Inga & Anush - Jan Jan (Armenia) LIVE 2009 Eurovision Song Contest

Inga & Anush represented Armenia at the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow with the song Jan Jan

Unknown 03
I miss variety in Eurovision now days all the songs are in English, they all sound the same and have the same theme.
aren bosnoian
Now I understand why Mans Zermelow chose this as his favorite song of Eurovisionin , everything about this performance is perfect
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3:08 Thank you EuroPPP! xD
2019 and still coming back to listen that song! Love from Greece 🇬🇷❤
Paulius Daunys
Mans Zermelow's fav song apparently
Terry Baker
I was obsessed with this song for months after ESC
Aleksander Pagels
Half of the views must be from Måns Zelmerlow
Absolutely incredible mixture of national folklore and modern interpretation, one of the best Eurovision songs ever.
George Delavinias
an amazing entry. Armenia sent an extraordinary entry
Andy Chong
one of my favourite song from Eurovision Song Contest 🇦🇲 :)
Jun G Schiffer
This is what Eurovision all about:promoting your nation culture
Κωστας Κ.
8 years later and still i love it....only 10th place? :/
One of these days Armenia HAS to win. They obviously care about sending good songs, and sometimes they don't get points they deserve and sometimes it's not their "best" per-se, but overall they've had amazing entries like this one. "LoveWave" was absolutely amazing as well. SUPER excited for their entry in Ukraine 2017!
Art Kay
Definitely one of the most unique entries in the history of Eurovision! MASTERPIECE 🙌🏻
Arif Can Korkmaz
Can't really decide whether this or qele qele was the best entry of Armenia. I love both of them though
Nicky T
I love this (2019) 🇬🇷
Armond Ghazarian
The best ever fusion of ethnic music with modern synthesized beat. An absolute Armenian Eurovision treasure.
ESC DeMarcus
This was so unique :) One of the reasons I love Eurovision :)
The queens of ESC 2009
Awesome song. They used the LEDs very well too! 😊
Wow👏I really love,very good performance!Greetings from Poland!
J Horch
People should stop comparing armenian entry's with azerbaijani entrys all the time. They do have similar culture so what's wrong with sounding similar then? Just shut up and enjoy the music. For me personally Armenia and Azerbaijan are my favourite esc countrys along with sweden. And all those conflicts shouldn't matter when it's about MUSIC!
wth 10th??? Atleast top 5!
omg first like, so proud
Jasper HomeworldGem
Every time i listen to this song,i feel warmer!
One of the best eurovision entries ever
Everyone should understand that the area Armenia is in has similar cultures.
Terry Baker
I was obsessed with this song for months after ESC
Dan Panov
Absolutely one of my favorite eurovision's songs ever!!!! I was 11 but I still remember it as it was yesterday!!!!
Joseph !
this is amazing even måns zelmerlöw loved it
This is favourite ESC song of Sanja ZAA (Serbia 2016) :D
Sharifah Nur Irdayu
Listening this in 2018 again.. Some good exposure of culture here
Ansa Iseli
Armenia is such a great nation in ESC along with Ukraine because both always trying to write their songs by themselves
I really like this a lot...after all these years! memorable!
Krzysiek Dziurowicz
"Armenia vs. Azerbaijan..." the comments are about. Can anyone here enjoy the music and shut the F up!? LOVE THE SONG!! + the sing a part in their language ♡
Emirhan Demirbağ
I’m from TURKEY but i love this song respect
beqa joxavi
best love from georgia
Άγγελος Αλεξάνδρου
Am I the only one who finds the dancers hot😍 (Btw, the sing was awesome😂)
That's the same lady who returned with Genealogy in 2015 for Face The Shadow song!
Zakir Shakirov
Спасибо, что привезли к нам в Россию такую красивую песню!!! Эх, мой 2009 😅
ERTV Music Medias
NOR PAR!!! This is my favourite 2009 presentation - followed by Urban Symphony - 'Rändajad' But... what about the 2016's presentations? They are still unavailable to the most of countries due 'whatever' reasons! (I'm not able to watch'em here in Brazil!)
Jason Leer
This helped make 2009 a very memorable Eurovision song contest for me. 🙂
forever shawol
Old but gold
Anıl Gür
İ love it greetings from TURKEY 🇹🇷
John Manis Dimos
10 years on and I'm still coming back to this gem.
ΓΙΩΡΓΟΣ komocity
Anyone watching this in 2018?
Luís Filipe
One of the things I love the most about eurovision.. eventually an ethnic flavoured song appears and my heart goes Ahhhhh <3
m özdemir
I liked this performance and song. Love from Turkey
2009 was the first time I watched Eurovision here in America, and to see Armenia perform this - what a treat. It's fun; it's colorful; it's cultural. I've watched Eurovision every year since then and always find myself rooting for Armenia the most. This will forever be my favorite performance of all of Eurovision.
Chiko Chiru
Still so good <3 One of the best entrance of whole competition Love from Poland <3
Wessel Westdorp
loved this song since it's release <3 way before you 2016'ers came because of mans...
Who came watching this after Mans started singing it during the eurovision 2016 final? Honestly, this was one of the best eurovision performances of all times. Apparently, they were dressed as the Armenian queens of 14-15 century.
Gijs Nijenhuis
favourite song of eurovision since 2009
Arif Ismail
Sizin kokunuze nehlet.Allah gorum sizi yer uzunnen birdefelik domain.Amin
Conor Sheehan
2008 Qele Qele 2009 Jan Jan 2011 Boom Boom
Amir Amir
❤️💙🧡 best eurovision song ever , thank you Armenia
Emre Akçıl
love the music and great vocals. actually the part in armenian language is much more tasty.
ESC Galaxy
Love it so much💙
Raul Cercea
I miss this kind of eurovision...2009 was the best year
Vlad D
Best Armenian entry ever! How couldn't it reach top 3?
Rafaello Rafaello
Love and Peace from ♥Azerbaijan♥
Nune Yolyan
I love so much this song but don't like the show. This is one of the best performances of Armenia. Love you Inga Anush xxxx
Deniz NL
I would love to see this kind of song from Armenia again. It's been a while and even though they always use traditional stuff in their entries, I think it do be great if they have song and performance like this, but with better lyrics.
One of the best in entire Eurovision history. Wonderfull perforance that hard to belie it was live and very close to Turkish melodies.
Their Vocal range are absolutely amazing!!! I wish Armenia placed higher that year
Tim patrick
anyone listening 2018? love me some Jan.jan
Cem Aslan
They can be most beautiful Armenian Girls in the World.
Bedir Ascioglu
Loved this entry from Armenia!
steve petrovic
Serbia loves our ortodox brothers and sisters from Armenia❤
lil mew
2019 год. я еще здесь ♡
S. Leo Chapman
That was a great year. So many good songs (Armenia, Estonia, France, Iceland, Norway...). And the stage was amazing!
The Greek Meltan
MY TOP 5 (2009) 1 Norway 2 Azerbaijan 3 Armenia 4 Iceland 5 Moldova
This is one of my favourite Eurovison entries of all time. It has been 8 years, since I first heard it and I still come back often to watch it again. Such a fantastic song and persormance. ❤ from Germany
ESC Armenia
This is definitely one of the Best eurovision songs.
Bedrijf Oreo
Im watching this in 2017 <3
Róbert Czifra
2:37 Somehow I always get goosebumps at this part <3
Mete Erturan
My favorite Armenian entry so beany and ethnic, greetings from Turkey <3
Vüqar Türksoy
Binamus yığını fürsət tapdıqca bizim milli geyimlərimizo özünkü kimi təqdim edirlər. Ancaq bizim avravijin təmsilçiləri xalqımızın ənənələri ilə çıxmırlar. Bədbəxtçiliyim burdadı
Alesia Michelle
I love this entry... :-)
Erdem Nayir
I love this song : )
Tigran Mkhitarian
Who else came here after Sanja's aweeesome cover?? :D
Albertho Reyes
Yoi llegue aqui por que Manz Zemerlow le gusta esta cancion :D
Xeyal Tarverdiyev
Allah qirsin sizleri saxtakarlar
Athina Grigoriadou
I keep rewatching this every single day what is wrong?
Oona Eskeli
2009 is still the best ever year in Eurovision. And by far.
esc turkeyfan
yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas still listen in 2018 ♥♥♥
Still my favorite entry of all times at ESC. Love from France!
a masterpiece, Armenia always serves something different but amazing ♥️🇦🇲
Мане Саргсян
Armenia The Best 😍😍😍 Առաջ Հայաստան հիասքանչ երգ😍💟💕💟❤💙💖💝💞💟💘
MarinaD Comedy
Armenian song) love dis 😍😘🔥
Jonathan Hodgson
Vocally on point throughout, fun and extremely well put together on stage!! Amazing! 😍👌🏻
3:09 thank you EUROPPPPPFFFFF
Armenia or Ozbekistan ? 🤔
Omar Alejandro Deniz Amezcua
A M A Z I N G <3
We need more folk fusion music in Eurovision like the olden days!! 2009 was the most excellent edition where almost all country present their ethnic fusion music identity like Armenia, Moldova, Norway, Estonia, etc..
Desert Rose
This was such a strong performance, they really gave everything <3
Legendary Balkan
Awesome song! Love from Serbia!
Kamil Tamarov
Oğruluğu yaxşı bacarırlar😒
L Bone
Очень понравился этот номер. Девушки восхитительны, песня запомнилась.
Petar Ristovski
I'm loving this song !!! greetings from Macedonia !!!