Take a Break: Harrods

While shooting shows in London, James went over to Harrods - home of 5,000 employees - and gave a few of them a break, working various roles around the department store. More Late Late Show: Subscribe: />Watch Full Episodes: />Facebook: />Twitter: />Instagram: /> Watch The Late Late Show with James Corden weeknights at 12:35 AM ET/11:35 PM CT. Only on CBS. Get new episodes of shows you love across devices the next day, stream live TV, and watch full seasons of CBS fan favorites anytime, anywhere with CBS All Access. Try it free! /> --- Each week night, THE LATE LATE SHOW with JAMES CORDEN throws the ultimate late night after party with a mix of celebrity guests, edgy musical acts, games and sketches. Corden differentiates his show by offering viewers a peek behind-the-scenes into the green room, bringing all of his guests out at once and lending his musical and acting talents to various sketches. Additionally, bandleader Reggie Watts and the house band provide original, improvised music throughout the show. Since Corden took the reigns as host in March 2015, he has quickly become known for generating buzzworthy viral videos, such as Carpool Karaoke."

Overthinking Poet
I felt his pain and second hand embarrassment when he broke the glass...
yelissa mendes
The biker jacket guy is such a good sport
Jennie Harwood
Who else thinks he got moved to the toy section so he couldn't break any more things
Madison Jones
James got fired on the first day
A g
when the kid realises James is the voice of biggie. Priceless
Ilma Rahman
immediately after breaking glass they sent him to the plush toys section and he still manages to break something! :P Honestly, he was safest at the door
Sad Pancake
"He sucked me in. I was ready to commit, i was ready to leave my wife." That's the Swedish way James, that's the Swedish way..
Violet Rose
James is like a kid trapped inside a 38-year-old body. #youngatheart
Blossom Fell
I couldn't stop laughing when James got in the car and they started playing 'You See Me Rolling' !!!
James "from the waist up you're like a biker & from the waist down you're like pilates"!! Lmaoooo
Cleopatra Selene
Maybe it’s because I’m a Londoner! I love that guy, such a positive energy around him and love how James immediately joined him while singing
Harrods is such an extremely formal, elegant, impressive store that I felt awkward wearing casual clothes or making a lot of noise... I can't IMAGINE how bad he must have felt breaking a case and shutting the whole section down. My skin is crawling just thinking about it.
lina amara
3:24 "I was ready to leave my wife" LMAOOOOOOOO
Benjamin Mella
I felt so bad for james when he broke the glass and then they closed the area
Henry Tyrrell
Now THIS is our good old British James Corden 😂
CJ Feist
James seems to breaking everything: The glass, the controller, our hearts...
*"Yeah, I'll show you in a minute"* 😂😂
Valerie Ojeda
When you mention Harry's song omg 😍
Nobody Interesting
I was in harrods saw the prices and got out
Take A Break: James Breaks Everything
amanda moira
Harry's song hahaha kiwi
Leia Smith
when he broke the glass and had to leave...I felt for you man...the embarrassment, either way good job Corden.
Lottie Gibbons
I think James became Rowan Atkinson from Love Actually 😂😂
sanika harad
and i read harold!! urgh harry styles!
Nicole the Fangirl
I loved how he talked about Harry's song 😂
Yvette Jimenez
"he struck me in, I was ready to leave my wife." 😂😂 XD always gets me.
3:24 "I was ready to commit. I was ready to leave my wife."
Charlotte Rose
Imagine being able to say ‘i fed James Corden a chocolate strawberry’ 😂
Pretty sure the glass at the truffle counter was legit not planned.
rosiesmusicvlogsx x
James in the kids car 😂😂
Lauren Pereira
You know you're obsessed when you thought the title was " Take a break: Harold" and your mind immediately jumps to Harry Styles.
Dexter Diamond
I cannot imagine the prices in that glimmering English Store!!!
Patrick Gallimore
Harrod's is as famous, in London, as, the Eiffel Tower is in Paris...It's, definitely, the most well known department store, in Europe and, I dare say, the world. James turned Harrod's into Nimrod's...lol.
Rebecca English-Tenji
Just loved the happy door man - a great ambassador.
Customers were a bit cunty. Biker man and the kids were good, though.
Alyssa Christensen
got me hooked when he said Harry styles
Guys I'm in the video 😳😱😱😱😱. I'm the girl with the short blonde hair next to the man in the blue shirt when he is doing the trolls scene
Shay Vidas
Holy shit he really is biggy.. Just found that out
Angl Rbrts
I laughed hard when you broke that Glass thing... then felt sad for you...😜
Jimmy Moffatt
Egg plants? Bloody egg plants? You've been in the US for too long, James!
Gogo Dodo
7:11 oh, my god, that piece hit the kid in the eye :o
Corden Kimmel Noah Colbert Meyers Conan Fallon - can't stand the fake laugh
Willow Rogerson
7:10 James: “And he’s out” *drops the toy and breaks it* HAD ME DEADDDD 😂
Will Armitage
The lesson here is never leave James unattended in a shop... ..,...or even attended for that matter
Rebecca DeGregorio
I literally spit out my water when he dropped the controller at 7:10 😂
keri caye
this is a rare video because before....this store was sold...he would have never been able to do all that.....THIS IS A GREAT VIDEO
I subscribed to his channel for the Take a Break segment, AND HE FINALLY UPLOADED ONE!!! Please do more Corden!
barbara vigneron
HAHAHHAHA I can't James is too funny!!!
Maggot Marrow
I love james but I cringed so hard after the glass broke
Littlekawaiibunny 21
Omg his face when he told the boy he's biggy🤣
Kurtsiecolferite S
OMG that little boy's face when James tells him he's the voice of Biggy is priceless.
Phil Osophy
What a shame that Harrods is owned by Qatar.
Tammy Lain
The fact is the Harrods just got loads of publicity.
"do you know that harry styles song about kiwi fruits its all about impregnating a woman and her not wanting anything to do with him"
Marc Kloosterman
I checked IMDB and James is indeed a Troll!
Micah Acosta
“I’ll show you in a minute” YEEESSSSSSSSS. 😂😂😂🤣
That moment when he broke the glass, you could see how incredibly uncomfortable he was :D
Alexis Rice
I can't when he broke the glass having the chocolate section closed down!!! 😂😂😂
I had to look up "Trolls" to see if he really voiced Biggie.
Mandy Mo
Made me think of that legendary scene in Love Actually:)
alex thompson
james cordons just the best never takes anything too serious i love that
He was so triggered when they said Poppy is better than Biggie :')
Scott Greig
That guy would have gone ballistic if the cameras hadn't been rolling after James broke the glass. That was so cringeworthy.
Friida B
Gucci Suits & Tracksuits™ .
Biggy IS the best trolls character 💙💙💙💙💙💙
Its Just me
I just went there as a part of our class trip to London 😂😂😂
Nicole Nichelle
he broke everything 😂 imagine the bill after 🙆🏾
So hilarious, even the during the accidental breaks. It was also a little sad since it was obvious how guilty he felt while breaking things.
sibylle P.M
Harry Styles 😍😍
Maria Lena Ventura
well.. you warned him! muahahaha!! That was insane!! I love you James! You're the best! <3
Mihovil BeckV
That Ridin' scene 'though.
Frederick Fatalla Tampus
Wow! Great and Fun Video Thanks James! ^_^
He destroyed that store lmao
Kolton Rhodes
mohammad daghagheleh
OMG I felt so bad for Him me: not really hahahahahaha
Abi C
Omg when he started wrapping it It reminded me of love actually "would you like it gift wrapped sir?"
Alto Viola
"I'm the voice of Biggie."
Absolutely HILARIOUS!!!!
Kevin Ray
I was ready to leave my wife 🤣 😆 gah damn James is the best.
José Juan Santana Naranjo
Thanks James, great store, fun.
Elaiza C.
I would fire james if i was the owner or the manager.........even if his a famous maybe.........i subscribed p.s im a fan
Funny!!!! Awkward laugh out loud in public....tick, thanks James corden 😂
t G
Again he mentions .... Harry... True friends 😍😍
RIYA 1D forever
Wow I'm reading Take a break *Harold* 😂
Unicorn Time
Owner:I think you can do it James:Your going to be disappointed My reference Teacher:I think you can do it Me:Your going to be disappointed
Jennifer Nguyen
Omg I felt for James when he broke the glass- he seemed kinda down afterwords but he was still SO funny
4:05 when he broke the glass I'VE NEVER LAUGHED SO HARD IN MY LIFE😂
Kate Ladrillono
you are a very happy man :) i feel that a few in this video we're annoyed w you but bottom line, you're still the guy that spreads positive vibes:) huge fan:))
Notoriouz BOB
When he drops the controller and it smashes and hits the lad in the face! 😂😂😂
Erin Wilkerson
I love James Corden...he is soooo funny!❤😁
Gloria Kandie
When he mentioned Harry Styles😭❤❤
Taylan Hawkes
Harrods was in the film Peter Rabbit . James Corden voiced Peter in the movie That was an easter egg
Davide Scialpi
"Dju want to go?...I'll show'u in a minute!"
Toys for Boys
The poor kid got plastic thrown against his eye 😂 7:11
Muizz Izad Rezaleigh
You should hear Harry Styles-Kiwi 10/10
AwsomeMan 879011
That little kids reaction when James said he was the voice actor of Biggie was priceless.
techno bomb
I literally started cringing when James broke that glass 😂
Jo Co
Take a break is hilarious 😂 Love it😆