Kasabian - Where Did All the Love Go? (Video)

Kasabian's official music video for 'Where Did All The Love Go?'. Click to listen to Kasabian on Spotify: /> As featured on West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum. Click to buy the track or album via iTunes: />Google Play: />Amazon: />Stream more music from Kasabian here: /> More from Kasabian Shoot The Runner: Empire: />Switchblade Smiles: /> More great alternative 00's videos here: /> Follow Kasabian Website: />Facebook: />Twitter: /> Subscribe to Kasabian on YouTube: /> --------- Lyrics: Ever took a punch In the ribcage sonny? Never met a soul Who had no shrine Keep this all in your mind And get it inside my window What do we pick up Trying to kill each other? You're faking it son Gonna get you tonight I suck another breath To the hearts of the Revolution Coz you still ain't right Where did all the love go? I don't know, I don't know (I bet you can't see it) Where did all the love go? I don't know, I don't know (I bet you can't see it) #Kasabian #WhereDidAllTheLoveGo #Vevo

Ed, Edd, n Eddy brought me here.
James Blackwell
if these were out in the 70s 80s or 90s theyd be the biggest band in the world....2000s? only 2.5 mil views......
Ivan GA
Nowadays more like "WHERE KASABIAN GO?"
Maisie Moss
Wicked tune, if only Kasabian did more tunes like this
ramkumar iyer
Eargasm !!!
Jennifer Simpson
In this social chaos...that line makes it...one of the best bands ever that this country has produced ☝👊
Kasabian are English Rock Royalty. English Rock Royalty are absolute royalty. Who are your favourite English Rock Royalty rockers?
could anyone upload it in HQ? 720 /1080 ? absolutely fantastic music !! tnx kasabian
foresaken to none
You never regret the sure thing,you regret the risk you never took. Sometimes Love is right in front of you....
I don't know if I will ever get bored with this song. Love it!
trinidad arcobaleno
In this social chaos there's violence in the air
Steve Powell
Proper cool talented band. Top track
Ash Deacon
Has to be my favourite kasabian song
Loved it then,love it now. The Beats unreal, like no other!
Christina Briggs
That gal with the tats is hot.
minty 178
These are a refreshing class act..
Wreckof theHesperas
Good gawd, my phone is doing this a major disservice. Blutooth spkr, not much better. Ahhhhh... headphones.... there we go.....yassssss 🧙‍♂️
Twitty Yong
ever take a punch in the rib cage sunny?
algerian kid
just back from a kasabian gig in sheffield. straight back on their tunes haha
Alluvia Tchainovska
my favourite Kasabian song and video ☺
Sitting next to the pool in Bali after a night out at daft o clock in the morning stuck this on the portable speaker. Perfect vibes. 😎
mark hink
such an underrated group! Keep it up Kasabian you rock!
Kerry Griffith
love this Album
John Hughes
Seems more relevant than any other song at the moment
ricky lovell
What a fuxking tune
Levanah Helel
No has visto las señales y el cambio está cerca; si logras descifrarlo estarás bien.
Found it kinda disappointing how Kasabian did not perform this during their Glastonbury headline show last week.
chezza Foster
it has a blur / oasis vibe. 😍
Morgan Picker
love this banger
Juan Engel
Kasabian in West Ryder time <3
Never took a punch in the ribcage sonny?
Berlin last week was just amazing <3 Kasabian all the way 4 my life! <3
Paul Johnson
Your one amazing talented band , love everything you do , your one shit hot band
Scott Leicester
Different gravy 👏👏👏
May Floyd
Such a great song
Debbie Anderson
Where did all the love go........ Love from space cadet Anderson.. Xx Miss y lots and living local
Ian Walker
Where did all the band's go....thanks Mr Cowell....c###
Carmen Gonzalez
Me encantaaaaaan!!!!!
Miguel Lohnhoff
always good!!
Diogo Pinto
Yeah , we got to stop the violence and start to listen more Kasabian songs !!! YEAH !!!
Jorge Alberto Torres Arcos
Corona Capital 14 = Kasabian ❤️👌
Terry Lancer
il pezzo più bello di tutti davvero mi piace un casino ^----^
Those must be real Hells Angels or they wouldn't be able to use the deaths head. And if they're only actors wearing it then God help them.
Fernando Almiron
great song!
join us
Lennon en el estribilllo? xd
debbie anderson
Drove to peterbrou today..via your town..what a de tour..did not have time to stay .place is beautiful.although not a scratch on Scotland..signed Anderson..
Hugh Matthews
Hmm, I love Kasabian seen them a numerous amount of times live but this new album just aint doing it for me...
I LOVE 2:30 - 2:45
Daniel Ortiz
this video reminds me tonight tonight of smashing pumpkins.
seen them last night, they were unreal
Luna Boys
Nicholas Cooper
Weird video but I love the song
Mark Aziz
for all times.
Amazing live
Javi Villamarín
awesome song
I don't Knoooow
Brayek Nejm
this song tells reality about what's going on today from wars and seggregations
Eduardo Duka
muito massa da hora 😎
Time Traveler
My favourite Kasabian song and video too
Roberto D'Angelo
i didn't know that a young Ozzy Osbourne was singing with the Kasabian ;-)
Smashboxgames •
From every rock band, this band is cool.
Véronique Dupuy
Sublime j adore Véronique
Sávio Arthur
Que letra incrível!
Jon Deans
your favourite band's favourite band😉
Christian Espinoza Ulloa
Yo aquí. Buena banda, con buena mudica
Bernie :D
don t make the same mistake the rolling stones did...
This is so good I can't
Joseph Zamacona
Esta canción se a convertido en mi obsesión del mes !!!
Илья Л.
cool in car go
Rocío Vilches
actually i have tom's hair. omg.
Ecordiolex Music
When caveman illrationality was the social norm in the media idols which I was sleepend by until my late 20s just following the in crowd scene pop couture ! ? 😴🤔
Салават Рустамов
Классная композиция и клип тоже! Лайк однозначно)
Red Rocket
love it!!!
a lot of the same sounds from the band on the run album
Andrea Astuhuaman
It's my favorite love song <3
Debra Normand
Why are the Hells Angels in this video???????????
This song.... is the goto song
Mishy Watts
I heard Kasabian is coming to Sydney, sounds good
Blacho.327 Arbelaez
Algunos de habla hispana por aquí?
Mark Aziz
Top choon off a top album .... god I love your hair like that Tom 😍
Mark Rimmer
top track
RipperBoi ,
Left in the benzo, yeah
Zaira Ruth
Xochitl toscano
me encantan !!!!!!
Gian Gonzales
Women being tortured and the children witness it...... Love it.
where did all the acid go?
Areti arctic monkeys
with long hair was hotter! :]
scott floyd
the best modern alternative rock band!
Areti arctic monkeys
the sound of tambourine takes it off! :D <3
Areti arctic monkeys
of course they are!
this is SO accurate
Kasabian: Fighting the good fight while loving the shit out humanity!
valentin todorov
they are really fucking gooooooood
thar nc
My obese step-brother managed to make the most incredible stripper I've ever seen fall for him as he ran the Cupid Love System (Google it). It's bad but I wish I'd been joyful for him but I want such a hot girl to fall for me. I'm really envious. Does that mean I'm a lousy person?
Are you actually on crack?
Moozy Mathers
Kasabian come to Georgia please..
toni zemenij
may be! ;)