Adults Try '90s Infomercial Toys

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Lizzy Horton
*title is incorrect. would not consider try guys as adults*
Kobato Hanato
I'm a simple person. I see Keith, I CLICK.
Kal Solo
Keith was suspiciously proficient with the Fushigi...
Grace Clair
Zach is a walking meme I swear to god ahaha
kelsey i
aren't half of these from the 00's though?
Bella Kok
"You can't inhale the ink. Well we will see." lol I love Keith 😂😂😂
Luke Jones
Was anyone witness of a secret sillyband black market?
Carly Paton
2:51 *The more you know* LMAO 😂
Cute Fandom Tsunami
When I used the 'Blo Pens' I tried so hard I actually passed out. Turns out, the cap wasn't even off..
Abigail M.
These are all post 2000’s....but good try.
I HADE A FUSHIGI... I lost it
Fushigi isn’t 90s... I’m pretty sure the commercials aired in 2000s, bc I wanted one really bad and I was like 8 at the time
Jojo Cost
I see try guy, I CLICK
X bites
Omg is that how Mabel bedazzled her face!?!?!?!?!?!? My life is complete (don’t take it literally)
My parents never ordered these for me. I remember having to wait until a knockoff version showed up in Walmart and having to ask for that instead
Soccerlove 652
I’m ten and I swear I remember seeing fushugi on commercials same with blow pens and I spacifically remember having bendaroos?
Valeria R
I only came for Zach and Keith tbh 🤣
Chicken Wings Chicken Wings
"I literally played with these all the time bendaroos." "For bad children who don't deserve real toys." That had me laughing so much
Arctic Cutie
The Fushigi reminded me of Jareth's crystals from the Labyrinth. I love that movie.
Jessica Because
Just in case anyone didn't watch the video. Read the comments.
Luna Nightchase
Keith scaring Zach with the bedazzler tho😂
jpritch66 •
dude I was born in 2006 and I played with bendaroos I loved them I had so many
The Scrambled Cuber
Keith: Ima give it a 6. Zach: 🎵The more you know 🎵
Simisola Omotoso
Benda-what? Benda-who? Bendaroos!
Mia Wheedleton
I’m a simple girl I see Keith, I click
Sydney Ingram
I REMEMBER FUSHIGI! I got one once and was upset because I thought it was gonna be magic... But I'm not a 90s kids I was born in 04
Cookie Jar at 3AM
I blowed incorrectly using a Blopen and I think I had a LSD trip for 10 seconds
Abby Bowman
Um isn't fushigi from 2009?? I was born in 2000 and I had one when they came out
ToatallyToasty 20
When my plane got delayed, I played with bendaroos for 7 hours and filled the airport window with a bendaroo scene of our holiday we were going to.
rhi annon
*D O N T B E D U L L BE D A Z Z E L*
Alyson K.
Ok but what about Floam
Anna G
you see i remember these from my childhood too.. i was born in the 2000s
Emilie Sophie
Keith: *reading the box* YOU CAN'T INHALE INK... well *look's at the camera* We'll see... XD
LOL " *I'm Banksy* "
Finger dancing TODAY
Keith’s face in the thumbnail is every thing!!!
Brie F
Zach: The more you know. ...I lost it XD
Cringe Queen
Zack: “It looks like The babadook.” Me: Yeah The babadook on crack XD
cat ✨
'black market deluxe bedazzler' that made me laugh so hard
Frisbee 'n' Cookies
No Zach you're only half right, the octopus is what Eugene makes and what you made is everyone else's.
"These look delicious" never thought that until now
Malcolm Mason
When he said "Fushigi" I heard OCD lol
Nickie Bounds
I legit want the bedazzler asap
I get light headed thinking about blow pens. 😕😩
Khloe Xx
It's a bedazzler, it's for bedazzling 😂
awesome pony random stuff
2:17 Lol I still create stuff with this! I was not around in the 1990s. :l
OMG I still have my glow in the dark Fushigi ball
Abbey Shaw
I See Keith I Click
Lisa Watson
I know abt all these (except the bedazzler lol) and I'm 19 (1999 bbyyy). I only ever got Moon Sand tho lol
First name Last name
Keith: Ima give it a six Zach: TeH MorE YoU kNoW
Wubble Bubble got to me and I have no regrets
I wasn't born in the 90's but I know all of these
Ash Eckholdt
I feel old lol I had all of those 😹 I thought I was the coolest with my bedazzler 💁🏻‍♀️
Taj Mahal
pillow pet flashbacks INTENSIFIES
Kylie Conde
Clorox Bleach
I wasn't born in the 90's and I had Bendaroos when I was little!! THEY WERE AWESOME **until one day they got stuck to my carpet** Edit: thx for a bunch of likes!
Simmered Chicken
*sees one of the try guys in the thumbnail* *watches the video*
Me: **sees Keith and Zach** PPPPSSSHHHH they aren’t adults
Jestina Sills-Powell
I wanted the blow pens I had the bedazzler(its really fun) I wanted the fushigi I really wanted the bendaroos 🤩🤩🤩🤩
Andy P
Why is it so hard for kids born in the 2000s to understand that products can be produced for long periods of time? Every goddamned comment is like "I'm 14 and I had a bedazzler, please explain".....uh, well, when products are successful, they continue to make them. Gee, what a crazy concept.
Jae Pencil
I had Bend-A-Roos. They sucked.
Fushigi is a rip-off. I could do that with an apple
Austin Hindman
2:51 Zach actually sounded good when he sang that
0 0
Ummm... I've seen labyrinth? Me: YASS GIRL! YASSSSSSSSS
Crystal Nichols
An old lady gave me a Bedazzler once. She gave the boys Creepy Crawlers. I wanted the freakin' Creepy Crawlers!😭😭😭
Marisol Dobson
“ThE mOrE yOu KnOw”
Ava Claire
I only came back to watch this video for one reason: "the more you know"
"I'll give it a six." *_"The more you know~"_*
Lynn Anne
I had a lot of these but I grew up in the 00s?
Shakira Khan
I HAD a fushigi I lost it 😭 And it came with a DVD
Nic 2751
Nice try Buzzfeed but pandering to nostalgia ain’t gonna work
Lindsay Dolney
I had blow pens and I loved them
G. H
Me: Keith... Zach? F*** imma click 😂😂
Emma Rey
Lmao I'm 16 and played with all of these except for the bedazzle thing, so idk if it's from the 90s.
yeetus deletus
r8ed Rm
I LOVED BENDAROOS AHH I'm going on Amazon and finding some
AmazingNate IsNotOnFire
Black market delux bedazzler I FRICKEN DIED😂😂😂😂😂😂
I completely lost it at Zach’s, “The more you know”
phine hae
00:46 "Making some progress?" *dies* *laughs*
Miss Cam
I remember all of these! Ah the 90’s, I miss you so much.
dadica b
literally last week i bought one package of those blo markers Like omg
AddieCakes 101
Bro I'ma 2000s baby and I seen commercials of all of these and wanted them so badly 😂
Skylar Denise
I was born in 2003 and I remember seeing the commercials for the fushigi and getting one for christmas when i was 6-7
Caley Rose
Literally ive already seen all of those stuff on Macdoesit😂😂
Vaddix 99
Fushigi was definitely like 2010...
Angelic Takiko
Lmao. I literally still have my glow-in-the-dark fushigi.
Sonya Hill
Bendaroos were fun until they got all dusty and linty and gross
gracie barton
These are also 2000s bc FUSHIGI AH THAT WAS MY DREAM
Oh My god I still have a Fushigi, but I actually almost broke my floor by dropping it
I remember all of these, especially Fushigi and Bend-a-roos, but I wasn’t born in the 90s??
Patty 102
“I’ve seen movie the Labyrinth” And i was like,you’re my friend!!
Kenny Fuktar
I still find bendaroos stuck in things inside my house. its 2017. that's a long time for them to be there
Mariel Manalo
Jareth the Goblin King was just playing Fushigi all along
Kelly Cleveland
I was born in the 2000s and I still played with these toys
When I was younger I are bendaroos
Random Person
I love how she says "OMG I used to play with Bedaroos all the time!" Then right after somebody says "The were for the kids who didn't deserve real toys" 😂👍
Destiny Hiddleston
"Uh I've seen the movie Labyrinth" YASSSSSS BEST MOVIE OF ALL TIME
Audrey Chavarin
I have figured out that I can use my. P Uone with a spoonm