Every 90's Commercial Ever

Liquid Slam's ad campaign for their "Big Game" line of snacks and sugary beverages was pulled almost immediately. Check out the UNCENSORED version here: /> Follow us! /> /> /> Directed by - Dez Dolly (@dezdolly) Executive Producers for RocketJump - Matt Arnold; Dez Dolly; Ben Waller; Freddie Wong Writers - Matt Arnold; Will Campos; Dez Dolly Producer - Ashim Ahuja Director of Photography - Jon Salmon Editor - Joey Scoma Original Music - Maxton Waller Cast- Mom -- Anais Fairweather Darius Jackson -- Anthony Alabai Jax -- Dylan Williams Jess -- Mikayla Williams Slade -- Hayden Luedde Brad -- D'Arragnan Sloan Kelly -- Anastasia Sloan Cody -- Robert Sloan Cronenberg Creature -- Clinton Jones CREW 1st AD -- Jeremy Cohen 1st AC -- John Helms 2nd AC -- Thomas Jacobeson DIT -- Daniel Hollister Gaffer -- Tony Jou BB Electrician -- Dominic D'astice Key Grip -- Frank Garbutt BB Grip -- Anthony Barrese Prop Master -- Zachary Smith Art Assistant -- Christian Ramirez Makeup Assistant -- Lisa Carr Costume Designer -- Layne McGovern Costume Assistant -- Millicent Thompson Seamstress -- Regina Amato Sound Mixer -- Chris Howland Boom Op -- Kelly Ambrow Sound Design -- Kevin Senzaki Makeup Artist -- Erika Frank Behind The Scenes -- Nathan Koepp and Lauren Haroutunian Photography & Social Media -- Benji Dolly Production Accountant -- Jamie Lukaszewski Make-up effects By: Vincent Guastini Prods Effects & Design Studio Key Artist and Sculptors -- Jeff Farley & Chris Marchwinski Silicone Animatronics & Painter -- Vincent Guastini Fabrication -- Joshua Ballze Onset Puppeteers -- Vincent Guastini and Joshua Ballze Visual Effects -- Playfight Additional Post Production Services -- Alex Reeves; Point of Blue Studios Big Game Products logos and branding by Dangerbrain -- Alfonso Surroca & Sebastian Surroca For more awesome videos visit />AND /> For licensing and usage inquiries please email [email protected]

It was so lighthearted at the start... u can't lie to me on the internet, that's illegal omfg
Soft Lava
Adult swim : You're hired
Caleb Dismuke
Not gonna lie, they had us in the first half
Only 90s kids would remember
Directed by John Carpenter and David Cronenberg
That was lifechanging.
BMO 5678
1:10 The Thing (2018) - Football Player Uses Flamethrower Scene
:Call sign: Alpine Ace
Only use a flame thrower with adult super vision
Blackstar Stormchaser
I was getting the nostalgia of being 3 years old again. Back to a time when Saturday morning cartoons where actually good, and you went and ruined it!
I clearly remember my friends always turning into an abnormal looking creature that looked like it camefrom the "Thing" after drinking Capri Sun, and later encountering it once again during when I was eating a batch of Bagel Bites back in 1995 - 1997. It was never a pretty a sight. I'm sure a bunch of other 90's kids remember and can relate as well.
Does anyone know of a way to unsee this?
Dude i was eating
Are you sure this is not DONT HUG ME IM SCARED?
Whoever made that monster did a REALLY nice job. It genuinely looks terrifying. A+
Stranger Things Season 3 leaked footage
This could be on Adult Swim
Max Pesky
Capri sun = Liquid Slam Pizza Bagels = Pizza Pigskins
Tyrant playz
they got me in the first part not gonna lie
Man, the nostalgia. I remember walking to school and walking past Clinton re-election posters, and amalgamations of death and suffering.
Possibly Decent Gamer
Gotta admit... I genuinely got terrified of this and refuse to eat microwave pizzas that are 80% sauce 20% cheese.
Nut Breaker
That got dark quick
De Straattijgers
*E X C E L L E N T*
*e x c e l l e n t*
Franco Pantoja
Welcome Everebody, to the Amazing world of YouTube!
managed to capture the essence of 90s kids commercials perfectly. Especially the tentacles bursting out of the stomach. amazing.
guy with no videos but has subscribers
Poor 3 headed monster, he only wanted the last pizza pigskin...... :^( And anyone wathing in 2019?
Trixx Agar
I like how they zoom in on an empty chair 😂
Directed by David Firth
Paul Shaffer
The IT sequal looks pretty good.
Echo Unity
That was the best "JESUS CHRIST" I've heard in a while.
I’m am now scared of Capri sun
This- completely makes me want to eat cheese!
I came here for some nostalgia. I got some. But what the hell rocket jump! BIG WTF!
This went from bill and ted’s excellent adventure to terminator 2 to Rick and morty very quickly...
Soph Charlene
sue naing
Actally did not expect that
Pe'epe'e Matua
I sorry We will pronounce this advertisment *BANNED*
Thanks Mrs. D :)
This is actually terrifying.
haha yeah I remember this! The kids turning into liquid! oh man the nostal-WTF is that?
Mortal Kombat: *T R I G G E R E D*
Justin C.
I seriously thought the thumbnail was Idubbz
Marko Kare
Well, that escalated quickly.
The Pasta Man
What about every commercial from the 1980’s
Max Hatfield
'Only use a flamethrower with adult supervision'
MaicoCP 88
Really thought this was real. That escalated REAL QUICK! HAHAHAHA
this went from 0 to 100 in a matter of seconds and I don't like it
0:50 I A M L O O K I N G F O R J O H N C O N N E R
LuN4R_ L0rD-H6
I really remember and miss this shit!
You could tell something was different... the black guy didn't die first.
The brothers and sisters are inside of each other l Alabama
Cool Dude
This isn’t really accurate Insert joke here that doesn’t involve bloody traumatizing monster
Hamis Sebunga
this video was REALLY funny!!!
Jon Mcintyre
WTF did I just watch??!!! I have two things I have to say 1. This looks like something Troma should make 2. I can’t believe that the mom is played by the voice actress who was the voice of Jemmica in the 2016 powerpuff girls reboot!
Austin Gupton
Ahh, the true essence of the 90's☺
0:08 Revisiting this in 2019... Thought he was going to say fortnite. What has happened to us
Can we get 1,000 subs with out vids? :D
Wow look at CG on this year XD
michael barlow
Who directed this. David Cronenberg?
The Fear Raiser
Ok this commercial went from 0 to 100 REAL FAST.
mazlan mahadzir
1:50 No context Watch it
I literally had those exact chairs in my kitchen growing up.
Alexander Arnold
The Secret Life of Alex Mack having Liquid Slam as the Intro.
Lyons Nida
Stage One - "I love how they overdid the sound effects and acting" Stage Two - "LoL. 90's really did have crappy special effects." Stage Three - "This is pretty well ma-" Stage Four - "WHAT THE F*CK JUST HAPPENED?" Stage Five - "ALL POWER TO MAIN THRUSTERS, INITIATE FULL RETREAT" Stage Six - *Start crying*
Oscar Arriaga
That... was... Very strange and probably scarred me for life
Spoons Are Occasionally Made Of Metal
*Only 20s kids remember this*
Lord Leri
Rocket jump vs Racka Racka Whitch one is more voilent and gory
Calix Homies
That was a CoOl and rad commercial. AwESOme!!
Just a Youtuber
The way they zoom into that empty chair haha omg!
Life and Gaming
That escalated quickly
Jerry The Last Guest
*Holy Filp I DON'T KNOW HALP!!*
lol my dinning room in the '90s had the exact same chairs.
I'm a cat! Fear me!
Wow that escalated quickly.
And this is why practical effects monsters are way scarier than CGI monsters.
BMO 5678
There should be a warning about gross-ness (just saying but that creature is Special Effects Art)
Ash Lilburne
What came first, this or Alex Mack?
Prgrant 6669
I'm literally shaking and crying rn
Karma Fox
Liquid slam monster LIQUID SAM Me: OH DANM
Me Auntie Nora
This is art.
The amazing wold of Gumball horror version
XxAirflyerxX :P
corn doggo
That got dark quickly
Awesome piece of content. Keep up the great work! :))
Yatharth Rai
really looks good on 240p
VGG Brayden
Obviously inspired by Robot Chicken
CoDKid300 / Zachery Lord
WHY WOULD AMYBODY MAKE THIS!?!? 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢
xnGwmes TM
xD its good that im not a scardy cat!
probably the most scariest ad ive ever see
Mr. Eighty
I was on a nostalgia trip until all the murdering happened its like getting Rickrolled!
Nolan busemmi
Capri sun and beagle bites meets too many cooks and don’t hug me I’m scared... Truly a masterpiece of the internet
Not gonna lie, they had us in the first half
I knew that mother was up to something.
Boy. That escalated quickly.
Enrique VA
*Only 90’s kids remember this*
Cartoon Network: *Teen titans go* Everyone else: 1:12
Harrison Wong
Batteries not included
Is this a real 90's ad tho? Please tell me it isn't and that it's just a sick teaser
Solaire of Astora
Bitchin' Wait, no that's the 80's
i think ill die from a lack of sleep soon ;-;
this has to be one of the best if not the best skin rocket jump has made .