Chicago Hip House Documentary 1989

Hip House Documentary featuring Fast Eddie, Tyree Cooper and Rocky Jones of DJ International Records in The Underground Studios. Includes appearances and interviews by Bill Coleman, KC Flight, Precious, Sundance and other artists.

Swift Cee
Big up from the guys have no idea all this influenced the early rave scene which ultimately led to the massive 'dance' scene it is today. so massive respect!
That Guy
Then U Got D-Mob - We Call It Acid later from the U.K. And Many Others! Also Cool T - Boy You Know From Spain Know a good inspiration after Chi Town then U Got Nikki - Mucho Macho Franks Reaction Mix from Belgium Then U Have Culture Beat - I Like U from Germany So influential i know so much more but i can't Type all day im a fucking house head to death so amazing keep these records alive!!!!!! Then theirs Two Brothers On The Floor - I Can't help myself, 2 Static - Feel The Beat, BG The Prince Of Rap - Give Me The Music A More Futuristic Feel, Selector - Move Your Body Hypnoteck - Ready Or Not, Twenty For Seven - I Can't Stand It, Mcc Fix It - Lets Move, Wee Papa Girl Rappers - Heat It Up Roxanne - The Real Roxanne, Technotronic - Pump Up The Jam but more euro house but again inspirational Age Pee - No Hip Hop Neil Hawain House - Feel The Hip Spike Mc Rebel - House Rap, Ice Mc - Easy Daisy Dee - Crazy Indra - Lets Go Crazy Mc Sar ft The Real Mccoy- Its On u Ya Kid K - Spin That Wheel Its very inspirational It's All From Different Countries but similar Their Is So Much Thousands More! KEEP THESE RECORDS ALIVE PEOPLE!!!! WHETHER FROM THE UK BELGIUM, NETHERLANDS, SPAIN, ITALY, DETROIT, NYC, GERMANY I MEAN CAN I GO ON!!!! EVEN IF THE MUSIC RARE FIND IT!!!
Simón Hoyos
where can i find the complete documentary!
Juste Ping
when hip house started to die out in the early 1990's.  House music peaked and broke off into different sub-genres and forms from it.  With hip hop, rock n' roll, and techno widely taking over the world.  House music eventually became and remained underground mostly til this day.
damn, what a cool cat Fast Eddie was!
whizzard blizzard
The legendary Azealia Banks wasn't even born yet!
Brilliant upload and a great short documentary. Thanks for sharing this piece of dance music history with the world showing people doing good things of many years ago. More documentaries like this please. 10 out of 10.
Cleanest 707 I've ever seen.
Quite interesting to see the Chicago - NJ House music connection during this period...something that's not talked or written about.
Killa Records
hip house rule !!!!!
Nice 1989 Studios ! for Good Dance Music. 1989 ! AAA . 2014
R. Adams
Fast Eddie & Tyree are joking, right??? If they don't stop playin' & acknowledge Matt 'The Mighty' Warren! (Michaelangelo - You Can Do It). There ain't no 'rap-house' it was all "put together" back then in like '86.
Love hip -house ,Dublin Ireland
Francisco Assis
song 7:01 is   Too Nice - I Git Minze
Marian Stoica
I love hip-house, and thank you for having posted this video! I have a question: where would I be able to see videos about hip-house on youtube?
What is the track at 7:00?
Jrgracioli Malta
Amazing;the true art ninja of rapers;much better than nowadays;yeeeee.
Tyree Cooper is one of the Hip House legends!!
Francisco Assis
i love it
Francisco Assis
such an underrated sub-genre
what is that playing @ 5:00 ?
Mistor Moniteur
These blokes put to much emphasis on terminology.
We got some swedish hiphouse 2013 style :)
Vinilo Radio
The real House Music its live forever...
0:46 Lol Meek Millz is that you?
This stuff totally beats any rap you hear on the radio nowadays.
halan jefferson
I love it!
Mr. V is a pioneer of the new Hip House movement.
New chi-town hip house flavor... watch?v=XydrSOTF_6c
don't say Club-Rap! :)
L Manzano
Fuk jersey, you fukers follow CHITOWN, fast Eddie da creator bitch fuk Hal
Lip Balminique
It's crazy how young these kids were when they started going big doing this stuff!
song at min 6 ?
absolute Legends ! ..mentors that deserve respect
Thank you sir. I love that bassline
does anyone know the name of that song that starts @ 4:58?
Too Nice - I Git Minze from the album "Cold Facts"
HOUSE is HOUSE. Just different styles, 1 Nation under a Groove!
7:01 WHAT IS THAT TRACK!? I must knowww
adam thomas
Can anyone tell me the track name at 4:59 min
What? listen to Mr. Vain by Culture Beat? your seriously relating the genre of Eurodance to hiphouse as if they fall into the same category of EDM or something? Theyr'e not as relatable as you think, though Eurodance sometimes uses rap vocals the whole essence of the two genres are different.
Please,could anyone tell me names of the songs in the video? Thank you... I think HipHouse is dope. It is definitely great dance music. Move jump jack your body! Peace yall
Lenard Pugh
Word is bond. You will never hear music like this...or go to a party as live. This was a time when peops were ACTUALLY dancing...thugs and all!
Thats our Chicago Stunna Sundance back in the day Old Schooln Hip House
this is crazy..youd be suprised the ammount of kids today who dress like these guys and addopted this style...everythin gets reinvented
Erm, I was born in 73 and grew up importing vinyl from the US, usually Detroit techno. Then in the house boom or the late 80s and early 90s here in the UK I was part and parcel of it. Sorry if you don't like my opinion but this music to me is nothing to be proud of. Sounds cheesy and generally crap. Were all entitled to our opinion. Just because you dont like mine makes me a dickhead?? Or do I have to see it from your point of view? Sort of makes you the control freak dickhead?
Ammer Reduron
2015 hip-house still king!
Warrington??? What the hell makes you think I live near warrington? Sorry but the early Detroit techno or Chicago house sounds way better than this commercial crap to me. If you like stuff like this, check out Mr Vein by Culture Beat!
No they copied this
haha i had this on video back in the day, think it was off BBC2 or Channel 4 in the UK
House was at its greatest when it was in the hands of the innercity black and hispanic artist,but like always the europeans hijack,commercialize,and ruin things from the purest form.
whatever happed to the redbone from tyree clip?
club rap
lol if you don't know who Doug lazy is then i think u need to do some research guys a legend and your wrong i know that house music started gwokomole island in the late 1950's so that pissed on your bonfire dint it ;)
lol dude is just sitting in the grass with his decks. enjoyed this doc, got some tyree cooper on vinyl.
Sounds like what we would call cheest chart crap here in England. Technotronic, Stock Aiken and Waterman whoo, yeah type of stuff. Hardly a pinacle of electronic dance music. Like house but much crapper
Smokey Stoner
you just go to the wrong partys...
Got a really awesome 30min lve-mix with a lot of great hits in there on casette recorded in 1990 from Dutch radio. Still have to put the mix on my computer though. This style was a nice addition to Acid, Hip Hop and Techno in those days and produces some great hits that still sounds great today. It shows that having all the flashy electronics nowadays doesn't automatically lead to a qualitiy production.
Amen to that: David Crappa :-P
Jerry Hunter
I was glad this died
Skyler Schiller
Idk I like regular house I never knew there was hip house the stuff I knew was deep house Chicago house obviously acid house so idk
LOL. It was a joke - David Guetta can suck my balls...
I thought David Guetta was the first to fuse urban with house...
Whoa....That would be a fast rap....
stephen k
Do these kids take some sort of credit for jungle and drum n bass? They are where it comes from! It was taking house music onward into different and more alien realms. Now look at it! Look at the nature of music. It NEVER stops changing. It is the most solid indicator that consciousness is a pure energy source. We've been taught differently. Energy comes from without. No, no, no.... ENERGY COMES FROM WITHIN! FROM WITHIN CONSCIOUSNESS
stephen k
You aren't looking in the right directions... There are more positive people than back then .... The concentration has been diluted by sheer population numbers.... Seemingly, the connections of positive people have also become more diffuse... Is that not a good thing? I think it is... Good infects as does evil... It all depends on the concentrations for each camp... See what I did there?
Doug K
sweet fanny pack at 2:01
What did he say at 2:50?
Anthony Evelyn
DJ Marley Marl on WBLS NY , was the person who first started mixing house and hip hop on his midday show in 87-88.
this popped up again as "electro hip-house" is todays version
The Untold Story of Hip Hop in Denver
Someone call Tyree cooper, we need sum more tracks.
Love the TR707 between three and Eddie in the interview. After all the 707 was a member of every house 'band'
whats the track name at 5:48 please????
Hunti Kunti
wish this was my time...
Anthony David
Lovely video, is that an MPC 60 underneath the TR707 (For the people that know what I'm talking about)? Also, does anyone know what program is running on the Atari @ 5:08?
hi guys, i'd love to know the name of the song at 5:00 cheers!
Rampant racism in the record industry is why this music didn't get bigger and record companies found people to mangle the style and profit from it.
awesome video! plz, what is the track at 7:15? Incredible...
hip house... what was later to become decontextualized into eurodance :P
@belgiumboy3 Yo Yo Get Funky by DJ Fast Eddie. That song is THE hip house anthem.
Iblame Summers
Rocky rockin' the fanny pack.
All those People Creating that Club Rap crap these days Should learn About Hip House and realize what there making is not Hip Hop.
Carolina Nulatienpo
thank you so much for posting this. i wish i could talk to those guys and thank them. that was the best music.
"don't say club rap"
Jean Bruce
Fantastic and rare thx
those fashions be bangin!
@ 1:12 looks like Warren Sapp
quite good.
Kess Kill
Track ID 7:15??
Carlos Bell
Fort Campbell,Ky.1989'! That's when we where getting our boogie on to the Hip-House!
Carlos Bell
Fort Campbell,Ky.1989'! That's when we where getting our boogie on to the Hip-House!
Andy Petr
"Don't say club rap" LOL