20 Toys From The 80s No Kid Would Want To Receive Today

20 presents for children no parent should buy. Subscribe: />----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We all remember the toys that we used to play with when we were kids. But if you were born in the 80s, you might not want to give one of these toys to your children as a gift for their birthday. That’s because many of these dolls, games, video games, stuffed animals, and gadgets should be left in the past. This is why, whether you feel nostalgic or want to see what toys were like in the past, you’ll like to watch 20 Toys From the 80s No Kid Would Want to Receive Today. Stay tuned if you want to hear about the worst toys from the 80s including creepy stuffed animals that can talk, technologies that are useless nowadays, dolls that should have never been so popular, video games that would be boring in the 21st century, and more. If you could receive any of the toys on this list, which one would you like to have? Don’t be shy to answer in the comments section down below! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: /> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:

Shane Burdick
this is dumb. if you don't give your 4 or 5 year old cell phones, they will love these toys. give them a phone and it destroys imagination. I loved creating games and missions and different scenarios with my toys. no one else understood what I was doing, but in my mind, I was in space, or at war, or I was a police officer keeping all my toys safe from bad guys!!!
Tim Begg
At least kids back then were encouraged to use their imaginations, instead of having everything handed to them on a plate.
Total BS. My Grandchildren still play with and enjoy many of these.
Peyton Webb
I'm 9 and i want most of the toys i think they are cool
Dogblue Gaming
Says you can’t take the Nintendo anywhere THEN WHY DO PEOPLE BUY X BOXES AND PS4S?
The viewmaster was already over 40 years old in 1980.
Meebles Sporella
Yoced Decoy
Product But smart phones Product But smartphones Product But sm- Pause Pointless comment Leave
Hannah Scout
Tango Mango
I was born in 2007 and I still have my moms old view master 😂
so basically a video on how iphones and ipads are better than 80s toys.. i bet the chick narrating was born in the 2000s.
"Garbage Pail Kids" stickers weren't toys on their own. They were a spoof on Cabbage Patch dolls.
Wis Dom
7:31 She already looks narcissistic and self-centered.
Akehap Kap
Z Kids are not allowed to play anymore. If a scratched knee is "dangerous" might as well keep them inside, packed in cotton so they never face any "danger". Oh come on. Even simple games are still fun. For once, thumb down. What a negative talk about common games that "no kid" would want today this is BS..
Nicholas Silverio
I would love a Nintendo Entertainment console!
Barbara Wilson
Speak and Spell allowed E.T. to get back home.  Back off!!
Kari Chandler
If I could receive any toy on this list now, it'd definitely, without a doubt, be another old Nintendo system! Good times.
Buckley Harty
WHAT LIGHTBRIGHT I LOVE LIGHTBRIGHT !!! ... ok what ... but i still love it :) .
Star Keeper
Htenbuffaloowever????? Did anyone else see that? At the end of the popples section? Like wut? (Can't find a accurate confused emoji)
Becky Wiese
I had a pogo ball, but when it first came out it was called a moon ball. Yes, I just aged myself.
Damn...I'm so glad that I was a child during all of this awesomeness. If having fun means having a tablet or phone stuck in your hands then I am even more grateful for living in the 80s as a kid. You lived and played hard. Just like Tony da Tiger..."It felt GREAT!" 💪👊
Summer and Keira
I used to have some of them rollers skates and I'm 9 lol😂
KayCool Awesome
Wasn't the pogoball on the show "The Goldbergs" as something Adam and Dana used to do before she moved to Seattle (I think) I'm the only one who watches that show... okay...
Irma Gherd
Narrated like a true entitled millennial
Buddy mew
Kari Chandler
The Pogo Ball was definitely dangerous! And I learned that the hard way, growing up. A kid in our neighborhood let me try hers once. I fell off and smashed my face on the pavement. My mom was super pissed when I went home all bloody and scraped up. That was the day I finally understood why she always refused to let me have one.
The Ruby's Share
9:37 Massive typo or something beyond explanation?
CJ Turner
1991 I had me a play tent It was From Ninja Turtle
Dakota Bull
3:41 no, we used to record songs from the radio so we could blast it loud later with our friends. Good times.
Rebecca Byers channel
That's actually a lie about light brights all my friends have them and I love them
m.d yt
My friend:why you still have this nes Me: wait and see 2114 News:the one NES cost more billion dollar Me:holy shit
Koko Martinez!
Omg who does not love Alf my dad has that doll btw omg I remember lite bright
Johnny Fountains
simon is a game not a toy
Guess what View Masters sparked your imagination. You imagined continuing the story yourself. Going after Etch-A-Sketch? *smh*
Gayle Messick
Eclipse The Nightfury
And most of these are still in stores
Ummm, I know kids who still love View Masters and Etch-A-Sketch.
haha, someone who grew up in the '00s telling us how the 80s were
THE Omega
I liked To have if I could
Kylie Olivia
7:41, I am currently watching this video in a blanket fort
The whole video is just here to say "buy smartphones kek".
7:21 I have a Simon and I am a kid (And not one from the 80s)
Nobody would be interested in the NES nowadays? NES Classic would like a word with you.
Victor Baker
I seen a pogoball just the other day. Oh no I guess it was electronic.
Brian Mander
I love Pokémon cards ♥️
Johnny Fountains
I'd like to have the mad balls again from the 2000s Along with touchdown terror. I prefer Go Lion, Transformers, Macross, DND and the 2011 Thundercats.
ShowBiz pizza boy
9:39 HOW DARE YOU XD I love tah 80s
truthful Chic
How old is the person narrating this? She so doesn't sound old enough be reminiscing on some 80's toys! Half the reason she is bashing the toys is she had never played with them!
ryan peñalosa
Seriously? Why the one speaking keep saying most can replace by cellphone this, cellphone that 😂😂 Iam a 90s kid.. And i see some of this toy is still good for kidz, Especially if your not teaching a kid to get addicted to a phone as early as possible..
Go Bots vs Transformers? Boglin vs Gremlin?
This guys sounds like she 15 and has no clue what growing up in the 80s/90s was like. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Hershey The Hershey Kiss
I would play with a Etch A Sketch, the keepers, the Lit bright, the teddy ruxbin,simon and play tents
chris hammond
I was born in 1985 and I would have the 80’s toys instead of the toys now most of the toys now are a crappy made
Sae Doll
It's funny, a lot of these items are still sold in Toys r us. And I'm sure Target has them too. Also phones aren't that great and kids shouldn't be dependent on them, or have that as there only option of play.
I used to be so bad at etch-a-sketch And I was so good at NES and SNES
Jeffery Trent Wells
I loved getting the go bots and the transformers toys when I was growing up in the 80s among other toys
Loved Garbage Pail Kids,🤗 lol Hated Alf😣
D. Vaughn
Annoying countdown. Was the author even alive in the ‘80’s? I wonder... Btw...Light Brite rules!!
Twiggi Rose
In my primary school there were pogo balls! I loved them and want one so bad!! I'm from nowadays in my first year of highschool.
I was a young boy in the early 1970s. One day my parents sent me outside with a large box, possibly from a refrigerator. It was a tank, a boat, an airplane, a cave, a space ship, and I had the best time with that box until it started raining, then I stayed in that box to stay dry. The tree in the yard had a tire swing on it. Not on the list, but I had the game Battleship. I saw that game a while back in, ugh, Walmart, and the game now requires batteries.
Evie Lee
I love the Etch A Sketch and now there is Poppy and Branch from the movie Trolls.
Kitty Mittens • 82 years ago
This lady talks about this stuff as if she experienced it.. like she’s not like 20 years old
Michelle Ann
I heart popples 😩😍😊🥰🤗
CaiCai Leah7
I would DEFINITELY want an Alf!❤️❤️❤️
Emma Coburn
I had Fisher-Price roller stakes...they weren't that breakable... my younger sister even got to play them for a good while... the best thing was they could change size, which was why i had them really... i couldnt get 'proper' roller skates to fit my tiny feet!
Tomas Gonzales
"No kid from the 21st century would ever want an NES" Where do I even begin with this
Michael Lauzon
No offense, did you even do any research, as View-Master has been around since 1939, and it's still going strong today...!
Lumberjack king the great
Can't hide your secrets now boi
Mike Fisher
For all I know ALF is standing in a field 30 years later still being held hostage by the government💯🙄😒
Dana Walker
My friend's brother has a light bright
deathwrench custom parts for hot rods, rat rods
This could have been a 4 minute video. It would have been better that way.
Corey Griffin
Is this an apple ad?
Brayden Enright
... Did she just diss Simon, Nintendo and Lite Brite in the same video?
William Russell
She missed the greatest "toy" of the 80's.  The BMX.
You forgot Game Boy! And Fisher price plastic tricycle, I loved racing my friends until the wheels fell off!
Poppy 'Corn
please do most popular toys in 2011
I AM a child of the 80’s, born ‘74. All these toys were AWESOME. I had most of them. Besides Speak and Spell, there was Speak and Math and Speak and Read.....had them all. My fav was 2-XL, he had a sense of humor even, look it up. Had the Pogoball, Garbage Pail kids and so many others and they ALL rocked. The tween narrating this video can go screw herself. We had fun and lives outside......literally outside, where trees and dirt reside. I feel sorry for this generation, they will never know the thrill of climbing a really tall tree faster than their friends, or playing in the mud for the fun of it. Or riding your bike outside your friends house in the early morning until their mom said they could come play because they (finally) finished their chores.
The view master came out in the 60s. It was still around in the 80s. These so called 80s toys pre date the 80s. This video get a thumbs down for not getting the facts straight.
Sam Cook
I loved my popples and my care bear cousin this video definitely seems like a apple add 😂
Did you say "take it for granite"?!
Madina Rashedy
*not every child plays on the PHONE*
Jamie Skaggs
As a child of the 70s I played with just about everything on this list and I’m still alive to talk about it. The Pogo Ball was AWESOME!!!
Mecca Mitchell
I always wanted a lite bright
Annabeth Chase
Lite- Bright and the toy/pillow would be cool to have... if I knew where to buy it!!
In my school i have a pogo ball and i saw somebody fall off and bleed a lil bit
Epic Troll
I used a old Nintendo before i LOVED it!!!
Ken Henderson
yes everything is just a phone now...sad....pathetic
Lps Kitty
Not true! not because of this!
YazzyBon playsgames
the small ruxpin was 2017 ruxpin
Every child I personally know was introduced to NES or SNES (by me :p ) and they all loved it.
luna lover60
Honestly i asked my mun for a keeper
Brian Greg
So apparently almost every toy can be replaced by the cell phone aye?? Heres a idea DONT GIVE YOUR DAMN KIDS CELL PHONES ..none of my kids have cell phones/tablets/notes..they have toys lots of toys they play with ALL of them..oh and read..books real books..oh and are extremely smart,and well mannered..but naa keep jammin the phones in their hands to keep them occupied..its workin great for society so far.. not like their eating tide pods or nothin!!!
Fat cat Lover 4590
Nintendo switch: Am I a joke to you?
Audrie Miranda
Born in the 2000s but played with Nintendo
Joe Collucci
What's a "htechnobuffaloowever"?
Johnny Fountains
I prefer gpks to pokemon I don't collect pokemon but I love Magic cards
This is the most biased list I have ever seen.
Speck Carteret
Tf is Nintendo doing on this list 🤔
Johnny Fountains
the poggle ball is okay.
Ammortiazx Guacamolez
A "better" way to keep your secret is to share it on online forums. *standing ovation, hats off, slow claps*