Pehle Pehle Pyar Ki - Govinda, Neelam, Asha Bhosle, Amit Kumar, Ilzaam Song

Super hit dance song from Ilzaam (1986) Govinda, Neelam, Shashi Kapoor, Prem Chopra, Anita Raj, Shatrughan Sinha. Director: Shibu Mitra, Music: Bappi Lahiri. Singer: Asha Bhosle, Amit Kumar

Nishan Chakraborty
Neelam looks like a barbie doll..
Ramesh Ahire
Our childhood was so beautiful those days
Hansraj Prajapat
गोविन्दा जैसा डांसर और एक्टर इस दुनिया को फिर कभी नहीं मिलेगा ऐसा डांस ऐसी एक्टिंन्ग वाह क्या बात है मेरा पसंदिदा हिरो है गोविन्दा
Khurram Qureshi
No mobiles, no iPads , best childhood memories, people were loving and caring back then.
Kunal Sanyashiv
80's and 90's were great era. now a days u can't watch movies with family.
m. usm.
Govinda and Neelam were superstar jorri of late 80s
Amjad Farooq
Neelam was by far the most innocent gal of her time. Jitni masoom utni sundar. MashAllah.
Djaloul Hamoui
i love this movie greetings from algeria
timepass india
What a freshness......during in "ilzaam" shooting time govinda was 21 yrs old nd neelam was just 16 yrs old
Harpreet Singh
Govinda Neelam pair made in heaven
Salma Ahmed
Aishwathee Ambattu
Childhood memories came back in 2018 wow
prakash gurung
wow govinda.....i missed this movie....neelam was perfect for him....really wonderful song...can never forget
Malik Maqbool Hussain
govinda is my favourite actor I love him.
Miss witch Dz
هل من عربي
Purab Verma
govinda is my best actor ,he do acting with his full body, to tal control over his voice.Many new actors try to copy him even now.the thing he do, u will never se doing in films.he himself becomes that role.
Fahima Sharif
فيفي زهرة العين الله على ايام زمان وافلام زمان و اغاني زمان وناس زمان وحلاة زمان ♥♥♥
light D
الله ذكريات بما اني من مواليد الثمانينات ومن اوائل الثمانينات هههههه فعلا افضل فيلم هندي شفته كمية احساس .. اذكر المشاهد بعضها كانت كبيرة علينا واحنا صغار ههههه ^_~
vijay a
Refreshing song , nice music , lovely singing and good on screen chemistry .
Katty mds275
أين أنتي يا أيام صغري الجميلة ؟؟؟ كانت الناس متحابة و نيتها صادقة و كل الناي بتساعد بعضها... و البوم أصبح الحق و الحسد و الغيرة و الكره أكبر إحساس عند الناس.. الله يهدينا
Rana Arshad
Neelam is my favourite
Karamiche Karamiche
شحال كنت نحب قوفيندا
boyka yuri
feel every word in thg is song
mohammed berriah
bolywood must return to her true soul of this sweet classique of my best ever songs,,,,mohammed berriah from el kheiter ,,,, salutations to the indian beautiful music...and neelam kolapurie,,,and the street dancer,,,,,govinda,,,
pageprints nisar
yaar bachpan ki yaad aa gayee
Jimmy Honey
I heard this song back in summer 1986.....almost 30 years ago. I was then 16 years time flies so fast!!!! I loved the movie and Bappi Lahiri music......
i was only 6 years old watching this movie when it came out, in Dubai on Thursdays they use to show Indian movie at night, what a beautiful song Govinda is the one of the best of the best, he was a petty boy of Bollywood he was so good... such emotional actor with a beautiful face that you never get tried of looking at
ذكريات جميلة جداً🌷
hamzaoui adam
endless love
Nawal_ N_Heaven
Cutest couple
Pritam Sanyal
Wow ! i miss those days of 80's & Govinda.
Neelamfan Neelu
I lovee Neelam
انس المحضار
كان عمري 6 سنوات
irfan ali
The 60s,70s 80s and the 90s was the really best
Sharika Ramsurrun
incredible voice of ashaji so nice there is no such voice and will not be even in the futur.
Nelo Nell
I love the songs of 80tz
Nalinie Daownandan
The 60s,70s 80s and the 90s was the it's a few but most us just junk...
pinazza pinazza
ناس دزاير وين راكم
brij kishore malviya
mere dost ka love song
Marinerfaisal Abbasi
nice song neelam & govinda ..
Виктория Харламова
Govinda is the most handsome man at world
I was of 9... Ilzaam made Govinda my fav actor & is still the same till date... Neelam was a beauty... jaane kahaan gaye wo din...
boyka yuri
an unforgettable song a lovely film
Creative Guy
Ye un dino ki baat hain.. brought me here...😻😻😻😻😻😻
jasmin H
This twee ware made for each other i wish they could do more movies
AnNa Ben Youceph
Woooow 💕💕 any algériens hear lol
Jay Jairam
Govinda and Neelam great dancing partners . Hritick and Amesha tried to be like them.
zaki Shan
ماشاءالله على هذه الاغنية
Semisi Waqa
Beautiful song
Kevin henry
Now days people think about some degrade people who compose just shit (Honey Raftaar etc)are the best in western music. Bappi Da carried westen music with Bollywood mix was rare from 1979 Surakshar to earlier 90's.People who does not Music ABCD are now days millions makers.Music is all about inquire of your choice what you like most sweet or shit.Today's co called genius generation like shit most.They say they like Crazy music what is crazy music Gand me dam hai band karalo Honey singh.
hamzaoui adam
 marvellous song
I was 16 or 17 when this movie released , Govinda became star with opening song "I am a street dancer" I met Neelam in 1989 when I was traniee in 5 star hotel ,she was so humble and down to earth . Today's star have so much attitude .
sanjay bhowmick
Ameesha Patel looks quite like Neelam
Still listening in 2014
Saoudi Sadi
le beau temps des films hindou
الله ذكريات جميله جدا
Олеся Шарковская
Это самая лучшая песня Говинды с самого начала его работы в кино!
suraz rai
May be it was fantastic days Wow Govinda&Nilam
Siddharth Gaikwad
nice song
Khalido Hemam
اغنية جميلة رومنسية عالية
Brijesh Mishra
dance ka dada
Khalido Hemam
اغنية جميلة رومنسية عالية
Zola Moulfi
ما هو عنوان الفيلم ?
ايام زمان
Бехруз Джураев
excelent song!!!
mukesh patel
best love song
nuradin muse
Govinda is the best king of comadey pleas I miss you films com back with David dhawan forget the bst ot work together
Zameena Hassan
Shamir Das
Lost 1986.............................
hamzaoui adam
Zareenabegum Khateeb
good song
Neelam Singh
lovely song
Technical G2 Hindi
Wow teen age govinda so nice
izeme zwawi
c est la nostalgie
fakhri shemila bushara
govinda and neelam super astar song india romantek
Diganta Basumatary
i was in 6th stndrd at that time...& Bappi Da's disco music still haunting me......
sabah khan
beautiful childhood days memories
Mohit Kumar Saini
what a song..and how beautifully n gracefully they danced :)
I ask you to translate the famous Indian film music as a street dancer of the two stars Govinda and Neelam.Thank you. ilzaam 1986
khan sahib
great singer amit
Amar Yadav
Neelam is my fav actress
Gopal Thakur
Govinda is my fav
kalam hridoy
ashu love
omg govinda was very handsome in his younger daysssssss
Oleg Negaturov
Oleg Negaturov
asim siddiqui
thumps up if u still watch in 2013........
Niraj Kumar
Very Memorable childhood song..nice one.
Елена Зазулина
Молодцы, если хочу посмотреть "старенькое" , и получить удовольствие - захожу на Ultra. Так держать ребята !!!
i love you neelam
their is really a persian version this is the indian verison LOL IM PERSIAN HAHA
neelam is so pretty she and govinda well suited in films
Suny Cool
Wow old song always great
Keith Donnel
Not many people know that Neelam was a trained ballet dancer. Filmmakers those days never fully exploited her dancing prowess
gr8 pair.. gr8 childhood memories
Govinda's daughter was expected to make an entry in the movies and Neelam is married.
ama hu
awesome song!!! brought back a lot of memories.
Looks like producers always sponsored new clothes for Govinda. Check out songs from Khudgarz, Marte Dum Tak, Dariya DIl & you will agree. Govinda looked good on those clothes and they looked as new as if it was his birthday clothes, which he wore once a year. But he looks real cheapo in shorts [see 1:46] - men should strongly avoid!
I agree with you friend. Neelam extremely looked good in almost all her films. She suited most with Govinda & Chunkey Pandey. Unfortunately she ended up in the era of Sridevi - Madhuri - Juhi. Nertheless she was far off better than the lame actresses we have today barring Vidyas & Priyankas.