video as im a aspiring Dj trying to find my way in the industry.
Sakhi Dlala
" Johannesburg has plus minues 89 million residents?"...and South Africa has 51 million so boet?
Ben Doyle
I love how they support the youth through music, looks like a brilliant scene because of this. Black Coffee also looks extremely inspiring. Great video, thanks RA.
wow - I think I´m gonna visit Johannesburg now!
Aarón Ruviera
Mexico please
Who ever came up with this tracklist done an amazing job. Props !!
Sizo Vilakazi
This is dope, This documentary is beautiful it gave me goosebumps. #Crying
DnB #M22
My dream is to be a houz dj ..pray for me guyz..thanx
For us House Heads, this documentary means a great deal. Thank You Resident Advisor - Well Done!
Luyanda Ntabeni
i can't imagine my lyf witout house music
This is great!
09:02 When did jamie foxx start growing dreadlocks?
well done for loading this up. SA house rocks even though i am not south African. Well done
15:49 Track ID: Love song 28 by Julian Gomes and Bobby <3 Love me that song!!! ummmm
housedubs dj deejay
Rockstar Productions
true ne
Phil Adelphia
This is true Love for House Music!!!
Jesús Falcón
1.04 CBD i was there....
Walmor Calado - oficial_voz
thanks for listening.. :)
Claire Martin
Black Coffee, Crazy White Boy, Euphonik, Black Motion, Kentphonik, Pascal & Pearce, Mphoza
THANKS RA, i want to go to africa tomorrow! ID at 5.15?? It's making me go mad!
this is amazing!
Walmor Calado
Someone can tell me the names of Dj South Africans?
Walmor Calado
omeone can tell me the names of Dj South Africans?
Marius Riis Haugan
David Guetta = French. Deadmau5 = Canadian. Try again, best of luck to you in your future trolling endeavours. God speed.
Seb -
best fucking studio ever