Pokemon Gold vs Lance Full Fight

Pokemon animation about Gold vs. Lance Full Fight. I made this animation due to many requests in the previous video - Pokémon Lance Dragon Master. This fan animation was made with ToonBoom Studio, and 3D room made in blender. Contribute to my Patreon: />Musics: /> /> /> /> />

Tiel Master
Came here for jokes and laughter. Left in tears.
Julian Brown
The way dragonite finished ho oh tho...
The Noonies
why is the end making me cry. It’s like him looking back at all the old pokegear in the box was me finding my old collection of gameboy stuff as an adult and the memories just come back
Yan Coutinho
Hard days when Togetic wasn't a fairy-type.
Angel Olivas
Wow my childhood in 9 minutes, good old times.
You can't be the champion of the pokemon league without knowing how to spam full restores!
I usually hate fan mades, but this one was AWESOME, great job 👌
N.D Goldberger
Reminds me of how i imagined these battles as a kid, amazing!!!!
Bruh I lost it when I saw old Red with MissingNo 😂
Jordan Verbeek
2:06 Gold is basically your reaction to fighting a Dragonite for the first time.
Trea Uchiha
This mf lance sent charizard out against a shiny waterfalling gyarados and used steel wing 🤦🏾‍♂️ God my chest
Virgilio Perez
This was well done. Especially the part they show how far him and typhlosion have come. That hit me hard. Cause I always pick typhlosion as my starter. 😖🥺😢
Omg loved the Godzilla reference when the 3rd Dragonite Hyper beamed Ho-oh right in the mouth.
Man from Nantucket
Metronome and hope for the best, a solid strategy.
This is the beauty of Pokemon. You start off on a virtual journey with a "pet" and then you gain other pets along the way. Somewhere along the lines of talking to people and gaining exp, you start to get emotionally attached to your pets, it's almost as if they were real, no, it's that you wish they were real. This emotionally attachment never goes away no matter how many years you put between yourself and Pokemon the series or the games.
8:51 tho red chilling with mew and mewtwo and missing number lol. 😆😆😆
Hits right in the feels and its 4x super effective <3
ember ashes
3:40 Lance:you don't get to be champion of the Pokemon league without knowing how to spam full restores
2:05 Dragonite: I think this belongs to you. Gold: Thank you sir.
There are people with super fancy art styles that don't do nearly as well as this. Animation is more than fancy colors
Also, that's what you get for teaching your Ho-Oh double team..
Priscilla Phommaras
I’m not sure if support to laugh, But I laughed when Lance had 3 dang Dragonites.
I like how that Dragonite just casually hands over the Gyrados to Gold "Here....he's dead"
Joeb Hancock
How many times did he reset to save point until the Hydropump finally missed?
Red just shilling with Missignon hahahaha
I hope there will be same videos about gen 3 and 4. The animation really knows how to pack the whole journey, the struggle and feelings, the pokemon we meet on the road and milestones into a beautiful nostalgic video. Cynthia and Steven (also Wallace, I like him more bcs of the relationship with Milotic) are great champions, accompanying us through the journey and giving hints on the pokemon world. Fights with them sum up everything we've learned and truly test the skills of a pokemon trainer with great music in the back. It's nice that they showed that not only a 'cool dragon type' master trainer or our rival can be the final fight in the pokemon league. Can't wait for new content :)
Tom Phelan
I love the way the animator picked his own team instead Golds classic team ORIGINAL FOR ONCE!!
I didnt came here to feel, pls fix it, it cannot be so emotional
I never thought I would want an older Gary in replacement for Professor Oak, handing out pokemon to new trainers. Until now
Ian Chen
That Adult Ethan scene made me cry 😭
André- Kun
The old mom and the adult Gold made me cry A mãe velinha e o Gold adulto me fizeram chorar
Having the same dragonite for 20 years (was able to transfer it through every gen with my friend's pokemon Bank app) I really connected with Lance and his last Dragonite in this animation. Ol' Drago has been on the champion roster for 20 damn years.
Christian Berto
This is a perfection... I love Pokémon and I love this.. You made me move.. I m crying.❤️
Dat Poyo
You Made Me Remember My Challenge Agaisnt Lancer Using Ampharos And Lugia
Blox Gaming
4:59 Great reference to Monsterverse Godzilla killing Female MUTO
Omi Omi Nemo
i love how th majority of everyone uses an ampharos first to obliterate the gyrados
Ch405_R4pt0R 0211
Lance fist bumping Aerodactyl killed me
Just a guy who's trying his best
Came for the idea of a cool pokemon battle. Stayed for the feels trip. Amazing video, my man. Just wow
EG gaming
Oh get it on the frame of him with the gym badges it said with a heart of gold that's a Pokemon heart gold reference cool
Oh man now I'm crying thanks. For real though, this was incredible. Thank you
Greenherring 10
Everyone of your animations are worth the wait because they are so amazing. Especally love the ending.
Rex Raptor
8:52 Ate o Missigno me faz relembrar toda a jornada muito nostálgico , animação de combate bruta kkkk ai sim
The Amazing Gible
Man, my Piloswine and Umbreon pretty much did everything in Silver.
Silvester Garza
Amazing video! Dragonite hyper beam to ho-oh that was insane lmao
kalew GoldenGremlin
Vim pra assistir algo legal, tô chorando com algo maravilhoso
That one guy
Did anyone cry at the end Maybe a little? I did it was such a good animation
MarkDsparkz 04
ohh men i miss my buddy typlosion good old days in pokemon crystal :) and the last scene almost made me in tears hehe. .
wow that was my middle school life. this was much more than expected. absolute gold quality.
Copshot 00
I like the animating... But did typhlosion use earthquake on dragonite...?
Will you make a video for gen 3 please??
This video is awesome, but Dragonite emiting hyperbeam into Ho-oh's beak was savage and disturbing.
Antonio Dues
Wow that was amazing. Definitely getting a sub
Ram Queen
Lol @ older man Oak, and of course Red caught the glitch, Red can do EVERYTHING 🤯
D'o Da gamer
5:16 how u feel when lance forces you to pull out your strongest Pokémon (your starter)
Plot twist: the starter is actually Meganium
Kevin England
Ca-ra-lho!!! Que fodaaaaaaa
Croatian Cowboy
Everybody is talking about crying at the very very end when he looks back at all of the memories, but I started crying whenever he sent out the Typhlosion at 5:11 and the music got all hype as fuck .... then I started crying a second time at the ending lmao Absolutely amazing animation and story
goku ssg
My only question is did dragonite miss purposely.
Greenherring 10
4:58 So brutal.
Jadon Oliverio
Omg this must of token a long time good job keep it up
Josiah Rudy
Dude my freaking childhood! Love the video. I always played silver but still this was amazing.
issac leitner
Gold: sudowoodo take the pokeball statue and smack dragonite.....not effective Lance:dragonite take sudowoodo and smack the pokemon statue.....super effective.....dragonite is savage 😅🤣😂
Dave Hoffman
I really liked the wink before Gold sent out Red Gyrados. Great animation!
Graham Vanderhorst
This honestly made me want to cry
Calogero Shurley
5:20 when Gold simply says "Go"... how many memories...that Thymplosion in my gameboy already knew what to do even before I told him
Xyruz Icawalo
The ending is so.. I just dont know how say it.. The part of me Thank you 😢😢😢
Jennie Ruiz
me:who could the last pokemon be!! Lance:*sent out dragonite * me:WTF
Flamedeer TF2
I love lance's flash back with the younger version of characters with the young oak from the manga.
Joshua Musa
This is really awesome!! Like how I play pokemon gold
Earnest Gamer
Hahahaha no mms! Le soltó ese hiper rayo como si fuera Godzilla. 10/10
Who Else thinks lugia is cooler than Ho oh
Renatuh eto
Pqp bom dms
Parsel 94
That ending though... 😭😭😭 (beautiful animation) I'm actually playing through Crystal version right now. I love Pokémon!!!! I may be 25 years old, I'll probably never outgrow it 😅😂
What I love most about the ending is that Blue is a Pokémon professor and Red seems to still be a trainer traveling the world and everything. While Gold is supposed to represent us as he has a “regular job” now (as I assume by his suit), blue and red never gave up their dreams and continued to pursue their passions. While a lot of people end up being Gold, you can still be Red if you never give up on your dreams.
Thomas Wylie
Everyone's talking about the battle (it's amazing, no argument there), but can I just say the ending scene was extraordinarily well done. Beautiful animation!
Lanky Lemon
Wow I didn't expect to be moved by this 😆
Villess gaming
you dont get to be champion of the pokemon leauge without knowing how to SPAM FULL RESTORES TROLOLOLOLOLOOLOLOLOLOLOL
YU Chin
4:15 Kukui getting his ass handed to. The end gave me tears. But seeing Red with a Mew, Mewtwo, and Missingno lol
Marce Daza
you should make one about silver or crystal
Thank you, just thank you. I didnt expect the end, keep up the good work, you earned an new subscriber :,)
Bruh dragonite murdered sudowoodo and ho-oh 💀💀💀😂 2:37 sudowoodo 4:53 ho-oh
E é BR? Parabéns mano.. incrível!
ENZO 2.0
Faz a dublajem em br e chama o endih
JcPlayz 1324
4:55 why doesnt any one know this godzilla reference?!?!?
Omar Sheikh
5:01 godzilla vs the M.U.T.O . I love it
Youngster Joey
Hey that's not fair, where is gold or red against youngster Joey and his Rattata?
xXenchanted demonXx
That hit me in the feels man! 😭 great video, so much nostalgia.
2:55 Togekiss doing the Metronome move. Lmfao! 😂😂😂
Oscar Flack
Deserves a lot more praise👌👏👏👏
Sabora Makingai
If this isn't just the most accurate thing I've ever seen...legit this is how I pictured it happening.
Nova Mods
Finally, that was the best. After seeing this I rate it 10/10. Excellent. I'm really speechless.
Vincent Boelter
The cinematography is absolutely unprecedented!!
i just beat soul silver for the fifth time and you just made me want to again, jezee you,re good
futuristic red hub blue
MAN I MISSED IT but never the less this was great keep making projects like this
Adri's wonder box
That end though ;-;, for some reason, I've always seen Gold as Red's successor and look up to him
Dude this hit me way deeper emotionally than I’d ever expected. Started Pokémon with Gold Silver and BOY did you capture the feeling of wonder that came with my first Pokémon play through
Douglas Oliveira
Vim pelo que estação HD
Rohan Mittal
THIS IS SO GOOD! Your so talented.
Unknow D. Master
Godzilla scene 4:57 xD
Dude this truly amazing. Well done