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Punch the Sub Button in it's perfect face!➤ />Please support the official release! ➤ />Please support the official release! ➤ /> Dragon Ball Z Abridged Episode 59: The Hard Cell Blink and you'll miss the action as Goku and Cell turn up the heat! But Goku's got a surprise... for everyone! TeamFourStar is a group of voice actors, sound designers, musicians entertainers and Anime lovers based out of Texas. Most noted for the series Dragon Ball Z Abridged, TFS loves to make comedy and specifically parody. Cast: MasakoX – Goku, Gohan Hnilmik - Chichi Antfish - Mister Satan Lanipator – Krillin, Vegeta, Piccolo, Mr. Popo Takahata101 – Cell Remix – Android 16 Ganxingba - Tenshinhan Faulerro - Yamcha Kirbopher - Ox-King GrantBTW - Guy In Crowd Featuring: Sarah Anne Williams as Videl Xander Mobus as Jimmy Firecracker KaiShiden as Larry the Camerman Additional Art By: Christopher Niosi />Zach Manley />Malik Torihane /> Follow us on Twitter ➤ />Like us on Facebook ➤ /> And if you want to support us you can find us on Patreon at:

I have literally went from preteen to adult waiting for this series to reach its end.
4:00… yea… f*%$ goku
How does one appear anonymous
Saw a comment about watching buu saga with grandchildren... But since this started, I have literally gone from being a broke university student to having 2 kids and becoming financially stable. You're actually not too far off dude ^^
12:10 "I spent a whole year training him last week." Truer words have never been spoken.
Hard Roxas
Man, I love how Cell still mad at Tien for the Kikoho scene.
"I'm more confused than a homeless man under house arrest." brilliant!
Lois Johnson
VEGETA: "...He'll see this fight to the end, without our help, even if it kills him" GOKU: "I give up" VEGETA: "I'll kill him" I died.
Third Shift Millionaire
" I'm more confuse more than a homeless man under house arrest" Man what a great line
Batwolf 24
The end with Videl was so cute
10:07 just realized he says kakarot cuz his vegeta mode was on
I can't wait to watch the Buu saga with my grandchildren
"Ok I'm like...90% sure i can't do that" 😂
I feel like the way Gohan is going to unlock SSJ2 is by Goku telling him this. “Gohan, remember Icarus? *HE* did it.”
Michael Song
Cell is way crazier in TFS than in canon. What's with "looking forward to death with your beloved enemy" thing? Also, "I'm more confused than a homeless man under house arrest." That deserves way more love than it got.
5:03“I see! Yes goku, your absolutely *right!* this is the only way it can end! The tournament! These fools! This planet! They meen nothing to men like you and i! *_WE WILL GO OUT TOGETHER IN A BALL OF MOLTEN ROCK AND DEATH!_* ” God damn! The dialogue in this series is absolutely brilliant! Major props to the writers lmao
Trunks: "Gettin' dad flashbacks here!" Could they be... Final Flashbacks?
What did you do to him?!? What DIDN'T I do to him? You're just like your mother!!!!
one departed
"I spent an entire year training him last week" *seems legit*
E-Man Martr_187
9:45 Just realized Vegeta and Cell are speaking at the same time
TheMlg Pickachu
Journal entry 302 It's been 1 year 1 month 25 days since episode 59 came out many are out searching for the Dragon balls many have died I have very little rations left the world is in chaos
Alex Santebla
"This was just a fight, nothing more" D-Did Cell just get fightzoned?
Christian Clark
"I DIDN'T ASKED TO BE BORN DADS" I wish Cell actually said that in the original Dragon Ball
Andrew Green
Master roshi- " ive watched her poop she knows what I'm about"😂😂😂😂😂😂💀💀💀
Emi life
Videl: Sweet Hair 😂😂😂
David Plays
"YAMCHA WAS ON THE LIST!!" Only dbz fans can laugh at this
Thomasin Lockwood
"Goku, we're not telling you how to be a father..." "I AM!" Lol I love Green Dad.
JaxX Massey
"Thinking of you, Goku!" My favorite line from Cell!
Who else thinks they should start on DBS:A during Buu saga? I legit had a son between the duration of 59 and 60.
Schrodinger's Cat
Cell is so passionate. lol
Wow, that "Suck it, kale, you bush-league super food" joke is a lot funnier now that we have an actual character named Kale.
Phillip Carson
GOHAN: "Wait, what is he doing?" PICCOLO: "Well, this is your father. So he's either saving all of our lives or dooming us all." Excellent Summation.
Believe in Steve
Who else is rewatching getting ready to rewatch Ep. 60 ?
Zan Dragon
"I didn't ask to be born dads!" Absolutely killed me
@15:03-15:12 And years later, Videl ended up marrying that guy with sweet hair.
Royce Insanity
That harry potter thing might come in handy for the buu saga when gohan gets glasses lol
Olim Nivram
"I spent a whole year training him last week" basically tfs' release schedule.
It's_ Candy!
Bro I still can't belive Goku made Piccolo's son Gohan super saiyan crazy
Paul Castillo
Perfect Cell: "I didn't ask to be born *Dads!* " Best dialogue ever.
Mahmud Kaisar Junayed
@6:30 *Now you are thinking like a Satanist Jimmy*. It feels so good when all the punchlines are so properly addressed. His character truly flourished in this series.
Robin Sandoval
"Now your thinking like a satanist jimmy"
Joshua Lucas
Ssj2 gohan: I'm gonna break you Cell: what? Ssj2 gohan: like a kit kat bar Cell: what?!
"All we really need is a little green." Words to live by.
Gano Mwamukonda
Like if you’re here for the recap
xSatanx Karma
Goku gave cell the senzu... GOKU WTF
Stephen Castro
I have busted roughly 528 nuts since this episode if I make 1000 before the next I will nut on TFS’s mailbox
Juan Morales
I wish I could find a girl that looks at me the way Cell looks at Goku.....
Adawnicus E.
Goku: "Hey Krillin, can I get a ten count!?" Krillin: "You got it, Goku!" "ONE!!" *Cell"s body jumps up* "Twoo.." *Upper body of Cell pops up* Cell: "Three.."😈
Stephanie weigandt
Its been 1 year, 2 month's, 20 hour's, and 58 minutes since this episode came out
Shane Douglas
Cell is borderline flirting with Goku
Been binge watching for the last couple days. Now I have Cha-La stuck in my Head Cha-La... I'll be quiet now...
Bobby Boucher
"I spent a whole year training with him last week!" Only in Dragon Ball.
Their characterization of future Trunks is amazing, if you watch the future Trunks saga in Dragon Ball Super you would definitely know that future Trunks is all about using any advantage he can (Senzu Beans) to defeat his enemies.
Joshua Sepeda
If cell ever met cooler in the afterlife they would swap stories about how they humiliated vegeta. Cooler would then own the debate by revealing how he crushed vegeta's...... pride I suppose. We all know what i'm talking about😂😂😂
One C.
Who's recapping for later today?
edison yang
Jimmy:Harry Potter sir? Satan:My daughter's a big fan. LMFAO😂😂
Alexander Barker
I can see the image of Piccolo shedding a single tear of joy and pride when Gohan starts dodging
Mike Hab
So, in the original series, why did Goku give Cell a sensu bean? Seems like a very dumb thing to do!
Jude Boliver
Gohan- thats not an option thats a ultimatum Goku- gohan we both know that i don’t know what that means
Monarch BLUE
"I spent a whole year training him last week" im😂 dead
Markus Kraköwski
Just...a...few....more .........HOURS
The XXSniperXXGaming
How many of you are rewatching this like its going to make the next episode come out
pravin gaikwad
Cell: Yes. I am a monster. Gohan: Yah...a monster with our stolen DNA. Cell: "I DIDN'T ASKED TO BE BORN DADS!!!!"
C Godejohn
4:57 But how? You weren't there during that specific battle?
"Turtle, I've watched her poop, she knows what I'm about" I'm not sure, but I think this Roshi is STILL less perverted than canon Roshi
Saad Ahmed
Kronos 1215
Chef809jman #
Juan Rodriguez
I specifically said not to call me that *I'm not* ... Yo 😂😂😂
I wonder if the reason why Cell understands Goku's stupidity is because he has some of his cells lol
I love that Cell says "Crap Basket". Throwback to when Gohan and Trunks went back and forth about that. XD
lxl .pigeon
Mr. Perfect Cell didn't even say Yamaha's name in the list 😂🤦🏽‍♂💀
Ed gamer
Mr Satan should be quiet as this point before cell Yamcha him
Trying to be serious, but if Goku had a dumb counter, it would literally be over 9000. From Dragon Ball to the end of the Cell Saga.
Jhoshua Wolfox
Just know that while i'll be watching this episode over and over.. I'll be thinking of you, episode 60..
The Goat
Huh, I immediately recognized that Videl's VA was the one who did Lis' voice in SAO and Nonon's voice in Kill la Kill.
9:50 When Vegeta says his line, you can just barely hear Cell saying the same about Vegeta.
Mario Villa
16: I want to murder son Goku random guy: yeah f*ck Goku! seen this entire series at least 3 times and for some reason it just got me this time.
Lynn Khant
piccolo cells the dbz equivalent of Hashirama cells
Strong Warrior14
Gohan turns ss2 - starts to fight Piccolo: *breaks down crying* Tien: what's wrong? Piccolo: he learned to dodge!
"A homeless man under house arrest" My brain hurts....
Düellocu Aga
11:15 "out of the entire list you picked him, he wasnt even on the list. YAMCHA WAS ON THE LİST" normally i hate these kind of comments but this one was beautiful and wanna find it again easily
Ghost Ninja
16: I want to murder Son Goku 10 minutes later I want to murder Son Goku, says everyone
Angelic Ultra Instinct Goku
Mr. Perfect Cell: haha I see. Yes goku your absolutely right. This is the only way this could end. This tournament, these fools, this planet. It means nothing to men like you and I. We will burst in a bathe of molten lava and death. Krillin: Goku Noooooooo Cell: (heavyhardvc) yyeeeessssssss!!!
Antoine T
I'm not the only one expecting tears of joy from Piccolo when Gohan starts dodging, right??
[I'm sure on one wants to pause the video every 10 seconds in order to read everything] *PAUSES AT THE START OF THE VIDEO JUST TO MAKE THIS QUOTE*
Bad Beard Bill
So TFS has been making DBZ abridged for a longer period of time than the original release of DragonBall Z... Oh my Kami...
William Charles
Perf. Cell: Yamcha was on the list Yamcha: wh-why i was on the list? Perf. Cell: Half time entertainment
A Fox named Gaming Time
*watches 59 over and over* THINKIN OF YOU, 60
12:59 The reason why I love Chichi Is becuase of her angry nature💀💀💀
Bruce Wayne
@TeamFourStar what's the music that start playing at the 2:49 marl
Sebastian Quinchia
"If I were a bettin' man, and I am it's a serious problem, ...." One of my favorite lines in the whole series
James Cunico
Funniest episode yet . . . and soooo true to what we were all thinking as fans.
Obi-Wan: It's over Anakin, I have the high ground! Anakin: You underestimate my power! Obi-Wan: I'm sorry. I'm a little high up here. What did you just say?
"WITH A BUTTER KNIFE!!!! I'LL TIE YOU TO A CHAIR FIRST AND GAG YOU WITH A GODDAMN DAIKON RADISH!!!!" ....Aaaaaaaaand that gives us an idea of what Chi-Chi did with Goku in those 10 days.
TheGolden DiamondPlayz
Piccolo:HE'S 11 YEARS OLD Me:well you like what 7 8? Edit:Also Me: and perfect form cell was born a couple days ago like a weak ago
every occurrence in this fight is like a UFO and Mr Satan is like the government coming up with "logical" explanations.
"Thinkin' of you, Goku...!" Phahahaha xD
Dende vs Videl is drawing near. Who will put the lotion on Gohan's back and/or butt? XD
RJ McDowell
"I spent a whole year training him last year " 🤣😂🤣😂