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"Stranger Things" stars Natalia Dyer, Joe Keery, and Dacre Montgomery review some of the most popular fads from the 80s. The cast takes a look at Cabbage Patch Kids, Transformers, Walkmen, the Atari 2600 and more! "Stranger Things" season 2 hits Netflix on Oct. 27. Still haven’t subscribed to Teen Vogue on YouTube? ►► ABOUT TEEN VOGUE Fashion, beauty tips, celebrity style, pop culture, videos, and more—everything you need to be ahead of the trends. Fashion starts here. Stranger Things Cast Reviews 80s Fads | Teen Vogue

*"Where does this go?"* *"And where does this go?"* *"OH!"*
1% of the comments: I love them lol 99% of the comments: *quoting the part where they review leg warmers and gloves*
1:00 lmaoo I laughed so loud my mom yelled at me 😭😂😂
Amy Orrick
Someone please make a joe keery saying diaper for 10 hourssdsss
Marie's Wonderland
My 11 year old brother uses that hair gel XD
Steve Harrington literally became the coolest character ever. Fucking love him now
Tamar Munroe
Joe: Where does this go??👀 Dacre: And where does this go?!! Joe: *OHH!!* Nataila: *dying of laughter*
Disa Hightopp
*toy starts walking* Dacre: "YASSS QUEEN" *toy falls* Dacre: "OH NOO QUEEN"
lily byrne
Luna Viper
Is no one going to talk about Dacre moaning in the beginning of the video like he was getting spanked?
milliesunglasses on insta
I CANNOT STOP LAUGHING J: Where does this go? *Natalia casually telling him about the glove thing* D: and where does this go? J: OHHH 😂😂
jammi jackson
We can all admit that Dacre is a hotter clone of Zac Efron
Hayley Keogh
0:09 turn on captions and look at it imao😂👏 I'm a retired iron
2:14 Is no one going to talk about how Natalia said "that's dad" in reference to how dads usually have that type of hair gel??
Juicy Panpan
*"yasss queen"* *"OH NO QUEEN."* 2:35
Your Local Trash Can
Joe : *WhErE DoEs ThIs gO???* Dacre : _pulls out leg warmers_ *WHERE DOES THIS GO??* Joe: *WOAHHH*
Gianna Marie
2:36 - Dacre: YAS QUEEN 2:38 - Dacre: OH NO QUEEN 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
natalie puts on the hat mumble of words joe in the background "you look great ;)"
g i s e l l e l u v s u
1:00 Mom's face 😂😂😂😂
Baylee Avery
“I look like that guy from Star Trek who did Reading Rainbow” honestly, I began cracking up 😂😂
L•U•N•A •E•R•I•N
1:01 Joe: where does this go?? Natalia: it's an arm sock. **She's trying to keep the video "suitable" 😂😂*
Bareback C.
I'm *Joe Curie* I am *Debbie Marie* And I am *retired iron* Lol, check the captions, man.
louise s
Dacre Montgomery is Australian?!! omgg had no idea, his American accent in Stranger things is perfect
Ruby Hannah
why must they all be so attractive?
Zauda Mohamed
0:02 oh god. Oh Jeffrey.
Oh hey
1:31 idk why but I found this bit so funny 😂 1:34 Dacre = 0_0
Kihyun's Nipple
1:03 my godness he is so cute
I was watching this then my dad came over and looked at my screen and said I recognize that guy from the left he worked at the pizza shop near us . (Sorry for weak English) (but my dad had touched a pizza box that joe Keery touched so cut me some slack)
2:35 "yaaas queen.. oh no queen.." SHDKSJSFDJ
Ria Malik
Steve: *pulls out small little sock thing Steve: “where does this go?” Billy (I think that’s his name! Don’t attack me)* pulls out EVEN BiGgEr sock thingy Billy: “WhErE dOeS tHiS gO??” Steve: WOAHHHHHHHH Nancy: *in disgust
Dacre is so hot in real life holy cow
Roxanna Morales
0:59 Iconic moment
Angel The Meme
*transformer walks* Dacre:"YAS QUEEN *transformer falls* Dacre: "OH NO QUEEN" Joe:"OH ****"
0:08 with the english subtitles on Joe: I'm Joe Curie Dacre: Hi i'm Debbie Marie Natalia: And i'm retired iron XD
1:06 his laugh!!!!
Martha McLaughlin
The best parts Oh oh Jeffrey Where does this go?? OH YAS QUEEN NO QUEEN
The Queen games
2:19 "mate"
Infinite Awesomeness
2:24. I take your advice Joe.... (Keep replaying 2:24)
Shaggy McShag
Ender Pigs
joe: *holds up arm sock* where does this go dare: *holds up bigger arm sock*and where does this go joe: OH!
envi z
I thought she was already wearing perms
Jade 101
I swear to God, Dacre and Joe are like 12 year old boys 😂. 1:00 Joe: ‘Where does this go!?’ Dacre: ‘and where does THIS go? Joe: ‘OH’
lovely subliminals
i put on captions for my deaf friend. And it said “hi I’m joe curie, I’m debbie marie, and of retired iron” I did feel bad because he didn’t get to watch the video.
tiff, just tiff
Joe:Diaper! I died😂
Evy McClurg
2:36 “yas queen OH NO QUEEN” is what I heard 😂 idk if that’s what he said tho 😂
Me: *has curly hair* Natalia: for me I say perms are bad My curly hair: :(
Random Girl
*1:04* *I need a 1 hour loop of this*
Nicole H
“Where? Does this go??” “And where does thIS GO” “WOAAAH”
Ava Bruno
Joe: “Where does this go?” Dacre: “And where does this go!?” Both: “ah! Ah”
Tyler's Stolen Car Radio
1:02 well i guess we all know what they were thinking of
Billie Forge
Fresh baked Bread
Is nobody talking about how Natalia looks completely different
Gaming with Gio
1:01 you know what joe thought where it went
todorokibish 2024
Anyone else scrolling through the comments tryna find funnier parts than Yas queen.. oH nO QuEen and WHERE does this go..? And where does this go? ooOhH!
The Great Hufflepuff
At the "Where does this go?" part, I noticed Natalia didn't have one and it made it funnier.
Mobile Gaming With Jack
Joe:"where does this go" Dacre:"then where does this go Joe:"ooh".
Joe is hilarious lol
Bwoder Vlogs
"Where does this go?" "And where does THIS go?" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
maddison farr
Who is rewatching before season 3 comes out??
1:06 *OHHH* Just made my day don't know why that was funny but... YES XD
katie sollars
"Where does this go?" "Where does THIS go?" "oH"
x.emily. x
I started watching the show yesterday and I finished it today, I can’t express the love I feel for the cast already. Also, 1:00 😭😭
Joe Keery is my spirit animal
Slap bracelets were also a 90s thing too
Bella Salakas
I want a like 20 hour compilation of Joe saying Diaper 😂😂
Anusha Madhusudanan
Billy’s my favorite character
Aina Reese
I used to be scared of cabbage patch dolls.
layna l
Ugh, millennials those days
Bella Tsabina
"WHerE DiD ThIS gO?"
🍒 amber knowles 🍒
Natalia looks gorgeous omggg
Be gone
2:00 “It’s wearing a diApEr!” My UwU’s were stolen today🥺
maddison Newell
Joe is so cultured, i love him
abby x
1:02 Joe's face is what i'd be like in any situation where I have to talk in front of a lot of people 😂😂😂😂
My Steve.. 💕
1:30 Clay tryna figure out how to listen to Hannah’s tapes
shister cloie
Galactus Dragon Lord
Dacre Montgomery is too attractive 😍😍😍 being this good looking should be illegal
emaan wolfhard dolan
“WHERE does this go?” “and where does THIS go??” “WOAH”
the pigeon king
J , holding up fishnet?: "where does this go?" D, holding up leg warmer: "then where does THIS go?" J, horrified : "OHH!!" i replayed that part so many times 😂😂😂
Unicorn Ashlæ
Steve:Where does this go? 😕 Billy:AnD wHeRe dOes THIS GO!?😱 1:01
SidtheKid Brickz
Dacre "Where does this go?" Me:"You know where😏"
Joe-Where does this go Dacre-Then Where does this go Joe- OH
Jeselyn Fernandez
1:00 Joe:😶 where does this go? Natalia:it’s an arm sock Dag: And where does this go? Joe:OH!
It's a wild trashcan!
I was born in 1990 and I still grew up having most of those things.
delaney elizabeth
potato trash
Joe saying "OHH!" Was adorable
Sara Logan
When Billy *ect* has an accent and you didnt know (*insert suprised pikachu*)
“And where does this go?!” *OoOOoHhH*
Christina Was Here
“And where does *this* go?” Joe: *SHOOK* OH!1!!1!!
Hadi SpamsL2
knock of Matthias (DOPE OR NOPE)
Lolli pop
First I didn't know who is who😂. They look so different then in Stranger Things
Zelda Winters
Natalie is unbelievably pretty♥♥
I like Natalia's new hairstyle.
J. Lee
Says Transformers. Was some other robot toy altogether.
Joe: Where does this go? Dacre: And where does THIS go-- Joe: *screams* OH 🤣🤣🤣
Finnwolfhards Girlfriend
Dacre: Yas queen........OH NO QUEEN 😂😂😂😂
Green Ninja 678
1:32 a power ranger became star lord