Abigail Williams - Watchtower Revisited

Abigail Williams' song "Watchtower Revisited". This is the re-recorded version of their song "Watchtower", which is featurred on the "Legend" EP.

Mike FaJohn
This is in no way shape or form better than the original.
Sounds like a mix of Emperor and Dimmu Borgir
jacob bailey
If you don't get hard at @4:30 then you pretty much suck
the synth sounded better too. actually everything did.
That's the one I grew up listening to too haha. So I understand exactly where you're coming from.
Guitar solo sounded better to me on the EP I guess. I'm just so used to that version.
Why did you say that about the guitar solo... because that's exactly what it sounds like. I like this one because of the quality (small difference) but that's about it.
tyler b
when this song comes on I picture Kratos bout to fuck shit up
This is music from the earn.... R.I.P.
Anthony Stone Murphy
just saw that the guy on your pic died .. sad sad sad..
fore sure
The guitar solo in this song doesn't even sound like a solo anymore, in this version it sounds like he just took the guitar and threw it down a bunch of stairs. Original version on the EP is definitely better than this one. But some redeeming factors are better on this version such as better drumming but that's about it.
Hmmmm, I like Satan Troll voice better.
the og recording sounds a little bit better just dont like the whisper like sreamin he has goin on in the chorus
Widya Prasetya
@SilentWolftears thx a lot for u bro
Dennis Hopper
@tpops123 mediafire (DOT) com (SLASH) ?jyzyzgmzknk
Dennis Hopper
what a cool song
Evan Valentine
isn't this procession of the aeons?
Matt M
older version was better
@tpops123 The label cracked down and removed a ton of videos on here. My old account was deleted because of an 8-second sample of one of their songs I had on here.
They took out what is by far the best part of the song (the clean vocals in the slow section).
Fuck I can't find carrion birds anymore on youtube. I bought it on itunes but I fucking lost all my songs when I got a new computer and can't get them back even through customer support. Balls I hate to pirate anything from williams but thats what im doing.
Quit bitching about the solo. Just because it's not the original doesn't mean shit. It fits perfectly and makes complete sense that it is played right there.
Kaz Crowley
Amazing re-work! Vocals sound more brutal than ever :D However, I do miss the extra synthy bits of this song.
Raul Villalobos
Solo was so much better first time around. It's almost like they couldn't play it like originally written
@songsearches I hear "The weight brought down the sky."
Solo sounds fucking horrible in this version.
@endeavor18 yeah i agree to sounds to processed now. plus it doesnt have ashley ellyllon, probobly the best thing to happen to abigail williams.
Carmen Inco
damn why did they change the solo up?! of course the old version is gunna be better it kicked ass!
@CannibalTroll777 Sounds more Black Metal
Jerry Rose
I like the old recording better. If the old recording didn't exist, I'd get this.
Dashiell Sublett
Ken is a really unique vocalist.
@wehopeyoudie some aspects are a little better, most aren't. basically = shit. the solo....is shit.
John K
sounds more black metal and less crabcore. i like it
@Mzee1084 Check out their new material, it's more traditional guitar oriented black metal, especially with the vocals. Oh, and btw, for half of ITSOATS, the drummer from Emperor did the drums.
Too much of a rip off of cradle of filth and modern emperor for me. And the vocals sound uninspired and often deathcorish screeches. Very overrated band. They just got lucky to get promoted more than other symphonic black metal bands.
Dennis van Dijken
best song ever made
Sanskar Wagley
this sounds much better
There's only one thing I like about this version and its how the synth stringed portion at 1:23 and at 2:18 is emphasized. Not saying it's mixed well or even good but more like that it's even there and audible. Honestly I would've just liked to have heard an album that blended Ashley's keyboard magic or used a synthesized orchestrate other than Kristen Randall blended with pre - A Thousand Suns Abigail Williams.
Jason Hite
This version only succeeds in making me crave the original version..whoever produced their 3 most recent albums should be shot..their rollercoaster sound has been reduced to nice ride in the country..still great..just epic like their first 2 albums