Cloud Atlas Official Trailer #3 (2012) - Tom Hanks, Halle Berry, Wachowski Movie HD

Subscribe to TRAILERS: />Subscribe to COMING SOON: />Cloud Atlas Official Trailer #3 (2012) - Tom Hanks, Halle Berry, Wachowski Movie HD An exploration of how the actions of individual lives impact one another in the past, present and future, as one soul is shaped from a killer into a hero, and an act of kindness ripples across centuries to inspire a revolution.

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Our lives are not our own. The person you give yourself to should realize the importance and impact you give them. If they don't take care of you, Move on and make someone better.
Shashank Shukla
Cloud Atlas consists of six nested stories that take the reader from the remote South Pacific in the nineteenth century to a distant, post-apocalyptic future. Each tale is revealed to be a story that is read (or observed) by the main character in the next. The first five stories are interrupted at a key moment. After the sixth story, the other five stories are returned to and closed, in reverse order, and each ends with the main character observing the chronologically previous work in the chain.
I don't understand diz movie its confusing!!!! Can sumone plz explain!!!!!
I know. That's why in an egoist way I prefer they did it. But in a way I also would have preferred for the Wachowskis and Tykwer that they didn't made it. So I think the best way to react is just to enjoy the result for the few blood and nude it has on it, but being sad the movie didn't worked. At least the Wachowski's next movie is already planned, and they'll also create a TV series. So they didn't suffered so much of that huge fail. And a lot of people loved it, not like Speed Racer.
Fred West
No one can describe this movie, this movie is greater than beyond <3
Yes, but in the end the R-rating ending up extremely hurting the movie.
In a way it wouldn't have really been important if they cuted the movie to not put the few blood and nude on it, I mean except the slaughterhouse seen it's never important scenes. But I'm glad they did for I love the result. It's never nude or blood just for the fun (well ok maybe for the critic throwed from the building XD) and it's bad some people didn't saw the movie because of that, but personally I'm happy they puttet that elements on the movie.
The nude korean slaughterhouse didn't help much. I think even if the nudity was irrelevant it would earn an R-rating from the pretty grim and realistic violence.
R-rating ? Damn. Ok it have you see the breasts of one of the actress at one point, and some blood, but still... The guys who makes the age ratings should stop to think that younger people are just innocent, naive and hugely shockable people... I saw Alien when I was 10 and The Thing when I was 13, it didn't shocked me until the end of my days -__-
This seriously ia an amazing film. So beautiful and meaningful and everything. I can´t describe it, but Irecommend it to everyone.
stephen coghlan
Tunes amazing, can't get enough of it
One of the best trailer ever..m83 outdo = win
shut up you chav
Too sik gonna watch dat
Ashkan Parsa
the music is so fucking amazing
Ashkan Parsa
M83 - outro
Giselle Pezoa Wattson
Maybe with another movie i would watch online, but you're right this movie is made for the big screen, and i have to wait 3 months to see it, but it will be worth
Claudia Atlason
You should stop spreading and encourage ppl to download it. You are not supporting the movie by doing tis. Cloud Atlas is made for the big screen and deserves it. It's sad that there are people who won't be able to see it in the cinema. It's an amazing experience.
the temple has asked to illuminate her evilness
For those who want to know the music is M83 - outro
ah well... I`ll rather bee Marxist than Consumer ... or Fabricant ? Youtube is a great thing that happened to human race after the Internet and the Google. Let`s just hope that grim future described in the novel is some others fate
I hope that they didn`t erase Somni`s manifesto to please mainstream Hollywood and corpocrats ....
Zachary ! I forgot the name ... I can accept it Zach being a little bit older, because of the premise of love that is going trough the movie, and for what I read of the script, they really are speaking like in the book, audio book .... I can`t think of anything more beautiful recently than the young Zack`s voice praying to Sonmi .... ;)
I grow up in social country, one day i image i go to American, when i got there it was not much different.
Me to, Cavendish was a revelation and the young Somni worshiper ... That semi-stupid unforgettable voice ...
M83 - Outro, already addicted to that kind of music Somehow they combine youth `80-is with this modern electronic music
I feel like it won't, like it'll do worse than anyone expected, but I'll like it better than avatar.
jay chery
jay chery
:D thats how gud this movie is gonna be bacon and sex
need a list of these kinda movies got addicted to it...
Anyone know the song in the background?
It kinda did. IMBD said that the graphic dismembering isn't in the film, just the reactions of Somni and Hae Joo Im as well as them going into machines.
Daniel Storm
i think this movie gonna defeat avatar
Salah Al-Bloushi
i almost cried
I dont remember that. Even if they did, that part was probably cut from the film. I heard the Somni segment is the most different from the book out of all the sections
Yah but the fabricants went into a machine. They didn't see them being chopped up.
fuuuuu--- it's rated R! :(
Emanuel Gonzalez
rated R??.......... OMG.... :O .....
So I think I remember seeing this movie in the past or maybe know ill see it in the future... I'm lost in time now.
hmm well the book was actually a draw between PG-13 and R
lol at people worrying about R rating. This movie will probably only be understandable to people mature enough to handle R rated content.
Alex Critchley
Outro - M83 . Such an awesome song!
another legend for Tom hanks
Alberto Meliá Bote
Yo soy mallorquín y no se si es por los paisajes de la peli, si por la música del trailer o por la narrativa, o todas juntas! pero es que no puedo esperar ha que la estrenen en España, estos trailers me cautivan y ... YA ME HE COMPRADO EL LIBRO :D ahora a leer!
M83 - Outro :)
Y grabada en Mallorca, ¿qué más queréis?
Marsh Kabir
The cloud atlas extended 6 minute trailer is one of greatest clips i have ever seen in 30 years of watching movies
Looks great!
this is the movie i will not download.... i will watch it in the theatre :)
Whoa, the directors of Matrix Revolutions and Speed Racer, I see Genius!
I can't wait for this!
Elegantshadow 45
Yellowface movie
I've never judged a movie by its trailer but this would say that is the best we'll see in a long time
It's only M83 - OUTRO
jay chery
M83 - Outro
Tamim Altamimi
name of the song please???
evan porras
The reviews weren't too good for this movie :/ but I hope it's good and can impact me like vanilla sky(last 20 mins) or the fountain
S Bre
Will be EPIC
Ivan bello
hell yeah baby I have to see this rigth now
random 4th comment
check again
Song: M83 Outro