Marc Almond - Imelda May Show - Say Hello Wave Goodbye - Duet

Rte 1 - August 21st 2015

Tom O'Dell
His voice is still perfect.
It is not often a solo song can be turned into a duet but this works well. Their voices harmonise well. It would be even better if there was a chemistry between them like with Kirsty MacColl and Shane MacGowan in Fairy Tale Of New York. To me it seems to be missing, not faulting the performance as a whole as it is a bloody good one and both are great singers. I would have bought it on 7" if this was the original release.
Prefer the seedy Soft Cell original.
vivan revere
Still prefer him solo, he's still got the voice! This none of my favorite songs of all time! Love Marc almond!
Fernando Ítalo Souza
Marc Almond always wonderful. OMG.
As Marc himself said at the end, 'that was mega.'
Sir Ivor Theories
Gave me goosebumps listening to this. Quality 🙂
Fiona O'Hara
Love this duet of Imelda May with Marc Almond. Bring on July in Liverpool, Bill Somers, Noreen O'Malley, Maria O'Malley and Aidan O'Malley
Lee Woodhead
When Imelda says ok off mic it's wonderful x
Danny 004
OMG I want her hair so badly...and Im a guy. Stunning.
Is this really only 10 months old as he looks younger here
What a fantastic version! Their voices sound great together.
Peter Hockenhull
such a quirky song. Something compelling about Marc Almond. Like trumpet don't like Imelda's harmony, not as subtle and too flashy and not in the same era/style as Marc's line/lead. but you can't lose a great song!
wayne evans
THat last note by both OMG
Steve B
Imelda does amazing rockabilly check it out
One of my all time fave tunes and nice to see it get the rockabilly treatment, it works pretty good
They make a lovely duet! Marc Almond's looks or voice haven't changed.
Hugh Jarce
And marcs better than u
joel madken
what a nice duet. I love them both! <3
Leonard Fleet
Didn't think much of the female singer, sorry! Prefer Soft Cell & the man himself!
Vincent, Ash
This was awesome never seen this before, Imelda is quiet a good looking host and singer mark Almond amazing"
Shaun Keen
Sorry just love it when Marc sings his bit alone
Martin Dillon
dial 999 there's been a murder
Mann Imelda is good
Paul Harrison
she's an amazing singer but rehearsals would av been better.
Phil Burton
Hey this was a perfect combo, the Irish lass teamed up very well with Marc so well. Great credit to both of them. :)
Paul Harrison
crucified the sing
Imelda could take him in a fight
John Daly
Marc Almond’s still got it.
Huzur Vadisi Yoga Retreats
I got so excited recently when I saw him on tour with Jules Holland in Aberystwyth...I just love his voice...and this song is so deliciously have to laugh...
john jobling
I loved the original and this is a good twist and just a bit of fun. Great duet.
Lee Beaton
bluddy aweful
Chris O'Connell
Prefer this version to the original one. They are having a good time together. :-)
Footstompin' Leroy Scott
This is great - in gthe context that it's not as if they do this very often - and it's live. Imelda grows into it as the song goes. Her vocal builds and builds to really complement and match Marc's. Professionals at work here.
Imelda is hot and awesome, great voice. Favourite Soft Cell song
Mia Schu
A great musical marriage!
Dick Head
Did not work at all, her harmony vocal, awful
Chris O'Connell
Fabulous just fabulous
Peter Armstrong
Better than the 80's original 💜
Mike Hughes
She can sing, just not this song, Marc still sounded brilliant
Sean McNeill
I think Imelda was very good versitle if nothing else, as for mark wat a voice.😉
Ian Dunn
Philip Quinn
great version lot of feeling in this live version BRILLIANT both Imelda and Mark !!!!!
Owen Morris
Of course it's not going to be as good as the original but they did a great job.marc seems like a great guy
Cant listen to this version
Prefer this version it’s fantastic
David Hobbs
nailed it well the lid on the coffin was down
Mark Doidge
Agreed. A classic in original form.
Karen McLaren
I don't mind this version but I prefer the original version.
Questioning that plaid shirt big time. Not feeling it
Karen McLaren
Prefer the original.
Gimme Shelter
hmmm .Marc - not your best performance but still definitely your best ever song
Martin McGaley
rubbish version, Marc doesnt need any help
gazza listermint
superb I thought what a singer she is great performance.
Chris Hannon
This version should be released. I think it could be a big hit again
I think part of what lets this down is the lack of "chemistry" between the two. This would have been a brilliant one if they had chemistry like Kirsty MacColl and Shane MacGowan. Don't get me wrong she sounds good, and together their voices harmonise well there is just something missing.
I'm all for experimenting but I hated this version. Totally ruined with the shouty female vocals and lack of emotion / chemistry. Mark doesn't need to ham it up either, he has a fantastic voice a great stage presence. The original version he did for ORS was amazing!!!
Keith Timmins
One of the greatest songs of all time. Original was as some.
tracey peach
Great, just love to hear Marc sing.
Mr Mr
who is imela ?? and what country is the show shown
That was a bit special......wipes away little tear.
Damm she is good
David Echard
Marc and Imelda. Amazing twosome. Imelda is so soulful and beautiful. Marc's voice is one of my all time favs. Incredible songwriter, as well. Flying to Europe next year to see him and hopefully meet. Marc very rarely tours the U.S. any longer.
Robert Clyde
We want this show in the UK Got Dam!
graydon blower
imelda lovely
gazza listermint
the main man .....maaaak aaaaaarmand lol
anne derbyshire
Geoff Eyre
I enjoyed this version. Also Marc’s recent rendition at the O2 as part of Soft Cell with 24,000 backing singers. It’s a great song and like any great song can be interpreted in many different ways. By the way I can confirm that Marc has still got it!!
graydon blower
is she stunning or what!!!!!
Doesn't work
Alex B Torre
que horror!!!!! you are doing it wrong
Rob Hull
I love this..
Mexican Man
She wasn't a good match. Bummer
Antonio Fassone
to ecx
Karin Susana
Please don't kill the music!
Alvaro Sances
Great great great.....
Kerryann Mullen
Fantastic version
Chris O'Connell
She is a much more powerful singer. She puts Mark in the shade.
Sal Canales
WOW! Very nice!
Ta baba śpiewa w innej tonacji. Refren to kakofonia.
paul hall
The main man himself
Is gay?
graydon blower
Tour de Facre
She destroys this.
paolo allesio
One of the worlds greatest homosexuals.long live marc
What key did she start in? Well out!
Dennis .Brown
Love it
Karin Susana
I think both of them don't sing at all! I sing when I take a shower, I am not a singer, but after listening these two people I think I can make a record.
oh shit,she completely misses the melancholic vibe of the song.This is really awfull.Marc shouldn't do this...His voice is still great...
She's gorgeous,and a nice take on an old song,always a pleasure to hear Marc Almond.Prefer the original though.
niall mc carthy
She's a Irish singer, the TV show is from Ireland.
Tony Ska
Right there is perfection.
Jeff Lugg
her voice is bloody awfulllllllllllllllllllllllll.....totally ruined it
Richard Barton
Was at the recording of this show, was a pleasure to be there. Lovely performance.
She murders this!
Frank Uwe Krause
very good